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France shares borders with some countries, including Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, and Switzerland. The natural border of a mountain separates Spain and France. French is the second language spoken by different people in different parts of the world. France is the home of great artists and, of course, France attractions like Eiffel Tower made by Gustave Eiffel, which was designed as a temporary exhibit but, at present, impressed its visitors. In the Louvre Museum, famous works like Mona Lisa by Davinci and Feast at Cana by Veronese are found. Tourists need enough time to see the astounding masterpieces of the Louvre Museum. Palace of Versailles, which stands as the glory of the French kingdom.

The desire to glamour and colder climate in a romantic setting brings many people to France. Alpes mountain is a beautiful destination for climbing lovers. Restaurants of France offer the most delicious meals in a warm and friendly environment, and the hospitality of French people creates a real sense of life and love. Romantic weddings in a foreign country like France is exciting as this country is the destination of lovers. Each country has its traditions for marriage, and it’s the same in France. A wedding venue in France is one of the attractions of this beautiful country, and the gorgeous atmosphere of the city of lights and love seduce a high number of couples to arrange their wedding venue in France. So France and especially Paris becomes an attractive destination for brides and grooms of different Nations. In the most glamorous city in the world, Ritz Paris has fantastic and dreamy salons and an excellent backdrop for weddings. The Shangri La hotel’s luxury and historic architecture, pretty gardens, and tasteful cuisine are hard to ignore. The bride and groom celebrate their marriage in the city of love and passion while whispering love songs in each other’s ears.

The first question comes into the mind of France visitors is resting in a luxurious and suitable hotel, and each person has his/her reasons for selecting the best France hotel. France provides a great number of pleasant experiences for tourists with the best restaurants in FRANCE so that they will never forget the taste of French meals. L’Arbre Voyageur, Hotel de Londres Eiffel, La Reserve Paris- Hotel and Spa, Le Moulin du Roc, Ritz Paris, Hotel Signature St Germain des pres, Mandarin Oriental, Paris, The Peninsula Paris Hotel, and Park Hyatt Paris- Vendome are the top-ranked hotels in France.

1- l’Arbre Voyageur Hotel

l'Arbre Voyageur Hotel In France
Imge from l’Arbre Voyageur Hotel Official Website

This 4-star modern, stylish, and extraordinary hotel, in the center of Lille, offers the best quality services and foods. The luxurious decoration of rooms creates a memorable vacation for tourists. Fantastic architecture, diversity of facilities, and easy access to the subway and airport are the noticeable features of this luxurious hotel. Rooms come with a shower and seating area, electric teapot, and hairdryer. Two restaurants, a beautiful gift shop, bakery, high-speed Wi-Fi, and perfect air conditioning, are responsible for creating pleasure and unforgettable nights in this hotel. Children’s activities are well organized, so your children would have amazing times in l’Arbre Voyageur. At the present moment, due to COVID 19 buffet, breakfast is not offered. Room service, soundproof rooms, flat-screen TV are the other amenities of this luxurious hotel.

2- Hotel De Londres Eiffel

Hotel de Londres Eiffel
Image From Hotel de Londres Eiffel Official Website

This three-star charming hotel is set in Paris and offers 30 air-conditioned rooms with high-speed Wi-Fi and a safe and comfortable setting. This warm and pleasant and friendly place will dedicate amazing memories to the guests of the hotel. Disinfecting and cleanness, security and food preparation, and health care at the highest quality and enjoyable. Like many luxurious hotels in the world, this hotel’s rooms are elegant, beautiful, modern, and luxurious and offer whatever guests expect from a super-luxury hotel. The restaurant is close to the Eiffel Tower, and this feature makes it an excellent destination for tourists. Tasty and luxurious breakfast is offered in a clean and beautiful place. 

3- La Reserve Paris-Hotel And Spa

La Reserve Paris-Hotel and Spa
Image From La Reserve Paris-Hotel and Spa Official Website

This 5 Stars gorgeous and luxurious hotel is located in the heart of Paris and provides a calm and beautiful situation. La Reserve Paris is the best hotel you may choose. The interior design, fabulous mirror, and antique furniture attract tourists to experience the French Royal Family’s glorious day. Its vicinity to Eiffel Tower, Pantheon, Grand Palais, and the Concorde Obelisk caused it to offer noble guests an ultra-comfortable place. Free high-speed internet, fitness center with gym, pool, free breakfast, airport transportation, massage saloon, and memorable Spa are superb. This chic and immaculate hotel is unique in attention to details and decorating rooms and as the most modern hotel in France equipped with ultra-modern features and impressive design. 

4- Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel

Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel
Image From Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel Official Website

The great, eye-catching and brilliant hotel, Le Moulin du Roc built-in 1670 on a river passes through the hotel. One of the advantages of this superb hotel is its location in France, which accesses France’s famous attractions. Three buildings of Moulin du Roc are connected and feature a comfortable modern life. Moulin du Roc is a gorgeous four-star hotel renowned for the ideal situation and the river Drone flowing by. Le Moulin du Roc Hotel’s rooms are comfortable and luxurious and offer a very high level of services and delicious meals. Outstanding and a romantic situation of the hotel make it the best place for a lover’s meeting. a flat TV screen, air conditioning system, on-site restaurant, and free high-speed internet are the facilities offered by this luxurious hotel. La Recre Gourmande, Domaine de la Roseraie, is the closest restaurant to Le Moulin du Roc Hotel.

4- Ritz Paris Hotel

Ritz Paris Hotel
Image From Ritz Paris Hotel Official Website

The fabulous and legendary and historic five-star hotel, Ritz Paris, opened again in 2016 with 71 superb suites. The fantastic interior architecture of this hotel, beautiful gardens, and floor heating system are among features that could be enjoyed during different seasons. Ritz Paris is equipped with excellent ultra-modern features ranging from excellent room services, garden and business center, and fabulous Spa to delicious foods. All rooms are equipped with a relaxing area, and a private balcony is found in special rooms. Ritz Paris is located next to the Musee du Parfum- Fragonard, La Madeleine, and Hemingway Bar.


6- Hotel Signature St Germain Des Pres In Paris

Hotel Signature St Germain Des Pres
Image From Hotel Signature St Germain Des Pres Official Website

Hotel Signature St Germain des pres, with its unique and elegant atmosphere, is located in the heart of Paris beats. This best four stars hotel offers its guests a comfortable environment to feel they are at home. A real Parisian house is independent and includes 26 rooms and welcomes it’s noble guests in a clean condition and provides different cases that allow them to choose. St Germain des pres is located on the Left Bank and tempts you with its unique characteristics. Clean and classic bathroom, high-speed internet, delicious foods, free parking, and many impressive things are the amenities offered by this hotel.

7- Mandarin Oriental Hotel Of Paris 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Image From Mandarin Oriental Hotel Official Website

Mandarin Oriental Paris built in the 1930s and is located on Rue Saint Honore and offers an indoor garden and high-quality restaurants. Fashionable shop centers surround Mandarin Oriental Paris. The luxurious hotel includes 99 rooms and 40 suites and offers fabulous experiences to France’s visitors. The Camellia garden offers outdoor dining in an amazing situation. The 2 Michelin star Signature restaurant in an ultra-modern and luxurious setting, perfect pool and fitness Centre make the hotel a real Paradise. The minimalist design of this structure, tea and coffee facilities, and different kinds of breakfast, including Japanese and Chinese dishes which are offered every morning, make it an elegant hotel.

Wonderful Louvre Museum and Regal Palais- Royal is Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel’s neighborhoods. Across the world’s best Jewelers, you can see the glory of the famous place for great jewelry brands. The Tuileries gardens attract people from all around the world to a luxurious life in Paris. The terrace garden restaurant is the perfect location for lovers of different nations to gather and spend lovely times far beyond the sound and fury of the boring modern life.


8- Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, the former dwelling of Prince Ronald Bonaparte, was built in 1896 and is the impressive representation of French arts and the hospitality of Asian culture. This historical monument includes 101 astounding rooms decorated with the blue, white, and beige colors that shine in the city and offer an impressive view of Eiffel Tower while watching TV. The largest indoor and stunning indoor pool relaxes tired minds and feet. Shangri-La Hotel offers French and Chinese different types of foods and drinks for the diversity of tastes. The historical rooms are devoted to important events and of course weddings of noble guests. These features make the Shangri-La Hotel one of the best places to stay in France and enjoy memorable times. Shangri-La Hotel is the perfect mixture of east and west creativity, which offers the best facilities to their best guests and is the paradise of sport and beauty lovers providing whatever they want.


9- The Peninsula Paris Hotel

Undoubtedly, Paris lovers visualize the glorious Eiffel Tower and the perfect view of Paris, City of light. This five stars luxurious Peninsula Paris Hotel built in the late 19th century which opened in 1908 as the most luxurious hotel and is one of the top 10 best hotels in Europe, which equipped with ultra-modern furnishing and technology, impressive view and private terrace; offers free access to the pool, and fitness center with gym. Foods and drinks of this luxurious hotel create an enjoyable experience for foreign guests.

This hotel in the heart of Paris includes 200 fabulous rooms, and the brilliant roof garden is an excellent offer to the demands of elegant visitors to spend perfect times in the heart of Paris. Peninsula spa offers six rooms in the indoor pool and two VIP suites, which are decorated by Asian symbols, wood, marble, and granite.


10- Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is a prestigious and luxury five-star hotel situated near the place Vendome in the center of Paris. Perfect amenities, fantastic decoration, and delicious foods make it an attractive destination for tourists. The modern and classic architecture like Spa-like bathroom and furniture, high-quality services, friendly staff, peaceful and romantic atmosphere, and excellent location are the right answers to guests’ requests. Some amenities at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome include high-speed Wi-Fi, on-site restaurant, hot tub, fitness center with gym, business center with internet access, and airport transportation.


11- Hotel Martinez-in The Unbound Collection By Hyatt

This glorious and super luxurious five-star hotel has been located on the famous La Croisette Boulevard in Cannes. This beautiful hotel features a private beach that is accessible by extra fees, and people can enjoy diverse cuisine and foods in the restaurants of this luxury hotel. 

Rooms are designed and decorated with modern and contemporary style and furniture and are all equipped with the best and most luxurious features and amenities. 

Staying in this hotel, you can enjoy the best fitness centers, restaurants, and beaches and experience a luxurious and pleasant stay in this beautiful five-star hotel. 


12- Hotel Le Palais Gallien

This beautiful super luxurious five-star hotel features a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a luxury bar, and a beautiful and gorgeous garden in Bordeaux. 

This five-star hotel has a concierge and ticket service and features a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service, and free WiFi all over this modern and beautiful five-star hotel. 

Rooms are each designed and decorated professionally with modern and luxury furniture and assets. They are equipped with all the features and amenities of a super luxurious modern lifestyle you would ever need and wish from a top beautiful luxury five stars hotel. 

Staying in this hotel, you can enjoy some of the best and most beautiful attractions of the city famous and recognized among the tourists and are just walking minutes away from this luxury five-star hotel. 


13- Château Lafaurie- Peyraguey Hotel & Restaurant LALIQUE

This gorgeous and colossal luxury five-star hotel has been located in Bommes and features an ultra-modern five-star accommodation with a shared lounge and a terrace. 

Rooms are designed and decorated beautifully with beautiful and luxury modern furniture and equipped with the best and latest modern lifestyle facilities and amenities. 

Staying in this hotel, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city and experience an enjoyable and comfortable stay in this beautiful, modern, super luxurious hotel. 


14- Le Saint Remy

This modern and d gorgeous five-star hotel features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful modern bar and a shared lounge in Saint-Remy-de-Provence. 

Surrounded by a lovely and gorgeous garden room in this hotel are designed and decorated with modern furniture. You can enjoy the modern amenities of a luxury lifestyle by staying at this beautiful and gorgeous five-star hotel. 


15- Hotel Plage Palace & Spa

These ultra-modern attractive and luxury five stars hotels have been located on the beach in Palavas-Les-Flots and Carbon. Featuring a 24-hour front desk and guests staying in this hotel can enjoy a private beach and a very excellent restaurant and bar. 

Rooms are designed and decorated beautifully with modern furniture, and you can enjoy the best amenities while staying inside this hotel. 


16- Hotel Les Roches Blanches Cassis

This very gorgeous and super-luxury five stars hotel has been located at the center of Cassis. 

This beautiful hotel features a tremendous seasonal outdoor swimming pool with excellent and diverse restaurants for types of tastes. 

Rooms are designed and decorated with modern furniture and are beautiful, and you can enjoy a perfect luxury stay in this stylish and elegant five stars hotel. 


17- Chateau De Fonscolombe

This beautiful and attractive hotel is a super luxurious and comfortable five-star hotel located inside the 18th-century historic castle situated in Le Puy-Sainte-Reparade and is 2.4 miles away from Marseille. 

In this hotel, you can enjoy free WiFi and private parking equipped with electric spaces. 

Rooms are designed and decorated beautifully with modern and luxury furniture combined with advanced lifestyle features and amenities so you can enjoy a charming and comfortable stay in this beautiful gorgeous, and historic five-star hotel.  

With luxury and different types of restaurants, you enjoy your meals and experience an excellent stay in this beautiful five stars hotel.


18- Ha(a)itza Hotel

This gorgeous and modern hotel is Philippe Starck’s new project and has been located next to the Dune of Pilat and the famous hotel of the city hotel La Co(o)niche. 

The decoration and design of the rooms are a mixture of beautiful white and warm lighting. You can enjoy beautiful modern design with full-featured amenities inside each of the rooms of this beautiful and super luxurious five-star hotel.

The hotel is home to some of the most famous and best restaurants in France and the World, so your ultimate satisfaction with the meals in this hotel is guaranteed. 

19- Hotel Parc Victoria In Saint Jean De Luz, France  

This luxurious, beautiful five-star hotel has been located in the center of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, this is a beach hotel and is only 5 minutes away by walk from the beach. This gorgeous hotel is inside a 19th-century historic mansion and is surrounded by two beautiful and super luxury flower parks, which double the beauty of this luxury hotel. 

Rooms are designed and decorated with very professional and beautiful interior design and are all equipped with all the features and amenities of a super luxurious lifestyle. 

In this beautiful five-star hotel, you can enjoy different types of foods and drinks as there are restaurants for all meals and all kinds of tastes and can enjoy a modern fitness center and pools inside this hotel. The choice is yours aa everything here is prepared to help you enjoy your stay and experience a comfortable stay in this hotel.


20- Undo Hotel In Bordeaux, France

This super luxurious hotel has been located in the 19th-century historic private mansion at the heart of the historic center of Bordeaux. This beautiful hotel features a lovely and attractive garden and a nice terrace where guests can enjoy a luxurious and pleasant stay inside this gorgeous and historic hotel.

Rooms are designed and decorated individually with the best and most modern features and amenities, and guests can enjoy a stunning and modern interior design combined with very awesome amenities which you can expect from a super luxurious and beautiful five stars hotel.

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