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Thank you for visiting EireTrip and being interested in working with us.

At this time, we only accept sponsored blog posts.

We welcome any travel-related blog post topic that has not been covered on our website.

Please consider the following criteria before sending us your guest posts.

Any submission outside of the mentioned criteria will not proceed.

  1. A minimum word count of 1800 is a must
  2. We do not accept AI Written content
  3. We accept only 1 backlink to your site
  4. Follow backlink would cost you 150 USD, and no follow backlink would cost you 95 USD
  5. We will not accept duplicated content or those already published elsewhere. Please check the plagiarism before sending us your content.
  6. We do not provide any free service like cooperation or link exchange.
  7. Please upload your content to a google doc “https://www.google.com/docs/about/” and only share the google doc URL with us.
  8. Please make sure the google doc file is publicly accessible with the link you share with us.
  9. We do not accept content that is considered sensitive contents. (find more here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/10437795?hl=en)
  10. If you would like to attach an image to your post, please ensure they are licence free. We can also cover the photo for you, so do not be worried about that if you do not have any photos to add to your content.
  11. We will check your content, and if that matches the mentioned criteria, then we will reply to your email with the next steps.

If you are ready, please fill out the following form.

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