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The best places to go in Washington DC.

Washington, DC, is the United States of America’s capital and is a must-visit place in America because of its attractions and diversity of cultures. Washington is the host of famous and great monuments and museums. Visiting these places is free; that’s why this city is a top destination for tourists. Please do not search for historical sites in Washington because it is not an old city. The name of Washington is selected after the first president of America, President George Washington. This most visited city sits on the Potomac River’s shore and welcomes more than 20 million tourists each year. This fabulous city has extraordinary characteristics, and one of them is a scenic tourist destination. Do you like to step through history and explore the world of experiences? If your answer is positive, your goal is Washington DC. Just take a ticket and fly to the world of unforgettable experiences. If you want to celebrate your wedding venue in Washington, DC, take the hands of your beloved and step forward. Take advantage of walking and biking in the fabulous attractions of this spectacular city. by going to the National Gallery of art, you will find the masterpieces of famous artists like Picasso and Monet. Washington, DC, is never mind-numbing because you will find many amazing things in this great city. This city’s climate is not stable, so we suggest visiting the town during spring and autumn. If you love snow and enjoy creating a snowman with a person your love far beyond measure, Washington is yours during snowy days of winter. From January until Mars, you can find the cheapest hotels. In the following parts, you will find essential information about Washington DC attraction. Keep reading.

1- United States Capitol

Washington DC us capitol building tourist attractions

The United States Capitol is known as the United States symbol and is the host of other Senate and representatives. This impressive structure is constructed based on st. Peters in Italy between 1793 until 1812. The marble terrace of the building provides a spectacular view of the city. The inside of this magnificent building is decorated with remarkable paintings, especially paintings of American history, reliefs and glorious frescoes, and the photos of famous figures in America’s history. Through free tours online, you can start to explore the beauties of the building and find yourself underground and visit the library of congress, which is the most extensive library in the world. There is the draft of the Declaration of Independence in this library, the Gutenberg Bibles that are the first printed Bible, and other amazing things. The building’s stunning architecture from inside and outside is magnificent, so do not forget to take photos. The glory of this building is not tangible through the stream of words, so you must see here with your own eyes. The best places to eat in Washington DC and near the United States Capitol are Sweetgreen, We the Pizza, and US Capitol Visitor Center Restaurant.

2- The White House

white house attraction

The president of the United States’ workplace and residence since 1800 is located in this city. James Hoban is the architect of this magnificent building and took advantage of the neoclassical style. The process of construction started in 1972. He decided to use white stones, which adds to the beauty of this charming building. The White House is divided into three parts, the residence of the president in the center, the oval-shaped workplace of the president, and his adviser in The West Wing, and the East Wing belong to the formal events. The White House 4 story structure includes 132 rooms, 35 restrooms, tree lifts, 412 doors, eight staircases, and 147 windows. Visiting this magnificent building takes about 2-hours so prepare yourself for walking through America’s history and enjoy outside gardens and beautiful fountains. It is highly recommended to visit the White House when outside is decorated with white, yellow, pink, and purple blossoms of magnolia trees. Take epic pictures you can find here. The best restaurants in Washington DC close to the White House include Laxey Kitchen, Off the Recorprovend Old Ebbitt Grill.

3- The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a marble obelisk designed by Robert Mills in 1775 until 1784 in honor of the first president of America called George Washington. Like a human being that does not stand in the shadow, The Washington Monument stands on its feet and is an excellent manifestation of American’s respect for their Impressing Father. This attraction was the tallest tower in the world until 1889. You can see George Washington’s statue on the first floor of the building. The interior walls of the tower or made of the dedicated stones from different countries, cities, and individuals like to have a role in the memory of America’s first president. From the top of this elated building, you have a beautiful view of Virginia, Maryland, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Nationals Park, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Pentagon, R.F.K. The stadium, the National Cathedral, and other locations. Although this tower was constructed in honor of George Washington, he never lived there. Without any doped walking and visiting this spectacular marble tower make you tired and hungry. So it is better to refresh in the best restaurants in Washington DC, close to the building like G Street Food, Habebe Fresh Healthy Food, or Sweet Home Cafe. The best Washington DC hotels close to this place include Hotel Hive, The Hog-Adams, and Mandarin Oriental.

4- National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum

If you are interested in air and space, the story of the first fly makes you full of joy, the first stepping on the surface of the moon tickles your imagination. The National Air and Space Museum is a must-visit place in Washington. This fantastic museum was constructed in 1946 and hosted the famous and historical spacecraft and airplanes like the Apollo II Command Module and the Wright brothers Flyer. This museum represents science, spaceflight, and the technology of making spacecraft. In this impressive museum, you can find Albert Einstein and the planetarium. In the public observatory, you can see the planets of the Milky Galaxy and constellations. This most visited museum welcomes about 7 million visitors each year. If you have children who love space and all related features, put the name of this museum in your must-visit and let him/ her explore the remarkable history of flight. After traveling in the air and space, it is time to eat in the close restaurants. Help yourself with delicious steak Frites and oyster mignonette. Do not lose the beef dish cooked with onions and potato or the fish dish with creamy sauce in the nearby restaurants.

5- National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History

The National Museum of American History was established in 1964 and depicts the United States of America’s story from the beginning to now through historical, social, cultural, and scientific exhibitions. This museum manifests the process of elevating a nation and its effect on the universe. National Museum of American History is the host of the National treasures, which is made by Row Gussow. one of the outdoor sculptures, which is an abstract sculpture, is called infinity. Another one installed on the west part of the building is Gwenfritz. The most brilliant ones are the Star-Spangled Banner, Jefferson Lap Desk, Washington’ Uniform, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Prince’s yellow cloud electric guitar, and RMS Titanic Life Vest. In this museum, you will find the first lady’s gowns, which are beautiful and must-see for all ladies. The high-speed internet of the museum lets you have your friends beside while visiting notable exhibitions. After visiting the National Museum of American History, you may visit nearby attractions like the National Museum of African American history and Culture, Private DC Segway Tours, and Smithsonian National Mall Tours.

6- Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

As a fabulous building, Jefferson Memorial was built in honor of the United States’ third president. This impressive structure is favored by neoclassical architecture. This memorial is designed by circular steps, circular arches, a glorious porch, and a beautiful shallow dome. The architect used marble granite to create this memorial. This gorgeous memorial is one of the most visited destinations in the city. The Statute of Jefferson is on the side of the building. The pink blossoms of cherry trees, which are gifts from Japan, along with the peaceful moonlight night and glorious image of the building add to the magnification of Jefferson Memorial. on the walls of this place, you can see the famous quotations of Jefferson. Under this vaulted place, there is a small museum that describes the life of the president of the USA. Come here on a sunny day and enjoy the mind-blowing blossoms and relaxing river. After visiting Jefferson Memorial, you can make your day by visiting nearby attractions like DC Cycling and Concierge, Tidal Basin, or George Mason Memorial.

7- Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral

This attraction is one of the most splendid churches in the United status that takes advantage of neo-gothic and revivalism architecture. The construction of the Cathedral started in 1907, and it sits on the shoulders of Washington DC. This impressive structure is the masterpiece of George Frederick Bodley and Philip Hubert Frohman. Some of this Cathedral’s fantastic features include a fabulous vaulted ceiling, unique arches, a beautiful rose window made of 10000 items of glass, the breathtaking stone decoration, and three glorious towers. This Cathedral includes many artworks, such as the space window, which is made to celebrate humans landing on the moon. The interior of the building takes advantage of Christian elements. Still, it includes the memorial of events and persons such as Washington’s statute, statute flags, Lincoln’s statute, and other amazing things. The eye-catching gardens of this Cathedral make it a hidden treasure in the heart of the city that invites nature lovers to relax on the skirt of nature. For refreshing, you may go to the coffee shop and enjoy the warm drinks. This awe-inspiring Cathedral is close to the National Mall, the Bishop’s Garden, St Alban’s Episcopal Church, and Mangia DC Food Tour. This Cathedral is magnificent in every aspect, so you should not miss it.

8- The National Mall

Washington national mall

The National Mall is one of the top tourist attractions in this town, a few steps away from Lincoln Memorial. The National Mall includes excellent museums, art galleries, beautiful sculptures, glorious cultural institutions, and statues. Pierre Charles L’Enfant and MacMillan Commissioner are the architects of this majestic public park, located between the Lincoln Memorial and Congress building. Each year more than 24 million visitors headed toward this fabulous park close to the White House, Holocaust Museum, Martin Luther King’s Memorial, and other locations. The National Mall is the host of some important symbols, such as a memorial made in World War II. This attraction is a destination for brides and grooms who like to celebrate their wedding venue in this glorious location. Walking through the park refreshes your soul and body, so prepare yourself to explore memorable experiences in Washington DC. National Mall is the symbol of the nation and their worthiness, which above the traffic and the sounds of society shines like a diamond on Washington’s ring. Seize the opportunity and take some beautiful photos along with the beautiful cherry blossoms.

9- Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

This attraction is situated along the feet of the National Mall. It includes a significant granite statue called the ‘Stone of Hope. This statue signifies the Civil Rights Movement, whose leader was Martin Luther King. This magnificent structure is the masterpiece of Lei Yixin, located on the shoulders of Washington DC. Dr. Martin Luther King played an essential role in the Civil Rights Movement and did his best to end the discrimination between one group of people with others. Finally, he fulfilled his dream and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Luther King was assassinated one day after his famous speech. The Martin Luther King Jr Memorial is decorated with beautiful quotations that inspire human advocates. This 30 feet tall structure welcomes a significant number of visitors each year.

10- National Gallery of Art

This attraction is a unique and exciting place for art lovers who are interested in the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci. The National Gallery of Art is not just an art and Culture gallery; it is a hidden treasure in the city’s heart, which includes masterpieces of different artists. This superb gallery was made in 1937 and is located between the 3rd and 9th Avenue and includes 141000 historical paintings, statues, and other fabulous things.
The magnificent lighting adds to the glory of the building. The remarkable artworks, which some date back to the medieval ages, make your soul fly through the pages of old times. An eye-catching garden holds the gallery like a diamond. You may visit the 17 remarkable statutes in the garden and make your day.

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