Top 10 Places For Wedding Venues In Paris

Celebrate Your Wedding Ceremony In Paris, City Of Love

When you are lucky enough to find love and decide to marry, it is natural to look for the best wedding one might get. After all, this is a once in a lifetime occurrence, and lovebirds love to be perfectionists when it comes to planning their wedding ceremony. Out of all the locations where one may choose to hold their ceremony, Paris stands out. Ever since its renovation in the 16thcentury, the city has been a center of art and culture, especially in the romantic sphere. What better place to make your eternal bond to your significant other than in the “City of Love“? Today we will look at the top 10 of the spectacular venues that you can hold your wedding at, in The City of Light. Also, check our other articles about Paris attractions and the best restaurants in Paris.

1- Wedding Venue At The Hotel Ritz In Paris

The Hotel Ritz In Paris
Image From The Hotel Ritz Official Website

If you happen to have the financial requirements and the desire to beat the very center of Paris for your special day, look no further than Hôtel Ritz Paris. The Ritz dates back to the late days of King LouisXIV, with its construction beginning in 1705. Later bought by the Swiss businessman Cesar Ritz, it gained its current function as the premier hotel in Paris.

The royal architect Mansart designed the exterior of the iconic hotel,” On top of the four-floor high building features the famed mansard roof in the elegant French style.

Apart from its 159 rooms, the hotel also houses several suites, known collectively as the “Prestige Suites.” These are usually named after the great people that took residence in them for long periods, each with their own unique characteristics. The Louis XIV suite, for example, has the royal red and ivory furnishings placed inside, while the Elton John suite has a much more modern and funky theme to it, with pink and cream spread across it. As for the wedding accommodations and refreshments, the hotel also features the L’Espadon Restaurant. Although this restaurant was founded in the 50s and lacks the pedigree of other and more historical sections of the hotel, the food, and the staff has widely been recognized as one of the elites in Europe. They will excellently serve the food at your wedding.

2- The Peninsula, The Best Choice For Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding at the Hotel Majestic Paris
Image From The Hotel Majestic Official Website

The Peninsula, now also known as “Hotel Majestic,” was initially built as a tribute and residence for Napoleon’s son, however, after a short period of residence of the exiled queen of Spain, Isabella II, it changed in function and became a government building. After the German occupation, the plot was bought and became the magnificent hotel that we know today.

The Peninsula offers halls suited to smaller and more intimate ceremonies for couples who prefer the romantic auras of the smaller crowds in the form of the La Rotonde hall. This hall is an 87 square meter masterpiece with a capacity of 40 for full dining services or 100 for drinks-only guests. The hall features stunning French antique décor and very high ceilings that give your wedding a touch of elegance and maturity.

Or if you envisioned your wedding to be more of a wild ride, then the 172square meter Etoile ballroom is what you’re looking for. The Etoile is best suited for prolonged, DJ-led dancing ceremonies and also supports 110dining guests.

If the diversity of offers at the Peninsula has not compelled you, the newlywed couples are also offered one night of residence in a luxury room, free of charge. The dining options are also excellent, with more than six dinner sets available for the order.

3- Yacht Joséphine

Yacht Joséphine
Image From Yacht Joséphine Official Website

Ever imagined your wedding on the Seine River? Yacht Joséphine is at your service. It consists of a large pleasure boat featuring a more modern oriented design in its interior and features state of the art technology; however, it still maintains elements of chic design. The

The yacht has a capacity of 150 cocktail only guests, and 50 for dining guests. Again, this entry is also suited for couples desiring a small and intimate atmosphere for their special day. The yacht also comes with its catering crew to provide an excellent meal for the guests. The

The yacht also offers special and thematic cruises at the heart of Paris. The yacht offers the unique experience being wed on the iconic SeineRiver, an offer that other entries on the list cannot make.

4- Hotel Intercontinental

Hotel Intercontinental

This monumental hotel was founded in 1862 and had been serving guests of high status with pristine quality ever since. This hotel is one of the best Paris hotels. Much like the Ritz, it is located at the heart of the capital and best suited for massive ceremonies. Hotel Intercontinental offers more than 20different lounges so that couples can choose the atmosphere of their liking. The most famous of these lounges is the Le Salon Opéra, named so after its liking to the Paris Opera. This lounge has a very high ceiling and mirrored walls that give a royal aura to the wedding reception and has a capacity of 500 seated dining guests and 600 for cocktail guests. If, however, you desire smaller halls for more private and intimate ceremonies, both the Le Salon Ravel and one of the Les Salons du 1erétage lounges fit your bill perfectly, with capacities of 200 and 80respectively.

Hotel Intercontinental is quite liberal with its setup, so couples are at liberty to book a visit to any of these lounges and arrange the matters to your desire.

5- Yachts de Paris

Wedding At Yachts de Paris
Image From Yachts de Paris Official Website

The second and final yacht entry on this list is the Yachts on the offer by the Yachts de Paris Company. This collective not only provides you with the yachts themselves, but also helps you plan your wedding, including the entertainment, the food, embarking, and the course of the cruise. They also offer special cruises themselves that bring the sight of magnificent landmarks such as the statue of liberty and Notre Dame.

The yachts on the offer support 800 cocktail guests and 420 seated guests for dinner. So if you wanted that magical wedding on the Seine and Yacht Josephine was too small for you, then Yachts de Paris is the place to go.

6- Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Hotel Particulier Montmartre
Image From Hotel Particulier Montmartre Official Website

If massive ceremonies, city-center attention, and yacht cruises are not your thing, if you’re looking for a more “artsy” atmosphere, the hotel Particulier is the spot for you. The hotel is located in the artistic neighborhood of “Montmartre.” The main building itself is rather small; however, its glorious garden makes it the most extensive hotel garden in all of Paris. If you decide to have your wedding here, you should go to the garden as the reception area since it is the more significant part of the complex, and it is fabulous. The main building is constructed in the baroque style and can support a small ceremony for 40 people, while if you choose the garden, you can go for 150 guests. Hotel Particulier organizes more than 150 events every year to trust their expert staff and catering crew to make your special day one to be remembered.

7- Hotel Plaza Athénée

Hotel Plaza Athénée
Image From Hotel Plaza Athénée Official Website

Hotel Plaza Athénée was founded on the iconic Avenue Montaigne in April 1913 and was one of the few hotels to stay open as one during both world wars. Right from the beginning, the plaza was a hotspot for renowned artists and composers to reside in during their European tours.

The hotel has undergone several expensive renovations, and each time has managed to improve its quality to unprecedented levels, the latest of these being in 2014. Their most exceptional hall at the hotel that would best serve your dream wedding would be the Le Salon Organza. It features stunning chandeliers hanging from majestically high ceilings and massive windows that endow your wedding ceremony with an abundance of natural light.

This salon has a capacity of between 30 to 100 guests. However, nearby rooms can be reserved as an extension, should your guest limit exceed those numbers.

8- Le Meurice

Le Meurice
Image From Le Meurice Official Website

Perhaps the only entry on this list that can match the Ritz’s pedigree and historical importance is Hotel Meurice. The hotel was founded in the 18th century by Charles-AugustinMeurice to serve English tourists on the continent with an English style. Throughout its existence, the hotel has experienced many overhauls and ownership changes; however, the hotel’s interior design is in the famous Louis XVI style, a mix of the final days of the late Baroque styles and neoclassicism.

The hotel’s history speaks enough about the quality of the venue monarchs of every single European state resided in it, with the hotel still being a favored residence for many great stature people.

One of the unique characteristics that Le Meurice offers is the balcony view of some of the most beautiful Parisian landmarks at the same time. Due to its excellent location, couples can enjoy the sight of the Eiffel, the Louvre, and the Tuileries Garden. Le Meurice has two restaurants, the older of the two being Restaurant le Meurice, which is led by a 3 Michelin star chef and will provide excellent dinners for your big day. The other restaurant being restaurant le Dali, named after the famed Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

As for the salon that will serve as the reception for your wedding, there are two main options: the Salon Pompadour, which is famous for its relaxing and magical atmosphere, and it’s beautiful chandeliers. This salon is better suited for small and intimate weddings of up to 60 guests. The second salon would be salon des Tuileries, which has access to both the Tuileries Gardens and is tailored for larger and more formal ceremonies with 200 guests.

9- PréCatelan Luxury Restaurant

PréCatelan Restaurant in Paris
Image From PréCatelan Official Website

PréCatelan is one of the premier restaurants in the center of Paris and one of the oldest, founded in 1856. Out of all the entries on the list, without any doubt, the PréCatelan restaurant has the most diversity in allowing you to pick and choose the style of your wedding hall. Twelve beautifully decorated lounges have capacities of two to 1200 people. The architect of the famed Restaurant, Pierre Yves Rochon, emphasized the correlation between natural elements of the environment and the interior design, a notion that manifests itself in the large windows that attract fresh air and light and bring it into the prestigious halls of the restaurant.

Out of the 12 available salons, the following three are the ones that are best suited for wedding ceremonies. First, we have the Salon d’ honneur which is the largest salon in the

Restaurant and is tailor-made for the large and grand ceremonies. It has a capacity of 1200 guests and features massive mirrors and windows and a large number of medium-sized chandeliers. The salon complements its large size with access to an open garden. Dominant color themes are ecru and taupe.

For a wedding of average size, Salon Empire is fantastic. This hall is decorated with antique-style wooden mahogany paneling, bas reliefs, unique friezes, vegetative surfaces by the window, and the massive chandelier hanging in the middle of the salon. The salon is adjacent to the PréCatelan Park that the guests can use for smoking breaks and taking walks. This salon is perfect for weddings with a capacity of no more than 150 guests.

Last but not least, we have the Salon Caravelle, a small, 32 square meter room with great amounts of natural light and surrounded with greenery. The dominant color shades of this room include beige and cream, while the location of the room provides complete calm and privacy, perfect for small and intimate ceremonies. The room itself takes inspiration from the Anglo-Norman Architecture and can support up to 40 guests.

10- A Memorable Wedding At Shangri-La Hotel In Paris

Wedding At Shangri-La Hotel In Paris
Image From Shangri-La Hotel Official Website

The building of what is now known as the Shangri-La hotel has initially been home to Prince Roland Bonaparte, in December 2010 however, the building was bought by the Chinese Shangri-La chains and reinvented as a hotel. It is located on Avenue d’Iéna in theTrocadéro district. This hotel uniquely blends oriental design influences with classic French ornament. There are three main suites, perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies.

The 150 square meters Suite Chaillot including a 40 square meter terrace with a direct view of the Eiffel Tower.The 220 square meter Suite Panoramique including a 100 square meter terrace with a mesmerizing view from Montmartre to Trocadéro.And last but not least the 275 square meters Suite Impériale, once the private apartment of Roland Bonaparte.

The hotel also has four reception rooms with options to be fully privatized to support up to 500 people for cocktail receptions, 280 people for dinner, and 150 people for a dance party. The first-floor terrace with one of the best views of the Eiffel can also be made private.

In the end, we hope after reading this article about the best wedding venue in Paris, you can hold the best wedding ceremony in Paris.

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