20 Best Restaurants In Thailand

In Thailand, food is an essential and vital part of all social ceremonies. Sometimes, the food itself is the reason for the celebration, and sometimes the food itself is a social ceremony.
Any gastro-traveler likes to travel to Thailand because there are a lot of food experiences for different travelers. The cuisine of Thai food is known worldwide; travelers can find various kinds of soups, salad, seafood, fried meats, and different desserts with different spices. All major cities of Thailand have a variety of Thai foods. Generally, Thai chefs use the tradition in the food and change it into something special in the food culture. There are four main seasonings in Thai cooking: salty, sour, sweet, and spicy. Thai food for being delicious should have all these tastes.

Famous Thai Restaurant

In the following you can find the list of some famous restaurants in Thailand:

1- Blue Elephant, Bangkok

royal Thai cuisine
Royal Thai Cuisine

The Blue Elephant is an old restaurant, opened more than 30 years ago by Khun Noroor Somany. Nowadays, it has branches in 11 other countries, but the branches in Thailand are something different. This branch has a beautiful gorgeous Chinese-colonial style mansion. Its menu includes royal Thai cuisine through time: traditional cooking techniques of the past, the bold flavors of the present, and pushing boundaries to create the innovative flavors of the future. This restaurant has a prestigious cooking school. Blue Elephant has a lot of visitors who like to try out time tested authentic royal Thai recipes and also different kinds of Thai curries and sauces.

2- Eat Me, Bangkok

Salmon Gravadlax
Salmon Gravadlax

“Eat Me,” this name is delicious and mouth-watering. In this restaurant, culinary delights and culture are combined; the result of combining cuisines from all over the world is the creation of one international menu with over 50 meal choices inspired from local to the Middle East. Decoration of the restaurant is also attractive: there are many tall plants around the building; green tall bamboo and beautiful paintings are the main items of the balcony. You shouldn’t miss the Salmon Gravadlax, Mustard Emulsion, and Lamb Rack.

3- Cafe des Amis, Pattaya

Beef Wellington

After entering the Cafe des Amis, you will feel the magic. A beautiful dining area with a lot of fountains and relaxing music makes the restaurant a new experience. The style of the building is a Thai-Balinese-style; there is different artwork all over the walls and sophisticated décor, and you can find a lounge inside the dining area. In this restaurant, you find Italian, French, and seafood meals besides Thai food. You should try Beef Wellington, Crispy Duck, Chocolate Fondue, and Tasmanian Salmon Supreme.

4- Goji Kitchen, Bangkok

Sushi Sashimi
Sushi Sashimi

Newly opened Goji Kitchen is located in the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, one of Bangkok’s largest hotels. Goji Kitchen is a baffle-style and casual restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Italian, and authentic regional cuisine.
There are over 250 seats inside this restaurant. There is a live, open-air cooking station. It is open for 24 hours, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t miss the Oysters, Foie Gras, Prime Rib, and Sushi Sashimi in this restaurant.

5- Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, Chiang Mai

“Vegetarian food so delicious you won’t miss the meat” is the slogan of this vegetarian restaurant on the Nimmanhaemin Rd in Chiang Mai. The best and rare vegetarian and vegan food and the best Thai food are served in this restaurant. Flavorsome curries of this restaurant are prepared from local spices for promoting organic living and validating the restaurant’s menu’s authenticity. Ingredients of the foods are prepared from the farm; they are seasonal and organic. The restaurant is off on Sundays and Mondays, during these days the week menu will be announced. Don’t miss the homemade cakes, Massaman Curry, Banana Flower Salad, Miso Eggplant, and Vegan Chocolate Cake.

6- Tealicious Bangkok, Bangkok

If you want to try delicious food in a cozy setting, don’t miss visiting the Tealicious Bangkok. Authentic Thai dishes like ‘Tom Yum Goong,’ ‘Pad Thai’ noodles, and spicy fresh ‘Somtam’ are all served in this restaurant. You can also find a lot of vegetarian dishes and a few International foods. Try Jungle Curry, Tom Yum Soup, Chocolate Cake, and Papaya Salad in this restaurant.

Tom Yum Goong
Tom Yum Goong

7- Siam Supper Club, Phuket

One of the best restaurants in Phuket is Siam Supper Club; it has a unique decoration, friendly atmosphere, and delicious food. You can find western dishes and desserts like pizza, and a few Thai meals in this restaurant. This restaurant is almost crowded, especially during the weekend and its reason is just the menu. Try Steak, Goats Cheese Starter, Ribs, and Cheesecake in this restaurant.

vibrant western dishes
western dishes

8- David’s Kitchen, Chiang Mai

David’s Kitchen in Chiang Mai is the best restaurant in this district. This top-rated restaurant has a menu with a lot of French, European, Thai, and fusion foods with different drinks. It has a three-course menu that is set daily and changes regularly. A friendly atmosphere, comfortable furniture, and decoration, and delicious meals all make this restaurant a relaxing and favorite one. Don’t forget to try Beef Cheek, Pumpkin Soup, Escargot, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

9- Sam’s Steak and Grill, Phuket

Sam’s Steak & Grill restaurant is located in Patong’s Holiday Inn. It is one of the most laid-back and also stylish restaurants in this district.
You can have high-quality steak and other western and Thai dishes in this restaurant. The restaurant has two divisions: an open-air dining area and a private lounge with a glass-walled cellar. Try Steak, Beef or Fillet Wellington, and Crepes Suzette in this restaurant.

10- Gaggan

You can find Indian street food prepared in a contemporary way in this restaurant. Indian Chef of this restaurant is Gaggan Anand, who is known for modernizing authentic foods besides maintaining their best flavors. Gaggan, with the knowledge of traditional Indian cuisine and the influence of varied gastronomy, reinvents some new foods.

11- Caviar Café

If you like caviar, don’t miss visiting Caviar Café; this restaurant has been opened inside the leafy green Nai Lert Park complex on Soi Somkid. Caviar café is the only importer of high-quality Osetra sturgeon caviar from Russia, so its dishes are made of caviar. Some of its famous dishes are angel hair pasta with truffle cream sauce, foie gras and scrambled eggs, seared buttered scallops, seared Australian Angus beef with mashed potatoes, and some caviar toasts or blinis, with melted butter and condiments. Also, remember that sturgeon caviar is full of natural components, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, and potassium, so trying these foods are worth a lot.

Caviar in Thailand cafe

12- Clara

It is not so long that Yenakart Villa’s contemporary art gallery has been closed down, but it has recently opened! It is interesting to know that this beautiful Bauhaus-style building is reopened as an Italian restaurant. Christian Martena and Clara Del Corso-Martina opened Clara restaurant in this building but redesigned and remodeled it. Chef Christian used his native cuisine and combined it with creative and modern techniques. The result of this combination is seven- and nine-course degustation menus on an open-style kitchen. They use high-quality local produce and carefully selected and premium European imports. Besides its menu, decoration of this restaurant is wonderful; floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the lush garden seating area, a 10-seat Chef’s Table designed by P. Tendercool, and some paintings of Thai artist Somboon Hormtientong, are all items of its astonishing decoration. Clara is located in the center of Sathorn district in the peaceful Yen Akart residential area.

13- Keller

Chef Mirco Kelle was a chef de cuisine at Water Library Chamchuri during the eight years ago. Still, he opened his restaurant, Keller, in a grand, colonial-era mansion house on tranquil Soi Suan Phlu 2. Menu of this restaurant is full of contemporary European creations rooted in Asian traditional food. Some of its mouth-foods are grilled black Wagyu beef tenderloin served with carrots, parsnips, and truffle gravy, and the elaborately plated ‘Berliner Senfei,’ a combination of smoked potato, pickled beetroot, and 10g of Oscietra caviar.

14- Benihana

Benihana is a famous Japanese teppanyaki steakhouse. This restaurant has several branches in Bangkok, but the branches in the Anantara Riverside Resort recently moved to the 3rd floor of the plaza in the adjacent Avani Riverside Bangkok hotel. At the entry, the guests of this restaurant will be faced with the contemporary Japanese façade. Decoration of this restaurant is astonishing: Benihana’s signature black and red hues, with neon tubes running overhead, Manga graphics adorning the walls, and theatrical communal tables with a teppanyaki grill. At the center of the table, you will face expert chefs that are slicing, sizzling, dicing, and searing Australian and Japanese beef, lobster, New Zealand lamb, Hokkaido scallops, foie gras, and other delicious food. But don’t forget to try out handcrafted fusion sushi rolls.

15- The House

The House was opened recently in an old-fashioned Thai abode in the center of a tranquil garden. They serve Home-cooked dishes prepared by the use of global receptions from Thailand, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii, New Orleans, France, Italy, Germany, Swiss-Alsatian, Turkey, Tajikistan, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Scandinavia, Iceland, and others.
Gold Lounge at Trattoria Delina
Trattoria Delina is an Italian restaurant recently opened on the cozy 3rd floor Gold Lounge. You can find different drinks in this restaurant. Different authentic Italian foods are prepared by imported Italian cheeses and cold cuts, fresh handmade pasta, decadent risottos, and meaty main dishes.

16- Brassica

You can find traditional American foods in this restaurant like umami-packed fried chicken coated in a 17-spice rub and yeast sugar-bejeweled doughnuts. You will find jars filled with pickled cucumbers and red chilies in this restaurant. They also served a range of side dishes alongside the fried chickens – think blue cheese-enriched mac & cheese, house-made coleslaw, and French bean & tomato salad.


17- Vistro-Bangkok

Vistro-Bangkok is a vegetarian restaurant that will change your minds about vegetarian foods. In this restaurant, you will find different kinds of foods like burgers, pizza, fries, dumplings, and even sweet desserts like doughnuts and mud-pie.

18- Mia

Mia is a theme restaurant that serves some vibrant western dishes and fuels your desire for modern European fare. Chef Julian was a chef in London’s Sketch, Jason Atherton’s City Social, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in the past. Chef Julian, with the cooperation of two famous Thai chefs named Pongcharn’ Top’ Russell and Michelle Goh, serves the dishes that will fulfill all the obsessions. You will also find a movie scene-like dining space in this restaurant.

19- Paii

You will find a variety of seafood-focused dishes with a full culinary force in Paii within The House on Sathorn. Luang Sathorn Rajayutka is the founder of the House and also the creator of the Sathorn Canal. You will find modernized Thai seafood dishes served in a picturesque colonial-style setting such as Banana Blossom Salad (THB 360), tossed the crab meat and banana blossom in chili jam and sprinkled to finish with lemongrass and charcoal-grilled Chonburi Squid (THB 550), and seasoned with Thai sweet basil rub, Blue Swimmer Crab (THB 850) showering in yellow curry in this seafood restaurant.

seafood dishes serves in Thailand restaurants
seafood dishes

20- Bo.lan

Bo.lan is a vegetarian restaurant in Thailand. This restaurant was opened in 2009.
Its dark, chic interior design and authentic Thai menu are well-known. Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones are the power chefs of this restaurant; they create new flavors from traditional Thai cuisine by using different fresh products. This best-known restaurant in Thailand serves adventurous Thai dishes. This vegetarian restaurant is the number 28 in the San Pellegrino’s list. They see themselves responsible for living and eating of the people, and they show their philosophy on their menu. You will feel authentic Thai cuisine and its heritage in this restaurant’s foods. Recently, the location of the restaurant has been changed. They will serve lunch from Thursday to Sunday.

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