Arches National Park Things To Do In Utah

History and Location
One of the tourist attractions in Utah State, which is Colorado River’s neighbour, is Arches U.S National Park. This American park is the birthplace of 2000 impressive arches and extraordinary natural formations. The famous natural arch in the park is Delicate Arch that becomes the most visited attraction. The park is situated in Grand County and next to Moab. Occupying 76,679 acres of Utah was established as a national monument in 1929 and was registered as a national park in Utah in 1971. The park attracts more than one million tourists each year who look for high arches and peaks.

This magnificent national forest is in charge of protecting eye-opening geological features like windows, hooks, and spires. It provides chances to see the masterpieces created by nature. Human beings chose the area as home since the ice age. The main groups were Ancestral Puebloans and Fremont people who lived in the site until 700 years ago. Step by step, several ranchers and farmers joined the area, and the fame of natural arches spread out and became a top thing to do in Salt Lake. Nowadays, the site is under protection to be saved for subsequent generations. Stay with us to familiarize yourself with the peaceful park.

Activities, Services, Parking, and Things to Do

The land of red rocks is an enchanting place for discovery. First of all, head toward the visitor center to learn about hiking trails, ranger programs, and guided tours. Although you can see the magical attractions in your car’s seat, leave the comfortable place and enjoy the beauty of natural formations. Seeing all of the attractions is free. Spend at least one hour in the Devil’s Garden area to see the Landscape Arch, which stands firmly on the chest of earth. A 50 minutes hike from the Garden takes you to the largest arch in America. Move forward to see more eye-catching locations such as Partition and Double O. The next iconic boulder that is a must is called Balanced Rock.

The rocky formation is 128 feet. Many travelers think that it might fall over, but the majestic boulder continues its life for good. Although the spot is visible from the road, it is exciting to leave your car and go to see Balanced Rock on foot. This most photographed place is stunning at sunset; go to the picnic area and enjoy the beauty of the evening. The birthplace of North and South Window, Double and Turret Arch is about two miles in size, but its fame is far beyond its scope. Start your adventure from the parking lot and select one of the easy hiking trails that bring you to the sand arches.

Though the trails are accessible, you will encounter a significant number of sightseers, so it is better to see the Windows early in the morning when you are still yawning. A 25-minute drive from the park entrance guides you toward these destinations.
Did you know that Arches National Park is the house of historic mansions? Wolfe Ranch was constructed in 1898 by John Wesley Wolfe. Many people come here to see and feel what life looked like about 150 years ago. Next you the Wolfe Ranch, the legacy of Ute people; a petroglyph is a world of unuttered world. It displays the image of human beings on horseback.

Fiery Furnace is the paradise of hikers and climbers. It consists of a collection of narrow passages that direct to the sandstone walls. Take care because GPS services do not work in the area, and you may be lost in the labyrinth-shaped location. It is suggested that you take part in the ranger-led hiking tour to see the place, especially if you are a first-time visitor. Arches National Park benefits from the darkest night sky to astound its guests. On a moonless night, you can see the glory of over 2500 stars inviting you to join their party. Thank your naked eye for having an opportunity to see the wealth of tiny stars. The fainter stars in the sky show off and display the magnificence of the Milky Way.

You need 20 minutes to adjust the dark, so use the red light instead of white to see the nearby places. Use the star chart or specific apps to find beautiful constellations. The best places for stargazing are Balanced Rock Picnic Area, The Windows Section, and Panorama Point. Canyoneering, climbing, and horseback riding are very popular in the park.

Arches National Park’s backcountry is inaccessible by ordinary trails. Water resources are limited in the area, and you must carry sufficient water so that backpacking will be challenging. Leave the park as you enter because its cultural and historical resources are irreplaceable. It would be best to have permission to go to the Backcountry Permit Office to acquire the issued permits, which costs $7 per person. Obey the rules to experience memorable hours in the park.

Arches National Park Lodging

This untouched location by civilization includes various lodging facilities ranging from rooms, rental suites, and condos. In this section, some of the best lodging accommodations will be introduced. ARCHWAY INN is close to the park entrance and the admirable Colorado River. The place offers complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a free shuttle. This cozy place provides a clean and safe room for you to rest and prepare yourself for a new adventure. If you look for a standard site to stay at, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS is for you. The ideal destination is positioned between the hands of Arches National Park entrance and Moab.

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS includes an outdoor pool, and you can jump in to escape from the warm days of summer. The complimentary breakfast is included too. The next scenic place to stay, which offers Moab Rim Trailhead and Amasa Back Trail access, is Red Cliffs Lodge. The lodging property allows you to enjoy the natural landmarks. The lodge is equipped with a fitness center and restaurant. The outdoor pool is a gift for tired people who like to refresh. The free high-speed internet connects you to the whole world.

Arches National Park Camping

Camping among canyons and boulders is a spectacular situation that many people experience. This time we represent some of the excellent places for camping around Arches National Park. Devils Garden Campground is the only campground located in the heart of rocky structures. The campsites are dotted perfectly to provide more privacy. Join one of the 50 campsites and enjoy the nearby mountains’ charm. The campground hosts a massive number of people from March to October.

Take pleasure from the pleasant temperature due to the high elevations. There are other close campgrounds around Moab that you can select. For instance, Kayenta Campground is made of 21 spots for camping scattered logically to create more comfort. This place includes fire rings, a flush toilet, and picnic tables. You can enjoy four months ahead of the reservation. The next scenic camp is the Goose Island Campground that presents impressive views of the Colorado River and boulders. This place is filled early in the morning from March through October. You will experience unforgettable nights in one of the 20 available sites.

Arches National Park Weather

The best time to sightsee Arches National Park is April through May when the temperature fluctuates between 70 -80 degrees. Expect a lot of hiking people who come from various countries. You can take pleasure from daily hiking tours offered by rangers to acquire practical information. The peak season continues from June to August because families and children go on vacation. During hot days of summer, you must be dressed in suitable clothing and a hat. Don’t forget to carry a lot of water and wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn. To enjoy your journey, plan to visit the park early in the morning or late afternoon.

Guided hiking tours are available at this time. From September to October, you may take pleasure from Moab Music Festival and Red Rocks Arts Festival. The weather is pleasant, and the temperature comes down. Autumn is another best time to see the park. The temperature reaches 30-50 degrees during the winter months. The freezing days of winter deter travelers from joining Montana, so there is no reason to compete for parking lots and trails. Remember two vital points: there are no ranger-led hiking tours, and some are closed from November to March.

The Best Restaurants Near Arches National Park

Bangkok House Too

Bangkok House Too is a hidden surprise for Asian cuisine lovers. The restaurant offers tasty Japanese, Thai, and healthy dishes. Do you like to taste a new item for lunch? Sushi is an excellent option that will change your mind about new tastes. Enjoy traditional food in a friendly environment.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill

Many people know that Mediterranean cuisine follows healthy recipes to offer tasty dishes. Sultan Mediterranean Grill is a place to find delicious lamb chops, shrimp casserole, and flavorful beef. Do you need gluten-free dishes? You are welcomed too.

The Broken Oar Restaurant

The Broken Oar Restaurant is a great vegetarian-friendly restaurant that provides unexampled dishes. Smokestack sandwich, New York strip, and sriracha salmon are a must. Many restaurant guests suggest Fettuccine Alfredo.

Antica Forma

What do you think about tasting Italian cuisine in this part of America? Antica Forma is an excellent dining room next to Arches National Park that offers Neapolitan, Campania, and Southern-Italian cuisine in a comfy atmosphere. Enjoy your pizza.

The Best Hotels Near Arches National Park

One Star Hotel- Apache Motel
Apache Motel is a family-friendly hotel that includes non-smoking rooms equipped with an air conditioner, flat-screen tv, and microwave. This one-star hotel makes your days relaxing. If you are an art lover, go to the nearby art galleries like Gallery Moab LCA.

Two Star Hotel- Under Canvas Moab

Under Canvas Moab is a two-star comfortable place next to the park. The hotel allows you to see nearby attractions like Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks and Swanny City Park. Hiking, rafting, and kayaking are prevalent outdoor activities.

Three Star Hotel- Fairfield Inn & Suites Moab

This three-star hotel is an ideal spot to stay after exploring Arches National Park. The hotel rooms invite you to see the stunning views of the Colorado River. The modern hotel offers complimentary breakfast too.

Four Star Hotel- HooDoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton

HooDoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton is a luxurious four-star hotel 11 km away from Arches National Park. The hotel features a mountain view, city view, pool view, non-smoking rooms, and suites. Allergy-free rooms are equipped with an air conditioner, coffee maker, satellite tv, bathrobe, seating area, and iron, among many items.

Arches National Park Tours

The best way to explore Arches National Park is by taking a tour. You can participate in one of the available options and make your journey unforgettable. Arches National Park 4×4 Adventure from Moab is a private and luxury chance that costs $130 and lasts 5 hours. Take off the road to step into the territory of boulders to find the sandstone arches and fossilized dinosaur tracks. The tour guide provides practical knowledge to understand the sensitive atmosphere of the area.

Sunset and Night Photography in Arches National Park costs $310 per person, and you will experience 7-8 memorable hours in the park. The bus tour takes you to the iconic places for photography. With a wide range of locations for photography, Sunset and Night Photography in Arches National Park becomes the most popular opportunity to see Arches National Park. By paying $92, enjoy a thrilling experience in Arches National Park. Moab Stand Up Paddleboarding: Splish and Splash Tour lasts about 4 hours, and you can float on the hands of the Colorado River. There are many ways to live through Arches National Park, surf the net to find more opportunities.

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