Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Montana State For Tourists

Montana is one of the Western States of America that benefits from natural resources and unexampled landscapes. The attractions of Montana draws tourists to spend their holidays in a dreamy place. Montana is the paradise of adventurers and offers fantastic chances for discovering and experiencing remarkable moments. Do not forget that a significant number of photographers head towards Montana to capture unique photos. If you or your children are interested in the dinosaurs’ world and want to move between these giant creatures, there is no way to ignore Montana. The museum of Rockies visualizes these popular extinct animals. The sports lovers should not close their eyes to Montana. The neighbor of Canada, Montana, is famous for a wide range of natural landmarks and outdoor activities. Montana is called Big Sky Country and is the mother of unique landmarks and spectacular wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. Join us to explore the kingdom of magnificent Yellowstone National Park, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre, and Hebgen Lake and enjoy lots of things to do in Montana.

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1- Glacier National Park – Montana

Glacier US National Park is a more than 1million acres area that is situated on the shoulders of Montana. The house of over 1000 beautiful plants and animals and lakes is visited by more than 3 million visitors each year. It was established in 1910 to offer hiking, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, and skiing. Fishing is forbidden in this area.

2- Lake McDonald – Montana

Montana houses the most excellent natural lake in Glacier National Park. Lake McDonald is the child of glacial activity and earth erosion. This 6.823 acres area is the house of different kinds of fish, grizzly bears, and mule deer.

3- Little Bighorn Battlefield – Montana

This 765 acres place was established in 1879 to protect the Battle of the Little Bighorn site. Each year more than 300000 visitors come here to see the house of warriors who fought bravely in the battle, such as George Armstrong Custer. Little Bighorn Battlefield resting place of Wooden Leg and Stanley Vestal.

4- Big Sky Resort – Madison

Big Sky Resort is a 5800 acres ski resort in Madison established in 1973 as a place for zipline, hiking, horseback riding, and biking. It offers chances to celebrate your wedding venue and significant events, such as conferences and gatherings.

5- Avalanche Lake – Flathead County

Glacier National Park is the birthplace of a natural lake called Avalanche Lake. This hidden gem offers a spectacular view of the nearby mountains and becomes a superb place to see the sunrise in an area surrounded by waterfalls and cliffs. Enjoy hiking and mountain climbing in Avalanche Lake.

6- Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre – West Yellowstone

This non-income instructional park and natural world Center became mounted in 1993. It is open year-round and houses 140 animals of 23 species. Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre attracts more than 140000 visitors each year. It is a place for discovering mighty bears and wolves and learning about fantastic animals.

7- Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park – Jefferson County

This public Recreation area preserves nature and consists of hiking trails, visitor centers, and a fabulous campground. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park is a 3015 acres Park founded in 1935 and is open 360 days a year except for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The park offers opportunities for bird watching, fishing photography, and biking.

8- Two Medicine Lake – Glacial County

Let’s explore two natural glacial lakes in Glacial County, surrounded by Rising Wolf Mountains and Sinopah Mountain. Two Medicine Lake has hiking trails and becomes a superb destination for photography and nature watching.

9- Roosevelt Arch – Gardiner

Gardiner houses a rusticated monumental structure in the northside of Yellowstone National Park, established in 1903. Roosevelt Arch decorated with the Organic Act of 1873. Join a place that was selected for the enjoyment and benefit of every person.

10- Museum of the Rockies – Bozeman

Bozeman established a general history museum in 1957 and is famous for paleontological clusters and dinosaur collections. The Rockies’ Museum concentrates on the Rocky Mountains’ cultural and physical history and animals and inhabitants of the last 500 million years ago. Step into the pages of history.

11- Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex – Montana

The Westside of Montana is the house of Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, which was established in 1964. The area was named for Robert Marshall, the American writer, and forester. If you like to see wildlife, exploring nature, hiking, and photography opportunities, Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, is for you.

12- Hebgen Lake – Gallatin County

This reserve area is famous for the 1958 Hebgen Lake Earthquake. Hebgen Lake is a 12563 acres site to enjoy camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and camping in Rainbow Point.

13- Blacktail Mountain Ski Area – Montana

This Alpine ski site is situated on Flathead Lake’s chest and includes restaurants, dining places, and ski services. Blacktail Mountain Ski Area is open for skiing, and you may enjoy moving and walking in the house of ice and snow.

14- Granite Park Chalet – Montana

Granite Park Chalet is a gorgeous place situated on Glacier National Park’s shoulders and was established in 1913. This national historic landmark has a fantastic hiking trail called Highline Trail that is excellent for hiking and horseback riding.

15- ZooMontana – Billings

ZooMontana is a 70 acres wildlife site founded in 1992 and visited by more than 70000 visitors a year. The 100 animals of 58 species live in the park that looks like their original habitats. The park is the house of the red panda, river otter, bald eagle, iguana, and box turtle, among others.

16- Pictograph Cave State Park – Billings

Pictograph Cave State Park is a picturesque place established in 1964 consisting of three magnificent caves called ghost cave, pictograph, and middle. It is a place to see pictographs in a pictograph cave, watching beautiful trees and animals.

17- Whitefish Lake – Flathead County

Whitefish Lake is a natural freshwater lake named for lovely mountain whitefish. Lion Mountain and the Whitefish Range surround it. Enjoy kayaking, boating, swimming, camping, and fishing in Whitefish Lake.

18- Belton Chalet – West Glacier

Belton Chalet refers to a cluster of groundbreaking hotel buildings in the heart of Montana. Belton Chalet was constructed in 1907 by Cutter & Malmgren. Belton Chalet benefits from the Swiss Chalet style and consists of 5 buildings that become the tourist attraction in West Glacier.

19- Makoshika State Park- Dawson County

This 11538 acres public Recreation area and state park established in 1953 and house dinosaur fossils, golden eagles, and Turkey vultures. The name of the park means the house of evil spirits. The visitor center offers chances to see the remains of dinosaurs. The park includes picnic facilities, scenic drives, and trails.

20- C. M. Russell Museum – Great Falls

C. M. Russell Museum is an art museum founded in 1953 and visited by more than 37000 visitors a year. The museum Focuses on displaying Charles Marion Russell’s artworks, such as illustrated letters and used materials. You can come here Tuesday to Monday from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

21- Moss Mansion Museum – Billings

Moss Mansion Museum Is a 2 acres site constructed in 1903 by Hardenbergh R. J and Gagnon E. H in English Romanesque architecture Style. This three-story red stone museum is available for wedding venues and events.

22- Montana State Capitol – Helena

Montana State Capitol is positioned in Helena and found it between 1899 to 1902. It takes advantage of the new classical and the Renaissance revival architectural style. The feminine statue on the dome refers to Lady Liberty. Montana State Capitol is open every day.

23- Virginia Falls – Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park houses an impressive waterfall called Virginia Falls that offers fantastic hiking experiences. This impressive waterfall becomes a popular tourist destination in Montana. Do not miss this invaluable gem on your travel to Montana.

24- World Museum of Mining – Butte

This memorial art Museum was opened in 1965 to display the history of mining. Take part in the museum tours on Tuesdays through Saturdays from ten a.m. to 4 p.m. Visiting this non-profit educational center requires an online reservation.

25- Big Hole National Battlefield – Beaverhead

This 1010 acres site was established in 1883 and attracted more than 36000 visitors a year. Big Hole National Battlefield protects the Nez Perce War Battlefield. Explore this part of history in more detail.

26- Apgar Visitor Center – Montana

One of the significant villages in Glacier National Park is Apgar. The visitor center at the village offers information about local attractions, and the staff is ready for America to plan your travel.

27- Yellowstone Art Museum – Billings

This art museum focused on contemporary art and was established in 1964. Yellowstone Art Museum offers a chance to see more than 7400 regional and historical artworks of Rudy Autio and Isabelle Johnson, among others. The museum is open every day.

28- American Computer and Robotics Museum – Bozeman

This Computer Museum was established in 1990 to demonstrate the story of robotics, artificial intelligence, and computing. American Computer and Robotics Museum is a non-profit Institute that provides a chance to see some items such as Arithmometer, Apple 1, and typewriters. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m.

29- Conrad Mansion Museum – Kalispell

Kalispell houses 2.7 acres Mansion Museum was established in 1895 by Kirtland K. Cutter in Norman Style. The dwelling of Charles E. Conrad offers educational programs from Tuesday to Sunday. Fences and iron gates surround this historic mansion.

30- Giant Springs State Park – Great Falls

The main attraction of Giant Springs State Park is Giant Springs. The temperature of this magnificent spring is 12 centigrade that finds its way through the Little Belt Mountains. The house of rainbow trout became a tourist attraction in Montana.

31- Old Montana Prison Museum – Montana

The old prison was constructed in 1871 by Link and Haire in a Romanesque architecture style. Old Montana Prison Museum offers tours to explore this historic prison and its collections every day from 10 a.m. to four p.m. Most of the prisoners were people who disobeyed the command of going to war.

32- Cathedral of Saint Helena – Saint Helena

This Catholic Roman Cathedral was established in 1908 by A. O. Von Herbulis benefits from the gothic revival architectural style. The cathedral’s main features that add to its beauty are two spires, hand-cast bells, and stained glass. The Cathedral of Saint Helena is open every day.

33- Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre – West Yellowstone

This fantastic screen theatre is situated in West Yellowstone, and the only IMAX shows West Yellowstone in a unique style. Do not forget to prepare a gift in the gift shop of Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre.

34- The Historical Museum at Fort – Missoula

The museum is situated at a military post in Missoula and consists of rotating exhibits. The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is loaded with history and takes visitors to the years of homestead cabins. If you like to walk in this historical museum, do not kill time.

35- Garden of Thousand Buddhas – Lake County

Garden of Thousand Buddhas is a Buddha temple inside of the Flathead Indian reservation. It includes 10 acres of the Splendid Garden. This pilgrimage destination attracts faithful people and has 1000 concrete statues, such as Tara, the goddess. The legacy of 2000 is free to the public.

36- Hockaday Museum of Art – Kalispell

This art museum in Kalispell includes galleries and exhibits to demonstrate the original and local arts. The art lovers are invited with open arms to see the great paintings and artworks of Montana. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

37- Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary – Red Lodge

Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501 acres non-profit animal conservation area established in 1983 and focuses on preserving and caring for local wildlife. Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary offers educational programs to learn about different animals such as red fox, raccoon, grey wolf, and bobcat.

38- Big Sky Waterpark – Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls is a fantastic Waterpark that creates unforgettable moments for families and kids. This family-friendly Waterpark is an excellent destination for families who are sick of hiking Glacier National Park. After playing in Big Sky Waterpark, you may eat in nearby restaurants such as Backslope Brewing.

39- Western Heritage Centre – Billings

This regional museum is situated in Billings’s heart and was established in 1901 to be a library but changed into a museum. Western Heritage Centre represents the artifacts about the Yellowstone river valley history. Haire built it in Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style.

40- Gallatin History Museum – Bozeman

Let’s fly in time and discover the Gallatin History Museum in more detail. The museum offers a unique view of the past. The exhibits of the museum narrate Native American history and represent wedding dresses of the last generations. Join the Gallatin History Museum to see 25000 fantastic photos.

41- Holter Museum of Art – Helena

Helena houses a little art museum located at 12 Lawrence St. Helena. Holter Museum of Art is free to enter, but you may pay donations. Enjoy the pleasure of visiting an art museum while listening to music.

42- Museum of the Plain Indian – Browning

What do you know about the American Indians? Do you like to add to your knowledge and learn about their traditions and ceremonies? Join the Museum of the Plains Indian and go through the pages of Indian cultural history.

43- MBMG Mineral Museum – Butte

Let us step into the territory of colorful stones in Butte and visit the significant collections of crystals, fossils, and fantastic rocks collected from different parts of the world. MBMG Mineral Museum demonstrates the eye-catching view of stones that shine in the dark.

44- Northwest Montana History Museum – Kalispell

This 4story non-profit history museum was established in 1894 and benefits from Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style. Northwest, Montana History Museum, demonstrates the history of Montana and worth a visit. Join to enjoy the artistic architecture and visualize the history of Montana.

45- Waterworks Art Museum – Miles City

Waterworks Art Museum is a history and art center that illustrates historical and contemporary arts. The collections of the museum include fantastic photographs of LA Huffman and Evelyn Cameron. Waterworks Art Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

46- Charles Bair Family Museum – Montana

This family Museum was established in 2001 next to Bair’s family house. The museum displays the paintings of different artists such as Joseph Henry Sharp and other figures. Charles Bair Family Museum includes fantastic photographs, jewelry, and historical books.

47- St. Anne’s Cathedral – Great Falls

This Catholic cathedral is situated at 715 3rd Avenue North, Great Falls, and was established in 1889 in gothic revival architectural style. St. Ann’s Cathedral is next to St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral and becomes one of the attractions in Montana.

48- St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral – Billings

This Catholic cathedral is situated at 215 N. 31 st St. Billings and was established in 1904 in the gothic revival style. Visiting this great church is highly recommended.

49- Women’s Mural – Helena

Women’s Mural is the most artistic part of Montana, painted by different artists such as Ann Appleby and other people. In Women’s Mural, you can see the significant role of women in Montana’s history. Join this thematic piece of Helena.

50- Ohrmann Museum and Gallery – Drummond

Drummond houses a gallery that displays the artworks of Bill Ohramann, who was in love with nature. In Ohrmann Museum and Gallery, you can see his works in oil paintings, polymer clay, and wood sculptures. This indoor and outdoor gallery has many things to offer.

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