Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Florida State For Tourists

What are the top must seen things to do in Florida?

Florida is in the southeast of the U.S. State. And this state includes hundreds of miles of beaches because the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico surround it. The most famous cities are Miami and Orlando. Miami is renowned because of including interesting arts, Latin-American culture, and fantastic nightlife. Orlando is known for its theme parks and also Walt Disney World.
Florida State is one of the most popular locations in the world. There are many places to go in this state, and each of them is so pleasant. You are in Florida for the 100th time. There are many new places to visit. So this state is one of the best choices to spend your vacation. But why is this state so famous? You can see many different kinds of wildlife, enjoy pleasant beaches, many theme parks, the strange and interesting foods are there for you to taste, and the weather is very fantastic there. Visiting tourist attractions in Florida is not expensive, and you can enjoy lots of them very comfortably. You can enjoy seeing many new things and places unfamiliar with other points on this planet like Miami Seaquarium.
Now we count the best things to do in Florida with a short description:

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#1- Lowry Park Zoo – Tampa Bay

Lowry Park Zoo is one of the best experiences for animal lovers. You can find about 1700 animals there and interact with them, and also, you can touch and feed the giant tortoises and giraffes.

#2- Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater – Orlando

This theatre is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can watch the 50s and 60s movies there, as you are sitting in the classic cars and dining delicious food.

#3- Disney World – Orlando

Disney Theme Park is the most famous place in the world. It’s not important how old you are; you can find your habit there. The castle and princesses are delightful for kids, but there are other entertainments like rides, food, shops, and shows. So if you get there with your family or your friends, you never miss this place.

#4- Santa Rosa Mall – Mary Esther

Some of the visitors love shopping, and if you are one of them, It’s good to experience this mall. There are various options, like an old-style carousel, an area for kids to play, and many famous stores.

#5- Bonnet House – Fort Lauderdale

This fantastic house is a historic place that has unique tropical gardens. It was Frederic Clay Bartlett’s house. This garden is full of around 1500 kinds of orchids that visitors are interested in.

#6- Clearwater Marine Aquarium – Clearwater

This place is one of the exciting attractions in Florida. As you can see in the “Dolphin Tale” movie, this aquarium has many different sea critters. You can learn about them while watching and feeding them.

#7- Kennedy Space Center – Titusville

This place is so attractive to you if you are interested in space and related things. You can see real astronauts, real rockets, and also you have this possibility to see how the shuttle launching is taking place.

#8- Seacrest Wolf Preserve – Chipley

This place is a preserved location that lets you see real wolves up close. It’s one of the unique experiences that you can learn more about wolves and their life.

#9- Daytona International Speedway – Daytona Beach

This place is the location of many NASCAR races throughout the year. Visitors can see the races or purchase tickets for experiencing a 3-lap race, as you have a professional NASCAR driver along the way with yourself.

#10- Sawgrass Recreation Park – Weston

This Park is on the wild side of Florida that you can visit day or night. You can choose a cruise or airboat to explore this Park. The most exciting thing in this Park is the alligators that you can hold baby alligators too.

#11- Jungle Island – Miami

This zoo contains lots of animals, birds, and plants. There are many exotic ones, and maybe you haven’t seen them in any other place. You have this chance to feed some of them.

#12- Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum – Key West

If you are interested in literature or you are a cat lover, it suits you to visit there. It was Ernest Hemingway’s Home, and now it includes his artifacts, and it’s the place that his six-toed cat descendants are living.

#13- Fun Spot America – Orlando

Fun Spot America theme park is one of the best ones, containing the only wooden roller coaster in Florida and the second-highest Sky coaster globally. This Thriller park is an excellent place for family attending.

#14- Key West Lighthouse – Key West

Key West Lighthouse started working in 1848. It was a vital lighthouse, which helped commercial and military ships sailing in the Key. You can learn about the site and watch the scenery over 88 steps in 360-degree view, where all city and sea are visible completely.

#15- iFLY – Orlando

If you are interested in skydiving without any plane and with no risk, you must attain this place. iFly gives you this opportunity to fly with wind tunnels, and you can have this excellent experience with the help of professional instructors.

#16- Miami Kiteboarding – Key Biscayne

Miami Kiteboarding is a fun place where you can experience many blue games, like surfing and skiing. No matter if you are not familiar with them, you have this choice to take beginner courses with rental equipment.

#17- Market 17 – Lauderdale

It’s an exciting experiment to have your dinner in darkness. Guests have this feasibility to taste, feel, and smell. Blind Tasting is attractive for some visitors.

#18- Starlite Majesty Cruise – Clearwater Beach

This experiment suits all kinds of visitors. If you want to relax or enjoy seeing the scenery’s beauty, it’s a perfect situation to do this on open water and in the Starlite Majesty cruise ship. And if you prefer to enjoy dance, music, or romantic dinner, then it’s the right choice for you.

#19- Vizcaya Museum & Gardens – Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a historic house that contains specific architectural elements. It modeled the Italian buildings after the 17th and 18th, so it’s fantastic because of its building structure.

#20- Wolf’s Museum of Mystery – St. Augustine

Wolf’s Museum of Mystery is a horrible and strange place. If you are interested in oddities, it’s good to visit this museum. You can find many terrible things you never see anywhere else.

#21- Cocoa Beach Pier – Cocoa Beach

This beautiful pier is where you have many choices to do. If you prefer shopping, there are many shops with local-theme commodities. You can do a blue game like surfing over great waves or fishing. Relaxing and photography are the most popular attractions of this place.

#22- Everglades – Everglades National Park

If you love nature or animals, you enjoy Everglades National Park, because there are hundreds of animal kinds there, like leatherback turtle and the Florida panther. Also, you can enjoy hiking trails and exploring this 1.5 million acre of original space.

#23- Destin Seafood Festival – Destin

Destin Seafood Festival is an annual festival that takes place every Fall. This free festival is trendy and if you are there in Fall, never miss it. Delicious seafood, live music, kid’s activities, and shopping are the attractions of this festival you can enjoy.

#24- Manatees – Crystal River

This location is famous because of the unique experience you can have with Manatees. You can see many places and play with Dolphins, but Manatees are rare, and visiting them would be very memorable.

#25- Webster’s Westside Flea Market – Webster

Webster’s Westside Flea Market is a weekly market that is open just on Mondays. You can find everything like fresh food, clothes, jewelry, flowers, furniture, and other things. If you are interested in exploring markets, this would be an exciting place for you.

#26- Cirque du Soleil La Nouba – Orlando

Cirque du Soleil La Nouba is a circus show that is so famous and exciting in the world. It performed at Walt Disney World Resort in 2016 and continued with lots of entertainment like dancing and acrobatic activities. It’s good to have this Item on your visit list.

#27- Eye of Orlando – Orlando

This carousel gives you an impressive view of Orlando. It has 400 feet in height, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air on top of this carousel.

#28- Caladesi Island State Park – Dunedin

Caladesi Island State Park is a fantastic place. You can do many things there. It was named one of the best coastal points in 2008. The beauties of this Park are numerous like white sand, warm and blue water, swimming, watching wildlife, hiking, kayaking, fishing, sunbathing and relaxing, and having good moments away from the crowd.

#29- The Bubble Room – Captiva

The Bubble Room is a famous place to taste every food in the best quality and unique way. Everything is in the best situation in this restaurant, from decoration to all the food and desserts. Visitors must have this restaurant on their list, and tasting orange crunch cake is suggested by local people.

#30- Art Basel – Miami

This international art fair is an annual event including about 4000 artists and crowds of audience. Visitors can see different kinds of arts there, like painting, film and photography, digital arts, and sculptures. There would be some art-based conversations too.

#31- Bok Tower Gardens – Florida

This fantastic place is 250 acres and the house of 126 bird species. Bok Tower Gardens founded by Edward W. Bok -the former editor of Ladies’ Home Journal- and his wife. The situation of this location is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Don’t forget to visit this unique point.

#32- Butterfly World – Coconut Creek

This location is perfect for butterfly lovers, which contain more than 5000 free butterflies. This garden results from a man’s hobby about butterflies and is the most prominent butterfly house worldwide. The plants in this location are suited for butterflies.

#33- Ca’d’Zan Mansion – Florida

This mansion was for John Ringling- one of America’s wealthiest- and his wife. After they died, Florida state couldn’t handle this mansion’s cost; then, it left. The Great Expectations- the famous novel by Charles Dickens- used this mansion as a film location. It was revived in 2002 by the state, and now visitors can visit this location as a tourist attraction of Florida.

#34- Castillo de San Marcos – St. Augustine

Visiting this historical place is one of the unique items on the visitor’s list. You can see the oldest stonework fort and become familiar with the life features there.

#35- Club Med – Sandpiper Bay

Club Med is one of the best locations for family visiting. You have many things to do there, like relaxing at the spa, taking yoga classes, kayaking, boating, and tasting famous white chocolate bread.

#36- Coconut Grove Arts Festival – Biscayne Bay

It’s an annual festival which is held every February with more than 360 international artists. The festival admires the fine arts. Visitors can enjoy the festival, walking through seaside streets, and tasting local foods.

#37- Discovery Cove – Orlando

Discovery Cove is a popular attraction for sea animal lovers. You can play with sea otters, feed tropical birds, and swim with dolphins. This place is fascinating, and it’s worth visiting and enjoying.

#38- Dry Tortugas National Park – Key West

Dry Tortugas National Park is a location where you can do many different things there. It’s famous because of the clear and blue water and the simplicity of snorkeling. Moreover, you can enjoy the unique historic fort and also camping there.

#39- Duval Street – Key West

Duval Street is famous all around Florida because of the exciting attractions that exist in this small tourist-filled city day and night. There are many restaurants, shops, bars, seafood shacks, and also live music and performance.

#40- Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle – Miami-Dade

Edward Leedskalnin-Latvian-American- built this castle alonely and secretly, in honor of his lost love. Constructing this castle took 28 years, and it consists of 1100 pieces of limestones. All of the walls, furniture, towers, and carvings are from limestone. Also, the Polaris telescope and rocking chairs are from stone.

#41- Florida Museum of Natural History – Gainesville

If you are interested in ancient things like fossils, wildlife, waterways, and the butterfly rainforest, you can enjoy visiting this museum. There are many other exhibits that you may love.

#42- Gaylord Palms – Kissimmee

Gaylord Palms is a location full of different entertainment, especially at Christmastime, when this place gets the theme of Christmas and amazing things. You can enjoy the spa and a surfing simulator water park. It’ll be as enjoyable as Walt Disney World.

#43- Gumbo Limbo Nature Center – Boca Raton

This place is 20 acres of protected land, which includes forestry, reefs, and waterways. You can see dozens of wildlife species there, and also, you can get a certification for adopting them.

#44- Legoland – Winter Haven

Legoland is the favorite place for kids, full of entertainment, like attending the water park, rides, many other tours, or seeing Large Legos and exploring botanical gardens. It would be the right choice for taking part there with family.

#45- Antique Car Museum – Fort Lauderdale

The Antique Car Museum is unique because it includes classic and rare cars. This collection contains more than 58 Packard automobiles too. So if you are interested in scarce vehicles, you will enjoy this museum.

#46- Black Raven Pirate Ship – St. Augustine

Black Raven Pirate Ship is a ship with all pirates and casts of this performance like Blackbeard and Captain Hook. The shows on this ship are different by age groups.

#47- Harry P. Leu Gardens and the Museum – Orlando

If you are interested in nature or you prefer museum exploring, this location is right for you. The gardens are full of eye-catching plants and fantastic wildlife. And the Leu House is a museum, which you can see Florida’s living style in the recent century.

#48- Daytona Beach Bandshell – Daytona Beach

Attending this place would be a fantastic experience to enjoy free weekend concerts on the beach. Concerts are outdoors, and some perform the song of famous artists like Journey, Elton John, Van Halen, Satana, etc.

#49- Orlando Shakespeare Theater performance – Orlando

If you like theater, you enjoy the Orlando Shakespeare Theater performance, which has plenty of Shakespeare plays in the year. There are many shows for children too, so it’s the right choice if you want to attend with your family.

#50- Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Orlando

This place is terrific for Harry Potter lovers. You can test magic wands and put on magic robes at Universal Studios. Also, you can enjoy delicious foods and see a dragon fire breathing.

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