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Perhaps human beings never imagined demonstrating the underwater world on the earth’s surface. But human beings continue their attempt to bring the aquatic reaches into his life. So a significant number of people head towards The Aquariums to enjoy the glory of the ocean and experience a different and exciting world of lovely creatures. Shedd Aquarium is one of the breathtaking aquariums located at 1200 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605- 2490. By joining this stunning aquarium, you’ll have the opportunity to see beautiful creatures ranging from little fish to amazing sharks. Shedd Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums globally, established in 1930 and was the largest public aquarium globally before birth. Each year, more than 2 million animal lovers come to the Shedd aquarium. The aquarium is one of the top tourist attractions in Illinois and highly recommended. A significant number of architects built the first house of a saltwater fish. It is situated at Lake Michigan’s kind hands and close to the Field Museum of Natural History, Museum Campus Chicago and Adler Planetarium. This glorious aquarium is the house of 150,000 notable species such as marine mammals, insects, sharks, beautiful fish, and colorful birds. It acquired different awards in 1999, 2001, and 2004 for its best exhibits.

How the Shedd Aquarium Come into Being?

Shedd Aquarium is a stunning gift from John G. Shedd to the honorable people of Chicago. Unfortunately, he did not live enough to see his invaluable gift; however, his wife took part in the opening ceremony. Step-by-step different exhibits are added to that aquarium to fulfill people’s desires. This Aquarium exhibits include Caribbean Reef, Wild Reef, Waters of the World, Amazon Rising, and Abbott Oceanarium.
This touristy place is famous for its remarkable architecture. The masterpiece of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White benefits from classical Greek architecture and Beaux-Arts to be similar to the surrounding structures. The central octagonal Building and Doric columns, a dome, and a staircase along the aquatic themes add to the Shedd aquarium’s beauty. The modern style Oceanarium of this Aquarium, which is surrounded by beautiful windows overlooking Lake Michigan, is one of its attractions.

Top Shedd Aquarium Exhibits:

Waters of World
Waters of World is the oldest exhibit in Shedd aquatic museum, representing lakes, rivers, and fantastic oceans. This exhibit’s inhabitants include Pacific octopus, blue iguana, alligator snapping turtle, starfish, seahorse, and other creatures.

The Caribbean Reef

The Caribbean Reef was founded 49 years ago on the tropical pool. In this exhibit, a diver collaborates with the aquatic animals and presents information to the visitors. The circular tank allows you to benefit from the full display. Here you and your children can see the alluring green sea turtle, stingrays, sharks, and other significant animals. This mind-blowing aquarium, one of the top attractions in Chicago, is close to Amazon Rising, Wild Reef, and Waters of the World.

The Amazon Rising

The Amazon Rising, a must-see exhibit in the aquarium, benefits from the Amazon River’s beauty and its overwhelming jungles. By joining this part, you may see the anaconda, spider, caimans, and piranhas. Amazon Rising takes you to the hearts of Amazon, so do not miss it.

Wild Reef

In 2003 another permanent exhibit was added to the aquarium called Wild Reef. The exhibition represents the Philippine coral reef and includes different aquatic species such as rays, sharks, fish, sawfish, and other gorgeous animals. The exhibit’s brilliant attraction is a giant shark tank that draws visitors to experience a new world of exploration.

Stingray Touch

Stingray Touch is another exhibit that opened its doors to the public in 2013. If you desire to touch eye-opening yellow spotted rays and great cownose rays, do not close your eyes to the exhibit. From May to October, you may find yourself in Stingray Touch.

Oceanarium and Fantasea

Oceanarium, known as Abbott Oceanarium, opened in 1991 and includes incredible marine mammals such as beluga whales, California sea lions, sea others, lovely penguins, and dolphins. In the Polar Play Zone, your little children have the opportunity to interact with attractive penguins. Fantasea, a multiple shows, opened in 2010 to demonstrate the glorious whales, hawks, sea lions, and imaginary dolphins. In 2013 One world took the place of Fantasea. 4D Theater was founded 11 years ago and provided this opportunity to all the feeling ocean through a 3D film.


In 2011 Jellies opened, and its center of attraction is stunning jellyfish species such as Atlantic Sea Nettle, Moon Jellyfish, and Flower Hat Jelly, among the others, but it closed in 2015. In 2015 an exhibit opened to show species of amazing amphibians such as spring keeper, gray tree frog, emperor meet, marbled salamander, and other creatures.

The Underwater Beauty

The Underwater Beauty is a special exhibit that opened its doors to the public and benefits from different parts named Rhythms and Color. In this exhibit, you have the opportunity to see the beauty and glory of the underwater world. By coming to the shows, phenomenal animals such as spotted trunkfish, blue-spotted spine foot, discus, and other eye-catching animals welcome you warmly.

Inhabitants of the Shedd aquarium

When we talk about one of the oldest aquariums, we mean a superb one that says yes to anybody’s interest. The previous director of the aquarium decided to bring the rare fish to make the Shedd Aquarium a most visited place globally, so an Australian lungfish came here in 1933. This Australian fish is called Granddad and died in 2017. beluga whales are another group of aquatic animals that gave birth to a significant number of baby whales. Alaskan sea otters and southern sea otters joined other animals, and you have the chance to see them during your visit. Are you a dolphin lover? Do you like to see the exciting behavior of these intelligent animals? If your answer is positive, head towards the Shedd fish museum and enjoy the glory of the seven Pacific white-sided dolphins. The other inhabitants of the Shedd Aquarium include California sea lions, green sea turtles, North American river otters, sharks, guitarfish, sawfish, zebra shark, Atlantic tarpon, American alligators, seahorses, see stars, jellies, and lovely birds.

Join the Territory of Beautiful Animals

Prepare yourself to explore an unforgettable day in the aquarium and practical information about fantastic creatures. Here you are surprised by the fabulous beluga whale that prepares himself for examining his mouth, sea turtles that go on a scale and his trainer weigh him, sea otters that dig the snow and look for tasty things, and other exciting things. You have the chance to visit animals face-to-face, and sometimes you are allowed to touch them. If you are curious about interacting with the dolphins and penguins, you may find yourself from 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from Friday to Saturday at the Shedd aquarium. You may come here from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. too. The presence of a professional photographer is a smart decision to take stunning photos. Taking digital images costs $30 for each person. When you come here, you may park your car on the museum campus. The most crucial point that must be considered is that the participants should be at least 12 years old. Remember that you are not allowed to take photos because of the animals’ safety. Do not worry about what to wear in that you are given unique clothes for exploration.

Experience the Underwater World via Virtual Reality

Thanks to technological advancements, you may see different parts of the world via virtual reality. Shedd Aquarium is one of these brilliant places that benefit from modern developments. If you cannot join the Shedd aquarium, do not miss virtual reality. In this way, you may see the Aquatic animals from your home, learn about them, and find yourself between these adorable animals. It costs $49.95 for members to visit the aquarium when they rest in their homes. This virtual program helps you dive into the universe of unique animals and investigate their dramatic world. Let’s illustrate the virtual reality expeditions in more detail in the remaining parts.

Virtual Reality Expeditions

Penguins are one of the most attractive and beloved creatures at the Shedd aquarium. These curious creatures are full of life sense and motivate eager visitors. These alluring animals are encouraged to solve problems and express themselves in nature. Nowadays, because of the limitations of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, it is better to stay at home and take advantage of virtual reality opportunities. This facility allows you to follow the interested penguins and be surprised by their amazing Adventures. Do you like to visit Wellington, Annie, Edward, and Darwin? Buy an online ticket that costs $49/95 ( for members $44/95) immerse yourself in the exciting world of penguins.

Virtual Sea Otter Encounter

What do you know about these adorable creatures? Did you know that baby sea otters sleep on their mother’s stomach in order not to be separated? Do you like to feel the mother’s love for her little ones while cleaning them? If you want to contact the frisky sea otters, join them virtually and be pleased when they’re diving, preparing food, and socializing. Jump into their world and take pleasure from 35 to 40 minutes memorable moments. The ticket costs $49.95 for each person and $44.95 for members.

Virtual Sea Lion Encounter

Sea lions are considered one of the smartest creatures and live in different parts of the world. These charming animals are highly sociable and communicate with each other in different ways. They can live in water and land and move faster than human beings out of the water. If you count down the minutes to visit intelligent sea lions in the Shedd aquarium, join the virtual sea lions expedition and learn about the four salvaged sea lions called Tanner, Cruz, Biff, and Laguna. Your journey costs $ 49.95 and $44.95 for members.

Virtual Camps

Are you ready to take your family on an unforgettable journey? If your answer is yes, give me five. Put on your slippers and head towards your living room, and prepare yourself for having fun. During this unique program, you have enough time to explore the fantastic world of the charming aquatic creatures, peep into the settlement, and participate in their games and activities. The most exciting and remarkable thing about your virtual expedition is that you may eat your breakfast while watching animal yoga class. It costs $125 for households to experience exceptional moments in their virtual journey. Forget about time and have fun.

Learning Opportunity at Shedd Aquarium

If you are a hard-working teacher and try to provide your students with tangible information, do not miss Shedd aquarium’s learning opportunity. Your students can investigate the underwater world and study its inhabitants. You can take your students underwater without quitting your school and classroom. As you know, students learn better when they are involved in the topic to benefit from virtual trips. In this way, technology and science help you to motivate them. You may explore aquatic environments and their inhabitants, animal behavior, and other things, so that expand your field of study. If you live in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Illinois, your students may receive free tickets if they register online.

Plan to Visit Shedd Aquarium

Jumping into the breathtaking world of aquatic organisms is exciting, and it is possible to explore their territory at this exciting attraction. Seize the time and create memorable moments for yourself and your respected family. Before joining the aquarium, it is better to remember some points. If weather permits, you may reap the benefit of stingray touch and come in face-to-face contact. Just wash your hands with water and soap to keep animals safe. Wheelchairs and other devices are available for people with special needs.

Tickets Price and Free Days Admission

The general admission for adults costs $39.95. Children 3 to 11 years old costs $29.95, for Chicago residents $19.95 and their children $14.95. Visiting Shedd Aquarium for Shedd members is free. You can acquire your tickets online. But if you have any problems in this regard, you may call this number 312-939-2438. If you want to buy your tickets on sites, you are welcomed too.
Now let’s provide practical information about discounts and free days. Illinois citizens have the benefit of free admission on selected days provided that they reserve online before coming. Educators from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana and Chicago police officers, military personnel, and firefighters are highly welcomed after providing proper ID. On Veterans Day, the honorable American veterans are welcomed with open arms. They are invited to join the aquarium on November 11. Shedd Aquarium decided to provide free admission for low-income families to offer unforgettable moments.

Private Events

If you think about a private event at the Shedd aquarium, do not hesitate about your dream. The aquarium benefits from different experienced expertise to make your dream real. By booking your events, your noble guests have free access to the Shedd fishbowl. Do not lose this interesting thing to do for your social gathering, birthday, work events, graduation gathering, or wedding venue. The aquarium does its best to make each second of your intended celebration. Put yourself in the mighty hands of Shedd aquatic museum coordinators and make your events exceptional.

The Bottom Line

Suppose you look for a beautiful place on Lake Michigan. In that case, the Shedd Aquarium (Official Website) is a must-visit site that offers unforgettable moments for your little kids. the impressive animals welcome you at each exhibit. Enjoy every moment and relax your mind in the presence of mind-blowing animals. For journeying this great aquarium, you could come Monday to Tuesday from 10 a.m. to five p.m. or Friday to Friday from nine a.m. to five p.m. or Saturday to Sunday from nine a.m. The best ways to visit the aquarium are Chicago CityPASS, Chicago Grand Half-Day Bus Tour, Best of Chicago Tour, Including a Deep-Dish Pizza, Chicago Odyssey Dinner Cruise, and Museum Campus Photo Shoo, and also Walking Tour.

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