Congaree National Park Attractions In South Carolina

History and Location
Tourist attractions in South Carolina, like other sections of our lonely planet, are visited by many adventurers. Wandering in nature and being inspired by nature’s mother help many people forget the consequences of modern life and its adverse impacts on mental and physical health. One of the inspiring things to do in Columbia is charming Congaree National Park. Eleven thousand hectares of South Carolina are devoted to the National Woods.

The park is 18 miles away from Colombia, South Carolina’s capital. Preserving old-growth bottomland hardwood forest and temperate deciduous forest, Congaree National Park, fostered by Congaree River. One thousand five hundred acres of the park is delegated as a wilderness area.
The gorgeous park is situated in Richland County and next to Eastover City. It was established as a national park in 2003, and more than 140000 visitors join this least regular part of America nicknamed swamp and exposed to periodic inundation.

Congaree National Park is the birthplace of champion trees such as sweetgum, American elm, cherry bark oak, overcup oak, and common persimmon, magnificent in size.
This least visited park becomes a relaxing place for many aquatic and non-aquatic creatures such as turtles, snakes, alligators, deer, turkey, feral dogs, and cute bobcats. Continue reading and enjoy the process of scrutiny of Congaree National Park’s beauty.

Activities, Services, Parking, and Things to Do

In addition to being nominated wilderness zone and a UNESCO heritage, Congaree National Park comprises a bird area, hiking trails, national landmarks, and campground. Fireflies take the position of the loveliest insects in the world. These soft-bodied creatures are called lightning bugs and shine in the darkness of knights. If you go through Congaree National Park during summer, you can find many displaying fireflies in the evening. Be careful not to tread on these lovely creatures.

The park became a safe shelter for people who made the first steps to fight against racism and freedom, be alert that where you explore for recreational uses was slaves’ home. Three ways take you to the only national Woods in South Carolina, Congaree National Park. The first way leads to Boardwalk, which is covered with bald Cypress trees, and adorable river otters will welcome you. You can enjoy discovery without getting wet or dirty. Restricting power tools, Congaree National Park preserves its unspoiled atmosphere. So the park’s nature lacks any annoying smell and noise. The second way, a 6-mile kayak trail, turns through the park’s northwest side.

This challenging but safe route is encircled by various obstacles like live and fallen trees, making your water journey exciting. Paddle in the park waters and explore them at your own pace. Camping in Congaree National Park is free and encouraged. For a memorable camping experience, the river bank could be the best place to stay. Living along with wildlife and other aquatic creatures precisely depicts the glorious painting in the heart of South Carolina.

Walk the Bates Ferry Trail to capture a glance of the peaceful Congaree River. For more pleasure and seeing more natural beauty, you may choose Bluff Trail, Sims Trail, Watson Lake Loop Trail, Fork Swamp Trail, or Longleaf Trail. for more information about the cultural and natural history of Congaree National Park, you can take part in the guided walks. The Park Rangers elaborate on the plants and wildlife of the area and make you familiarise yourself with its attractions.

With a chance for sightseeing from various parts, the Cedar Creek Canoe Trail takes you to the most breathtaking sections of the American Park. Mind out for poisonous snakes, wasps, and long-leg spiders that might fall in your kayak. Before starting your journey in the waters, check the current conditions. Do not forget to bring your kayak or canoe because there is no rental equipment in the park. The guided tours on Saturday and Friday in Autumn and spring take you to the mysterious world of tall trees. Enjoy floating down the river and the pure sense of life and relaxation.

Essential tips that must be remembered are bringing sunscreen, appropriate clothing, suitable footwear, water, and insect repellent. As parking is not adequate, it is better to arrive at 6 p.m. to find parking spots.
Do you have a valid fishing license? If your answer is positive, you are very welcomed with an open arm. Fishing is permitted in every zone of the park, except for Watson Lake Overlook. Important points to keep in mind: More than 75% of Congaree National Park is situated in the floodplain borders of Congaree River, so bargain on unusual flooding. Visiting the stunning park is free. The park is close to the nearby attractions, including Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Cowpens National Battlefield, Fort Sumter National Monument, and Fort Moultrie.

Congaree National Park Lodging

There is a charming rental house which is situated in Aiken and includes an outdoor patio. It can hold two people in one bedroom. The rooms are equipped with a walk-in shower, sofa, microwave, refrigerator, and oven, among others.

You may have your meal in the dining place and enjoy the Argentinian-style fireplace. If you travel by car, there is parking for you. There is a traditional log cabin with eight guests who can rest here on Lake Murray’s banks. For a stunning view of the lake, you can select the master suite. The stone gas fireplace keeps the room warm during cold days of the year.

The guest rooms feature an air conditioning system, free high-speed internet, a TV, and a dryer. Join the shore and experience canoeing in the Lake Moray water. Do you like to live in a lovely Cottage like in a movie? The charming Ridgeville offers comfortable cottages, including queen-size beds and kid’s beds.
In the stylish kitchen, you will find whatever is necessary for cooking. The outside seating is great for relaxing. People who are interested in football may enjoy the foosball table and have fun.

Congaree National Park Camping

Immerse yourself in the floodplain forest and be impressed with its serenity and beauty. The best way to appreciate the striking Congaree National Park is camping. Get ready to delight in the glamour of South Carolina National Park. Bluff Campground is your entrance to sit under the shade of lofty trees.
The popular activities in this campground are hiking, paddling, wildlife watching, fishing, biking, and boating. The area includes four sites, each suitable for eight guests. Dig the profoundness of the South Carolina national park and sit on the foothill of admirable trees. This innate and raw part of America is not accessible by vehicle. It looks like you desire to rummage through Congaree National Park cause you are kept reading. Longleaf Campground has 14 sites to spend memorable nights in South Carolina. This campground is situated next to the entrance and parking area.

This U-shaped campground is excellent for families and individual groups. The campsites are spread out to provide more privacy. With vast space to spare a glance at the park’s exquisiteness, the campground welcomes many people every day to have great experiences. Keep in mind that reservation is required in both campgrounds. Campers are not allowed to drive to the campsite and must park in the parking lot. Enjoy the process of experiencing Congaree wilderness by camping in the designated spots.

Congaree National Park Weather

It is situated in the central part of South Carolina and benefits from a humid subtropical climate, Congaree National Park. The park has wet summers and mild winters. The best time to see the park is autumn and spring when the park experiences the most pleasant weather. The temperature is warm from March to May; however, thunderstorms and rain are not questioned. Fortunately, insects are not a bothering problem at this time. The hottest period of the year, summer, is known for high humidity, so 110° is possible. The summer rainfall reaches 4.5 inches.

The fantastic weather of autumn brings many groups of people to the park in that the humidity and temperature decreases. From late October to November, the native will be nature of Congaree National Park will be displayed in the most eye-catching picture. Seize the initiative to see the idol, which boasts in autumn colors.

Winter stretches from November to February, and the temperature comes down. Nights could be freezing, and flooding is very typical without warning ahead of time. Mind your situation that rainfall in the northern section of South Carolina can ascend the water level.

If you decide to camp in the park, it is better to be dressed in layers and wear suitable waterproof shoes. Above all, the park is wide open 365 days a year and provides excellent moments to park visitors without charge.

The Best Restaurants Near Congaree National Park


Saluda’s is a convenient American restaurant located next to the park. Crab Cakes and grilled pork chop are top-notch. Filet mignon and fried shrimp are among the top dishes suggested by many guests. It is open from 5:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.

Big T Bar-B-Q

To make your birthday unforgettable, you may explore the park then have the tenderest and delicious barbecue of your life. Big T Bar-B-Q is close to the American park and offers smoked barbecue, macaroni, cheese, ribs, and a pork sandwich. Joining the restaurant is a must-do thing in South Carolina.

Katie’s Sandwich Shop

Katie’s Sandwich Shop is situated inside a flower shop and presents high-quality and savory sandwiches, especially Philly cheesesteak. Old fashioned chicken salad sandwich is a new experience that rises from Congaree National Park. The restaurant has many things to choose from for lunch.

J D’s Place

Southern cuisine is trendy among many people. Let’s introduce something delicious, Dirty Hash, worth a try. J D’s Place is the last stop before the park, so eat your meal here and head toward the park.

The Best Hotels Near Congaree National Park

Two Star Hotel- Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Columbia/At Fort Jackson

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Columbia/At Fort Jackson is an excellent choice for Colombian visitors. This family-friendly hotel offers amenities for your comfort, including an air conditioner, flat-screen tv, free parking, and microwave, among others.

Three Star Hotel- TownePlace Suites Columbia Southeast/Fort Jackson

TownePlace Suites Columbia Southeast/Fort Jackson is located in Colombia and a few steps from the University of South Carolina, Williams-Brice Stadium, and Fort Jackson. Every suite has free high-speed internet, microwave, flat-screen TV, and sofa bed. Few hotels near the park can beat TownePlace Suites Columbia Southeast/Fort Jackson’s hospitality.

Three Star Hotel- Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia/Southeast-Ft. Jackson

Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia/Southeast-Ft. Jackson benefits from the modern architectural style. This family and business hotel makes your stay next to the park perfect. The three-star hotel includes a fitness center with a gym, free high-speed internet, pool, and business center with internet access.

Four Star Hotel- Quality Inn & Suites

The nearest hotel to Congaree National Park, Quality Inn & Suites, includes non-smoking and smoking rooms. It is an excellent place for rejuvenation and resting. This budget-friendly hotel provides meeting rooms, free parking, a pool, and a business center with internet access. Do not forget to go to the nearby Indian restaurants to have tasty options made of fresh ingredients.

Congaree National Park Tours

Kayaking and canoeing are the best ways to visit Congaree National Park and take you to the inexplicable and enigmatic world of Congaree. Floating on Cedar Creek, which passes through the forest, is a magical trip that opens Your heart’s eye and makes you familiarise yourself with a new world. Kayaking tours create opportunities to see swimming turtles and otters. Some ranger-guided tours which demand no charge permit tour guides to share their information about the old-growth forest and its history. This moderate effort tour lasts 180 minutes, and 1.25 miles will be discovered. Each excursion is limited to 12 people. If your children are over six years old, you can participate in the tour. Be alert that professional swimming skill without flotation device aid is necessary. Check active websites to find more tour options.

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