Top France Tourist Attractions And Things To Do

France is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations of the World, attracting tens of millions of tourists from all over the World per year. Paris, the capital of France, is the best and number one city attraction of the World famous for its glorious beauty and romantic atmosphere in which attracts tens of millions of tourists from all the World alone ranging from China, Singapore, India, to the Middle East and European countries and American and Australian continent. This diverse range of tourists and people who visit France double the country population per year and not only provides an excellent and wealthy tourism industry for France but also adds to its diversity, creativity, beauty, innovation, and mobility. Every year as much as the French population tourists visit France and its attractions. In this article, we will write about the best things to do in FRANCE.

France has a rich and glorious culture and history and is full of remarkable stories and great people. This beautiful and modern country is full of brilliant and impressive attractions which are famous worldwide and have been the World’s superior power for centuries. Today, France is an essential part of the European Union and one of the European Union pillars.  

France is a very modern and prosperous country with one of the best and highest living standards in the World and enjoys a modern, sophisticated, and vibrant economy. 

As France is one the top tourism destinations of the World, infrastructure of this country is very modern and sophisticated and you can enjoy a wide and diverse range of options from online taxies to the bus, subway, and regular cabs to car rent you have all the options at your hand and choice is yours. France hotels are superb and diverse, and all-important and internationally hotel chain brands are in France so that you can enjoy the best hotels in the World here in France. Of course, there are diverse options for all types of people and budgets, so you choose your hotel based on your own customized needs and priorities. 

France is full of great and famous attractions and sightseeings, ranging from towers and buildings to museums, churches, galleries, and restaurants. So you will be entirely busy enjoying France, that’s why it’s one of the top destinations of the World, and we highly recommend you take time and enjoy every famous attraction as every attraction has its own unique and entertaining story. 

In this article, we will get to know the top 20 of the best and most famous France attractions. So stay with us to discover the awesome attractions of beautiful France together. 

1- Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower in Paris France attractions

As the symbol of Paris, Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark and the most famous tourist attraction of Paris in France. This amazing tower was built in the 19th century in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel as the temporary exhibit for the World Fair of 1889. Eiffel tower is 320-meter high and is a very beloved attraction among both France people and tourists from all over the World. Eiffel tower is famously known as “iron lady” as its nickname among visitors. This impressive tower consists of three levels, and at all three levels, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city of Paris. If there is just one attraction to visit, that attraction is an impressive and beautiful Eiffel tower. 

2- Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum In Paris France

The most famous fine arts gallery of the World, Louvre Museum, is a collection of great fine arts from all over the World which has been located at a beautiful and glorious palace which was once a royal residence. Louvre is famous for its tremendous and impressive collection, and this the reason that attracts millions of international tourists to itself. Among renowned arts, you can find Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, the Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese, and the 1st-century-BC Venus de Milo sculpture. Louver has gathered its impressive collection from years of France history, by the kings who lived there and picked the most beautiful arts for themselves to France treaties with the Vatican and the Republic of Venice, and from the spoils of Napoleon l. A combination of this history has built the impressive gallery of Louvre in which you can not find this amazing collection of 35,000 artworks anywhere else. If you love arts and enjoy the culture and fine arts, the Louvre is your ultimate destination. You will enjoy the best, most diverse, and most valuable fine arts of the World inside this museum. Of course, you should take the time to discover these vast museums fully, and even one week is not enough to recognize Louvre. Make sure you plan and take time to enjoy the impressive and fantastic museum of the Louvre fully.

3- Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

If you want to discover the glorious and luxurious architecture and history of France, Versailles’ palace is the best choice. One of the most famous and beautiful castles of the World, this glorious palace was designed to show the glory of the French monarchy ” Sun King” Louis XIV. This luxurious palace was designed and built to show the great power of the France king and set a standard for the palace of the King in Europe and all over the globe. Architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart designed this impressive palace. Walking inside this palace, you will feel luxurious and glorious about the Empire and the castle. As one of the most beautiful and famous destinations of the World, you can enjoy the fantastic architect of France inside this palace and build a beautiful memory from this experience.

4- Côte d’Azur

Côte d'Azur In France attractions

The very beautiful and famous coastline of the World. Côte d’Azur, the most fashionable stretch of coastline in France, extends from Saint-Tropez to Menton near the border with Italy. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive destinations of the World, meaning the World cost of blue, which reflects the beauty of the beach. Also among English people, it’s known as the French Riviera.  It’s always full of people enjoying the beach and sun, especially in the summer and you can enjoy beautiful views and landscapes, pleasant weather, and lovely sun all at the same time. As one of France’s most visited attractions, this beach has modern infrastructure, and you can find some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the World around this beautiful and famous beach in France. 

5- Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel France things to do

It is rising dramatically from a rocky islet off the Normandy coast. This pyramid of the sea is mystical and exciting to discover. Walls and bastions surround it. The central part and tourist attraction of this fascinating place is the Abbey church, built in the 11th century. Its tremendous and impressive design will amaze you, and inside this attraction, you will find exciting and mystical parts of France. 

6- Loire Valley Chateaux

Loire Valley Chateaux

Beautiful castles designed side by side as you walk; you will feel you are turning a storybook. The combination of rivers, castles, and woodlands has turned this place into one of France’s most beautiful natural attractions. Known as France’s garden, this green and beautiful place has been residents of kings for hundreds of years.  If you love beautiful nature and impressive architecture, combined with a glorious and rich history, this place will be your heaven Here; you will enjoy and visit King’s radiances for hundreds of years. 

7- Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

A genuinely glorious architecture built in the 13th century. Famous for its stained-glass windows, which filters the sunlight and makes a fantastic view and picturesque view inside the building.  If you love discovering an impressive masterpiece with amazing views and unique features, visit this fantastic palace. You can remember glorious France history and culture inside this beautiful attraction and enjoy its World famous windows with picturesque views and amazing lights. 

8- Provence

things to do in Provence France

Discover beautiful nature in Provence. Provence is a beautiful and impressive place with great green nature and awesomely beautiful purple flowers. This fantastic nature has encouraged many artists over history and is one of the most beautiful scenes of the World. With pleasant weather and luxurious restaurants’ surroundings, you can build your day by visiting this fantastic nature.  Inside valleys and on top of the hills, there are small villages where you can enjoy delicious local foods and discover historical attractions of the communities. 

9- Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


Located in the French Alps, Mont-Blanc is the highest mountain peak in Europe. This impressive mountain is 4,810 meters long, and its name means white mountain seems a logical name as the highest mountain it’s always full of white and beautiful fresh snow.  Below its peak, there is the traditional alpine village of Chamonix inside a mountain valley. This beautiful yet little known village is filled with beautiful churches, gorgeous attractions, and the best restaurants in FRANCE. If you enjoy mountain nature and love snow sports or relax inside an awesome and beautiful mountain, this village will be your heaven. Inside this village, you can relax and enjoy nature, but also you can visit historical attractions, and taste delicious local foods and discover and learn new experiences. 

10- Alsace Villages

Alsace Villages

These unique villages combine colorful buildings with beautiful flowers full of beautiful and colorful villages, and you can experience a unique, beautiful view inside these villages. Inside these villages, you can enjoy beautiful views, amazing flowers, and gardens, historical attractions, and experience delicious local foods inside beautiful cozy local foods. 

11- Carcassonne


Historical castles surrounded by beautiful green gardens, this amazing place is full of old and historical houses, palaces, and castles in which every home and building has its own unique and beautiful story and history.  If you enjoy a combination of culture, history, architecture, and nature, then this is an excellent destination for any tourist to discover. Learn the history of France from the view of these historic buildings and enjoy glorious architecture and fresh nature by visiting this attractive tourism attraction.

12- Brittany


Brittany is an amazingly beautiful historic region located on the northeast coast of France. Here is a magical place where you can enjoy amazingly beautiful nature and green lushes. As a historical place and nature, you can learn about France’s history deeper here. A remote and exciting place to enjoy life and view. If beautiful nature and fresh air combined with awesome views and landscapes are what you are looking for, this magical place and attraction are your best choice.  As one of the most beautiful natural places in the World, you can enjoy fresh air, a fantastic view, and an excellent and eye-catching landscape and atmosphere. 

13- Biarritz

Biarritz In France

A very famous and beautiful beach town with many features and amenities. You can enjoy the amazing beaches, enjoy luxurious five-star hotels, discover historical attractions, and taste delicious local foods.  If you want to get excited and enjoy a great day and build a beautiful memory, then visit this fantastic attraction and enjoy the amazing Biarritz town.

14- Rocamadour


An awesome village located on top of the mountain with beautiful green lushes and nature surrounding it. You can enjoy great weather and view and taste delicious local foods and enjoy the village’s awesome attractions. 

15- Prehistoric Cave Paintings in Lascaux

Prehistoric Cave

If you love learning about human history and discovering prehistoric human works, this cave is your ultimate destination. This awesome and very unique cave is filled with paintings of humans in different times of history in which, by every painting, you can learn the lifestyle of the human in that period. Every painting in this cave has a story and a lot of details for itself. If you want to enjoy and understand what is going on here truly, you should visit this historical place with a history expert to explain to you each painting to let you fully appreciate these paintings.  If you love human history, this attraction is the perfect choice to learn more about human history and discover prehistoric human paintings.

16- Millau Bridge

Millau Bridge in France

Suppose you want to experience modern France and see its impressive engineering capabilities. You should experience Millau Bridge, a very modern and remarkable cable bridge located at a height of 343 meters above the sea. This cable bridge is an engineering art and masterpiece that has been opened in 2004 and has since attracted millions to itself. Modern France is as beautiful as historical France, and you can start experiencing modern France by visiting this beautiful bridge at first.  Discover modern France and awesome modern engineering by visiting this beautiful attraction.

17- Bonifacio

Bonifacio attraction

Bonifacio is an attractive situated city in the southwest part of the island of Corsica. It is located near the beautiful and exciting coast and cliffs. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature and impressive architecture combined with great buildings which have turned into museums. You can start your day by visiting this beautiful city and enjoy nature and taste delicious local foods and then learn more about regional culture and history and deepen your France understanding by discovering old and full of stories of the museums of this interesting and attractive city. 

18- Vieux Lyon

Vieux Lyon

Vieux Lyon is an ancient and fascinating town located in Lyon. This town is ancient and rich in history and stories. Full of narrow streets and paint like buildings in which each building has its history and story. This old town now is a wonderful and attractive tourist attraction in which buildings have turned into museums, and you can learn more about France history in this old town. If you love beautiful architecture combined with an exciting history, this is the best and most entertaining attraction.

19- Camargue


It is known as the largest river delta in all over the western part of Europe. Camargue is one of the most beautiful rivers in the World in which you can enjoy its fantastic weather and a pleasant atmosphere. This river has a very diverse and rich life, and different animals and birds use or live here. So it’s the best attraction for you to enjoy great nature and weather and get to know the different animals and birds living here.

20- Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

One of the most luxurious and exciting attractions in France every May is the international Cannes Film Festival. Every year the best movies and actors from all over the world gather together at the Cannes city in the south part of France to celebrate excellence in movies and art. If you love the luxury lifestyle, dining at the best international restaurants and amazing and comfortable stay in the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of the World while enjoying a great atmosphere, this is the best attraction you can enjoy and experience the ultimate luxurious lifestyle of France. If you love luxury, fashion, movies, and an awesome lifestyle to enjoy life, the Cannes Film Festival is the best choice.

More About Things To Do In France

France is a modern and beautiful country located in the west part of the European continent. It enjoys a vibrant and glorious history and culture and is one of the most famous and attractive countries of the World. Its language is of the top languages of the World, and its attractions like Eiffel Tower attracts tens of millions of tourists to itself from all over the World. You can also find the best restaurants in France located in Paris. As one of the wealthiest and most modern countries of the World, France is equipped with the best and highest quality infrastructure, transportation system, hotels, and restaurants and is a very diverse and vibrant country. In this article, we introduced the top 20 of the best France attractions and sightseeings you need to visit when visiting France. France has over 80M tourists per year, so you can realize why it’s a significant country and the top tourist destination of the World. If you decide to visit France, we recommend you to visit these 20 awesome and beautiful attractions. 

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