The best places for wedding venues in France

How to find the best wedding venues in France?

The best wedding venues in France are the popular destination of many couples. Also, if you love France attractions, it is an ideal place to get your wedding. This article is a complete guide for anybody who wants to make a memorable day. It can show you the best choice. You will hold the ceremony in the best way in any of these suggestions. They are the purest areas to take several unique pictures of the crucial moments of the wedding. For this target, you should know about these topics:

  1. Types of wedding venues in France in different parts of France
  2. The reasons for why you should choose that area and its wedding venue

Types of wedding venues in France:

There are different types of wedding venues. The difference between them is also explained below:

  • Chateaux
  • Pigeonnier
  • Churches & Abbeys
  • Bastide Villages
  • En Plein Air


Chateaux wedding

Chateaux, the best type of wedding venue for big ceremonies. You can invite all of your family and friends at this wedding. It has enough space for a handful of guests or a large crowd of guests. This is the place in southwest France, full of medieval fortresses and castles that can make your romantic part of life like fairy tales. Any wedding styles can be held in chateaux. If you dreamed about elegant and luxurious weddings, this is your choice!


This is an old French word which is used for dovecote housings. They can be found in different parts of France with various sizes and styles. Pigeonnier is a unique place for intimate ceremonies. They are usually located in the countryside between trees and green grass.

Churches & abbeys

If you are a religious couple, especially the catholic one, choose historic churches in France. There are many of them in this country, thanks to their rich history. Many couples dream about a religious ceremony and flee to a place for their honeymoon. You can even celebrate the wedding in the historic abbeys of England, then run to France.

Bastide villages

Have you read about lovers in the medieval era? You can be one of the couples celebrating their wedding in Bastide villages. These towns & villages are built in this part of history. They are beautifully located on the hills of the Dordogne.

En Plein Air

“Outdoors” is the meaning of one of the best places for a wedding in France, en Plein air. As it seems by definition, you can imagine a countryside full of giant trees and green hills. It is in the calm environment of the lakeside. Enjoy the soothing sound of birds and lake water and capture a lot of dreamy photos.

Beautiful and romantic regions for a wedding in France:

In this part, We will introduce you to the areas that these types of wedding venues in France can be found. Create a memorable day in the following regions:

  • Paris
  • Provence
  • Southwest France
  • Dordogne
  • Côte d’Azur
  • Bordeaux
  • Normandy
  • Bretagne
  • Loire Valley

1- ‌ Wedding Venues In Paris

Wedding Venues In Paris

Paris is the city of love and romance. The best luxury wedding venues, hotels, and other environments are in this historical point of Europe. It has many suitable places to explore and to make your special memories. Luxurious French architecture with artistic gardens and sculptures in its museums have a stunning view. They are away from the bustle of Paris. It’s the best place for a city wedding and en Plein air or outdoor weddings. Several gardens, roses, the pool, magnificent interiors will be a fantastic ceremony among foreign people visiting the museum. One of them is the Rodin Museum, which is also used as a wedding venue. You will also find the best restaurants in France and can enjoy delicious meals in Michelin restaurants.

Rodin Museum

the thinker in Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum is famous for its sculptures like the thinker and the kiss; so many people from around the world visit there. Having your wedding in this museum, you will enjoy these services:

  • The luxury accommodation and transformation for the couples and guests
  • Arrangement of the necessary things by its wedding planners.
  • Rodin Museum can accommodate more than 1500 guests.
  • A Michelin-starred chef will provide the food.
  • Best artists to sing at your wedding.
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • A tent for weddings with more than thirty guests.
  • Furniture
  • Space for dance and music until 2 am
  • Fireworks show

The best time to have your wedding venue in France and the Rodin museum is in the spring. It has so much beauty and ideal photo opportunities.

The Ritz

The Ritz Paris is the other destination for couples seeking romantic wedding venues in France. It is a 5-star hotel. The salons are ready to accommodate more than 200 guests. The couple and the guests can book 71 rooms and suites of this hotel. A relaxed environment, including swimming pools, Chanel skincare, and fitness equipment, is the other point they will achieve. The Ritz is one of the France hotels.

Château de Versailles

Try Chateau de Versailles and get married as a king! A famous palace that is 30 minutes away from Paris. It’s the most luxurious wedding venue in Paris. If you are looking for a place to support traditional weddings, Château de Versailles is your choice. It was built in the 17th century as a home for the king of France. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of the gardens and rivers. It has magnificent interiors filled with mythical paintings, sculptures, chandeliers hanging from its high ceiling. There are different rooms you can choose for the wedding: The Cotelle Gallery, the Gallery of Battles, the Orangerie, the Hall of Crusades, the Royal Opera, the Trianon Palace Hotel. The prettiest time to book Chateau de Versailles is spring and summer.

2- Provence south France For Wedding Ceremonies

Provence south France For Wedding Ceremonies

Provence is in the south of France. It’s a famous historical area bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. This region has many attractions combined with ancient villages and olive trees. 

Château du Vieux Palais

Chateau du Vieux Palais is the best wedding venue in Provence for a luxurious outdoor wedding. It is a sample of Bastide village type, a historic place, made in 17 centuries. The ruins of a building are still there. But it has been restored, and everything is provided to establish the celebration. As we said above, the chateau is appropriate for big ceremonies. Château du Vieux Palais has a glorious view of the mountains and gardens near the sea. its welfare amenities are including:

  • Swimming pool
  • Grounds for different types of games
  • Reception rooms
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • 11 bedrooms
  • Eight bathrooms

The couple and 20 of their guests can book the villa as a luxury hotel with welfare amenities, food, and cleaning arrangements for sleep. There is no stair in this wedding venue, so papa and mama will enjoy the party and the excellent environment.

Domaine Mas De La Rose

The other suggestion is Domaine Mas De La Rose, a favorite wedding venue in Provence. To achieve this destination, go to the natural park of the Alpilles. Many gardens, pools, and fields in Domaine Mas De La Rose makes a perfect luxury wedding. Notably a fairy tale celebration with these facilities:

  • Wedding planners
  • Dress designer
  • Catering
  • Restaurant and organic wedding dishes
  • Capacity for 24 guests to sleep
  • Furniture
  • English speaking staff
  • Magical setting to welcome the guests
  • Accommodation
  • Dancing party in the garden

Domaine Michaud

Domaine Michaud is also in the south of France. It’s a boutique hotel in a rural area near the city of Carcassonne. Domaine Michaud is an excellent choice for the couple and the guests to stay at this wedding venue in France. There are many facilities: rooms, a terrace, a large pool and a trained chef with excellent food. You will enjoy the time in its warm atmosphere. The ceremony will be held outdoors. There is nothing to worry about; you have everything you need in Domaine Michaud.

Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

If you like southern France, try beautiful Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild. It is perfect for a luxurious Persian and Arabic wedding. It’s a historic seaside villa built-in 1905. It has nine gardens with different themes that some of them retrieved from ancient cultures like japan. Every couple and their guests will relax the weekend in this environment.

arabic dance in Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild is the best for foreign guests because: it has a 30-minute distance from Nice airport in Monaco. Two 5-star hotels are near the villa, the Royal Riviera Hotel and Grand Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat. The capacity for the reception inside the villa is 230 guests and 300 guests outside. It’s better to be booked for the summer.

  • Outside seating arrangement
  • Spectacular sights
  • Firework show
  • Music
  • Dancing area
  • Entertainment room for children
  • Sandy beaches near the hotels

3- Wedding Venues In Southwest France

Wedding Venues In Southwest France

Different types of wedding venues in France can be found in southwest France. Since most weddings are held beside large numbers of guests, let us give you an example of the best chateau in southwest France.


The CHÂTEAU DE LISSE located southwest France made for the musical, breathtaking wedding. It is a fourteenth-century castle with small French roads. Every part of your day will be fulfilled to explore the beautiful areas around. Everyone from the oldest guests to the youngest child will enjoy this fairytale wedding venue in France. This environment is an excellent wedding venue because of:

  • Multiple rooms of CHÂTEAU DE LISSE
  • Swimming pool
  • Wedding reception in the garden
  • Accommodations
  • Florists
  • Music as a pivotal element
  • Beautiful spaces for photography
  • Hotels
  • A stunning chapel
  • Excellent staff speaking French and English
  • Multiple delicious meals
  • DJ set and musicians

4- Normandy, The Best Place For A Momirible Wedding

church in Normandy

Normandy is in the northwest, beside the coast. Couples choose Normandy for wedding ceremonies and honeymoon because of beaches and romantic coastal landscapes. You can find peaceful villages built in medieval architectural style. Here, you have various options. It is the best wedding venue in France if you prefer en Plein air wedding, rustic countryside wedding, and chateau. The guests will also love Normandy’s beautiful areas like beaches, museums, castles, historical places, and restaurants serving the original French food. There are many wedding venues to organize the desired party in this part of France. In Normandy, you get these benefits:

  • Enough space for games and fireworks show
  • Rooms for booking
  • Gorgeous photography backgrounds
  • Great wedding planners to support on the day

Le Castel Manche

Le Castel Manche is a chateau in Normandy. You will find it one of the best wedding venues to make your dream real. It is like a home, not a traditional hotel. Its green space full of trees and torches can set a formal and informal ceremony. The provided services in Le Castel, Manche are:

  • Florists
  • Hairdressers
  • Music
  • Catering

Le Castel, Manche provides services for 12 to 50 guests. The dinner can be served in the chateau or permanent marquees in the meadow. It’s better to stay at least four days in Le Castel, Manche, and visit the tourist sites around. it has some of the most beautiful and best attractions in France.


Dordogne in France

Dordogne is one of the popular wedding venues in France, located in the southwest close to the river. This popular area is famous for its historical attractions, including caves and villages. The best time to plan the wedding in Dordogne is summer. Most of the couples plan the wedding to be held in Dordogne. Many reasons make you have the party in one of its wedding venues:

  • Green forests
  • Many beautiful chateaux
  • Amazing countryside
  • Magnificent weather
  • Warm summer sun
  • Many wedding venues
  • Weekend wedding packages for your guests
  • Florists
  • Videographers
  • Amazing food
  • Different types of room for the booking

Dordogne has all you need for a memorable day. Just choose one of the wedding venues. We suggest you Chateau de la Treyne, a 14th- century castle which is now a favorite castle hotel and one of the wedding venues in France. It is the most romantic spot on earth. Some of the guests describe the environment with the following specifics:

  • Excellent stuff
  • Warm welcome
  • Lush forest and gardens
  • Chilly nights
  • Beautiful dining room
  • Charming guest rooms
  • Fine artworks on the walls
  • The terrace
  • Wonderful food
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Impeccable service

Chateau de la Tremayne

Everything is ready in Chateau de la Treyne for the big day. The brides will feel like Cinderella and the guests traveling to France for your party enjoy the weekend. You and your guests will have fun wedding ceremonies in FRANCE. Everything is ready for a royal wedding. Just find the wedding planners and take a deep breath. Then, taste the feeling of romance in these historical, natural, and luxurious wedding venues in France.

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