Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Illinois State For Tourists

What are the top must seen things to do in Illinois?

Illinois is a must-see destination among tourist attractions of the USA. Its cities are full of options to entertain yourself. You will know about the history of this country. Abraham Lincoln is the primary subject of Illinois museums. Its nature shows the Native creatures and plants of America. Chicago is the principal city that needs more time to visit. There are different parks and gardens in this region. You can go shopping in the best malls in the United States.
This is a guide to visit all the attractions of Illinois state. There are many things to do in Illinois. Every place is mentioned in its city. Some of them are not open all year. Check the opening time and reserve visiting them.

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#1- Millennium Park- Chicago

Millennium Park is in Grand Park near Michigan Avenue. There are some wonderful attractions in Millennium Park: Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, Lurie Garden, and a concert venue named Pritzker Pavilion.

#2- Cloud Gate- Chicago

It is a sculpture of liquid mercury in the center of Millennium Park. It has a 110-ton weight with a polished steel surface that reflects the surroundings, people, buildings, and the sky.

#3- Willis Tower- Chicago

Willis tower, a sky deck to see up to 50 miles over four states, is 1353 feet above the ground. The Ledge glass floor is between 103 floors of this tower. It allows you to test your bravery by looking straight down from that height.

#4- Navy Pier – Chicago

It is one of the most attractive places in Chicago as an amusement area. You will enjoy the following parts in navy pier:

  • shops
  • restaurants
  • parks
  • concert venues
  • 150 feet Ferris wheel
  • a historical carousel
  • Theater
  • Crystal Gardens
  • indoor botanical garden with six-story
  • Children’s Museum
  • year-round festivities
  • various sightseeing excursions

#5- Michigan Avenue– Chicago

It is one of the best places you must go. It has many attractions for those interested in shopping from luxury stores and galleries, and boutiques. The Tribune Tower, John Hancock Center, and Wrigley Building are also in this region. The excellent news is Madison Street is near, and in addition to shopping in stores, you can have art entertainment with theaters and musical acts.

#6- Magnificent Mile – Chicago

Magnificent Mile is a part of Michigan Avenue. It is north of the Chicago River. It is suitable for shopping lovers. You can also find places to stay like the ACME Hotel Company, which are the best for sightseeing. Luxury hotels of Chicago are near Magnificent Mile, offering the opportunity to see Millennium Park and Lake Michigan from their window. Imagine having a unique view of the Magnificent Mile from a height of 1000 feet of 360 Chicago.

#7- Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum- Springfield

If you like to know more about Abraham Lincoln’s life, you must visit this place. It was opened in 2005. previously, people would see the Treasures Gallery, which shows Lincoln’s precious artifacts.

#8- Lincoln Home – Springfield

It is Lincoln’s only home. He and his family lived there for 17 years. It was opened to visitors in 1887. You can learn about the political and legal aspects of his life. You will see different rooms that belonged to family members and Servants, an outbuilding, and a backyard.

#9- Lincoln Tomb And War Memorials – Springfield

Visit Lincoln Tomb and rub his nose on his status if you are in search of good luck. Lincoln is buried along with his family. His tomb is 72 feet in height, and the family is buried in crypts in the south wall. Illinois veteran’s memorials of great wars in which America has participated are also located near Lincoln’s tomb.

#10- Lincoln Park – Lake Michigan

Along the edge of Lake Michigan, there is a six-mile green space that has these attractions:

  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Lincoln Park Conservatory
  • Chicago History Museum
  • Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
  • playing fields
  • jogging paths
  • beaches
  • bike trails
  • historical statues

#11- Dana-Thomas House- Springfield

This house belongs to Susan Lawrence Dana, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There is a great collection of Wright’s art glass and furniture. It has lovely architecture with 35 rooms on 16 levels.

#12- Museum Of Science And Industry- Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry is impressive. It is in the north of Jackson Park. This USA museum is the first in hands-on exhibits, which is about using natural law in technology and industry. You can find several exhibitions from changing and permanent ones.

#13- Buckingham Fountain- Chicago

Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains globally, built-in 1927 by the Buckingham family in the center of Grand Park. There are four Sculptures of seahorses around it, which show the bordering states of Lake Michigan. It is open from 8 A.M to 11 P.M.

#14- 360 Chicago – Chicago

360 Chicago is a large glass-walled deck in the John Hancock Center building. Go to the 94th floor of this building, and you will have an expansive view of Chicago and beyond it. Tourists like its new feature named Tilt more. They can see 1000 feet above the Magnificent Mile.

#15- Field Museum – Chicago

Its name was Columbian Museum of Chicago and changed for the honor of Marshall Field. It shows the biological and anthropological collections. You must have enough time to see 20 million artifacts and specimens. You will learn more about Earth, animals, Anthropology, plants, Ancient Egypt, America, and dinosaurs.

#16- Wrigley Field – Chicago

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest Major League Baseball parks. Important games had been held in it, like the Cubs’ Jim Vaughn and the Reds’ Fred Toney. If you like baseball, visit the dugouts, field, and press box of the historic Wrigley Field.

#17- Chicago Riverwalk- Chicago

Eighteen movable bridges are the primary reason to visit Chicago Riverwalk. Large boats can pass these bridges, and you can see the mechanism of them closely. Dining options, hosts, special events, and river tours are other attractions to entertain. The beautiful views of the Chicago skyline beside Lake Michigan, beaches, and recreation areas to bike or walk fills you with joy. Continue along the trail, and get other attractions of this city, Lincoln Park and Navy Pier.

#18- Oriental Institute Museum – Chicago

It is on the University of Chicago campus. This museum is about archaeology and nearest art you can see antiques from the middle east. You will experience a lot of excitement because of mummification relics and artifacts in Egyptian galleries and Mesopotamian galleries. The features are related to between 100000 BC and seven centuries AD.

#19- The Rookery Building – Chicago

Daniel Burnham and John Root designed The Rookery Building in 1888. Frank Lloyd Wright remodeled this 12-story building in 1907. The rookery is famous for pigeons that are frequented there. If you are a fan of architecture, you will see elegant designs in this building.

#20- Old State Capitol – Springfield

Fans of Abraham Lincoln must visit this place, too. He has spent much time in it working as a lawyer and state lawmaker. He Was assassinated here. It was built in 1839, and it is now one of the tourist attractions in Illinois state and holding ceremonial events.

#21- Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices – Springfield

This historic office was a part of Tinsley Block, built-in 1841. The block has been demolished, and just the law office remains. It’s Abraham Lincoln’s law office working with Herndon.

#22- Illinois State Capitol – Springfield

This is another attraction you would enjoy! Four floors Illinois State Capitol is where the sessions of the Senate and the House are being held. Its construction started in 1868 and finished 20 years later.

#23- Illinois State Museum – Springfield

These permanent and temporary exhibits are held here:

  • At Home in the Heartland
  • Dynamic Illinois Environments
  • Peoples of the Past
  • The Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum
  • Anthropology Hall
  • Hot Science
  • Manierre Dawson
  • Just Good Art
  • Michiko Itatani

#24- Henson Robinson Zoo – Springfield

Henson Robinson built this zoo from 1968 – 1970. Ninety animals are protected here, which are from different parts of the world. It is open from March to November.

#25 – Washington Park Botanical Garden – Springfield

Washington Park Botanical Garden has 20 acres’ space. One thousand eight hundred species of plants are visible in its ten gardens. If you love rose perfume, visit one of these gardens full of 5000 rose bushes.

#26- Water Tower Place – Chicago

One of the exciting places in Chicago is here with prominent retailers and many high-end stores. Take the children with you; there are attractive places that are suitable for them:

  • food court
  • Lego
  • American Girl stores

#27- Music Box Theatre – Chicago

This is a unique tourist attraction of Illinois for film buffs. It is a two-screen cinema which shows the latest films, even documentaries. Classic films are played at midnight every week.

#28- Chicago History Museum – Chicago

History lovers can see many numerous photographs and objects which have stories about Chicago. You should visit one of its museums that is Chicago: Crossroads of America. Permanent and changing exhibits are held here.

#29- Starved Rock State Park – Oglesby

This park has 2000 acres of space, full of the canyon. A great flood a thousand years ago created this unique region. above the beautiful nature, there are historical places in this park which are famous for their archaeological artifacts:

  • Little Beaver
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Corbin Farm

#30- Garden Of the Gods – Harrisburg

It is located in south Illinois is 280000 acres of wilderness areas. It was at first agricultural land and rejuvenated in 1940. it’s an excellent place to rest; you can see unique geological features and forest. This is your place for a thrilling experience. There are rock and large sandstone formations, springs, and waterfalls. Climbing is a must in this area.

#31- Grand View Drive- Peoria

It’s a beautiful place, especially in autumn, with the leaves changing colors. The gorgeous landscape of the Illinois River Valley will be in front of your eyes. You can enjoy driving in this region. Better to have someone with yourself snapping photos. There are historic houses on the west that are registered in historic places.

#32- Anderson Japanese Gardens – Rockford

John R. Anderson and Hoichi Kurisu created this garden. It shows a lot about the Japanese culture too. You can take part in the Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy classes or other cultural programs.

#33- Art Institute – Chicago

Here, you can see a collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art and expensive famous artworks. also, paintings of:

  • Paul Gauguin
  • Claude Monet
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • American Gothic
  • Edward Hopper’s famous Nighthawks

#34- Ulysses S. Grant Home – Galena

This is one of the registered famous historic homes in America. It is an Italianate home, which Grant’s children gave to Galena as a memorial to a general. Remember that if you are a large group of visitors, you should Book in advance.

#35- Cahokia Mounds – Collinsville

It is a 2,200-acre historic site that represents prehistoric native civilizations of Mexico. They were the most-cultured people in the north of Mexico. It is the home of this agricultural society in the Mississippian era. They have accomplished builders from homes to grand monuments. It is open from April to October. Other attractions of this site are the following:

  • Grand Plaza
  • Monks Mound
  • Twin Mounds
  • Mound 72
  • Woodhenge
  • The Interpretive Center exhibit gallery
  • Hiking trails
  • Ancient sun calendar

#36- Discovery Center Museum – Rockford

This is a City of scientific games in the Rockford Riverfront Museum Park campus. These scientific exhibits are named STEM to learn exciting knowledge. Don’t miss the following:

  • Free charge for Children one and under
  • Free parking
  • Lunchroom with Several vending machines
  • Capability to bring food indoor and outdoor

#37- Rock River Discovery Park- Rockford

Who doesn’t love this place with these beautiful hobbies:

  • Secret Garden
  • Two-story maze
  • A large wooden play structure
  • Water play area
  • A dinosaur fossil
  • Exhibits

#38- Buffalo Rock State Park – Ottawa

It is an excellent place to hike in a natural area. It was the home to Indians. A sizable earthen exhibit named Effigy Tumuli was built as a memorial to the buried Native Americans. Five clay sculptures of native animals to the Illinois River region are here too. The American bison, views of the river, and camping areas are other points of it.

#39- Illinois Beach State Park – Lake Front Dr. Zion

Lake Michigan and its sandy beaches are the motive to visit Illinois Beach, State Park. You will see oak forests, indigenous animals, and dunes in this region. This park has 4,160-acre space. You can camp, fish, boat, swim, bike, or hike here. Century-old fragrant pines, 650 species of plants, are a wonderful nature planted here.

#40- Mississippi Palisades State Park – Savanna

This 2,500-acre park is located where Mississippi and Apple rivers meet the state. Lofty cliffs along the river, impressive Sentinel Rock, the Indian Head, and Twin Sisters rock formations are ideal for nature lovers. You will see waterfowl, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, fox, and shorebirds up close.

#41- Matthiessen State Park – Oglesby

All beautiful natural effects and wildlife exist here, from canyons, waterfalls, rocks, to bluffs trails and deer.

#42- Lakefront Trail – Chicago

If you need to take a stroll or training, Lakefront Trail should be your destination. It has access to the lake with an 18-mile Bike Trail and 18.5-mile for walking or running.

#43- Woodfield Mall – Schaumburg

It’s the largest shopping center in Illinois and the USA. You can buy everything you need from 234 stores and seven restaurants in this mall. Children’s events in this mall is another tourist attraction.

#44- Leaning Tower Of Niles – Chicago

It is a half-sized copy of the Leaning Tower of Pisa built-in 1934 by Robert II. It is probably built for recreational swimming pools or to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the real Pisa. It has three bells, which are several hundred years old. Four fountains and a big pool completed the beauty of it.

#45- Gurnee Mills – Chicago

It’s the third-largest shopping mall in this state, located in North Chicago. Mills Corporation builds it. It is a popular tourist attraction in Chicago.

#46- Blackberry Farm- Aurora

It is a living educational history museum. You will have fun here too; you can ride on the train, pedal tractors, Ponies. Blackberry farm has the space to hold parties and ceremonies.

#47- Shawnee National Forest

This 280,000 acres USA national forest is in southern Illinois between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. It’s ideal for recreation with its forests, lakes, bluffs, and rolling hills. Visit this region in all seasons; it has enjoyable mild weather.

#48- Six Flags Great America – Chicago

It’s a 304-acre amusement park in north Chicago. The owner is Six Flags, who opened this park in 1976. roller coasters, water parks, are the features that ranked among the top parks in North America.

#49- American Writers Museum – Chicago

This is a museum about American Literature that opened in Chicago in 2017. Amaze Design designed it. The Dublin Writers Museum inspired this museum. Twelve exhibits of it are about different aspects of writing.

#50- Shedd Aquarium – Chicago

The Shedd Aquarium is the first saltwater aquarium that contains over 1500 fish and other Sea creatures. It’s the best place to learn about the ecology and biology of waterways.

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