Glacier National Park Things To Do In Montana

History and Location
What do you know about one of the top tourist attractions in Montana State? Are you ready for a new adventure on the borders of the United States of America? Pack your luggage and jump into the world of discovery. Glacier National Park has exciting things to do in Helena city, attracting more than 3 million people year round looking for pristine places in the universe. The magnificent American national park occupies 1,013,322 acres of the northwest side of Montana. It is next to Columbia Falls, and many people start their journey from this spot to see admirable lakes, mountain ranges, and the loveliest animals.

To fall in love with the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem and the protected landscapes of Glacier National Park, keep reading and enjoy the glory of nature. The park covers various parts of Flathead County and Glacier County. It was known as a national park in 1910. The native Americans lived among the 170 million years old mountain ranges and settled between the hands of fertile valleys. The park shares borders with Waterton Lakes National Park and is considered a Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park piece. The picturesque park is hidden from the eyes of many people due to its lofty peaks. It becomes the paradise of climbers who look for extraordinary places to discover.

The birthplace of 700 stunning lakes and 200 waterfalls like Bird Woman Falls invites you to step into the land of new experiences, say yes to the invitation, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this national park. Discovering the home of endangered species like the Canadian lynx and the cute grizzly bear is an enjoyable chance that you must experience.

Activities, Services, Parking, and Things to Do

Glacier National Park is accessible through Kalispell Airport; however, it is far from many cities. You can reach the park by train, which stops at nearby communities. Do you like to go through the park in a coach? You may take advantage of the White Motor Company’s services offered on main roads. Boating is highly popular in the lakes. You can sit in a wooden boat that dates back to 1920 and unite with the peaceful water to wash away the pain and suffering of mind and soul. Let the relaxing water make your tired body full of peace and navigate you to the world of pure relaxation. Glacier National Park is a magical place that must be seen. The park offers 700 miles of hiking trails that take you to higher elevations. Remember that sometimes these trails are closed due to heavy snowfall. The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail attaches the west side of the American park to the east side.

If you see the park with your little dog, please leave it at front country campsites. Dogs are not welcomed due to large mammals and bears. Let your pet rest in a safe place instead of a dangerous one. Have you experienced camping between the arms of mother nature? It looks exactly like the arms of your mom, full of peace. Sleep like a bit of a child and listen to the lullaby whispers and try to sleep.
Keep in mind that you need permission to access camping. Join the main visitor center to acquire the license. Some of the campsites like Apgar and St. Mary keep their doors open all year, although there is no running water because of the specific conditions of the area in the off-season.

As mentioned above, one of the exciting things to do in Glacier National Park is climbing so that you will acquire an award to conquer all five high peaks. Are you ready for a new adventure on the shoulders of Montana? If you expect such a chance, do not miss a moment to join the park. The national park hosts many trout fish so that you may enjoy fishing in the lakes.

Fly fishing is permitted on the site; however, you must release caught bull trout because it is an endangered species in Glacier National Park. The park’s situation makes winter activities limited, so you have to keep a safe distance from the avalanche zone if you desire to experience cross-country skiing.
The untouched forests, pristine meadows, and pure lakes are encircled by the Engelmann spruce, aspen, cottonwood, and limber pine. Lovely animals increase the beauty of this national forest like the grizzly bear, elk, mountain goat, mule deer, bobcat, golden eagle, bald eagle, and great blue heron.
You can not find reptiles in the park due to its cold climate.

Grinnell Glacier is a top attraction in the park photographed repeatedly. It was named after George Bird Grinnell, a famous anthropologist. You can leave your vehicle at one of the three visitor centers and use the Glacier Park Boat Company shuttle to start a new adventure. Visiting the attraction is free. Going-to-the-Sun Road passes through the park and cuts it into the eastern side and western region. The paved road is a spectacular drive in Montana, which is considered a historic landmark. The road snakes through magical landscapes, waterfalls, and dreamy lakes.

You need two hours to drive the road and take pleasure from its breathtaking beauty. Going on the Going-to-the-Sun Road is free. The Glacier National Park’s entrance, St. Mary, offers many outdoor activities like other attractions on the site.

A short drive puts you on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so join to have memorable moments in Glacier National Park. If your time is limited, visiting Logan Pass is a must. This spot is approachable by car, and you can record its beauty ranging from wildflowers to great lakes in your mind.

Glacier National Park Lodging

The classic lodging accommodations in the park display the magnificence of the early 20th century. You may select among historic hotels, rustic cabins, and comfy inns. These comfortable lodges are starting to depart from ordinary life, so choose one to have magical moments in Glacier National Park. Cedar Creek Lodge is a popular four-season place affected by the people and culture of Montana. You will have the peace of the mountain in a modern way.

Rooms at Cedar Creek Lodge are equipped with a mini-refrigerator, free high-speed internet, hot tub, and microwave. Guests can enjoy the complimentary hot breakfast offered by the host. In Swiftcurrent Motor Inn & Cabins, ninety-five cabins feature limited Wi-Fi, eco-smart pillows, hairdryer, iron, and coffee maker. A minimal fee is required for laundry services in this non-smoking facility. Rising Sun Motor Inn & Cabins is close to St. Mary Visitor’s Center and includes 72 units equipped with a Coffee maker, a limited Wi-Fi hotspot, energy-efficient lighting, and a hairdryer. The rustic cabins were constructed in 1940 and 12 km away from Logan Pass. Other available accommodations include Lake McDonald Lodge and Village Inn at Apgar.

Glacier National Park Camping

The campgrounds of this stunning testament are filled soon, so you must come early in the morning to find a place. You can find more ideas to stay in Glacier National Park provided that you scroll down. You will find the largest campground on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which includes 200 sites for people of all interests. The vicinity of this campsite to Apgar Village provides easy access to shops and restaurants. Each camp has access to running water and a significant amount of attractions in Glacier National Park.

This spot is open all year. Many Glacier Campground is another popular destination in the park ringed by mountainous attractions and charming lakes. It is close to Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and includes 109 sites for camping. Many hiking trails in the park stem from this spot and take you to terrific locations like Iceberg Lake. St. Mary Campground is the next available campground that you may reserve ahead of time. This large campsite is positioned on the east side of Glacier National Park and next to St. Mary Lake’s shoreline.

The campground is close to St. Mary Village, too, so you have easy access to the gas station, gift shop, and restaurant. Other fabulous places to camp are Fish Creek Campground, Two Medicine Campground, Rising Sun Campground, Sprague Creek Campground, Bowman Lake Campground, and Kintla Lake Campground. Whatever you stay, the park’s peacefulness takes your breath away.

Glacier National Park Weather

Do you like to see the masterpiece of nature in Montana during the autumn season? The king of seasons depicts the most breathtaking view of Glacier National Park to beauty lovers. Plan your trip to enjoy your holidays from September to October to benefit from the sunny and mild temperature days. Rainfall and snowfall are typical at this time. The park’s weather is highly variable because of its unique geographic location. The garden goes through freezing temperatures from November to April, and some roads, visitor centers, and shuttle services remain closed.

Cross country skiing and ice climbing are popular during the winter months, and camping is free. Expect snowstorms and be dressed in layers. The road closure is expected from May through June, including Going-to-the-Sun Road. Lodging accommodations are at the lowest price, which is an excellent point for budget-friendly travel. Hiking is enjoyable in the cooler weather; seize the day to fill your lungs with pure oxygen. The perfect time to see the mind-blowing Glacier National Park is from July to August. It is suggested to reserve a lodging facility in the crowd season. Days are warm, and nights are pleasantly mild though the wind is expected at higher elevations.

The Best Restaurants Near Glacier National Park

Belton Grill Dining Room & Tap Room
Belton Grill Dining Room & Tap Room is 10 miles away from West Glacier and offers gluten-free and vegan options for American cuisine. The historic restaurant delivers food from the farm to your table so enjoy the authentic taste of nature. The tender steak is made with love and attracts many park visitors. Asparagus and sliced potatoes are a must.

The Wandering Gringo

This cozy place offers magical dishes to surprise its guests. Tasty options such as burrito, chicken Casida, and taco are among the suggested items. The Wandering Gringo is a place to have Mexican and southwestern cuisine.

Glacier Highland

The gluten-free and vegan options of Glacier Highland are made in a creative way to present delicious items to hungry guests. Onion rings and bison sliders are a great appetizer. The restaurant waits for you for the next time so that you can not forget its delicious dishes.

Josephine’s Speakeasy

Josephine’s Speakeasy is an actual gem made of fresh and homemade items. The dining room offers dishes beyond your expectation. Enjoy your meal after a long day hiking.

The Best Hotels Near Glacier National Park

Two Star Hotel- Lake McDonald Lodge
Lake McDonald Lodge was constructed in 1914 in the hands of a gorgeous lake. The non-smoking and family rooms of this mountain view hotel offer modest amenities. You have access to the camp store, restaurant, pizzeria, and lounge. Enjoy your stay in a rustic-style room.

Three Star Hotel- Many Glacier Hotel

This superb three-star hotel is situated on the northeastern side of the park. The non-smoking and family rooms include a private balcony to see the nearby attraction. The hotel amenities include free internet, free parking, a gift shop, and a restaurant. Enjoy some attractions like Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake Trail, and Swiftcurrent Falls.

Three Star Hotel- Glacier Guides Lodge

Glacier Guides Lodge is an excellent three-star property that is 2 miles away from the park. Complimentary continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and furnished balconies make your stay comfortable. This peaceful place could offer relaxing moments for you and your family.

Four Star Hotel- West Glacier Cabin Village

West Glacier Cabin Village is a luxurious four-star hotel that is 1 mile away from Glacier National Park. The cabins include barbecue facilities, free high-speed internet, a microwave, and a well-equipped kitchenette. You may use the free parking.

Glacier National Park Tours

There are various ways to discover the house of great lakes ranging from boat tours and bus tours to hiking chances. It depends on you how to see the park. For instance, you may join Half-Day Glacier National Park Whitewater Rafting Adventure, which lasts 2 to 3 hours. By paying $72, you are welcomed to take pleasure from white water rafting. If you are new to this exciting activity, don’t worry; you are supposed to pass through calm waters. Act as a team and enjoy this unique opportunity. The borders of Glacier National Park wait for you to present scenic views to your eager eyes. Half-Day Glacier National Park Scenic Float lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and is excellent for peace lovers. If you are traveling with your kids, the tour is also suitable for you because paddling is not required. The tour costs $73 per person. If you yearn to see Glacier National Park on foot, take part in hiking tours and separate yourself from the world. Surf the net to find more chances for exploration.

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