Best Atlanta Things To Do And Tourist Attractions

Most exciting places to visit in Atlanta

Do you like to travel to The Big A? Do you have enough information about Atlanta? Do you know the Atlanta attractions? Atlanta is a large city in Georgia state. Atlanta is an industrialized and modern city. Some people called it “Atlanta New York of South” because of its vital role in Industrial power and development. The main office of CNN is situated in Atlanta. The primary and international airport of Atlanta, Hartsfield Airport, brings many eager tourists to The Big Peach. Fantastic seashores, the generous shining sun, and the glorious mountains make this city a breathtaking place for thirsty tourists. The best time to visit this picturesque treasure is from March to May, and you have the chance to enjoy pleasant weather, fantastic landmarks, and thriving concerts. Visiting this city in December, January or February is cost-saving, and you may benefit from the most significant music festivals. Dogwood City is a host of great companies such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and UPS. If you are looking for the best places to eat in Atlanta, do not miss the delicious hamburgers of FLIP Burger. Once upon a time, there was a famous restaurant in the south of Atlanta called Ritch. This legendary restaurant was a favorite place for fabulous chicken salads and frozen fruits. Although this restaurant does not exist anymore, you have the chance to go to other celebrated restaurants such as Swan Coach House. keep reading and let’s explore the “Empire City of the South..”

#1- Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium attractions in Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium was built in 2005. This public aquarium is the dwelling of thousands of animals, and each year welcomes more than 2,5 million visitors with open arms. Georgia Aquarium includes seven exhibits. The inhabitants of Georgia Aquarium are the whale shark, funny sea lions, manta rays, lovely dolphins, amazing penguins, and other beautiful aquatic creatures. The third biggest aquarium globally is close to some attractions, such as Centennial Olympic Parks, World of Coca-Cola, and Peachtree trolley. After visiting Georgia Aquarium, you may eat in Atlanta’s best restaurants, such as Cafe Aquaria, Baja Fresh, or Johnny Rockets. Georgia Aquarium is open Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

#2- Bellwood Quarry

Bellwood Quarry was active for more than a century. Bellwood Quarry is situated at Chappell Rd NW and is considered a touristy place in Atlanta. This quarry was closed in 2007 and became a popular place for the gathering of the local people. If you are the Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries lover, you know that Bellwood Quarry was used in this series. Visiting Bellwood Quarry is free, so plan your travel to spend 3 to 2 hours in this area. Bellwood Quarry is the birthplace of Westside Park, which is the largest park in the city. Do not miss this fantastic place.

#3- Hartsfield Jackson Airport

This international airport is situated 11 kilometers from Atlanta Centre. The name of Hartsfield Jackson airport refers to previous mayors of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, and William B. Hartsfield. This public airport transfers more than 111 passengers to Europe, Asia, Africa, and different parts of America. The busiest airport in the world started its departures in 1998.
you may eat in the closest Italian restaurants such as PF Chang’s, Fresh To Order, or Cat Cora’s Kitchen.

#4- High Museum of Art

The art museum, called the High Museum of Art, is situated at 1280 Peachtree Street NE. This art museum was established 115 years ago. The High Museum of Art is one of the Pioneer Museums of America created by Richard Meier. In the High Museum of Art, you have the opportunity to enjoy the glorious works of Africa, America, Europe, and fabulous decorative arts. If you are an art lover, do not hesitate to visit the High Museum of Art. After seeing this museum’s modern and contemporary arts, you may rest in the best hotels in Atlanta, such as Artmore Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, or Residence Inn. Some of the close attractions include Alliance Theatre, Symphony Orchestra, and Museum of Design.

#5- Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Let’s take you to a relaxing place in the city of trees. This city is the birthplace of the giant sculptures made of flowers and plants. Botanical Gardens is breathtaking in Atlanta, which surprises its visitors. The super creative design of this garden fixes an unforgettable picture in the minds of visitors. This 30 acres garden offers the most beautiful view of nature in the heart of Atlanta since 1976. The rose garden and the beautiful Japanese garden in this place are excellent subjects for taking photos of your wedding venue in Atlanta. Even there is a lovely garden for your little child, which benefits from fountains and sculptures. If you look for a memorable experience, do not close your eyes to this picturesque garden. Some of the close attractions include the Georgia Aquarium High Museum of Art and Piedmont Park.

#6- Atlanta History Center

History Center is a precious treasure that demonstrates the local arts, fabulous stories, amazing facts, and sometimes tragic things from the past to the present. This excellent museum was built in 1926 and located at 130 West Paces Ferry Road. This History Museum includes houses and gardens of the last decades, Smith Farm, Wood Family Cabin, and beautiful Swan House. History Center is the house of permanent and temporary exhibits to represent Atlanta’s history, including transportation history, local innovations, and African American experiences. This fantastic history center is close to some restaurants such as 103 West, Yebo Beach Haus, and Souper Jenny. You may visit this place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Wednesday. History Center takes you to history pages, so it is a fantastic destination for history lovers.

#7- Margaret Mitchell House

Let’s take you to the house of Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell, the author of the glorious novel “Gone with the Wind.” This novel focuses on the Civil War in America, and some years later, a film was produced based on it. Although Margaret Mitchell House looks small, it is the first epic novel’s birthplace in America’s history. The doors of Margaret Mitchell House are open to visitors. You may visit the masterpiece of Denning Mr, which was built in 1899 and benefited from the Tudor Revival architectural style. This beautiful house is nestled at 979 Crescent Ave NE, and close to some restaurants such as Arden’s Garden, Cafe Agora, and Savi Provisions. The close attractions include the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Laughing Skull Lounge, and Eco Denizen.

#8- World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca-Cola

The red bottle of Coca-Cola has changed in the last few years; however, the Coca-Cola factory produces the USA’s most popular drink. Did you know that all of these events happened from 1900 until 1901 in Atlanta? The central branch of The Coca-Cola Company is located in The Big A, and the Coca-Cola brand came into being in this fantastic place. If you are one of the thousand Coca-Cola lovers, it is better to forget about your blood sugar, close your eyes on your diet, and help yourself with a cold glass of Coca-Cola that tastes history. The world of Coca-Cola is situated at 121 Baker St NW. If you want to visit the World of Coca Cola, you have the opportunity to book an online ticket. After drinking a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola, go to close attractions such as Georgia Aquarium, Children’s Museum, and Centennial Olympic Park.

#9- Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

The lovely garden built-in 1929 is the dwelling of Martin Luther King Jr. This historical place takes advantage of American, modern late 19th and 20th-century architectural styles. Martin Luther King was an activist who played a significant role in The Civil Rights Movement. Visiting this beautiful house is free, so hit the road and explore the marvelous structure of this great man’s house. This historic site is situated at 450 Auburn Ave NE. After visiting Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site go to close places such as Havana Cigars, The King Center, Fire Station No.6. From Sunday to Saturday, you may come and visit Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. the closest hotels include Hotel Clermont, Sugar, Magnolia Bed & Breakfast, and Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown.

#10- The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights

The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights

The National Centre for Civil and Human Rights was established six years ago to demonstrate the writings and papers of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The house of temporary and permanent exhibitions that expresses the story of the Civil Rights Movement is situated at 100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW. If your friend is a history lover, you may take him/her to the National Centre for Civil and Human Rights as an invaluable birthday gift. This motivating museum is close to some of the best restaurants, such as Breakfast Club, Pemberton Cafe, and Cafe Aquaria. After visiting this museum, you may go to close attractions such as Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and Atlantic magic Theatre. National Centre for Civil and Human Rights is open Sunday to Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturdays.

#11- The Atlanta Zoo

The Atlanta Zoo

The Zoo was opened in 1889. This 40 acres zoo houses 1500 animals. Some of the Zoo inhabitants include movies, fossa, bush dogs, zebras, giraffes, ostrich, lovely pandas, and other beautiful animals. If you like to see the different kinds of reptiles, the World of Reptiles Exhibition Waits for you, you should go to 100 Cherokee Ave SE in Atlanta after visiting the Zoo. The Close attractions include Grant Park and Art-Haus Grant Park. The closest restaurants include Wild Planet Cafe, Meditteranean, and Grant Park Coffee House.

#12- Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park

This urban park was created in 1895. Piedmont Park welcomes a significant number of tourists each year. This 189 acres park is the work of Joseph Forsyth. Piedmont Park is a picturesque park for running, walking, biking, and exploring a piece of nature. If you like skating, go to the entrance of 20th Street and rent a pair of skates. one of the most popular hobbies in Piedmont Park is fishing that provides memorable moments for you and your family. This glorious park offers pleasurable options for everyone, so head toward this beautiful park. If you want to see, Piedmont Park goes to 1320 Monore Dr. NE. This fantastic park is close to the Botanical Garden, Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, and High Museum of Art. The nearest restaurants include Loca Luna, Red Light Cafe, and Longleaf.

#13- Jimmy Carter Library Museum

Jimmy Carter Library Museum

Jimmy Carter Library Museum is located on the elated shoulders of Atlanta and opened in 1984. This museum was named for Jimmy Carter, thirty-ninth America’s president. This fantastic museum and library hold Jimmy Carter’s essential documents and papers. The dwelling of 500000 photos, twenty-seven million crucial documents, and videos attract different visitors from different parts of the world. Forget about your political affiliation and visit this exciting museum, which provides terrific things about Carter’s personality and critical moments of his time. For seeing the Jimmy Carter Library Museum, you should go to 441 Freedom PKWY NE and enjoy this fantastic humanitarian museum. Some of the close attractions include Carter Center, Ponce City Market, and Little Five Points.

#14- Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre has a capacity of 4665 persons. This movie theatre was opened 91 years ago. If you want to visit Fox Theatre, go to 660 Peachtree Street NE and enjoy the glory of art. The masterpiece of Oliver J. Vigor was supposed to be a temple. The Egyptian and Islamic architecture of Fox Theatre created a breathtaking tourist destination. Take part in the Fox Theatre tour and acquire practical information about this fantastic theatre’s architecture and history. This gorgeous place is close to some attractions, such as the Churchill Grounds and Telephone Museum. The nearest restaurants are Baraonda, Negril Village, and Public Draft House. Fox Theatre is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

#15- Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery

Perhaps visiting a cemetery in Atlanta looks strange but going to 248 Oakland Avenue, NE Atlanta worth considering. This 48 acres area was built in 1850. When you know the expanse of making the cemetery and the figures buried in this place, you will be encouraged to visit this cemetery’s Victorian-style architecture. This oldest place in the city is a garden cemetery. a significant number of soldiers, Meyers, Bishops, authors, and other characters rest in Oakland Cemetery. If you read Gone With the Wind, you know that Charles Hamilton, the husband of Scarlett O’Hara, is buried in Oakland Cemetery. This garden cemetery demonstrates its fantastic architecture and artworks like a museum of arts and culture. If you want to visit one of the Atlantic attractions and experience fear, join Oakland Cemetery. After taking part in the party of the deaths, head towards the close attractions such as the King Centre, Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta, and Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

#16- Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is situated on Atlanta’s great hands, which is open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. this 21 acres public park was constructed to be a place for visitors to gather. The Legacy of Atlanta was built in 1996 and benefited from Rings’ fountain that demonstrates a beautiful dance of water and light in a stunning place. Centennial Olympic Park includes fantastic sculptures such as Gateway of Dreams, which was built to celebrate Pierre de Coubertin, the pioneer of the modern Olympic. To visit Centennial Olympic Park, you must go to 265 Park Avenue West NE and join this fantastic place. The close attractions include the World of Coca-Cola, Atlantic Magic Theater, and Peachtree Trolley.

#17- Georgia State Capitol

Georgia State Capitol, which was called the National Historic Landmark, was opened in 1889. This Renaissance and classical revival structure was constructed with Edbrooke and Burnham’s aid, positioned at 206 Washington St SW. The significant history and architecture of the Georgia State Capitol make it one of Atlanta’s touristy locations. Georgia State Capitol looks like the United States capitol and overlooks Washington Street. There is a museum in the Georgia State Capitol, which includes precious collections of Georgia’s history. The history of culture and nature is demonstrated through fossils, animals, artifacts, and other things. Georgia State Capitol welcomes you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#18- Swan House

Swan House in Atlanta

The house of lady Emily Inman and Mr. Edward was built in 1928 by Schutze Philip T. Swan House takes advantage of the classical and Renaissance architectural style. Beautiful gardens surround this fantastic white house. The inside is decorated with beautiful carpets and furniture, and when you step into the Swan House, you will see a comfortable and romantic home. Before visiting this glorious house, it is better to book an online ticket and enjoy its pristine architecture at 130 W Paces Ferry Rd NW. If you look for a romantic place for your wedding anniversary, do not miss this charming place and enjoy the delicious dishes of the close restaurants such as Super Jenny, 103 West, Yebo, and Beach Haus.

#19- Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ebenezer Baptist Church

This Baptist church is situated on the shoulders of Atlanta. Ebenezer Baptist Church was built in 1886. The architect of Ebenezer Baptist Church is Pastor John A. Parker. for visiting this beautiful church, you should go to 407 Auburn Ave NE. Ebenezer Baptist Church is yours if you need to relax and free yourself from the bounds of the world. You may visit this beautiful church from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday to Saturday. The closest restaurants include Cafe 458, Georgia Beer Garden, Puff, and Petal.

#20- Atlanta Children’s Museum

This children Museum was established in 1988 and welcomed the world’s children with open arms in 2003. Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a fantastic destination for your nine-year-old children and the present amazing things for them. For visiting this children’s museum, you should go to 257 Centennial Olympic Park Drive, Atlanta. Join this museum and make your child happy.

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