Best French Restaurants In Paris

Find popular places for dining in Paris

There are more than 45,000 restaurants in Paris. So how could you tell which restaurants are more suitable for you?
We checked hundreds of restaurants for you and went through thousands of reviews to pick the top dining places.
So keep reading to discover Paris’s best restaurants in which you should try in your travels and find the places to eat french foods in Paris.

Dragons Elysees Restaurant

Dragons Elysees Restaurant
Image From Dragons Elysees Restaurant Official Website

If you are looking for a unique while super luxury and enjoyable experience, then this restaurant is your most suitable choice for a satisfying meal. This restaurant has a stunning and unique design; its floor is designed entirely with glasses in which beneath there is an aquarium with fishes and turtles. Also, this elegant restaurant has an underwater ambiance. If you love east Asian and Chinese foods, this is the proficient restaurant offering Chinese and Thai dishes both in seafood and meat foods. The menu is very diverse and exciting, and you have many options to choose from spicy to less spicy. From seafood to meat, food choice is yours if this type of food is what you won’t experience at this luxurious and beautiful restaurant.

Le Ruisseau – Burger Joint

Le Ruisseau – Burger Joint
Image From Le Ruisseau Official Website

Our next choice is fast food restaurants with a specialty in dining hamburgers. It has affordable and delicious burgers in an unceremonious dining atmosphere. We highly recommend the cheddar burger and the chicken burger, both rather great. The fries are so so crispy! So don’t forget to order it along with the burger. The chair’s space is a little close there, so don’t drink lots of stuff. The service is quick and hassle-free.

The Zerda Cafe

The Zerda Cafe In Paris
Image From The Zerda Cafe Official Website

One of the oldest and historic cafes/restaurants in Paris, rich in culture and history and is among the first Algerian restaurants in France and Paris. This beautiful restaurant is very rich in culture and design, and when you enter this restaurant, you can feel the North American and Algerian lifestyle and culture. If you love learning about new cultures and getting to know this part of the World and their type of lifestyle while enjoying Paris travel, this Algerian restaurant has something unique for you.
Also, we highly suggest its incredible couscous & tagines. Also, because it is a small restaurant, don’t forget to call ahead for a reservation.

Enjoy The French Foods In ASPIC Restaurant

ASPIC Restaurant in Paris
Image From ASPIC Restaurant Official Website

ASPIC restaurant has been managed by a talented chef Quentin Giroud, everything is fresh and organic in this restaurant. Every material and ingredients in this restaurant are prepared locally and with great respect for nature and the environment. This cozy restaurant only accepts a handful of guests and offers superior service and acts VIP with every one of its guests. Suppose you love dining in an intimate and elegant restaurant and enjoying a lovely view and landscape while eating healthy and fresh from the organic ingredients. In that case, this is the most suitable choice. Feel fresh and comfortable inside this chic and modern restaurant.
This restaurant is Perfect from the minute you will arrive! The team is amazingly welcoming and discusses the food and drink options within 2 minutes of sitting down. The homemade sourdough bread and herb butter are remarkable. Every course is a pleasure, and the restaurant team, including the chef, will explain each dish as it will cook.
For sure, this is one of the most immeasurable culinary experiences ever.


This lovely restaurant serves traditional Ethiopian food appropriate for both meat lovers and green food lovers. The design and decoration are modern and comfortable, and the meals are very delicious and beautiful. Each dish is designed beautifully and concerning nature and the environment. The design is modern and straightforward, and you can enjoy a nice meal in this restaurant. If you love experiencing unique traditions and love learning new things and enjoy your food inside a modern and comfortable setting, this is the place for you. To give you a taste of what you can expect inside this restaurant, you can taste delicious dishes like injera and spicy lamb.
This Ethiopian cuisine is running single-handedly with the owner of the restaurant. It is somehow similar to Indian cuisine but different flavors for sure. The portion of the food is enormous, and you will get the most pleasure if you try the food with your hands.

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant In Paris

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant In Paris
Image From La Nouvelle Seine Official Website

One of the unique restaurants in Paris has been located at one of the most famous Paris attractions, precisely beneath the dramatic architecture of Notre-Dame. This fabulous restaurant enjoys a very great and strategic location and is renowned for its amazingly delicious seafood. You will enjoy amazing views and landscapes and will be entertained by different shows and music.
La Nouvelle is a theatre, or a restaurant, floating on a sailboat in the Seine river. You can experience a theatre while taking full course food. It is not sensible to expect great theatre or mouth-watering meals here. It is a mixture of these that is unique.
If you love seafood and want to taste one of the most delicious seafood in Paris while enjoying a great location and view inside one of the city’s most excellent restaurants and, this restaurant is all you need.

Dans le Noir

Dans le Noir
Image From Dans le Noir Official Website

In this restaurant, you will feel something unique and special. The name says this restaurant’s name means darkness, and the idea and concept is to create a dark atmosphere and theme to put the distractions away and focus on taste and enjoy the meal. Suppose you love this idea and want to experience a unique and comfortable experience to dive into beautiful darkness and focus on your diet and dish. In that case, this is the place for you. It is managed by famous and experienced chefs known for their fresh and original ideas; you can experience something unique and great here; dishes are designed and decorated with great attention to details.
You get to be served by blind servers and blind cooks in total darkness. You get to comprehend what being blind encompasses. However, your other senses will awaken. Feeling and tasting and experiencing food as it should be.

Enjoy Your Food At HUGO & CO Restaurant Paris

HUGO & CO Restaurant Paris
Image From HUGO & CO Restaurant Official Website

This is a small and warm restaurant located in the Latin Quarter neighborhood. Although small, this restaurant offers super luxurious services and foods. The menu is limited, just like the small restaurant, but offers very delicious and beautiful items that you can not find anywhere else. Also, this restaurant has vegetable and non-meat foods for green lovers, so if you are a vegetarian, you will enjoy this restaurant. The design and decoration of this restaurant are bright and colorful, with a combination of shelves and plants.
If you go solo, you can sit at the counter facing the kitchen and see the accuracy and expertise that the chefs will perform in the kitchen to cook tasty tapas-style food. The staff also are thoughtful, informed, and make you feel delightful.

Auto Passion Cafe

Auto Passion Cafe in Paris
Image From Auto Passion Cafe Official Website

If you love experiencing unique dining, this beautiful and unique restaurant has something unique. The design and decoration of this restaurant are unique and exceptional in which you can not find such a restaurant anywhere else. As its name says, this unique restaurant is beautifully designed with cars and machines as if you have come to an auto race. If you love cars and a car gallery while enjoying the most delicate dish, Auto Passion Cafe will be your ultimate destination. The menu is vast and diverse, and you have many options to choose from seafood to Italian and French food. Also, you can sit beside cars or inside the car and enjoy your food. If you care about food and vehicles together, this is the right restaurant you can dine for your Paris travel.
This is a place in which Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hamon should always come. You can also stay at Hotel Acropole beside the restaurants at one of the great Paris hotels.

Le Chalet Des Iles

Le Chalet Des Iles
Image From Le Chalet Des Iles Official Website

Le Chalet Des Iles is situated at the heart of the famous Paris neighborhood, Bois de Boulogne.
It is a delightful location requiring a boat ride to reach the island.
Inside this restaurant, you will feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy warm lighting that creates a friendly and romantic atmosphere to enjoy your food. Due to its location, you are away from day to day busy life and can enjoy your food with great ease. You can find luxury designed dishes from different types of foods.

The Bottom Line

Paris is a fascinating city for its unique attractions, neighborhoods, and its famous restaurants. The best restaurants in Paris are among the best in the World and run and managed by renowned chefs. As an international city, you can find international chefs and restaurants here from different nations and cultures, and this diversity adds to Paris’s beauty and attraction. In this article, we introduced the top 10 restaurants in Paris, where you should try traveling to Paris. If you are planning to get married soon and want to hold your ceremony in Paris, don’t forget to check our other article, the best wedding venues in Paris.

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