Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Georgia State For Tourists

Georgia is a precious treasure in the United States of America that is made of beautiful attractions. George is among the most visited places in the world that cannot be ignored. The mother of fantastic attractions is an excellent option for adventuring and discovering scenic places. The landscapes and landmarks of Georgia demonstrate the glory and beauty of the site. Prepare yourself in that we decide to explore beautiful valleys, waterfalls, mountains, and Springs. The wonderful things to do in Georgia, such as Rocky City Gardens, are unique topics for photography. The national parks of Georgia are the house of various plants and animals that attract nature lovers. The hot springs of Georgia, like other parts of the world, attract patients. If you suffer from muscle and joint pain or a different kind of disease, do not miss the hot springs’ therapeutic effects. Caves are another particular aspect of Georgia that attracts various tourists. Keep reading to make yourself familiarize with tourist attractions in Georgia.

List of attractions show

1- Georgia Aquarium- Georgia

This magnificent public Georgia aquarium opened its doors to 2.5 million people in 2005. It is the house of thousands of animals, such as California sea lions, whale sharks, and dolphins. The aquarium is open every day and attracts aquatic animal lovers.

2- Rock City Gardens- Lookout Mountain

Rock City Gardens is the most visited tourist attraction that hooked Up in 1972. Rock City Gardens is a place to see seven crucial states of the United States of America. This eye-opening area provides a chance to see plants and animals of various species and watch the sunset.

3- Atlanta Botanical Garden- Atlanta

Atlanta Botanical Garden is a non-profit garden that came into being in 1970 and aims to preserve and develop various plants. This educational and botanical research garden includes an eye-catching Japanese garden, tropical rainforest gardens, and rose gardens. Enjoy the glory of these flowers and enjoy their beauty.

4- Lookout Mountain -Georgia

This glorious mountain ridge is situated in Walker County, Georgia. Lookout Mountain was the scene of various battles such as the Battle of Lookout Mountain. If you are interested in history, do not miss this museum.

5- World of Coca Cola -Atlanta

Atlanta houses one of the most popular drinks in the world, Coca-Cola. World of Coca Cola is an indoor extraction center that came into being in 1990. The owner of this two-story museum is the Coca-Cola Company. The name of this museum reminds me of delicious and cold drinks on hot days of summer.

6- Centennial Olympic Park- Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park is a 21 acres public park established in 1996 and is open all year. Each year millions of people join the garden. The house of different events such as general music concerts is a must-do thing in Atlanta. Select Centennial Olympic Park for walking under the shadow of elevated trees.

7- Forsyth Park- Savannah

Forsyth Park is a 30 acres public Park established in the 1840s and is open all year. The Parker is surrounded by Gaston Street, Park Avenue, and Whitaker Street. It consists of walking paths, a playground, a fountain and basketball, and tennis courts.

8- Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park -Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park, about 34 acres established in 1929. This National Park attracts more than 600000 visitors each year. Various Architects made this magnificent park in the late 19th and early American and modern movement architectural style. This park consists of a church and Martin Luther King boyhood house.

9- Piedmont Park- Atlanta

Piedmont Park is a 189 acres public Park established in 1895 and is open 360 days a year. This municipal park is a place for outdoor activities like biking, running, and playing. Enjoy this family-friendly park on your weekends.

10- Golden Isles Convention and Visitor Bureau- St. Simons

Georgia’s Isles refers to four islands that sit on the shoulders of St. Simons. The area is an unexampled place for photography and watching the sunset. Do not miss this eye-catching part of Georgia.

11- Golden Mountain Park -Georgia

This Mountain Park is next to Stone Mountain City and famous for its unique geology, rocks, and spectacular views. Golden Mountain Park is over 3000 acres and the most visited place in Georgia. Enjoy resting in picnic sites.

12- Atlanta History Center – Atlanta

Atlanta History Center is the History Museum established in 1926 and has nine exhibits, gardens, and various houses. The museum is open each day. Immerse yourself in history.

13- Zoo Atlanta- Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a 40 acres zoological park, and that was founded in 1889. The zoo houses 1500 animals of 220 species. The house of various animals such as raccoon dogs, wolves, drills, lemurs, zebras, giraffes, and other animals.

14- Savannah Historic District- Savannah

Savannah Historic District is a1300 acres significant historic district. Each year, the area attracts millions of visitors who like to step into the 18 and 20th century period and space. It became a historic site in 1966.

15- High Museum of Art- Atlanta

This art museum was established in 1905 and attracted more than 500000 people a year. The High Museum of Art has ordered 17000 objects demonstrating African, European, American, and Modern Art. The museum is open every day.

16- Cloudland Canyon State Park -Rising Fawn

This 3485 acres state park was established in 1958 and next to Cooper Heights. Cloudland Canyon State Park is a scenic park that allows for exploring the deep gorge and memorable hiking. The beauty of Cloudland Canyon State Park increased with two alluring waterfalls.

17- Six Flags Over Georgia- Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is an amusement park in Atlanta that is about 290 acres. Six Flags Over Georgia founded in 1969 and is your past from March to January. It has 11 roller coasters, Goliath, and a water park.

18- Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach- Georgia

Pine Mountains houses Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach and is so beautiful that it draws many visitors each year. The white sandy beach in the heart of Georgia is a place for watching nature and beautiful Birds. Do not miss the area.

19- Fernbank Museum of Natural History- Atlanta

This Natural History Museum was established in 1992. Fernbank Museum of Natural History offers impressive information about natural history through various exhibits and programs such as dinosaur plaza, reflections of culture, and the world of shells.

20- Fox Theater- Atlanta

This performing art center is situated in Atlanta and opened its doors to art lovers in 1929. Fox Theater hosts a significant number of cultural events and concerts. If you are in love with art, do not close your eyes to Fox Theater.

21- East River Street -Savannah

This commercial street is situated in Savannah and sits on Savannah River’s edge. The site includes different restaurants, shops, and cafes. East River Street becomes a tourist attraction in Georgia.

22- Bonaventure Cemetery- Savannah

This public Cemetery is about 160 acres and hooked up In 1846. The resting place of Jack Leighs Samuel B. Adams and Johnny Mercer, among others. If you want to see the area, heading towards Savannah.

23- Chattahoochee National Forest- Georgia

Chattahoochee National Forest is about 80000 Acres area established in 1936. This majestic national forest is situated in the Georgia mountains. In this National Forest, you can see black bears, foxes, hawks, and bats. Enjoy nature watching in the forest.

24- Margaret Mitchell House -Atlanta

You are welcomed to see a historic house museum in Atlanta constructed in 1899. Benning created the house in Tudor revival architectural style. It was the house of a famous author Margaret Mitchell.

25- Telfair Museum- Savannah

Telfair Museum is a public art created in 1886. It has more than 4500 artworks, including paintings, American work, and sculptures. It is open for art lovers from Saturday to Monday.

26- Fort Pulaski National Monument- Chatham County

Fort Pulaski National Monument is a 5623 acres area established in 1861. Each year more than 400000 people join the place. Mountain Fort Pulaski is open 360 days a year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

27- North Georgia Mountains -Georgia

One of the oldest mountains of America famous for its scenic beauty is the North Georgia Mountains. This 1 billion years old mountain is about 750000 acres. It is the paradise of climbers and nature lovers.

28- National Centre for Civil and Human Rights – Atlanta

The museum of civil rights founded in 2014 in Atlanta. National Centre for Civil and Human Rights is a house of Martin Luther King’s writings and papers. The museum is open every day, and you can join to learn about the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

29- Amicalola Falls State Park- Dawsonville

This 829 acres state park is situated between the hands of Dahlonega and Ellijay. The name of the park means tumbling water. In the park, you can see beautiful Amicalola Falls and move through scenic hiking trails.

30- Owens- Thomas House and Slave Quarters- Savannah

This historic House Museum was built 201 years ago by William Jay in the early republic architectural style. The museum offers an opportunity to see English Regency period art, textiles, and Chinese export porcelain. Owens- Thomas House and Slave Quarters is open Saturday through Monday.

31- Wild Adventures- Valdosta

Wild Adventures was a 166 acres zoological park established in 1966. It is open from March to December. The park includes various attractions such as a roller coaster, animal shows, waterpark, twisted typhoons, and swamp things.

32- Wormsloe Historic Site- Savannah

This historic place in Savannah is about 822 acres and created in 1739. Wormsloe Historic Site is in charge of preserving wormsloe plantation. The site consists of gorgeous Oak Avenue, a museum, and an interpreting area. The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

33- Augusta National Golf Club -Augusta

Golf is one of the most popular sports activities in the world. Agusta houses a for-profit Golf Club that was established in 1933 by Bobbs Jones. Augusta National Golf Club becomes a tourist attraction in Georgia and worth a visit.

34- Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park -Atlanta

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is located in Atlanta and was created in 1917. Each year more than 1 million people come here to see the civil war battlefield. The word ‘Kennesaw’ means burial ground. The area is about 2923 acres and includes a museum, visitor center, and hiking trails.

35- SkyView Atlanta -Atlanta

One of the must-do things in Atlanta is SkyView Atlanta. It is a place to experience excitement and thrill and see the marvelous Atlanta and the Blue Sky. It is next to Atlanta StreetCar and Atlanta Magic Theatre. SkyView Atlanta is open every day.

36- Tybee Island Light Station and Museum- Tybee Island

Tybee Island houses a beautiful lighthouse established in 1736 that is open Wednesday through Monday. Tybee Island Light Station and Museum demonstrate the old history of Tybee Island and guiding mariners. This octagonal tower is worth a visit.

37- Children’s Museum of Atlanta- Atlanta

The Museum Without Wall was created in 1988 adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park. Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a place for children under nine years old. It aims to teach children through play.

38- Providence Canyon State Park- Stewart County

This 1003 acres outdoor recreation area was created in 1971. Providence Canyon State Park includes picnic shelters and campsites. The Little Grand Canyon is the house of yearly events such as Christmas workshops, astronomy nights, and geology day.

39- F. D. Roosevelt State Park- Atlanta

This 9049 acres state park was founded in 1934 in craftsman architectural style. F. D. Roosevelt State Park has a swimming pool, picnic area, eye-catching views, cottages, and backcountry campsites. It is a beautiful place named after the United States of America’s President.

40- Mercer Williams House Museum- Savannah

This house museum was formerly called Mercer house. It was created in 1860 in Italianate architectural style by John S Morris. Mercer Williams House Museum is a three-story red brick structure that is open to the public every day. The house’s story is narrated in a book called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

41- Chick- Fil- College Football Hall of Fame -Atlanta

The hall of fame is dedicated to college football. It was established in 1951 to commemorate the football coaches and players. Chick- Fil- College Football Hall of Fame is visited by more than 250,000 visitors each year. It is open each day.

42- Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park- Lakeview

This theme park is about 85 acres and opened stores with the slogan ‘ come on, get happy.’ The park features a swimming pool, bumper cars, a pirate ship, a balloon race, and Ferris Wheel. Join Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park and have fun.

43- Little White House Historic Site -Warm Springs

It is Roosevelt’s retirement house that was established in 1932. The house opened its doors to the public 16 years after construction as a museum. Insight as a museum, you can see the portrait of the 32nd president of the United States of America.

44- The Cathedral Basilica of St John the Baptist- Savannah

This Roman Catholic Cathedral was established in 1876 by Baldwin in French gothic architecture Style. The Cathedral Basilica of St John the Baptist is a part of Savannah’s historic district.

45- Delta Flight Museso -Hapeville

This non-profit aviation museum was established in 1989 at Hapeville. Delta Flight Museum concentrates on teaching visitors about aviation history and flying in the future. If you like to immerse yourself in space, join the Delta Flight Museum.

46- Littlest. Simon’s Island -Georgia

Georgia is the birthplace of fantastic attractions, and one of these beautiful places is Littlest. Simon’s Island. This 10000 acres area is a pristine place for fishing, surfing, and watching aquatic creatures.

47- SCAD Museum of Art- Savannah

This art museum was established in 2002 as a section of Savannah College of art and design. SCAD Museum of Art has over 4500 artworks, including sculptures, drawings, and photography. Visiting the museum is highly recommended for art lovers.

48- Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace- Savannah

This History Museum includes three buildings created in 1880 in Italianate and early republic architectural style. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from ten a.m to 5 p.m.

49- Georgia State Capitol- Atlanta

The house of the governor, Georgia state senate, the lieutenant governor is open from Monday to Friday. Georgia State Capitol was founded in 1889 in Renaissance revival and classical revival stale.

50- Swan House at Atlanta History Center – Atlanta

This spectacular house was constructed in 1928 in the late 19th and 20th-century revival architectural style. The dwelling of Emily and Edward Inman take advantage of classical details to create an eye-opening building.

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