Best Chicago Things To Do And Tourist Attractions

Here are the list of the 20 best places to go in Chicago

Chicago, which is known as the windy city, is the birthplace of the modern skyscrapers. This amazing city is located on Lake Michigan; its incredible architecture depicts the progression of America. A significant number of tourists visit the windy city and enjoy its eye-catching landmarks. Chicago is one of the touristy towns of America, which offers fantastic options for different interests. The local parks and zoos are just a part of the Chicago attractions. The good news is that some of these attractions are charge-free, and you may visit them freely. Chicago is a 4 season city, and you may enjoy its great weather during other months of the year. Some of the features that make Chicago famous include: delicious hot dog, museums like Adler Planetarium and astronomy Museum, and other glorious locations. No city in the world is like Chicago because you have the whole world in a body. Drive inside Chicago in Illinois state to hold the world in your fist in that you are going on a trip around the world. If you decide to visit Chicago, you might enjoy the rail transportation and excellent destinations. Do not close your eyes to the breathtaking beauty of Chicago. Let’s explore Chicago through the stream of words.

#1- Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago attraction

The house of a significant number of masterpieces, the Art Institute of Chicago, is located in Chicago’s heart. This fabulous museum contains various artworks ranging from sculptures and paintings to the decorative arts that attract art lovers of different countries to visit Chicago’s glory. This fantastic museum was built in 1879 and held the post-impressionist and impressionist arts, Asian arts, Modern art, and other outstanding works. Art Institute of Chicago was made by James Cuno to represent the history of arts and culture of 5000 years of the world. Come and visit this mind-blowing music and enjoy the fantastic paintings of Claude Monet.

#2- Millennium Park

Millennium Park Tourist place to go

Millennium Park is a public park located at 201 East Randolph Street and proudly welcomes its visitors. The surprising attractions of this park, the campus, the green areas, and fantastic crystal and steel sculptures are great photography subjects. One of the breathtaking masterpieces of the Millennium Park that throws is Cloud Gate is a beautiful inspiration of the liquid Mercury, which throws back the nearby buildings. The blue sky and its surprised visitors. The Crown Fountain is another glamorous attraction of the Millennium Park, which depicts the ancient gargoyle in a modern style.

#3- Navy Pier

Navy Pier things to do in Chicago

The Navy Pier was founded in 1916 along Lake Michigan and included excellent Italian restaurants, awe-inspiring gardens, a tremendous merry-go-round, and theatre that takes advantage of IMAX technology. Navy Pier is a top visited destination for families and children who intended to visit the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, which opened in 2000. The Navy Pier welcomes festivals such as the Chicago festival in August. The attraction of the Navy Pier is the front water location, and you may enjoy the relaxing blue skyline and calm water. If you want to celebrate your wedding venue in Chicago, do not miss this place for taking glamorous photos.

#4- Museum of Science and Industry

This museum was built in 1933 and is one of the touristy places in Chicago. Jackson Park is the neighbor of this brilliant museum. The Museum of Science and Industry is superb in Chicago, assigned to the industrial and technological revolution. The Museum of Science and Industry is the house of secrets and mysteries that takes you to the world of explorations and inventions. The Apollo & Spacecraft remind you of the first humans landing on the surface of the moon. This fabulous museum is located between Lake Michigan and the Chicago University and takes advantage of extraordinary situations. Write the name of this museum in your must-visit list and make your children familiar with the world of science and Industry.

#5- Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain, situated in the heart of Grant Park, is the masterpiece of Burnham, Haniel H, and Bennett Edward H. Buckingham Fountain benefits from Beaux-Art and art deco and is built-in 1927. The Buckingham Fountain has no relationship with Buckingham Palace, and its name refers to its sponsor’s name, Kate Buckingham. the4 seahorses of this fountain are the symbol of the four states surrounding Lake Michigan, and the pool represents the lake. The fountain’s marvelous display starts from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and after sundown, the dance of water and light and ear-catching music please the visitor’s eyes. Buckingham Fountain is close to the Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and the glorious Art Institute of Chicago.

#6- Garfield Park Conservatory

one of the most breathtaking parks of which sits proudly on Chicago’s shoulders and is the homeland of notable plant species from different parts of the world, is the Garfield Park Conservatory. This stunning park offers free of charge trips every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Garfield Park Conservatory was founded in 1900 and is now known as a public and historical botanical park. This glorious location’s architecture benefits the artistic blend of plants and glass art to represent an unrepeatable view. Garfield Park Conservatory is a must-visit for nature lovers who desire to refresh their soul and body. Listen to the invitation of nature and say yes to its request. After enjoying this glamorous park, you may select one of the best places to eat in Chicago, which are close to Garfield Park Conservatory, like the Chicago Dimer, White Castle, or Andy’s Deli.

#7- Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile

Michigan Avenue

one of the fantastic attractions in Chicago, which includes unique shops, fabulous boutiques, and galleries, is called Michigan Avenue. This attractive location is the host of some beautiful attractions such as Tribune Tower, the Museum of Contemporary art, the Wrigley Building, and the Chicago Water Tower. In the Magnificent Mile, you will have an unforgettable shopping experience. This living location is the birthplace of glorious shop centers, luxurious restaurants, and glamorous hotels. Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile is a paradise for anyone who deserves the best things. The Magnificent Mile is magnificent, and its theatres are good destinations for art lovers who like the amusing incidents of music and play.

#8- Oriental Institute Museum

The Oriental Institute Museum is a showcase of history, art, and archaeology that holds photographs, documents, and artifacts like a rare gem. You may visit the museum online too and access invaluable sources. This glorious museum was established 101 years ago at the University of Chicago by James Henry Breasted. In this museum, you will visit the breathtaking masterpieces of ancient Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Israel. The famous artifact of the Oriental Institute Museum includes glorious treasures of Iran’s old capital, which is called Persepolis, the Iron Age bronze sculptures, and other things like horse fittings, tools, and ornaments. Never lose this breathtaking destination in Chicago. The best Chicago hotels close to the Oriental Institute Museum include the Sophy Hyde Park, Welcome Inn Manor, and the Hyatt Place Chicago- South/ University Medical Center.

#9- Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is located on the generous hands of Lake Michigan was built in 1843. The name of the park is taken from the name of Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States of America. Lincoln Park includes football and volleyball fields, baseball courts, and a fantastic zoo for children and families. You may take advantage of boating facilities and sail through the relaxing water or swim in the public beaches. This spectacular park offers fabulous water and city views. It is a brilliant destination for anyone who intends to refresh his/her mind and prepares himself/herself for the following hardworking week. Lincoln Park could be an alluring destination for a romantic walk and enjoying the songs of nature and its inhabitants. This must-visit park is closed to the nearby attractions such as the Lincoln monument, Kovler Lion Pool, and South Pond.

#10- Chicago Riverwalk

The 18 portable bridges of the Chicago Riverwalk make here into one of the tourist locations in Chicago. Chicago Riverwalk is a host of memorable events during different days of the year and has something for other persons with different interests. By choosing this place as your destination, you may enjoy the brilliant museums, kayak trips, outstanding restaurants, and a picturesque blend of the city and glorious nature. Chicago Riverwalk includes six bays, and all of them have unique names. If you enjoy walking under the dark and shiny sky of Chicago, select Chicago Riverwalk as a must-visit place and let the live music make your mind full of pleasure. You may start a romantic sailing in the relaxing water and benefit from the melody of nature and the presence of the sparkling stars. The best restaurants in Chicago close to the Chicago Riverwalk include South Beach, Rivers Restaurant, and Boston Blackie’s.

#11- Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park

This city is a famous park home, which is well-known because of the social and cultural changes. The Humboldt Park is a 1972/26 acres park and includes gym and fitness centers, boathouse, meeting rooms, beautiful lagoons, soccer and football fields, and other amazing things. Humboldt Park was founded in 1869 after German communities demanded to establish a new park in Chicago. The name of this park takes after the German explorer and scientist Alexander Von Humboldt. This vibrant park is a famous place for walking through the heart of nature, going fishing, and enjoying the presence of wildlife like beautiful birds.

#12- Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower

The Chicago Water Tower is a 47m structure and is considered the second old Water Tower in the US, designed by William Boyington in 1869. In the past, this great tower played an essential role in Chicago’s water system. After the 1871 Great Fire of Chicago, the only survived structure in Chicago was Water Tower and nowadays is known as the symbol of the resilience of Chicago. By coming here, you’ll have the opportunity to take amazing photos of this limestone tower.

#13- Shedd Aquarium

This aquarium was built in 1930 and is close to the Field Museum of Natural History. The Shedd Aquarium is the host of unique aquatic organisms, such as 32500 beautiful fish and a collection of insects and colorful birds, and remarkable amphibians. Each year this aquarium welcomes 2 million visitors. The most significant part of this aquarium is dedicated to the lovely dolphins and White Whale. If your children are an aquatic life fan, head toward this awe-inspiring aquarium and enjoy the glory of the universe and the sea life.

#14- John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center is situated where the heart of Chicago beats, Magnificent Mile. The construction of this center started in 1965 and ended in 1969. John Hancock Center takes advantage of the expressionism architecture style. The 100 story skyscraper is the fourth tallest building in the US that includes several restaurants.
This impressive building is the masterpiece of Bruce Graham and Fozlur Rahman and Nader Ardalan. In this 344 m building, you may enjoy the eye-catching view of Chicago’s night through the seats beside windows. Let’s the peace and darkness of night, and it’s twilight stars soothe your imagination. The Signature Room at the 95th is one of the best places to eat in Chicago. The planetarium at the 94 is a fantastic destination for astronomy lovers.

#15- Sears Tower

Sears Tower

The Sears Tower, called the Willis Tower at present, is a 108 story building located on Chicago’s shoulders. This 527 meters building welcomes more than 1 million tourists each year and takes its eager visitors in less than 70 seconds to the 100th. This elated structure offers a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and the surrounding locations. The construction of this eye-catching building ended in 1973. Sears Tower is a must-visit location in Chicago, and on windy days you may feel that the building is moving, which is an exciting experience.

#16- Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

In the North part of the windy city, there is a place that hosts baseball leagues. The Wrigley Field was established in 1914 and is one of the touristy locations in Chicago. The house of more than a century experiences is nostalgic for the last generations who spend the glorious days of their young in this place watching and enjoying their favorite player’s competitions.

#17- Maggie Daley Park

Maggie Daley Park

Maggie Daley Park is one of the superb locations in Chicago and opened in 2015 that invites children of all ages to experience a new world of exploration. This popular park offers unique play types of equipment, so your children like Alice find themselves in the wonderland. This exciting park provides access to Millennium Park through BP Bridge, and your children will experience an unforgettable day in Chicago. This part is selected in Honour of the first lady of the city, Maggie Delay. Some of the features of Maggie Daley Park ice skating opportunity, exciting tennis courts, and surprising rock climbing chances.

#18- North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach

One of the lovely locations in Chicago, a popular destination for lovers, is North Avenue Beach. During warm days of summer, you may put off your shoes and enjoy the kiss of water on your feet. A pedestrian bridge guides you to the Lincoln Park Zoo. This picture beach offers the most beautiful skyline, which is breathtaking at night.

#19- Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

In this city’s heart, there is a popular destination for anybody who desires to gather information regarding astronomy. Adler Planetarium opened in 1930 and benefits from the art deco architectural style. Inverness Place, you can see a 3D film of the modern observations in the world. In other parts of Adler Planetarium, you will learn amazing things about the Milky Galaxy, Mars, and the solar system. If you like to travel the farthest, do not hesitate to choose Adler Planetarium to investigate the galaxies and travel from the past to the future. In Adler Planetarium, time flies.

#20- Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center opened its doors to the public in 1897. It arranges more than 1000 free cultural and arts programs each year. This beautiful place attracts visitors and surprises them with free music, two stained-glass domes, art exhibitions, and other unique categories. The fact behind the center’s construction is to demonstrate the process of progression of Chicago; that’s why the best craftsmen and architects came together to create a breathtaking structure. The neoclassical style and benefiting from Italian renaissance elements add to the beauty of this place.

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