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Miami is the center of vacation spots that have extraordinary things for special interests. This magical city attracts a significant number of tourists who intend to experience a new world of exploration. The glorious beaches, the pleasant weather, and the ocean’s breathing make Miami an invaluable treasure on the United States of America’s chess. One of Miami’s top things to do, famous for visitors but family members, is Miami Seaquarium. This must-visit place offers exciting things that are far beyond your imagination. This 38 acres aquarium is positioned on the elated shoulders of Virgin Key and close to downtown Miami which was established 65 years ago and considered the oldest aquarium in America. Miami Seaquarium is the homeland of beautiful fish, glorious sharks, amazing reptiles, fabulous sea turtles, colorful birds, and giant manatees. By joining the aquarium, you may benefit from daily presentations, group programs, and camping. Each year more than 500,000 visitors come to Miami and visit this lovely Seaquarium. The 225 employees of Miami Seaquarium do their best to make your journey memorable.

Background Of The Miami Seaquarium

Background Of The Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is the second most visited tourist attraction in Florida, established by Captain W.B Grey and Mr. Fred Coppock. it was the largest aquarium on the Earth at the time of opening. The first orca that joined the aquarium was Hugo and seized in 1968. The name of this orca is taken after a single-handed sailor called Hugo Vielen. The oldest captured orca that lives in the aquarium is called Lolita, which is a killer whale. Lolita is the only orca of Miami Seaquarium at present. She joined Hugo in 1970.
The settlement of lovely animals such as dolphins, sea otters, and other creatures is located at Rickenbacker Cswy, Miami, FL 33149-1032. The time flies in the aquarium, so plan to be here at least 3 hours. You may join this fantastic aquarium Sunday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This 38 acres aquarium provides an eye-catching skyline view; that is why it is one of the top tourist attractions in Florida. By joining the animals’ territory, you can see alluring dolphins that walk on the surface of the water, the magnificent killer whales that fly, and the cute sea lions’ children that live in a safe place. The animal shows will surprise you. You will see these mysterious creatures’ unique behaviors—Head towards the education inspiration and entertainment center that is an excellent tourist attraction in Florida.

Things to Do At Miami Seaquarium

dolphin aquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a place where you can see amazing animals swimming under and above water. Miami Seaquarium is a new and challenging experience for you and your family members. Without any doubt, little children are in love with animals and would be pleased by watching their shows. This Seaquarium provides an opportunity for anybody who likes to contact fantastic stingrays and magnificent nurse sharks. In this aquarium, you are allowed to explore the most adorable aquatic creatures and touch them. This deepwater experience lasts about 30 minutes so seize the time to illustrate your love and passion to these glorious animals. Kissing, robbing, handshaking, feeding, and embracing aquatic creatures could be a delightful experience that never is acquired in other places. Indeed, all of us love dolphins and their good behaviors. Miami Seaquarium’s 30-minutes program is a memorable experience of the dolphin encounter. What do you know about intelligent seals? These cute animals are highly interactive so that you will have happy moments with them. Miami Seaquarium provides a seal swim program that lasts about 15 to 20 minutes that you can swim with them. Reap the benefit of kiss and hug seals in a friendly interaction. A harbor seal encounter could be an enjoyable experience. The funny penguins are another attraction in Miami Seaquarium, which are skilled swimmers.
The aquarium provides a unique understanding of penguin encounters and an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in these smart animals’ territory. Come to the aquarium and create an intimate relationship with penguins. Everybody looks for new experiences ranging from the underwater to the underground. Exploring the underwater world was human beings’ old ambition that finally achieved it. By a happy chance, It presents an opportunity to explore the underwater world. You may take part in an underwater journey through the tropical reef. The staff gives you a diver helmet to breathe appropriately. Now you are a part of the aquatic organisms’ world. Your journey lasts about 20 minutes, and you are supposed to encounter beautiful stingrays, charming fish, and other stunning sea creatures. This exciting Seaquarium offers VIP tours that last about 2 hours, and the visitors can come in close interact with these fascinating animals. Be prepared to go on an unforgettable adventure. Miami Seaquarium creates a close interaction between education and conservation, so that baby animals and extinction creatures’ danger live in a safe place.

Show And Exhibits At Miami Seaquarium

Animals are brilliant and sometimes show unusual behaviors that add to their magnificence. Bottlenose dolphins are among those smart animals that represent spectacular jumping and rolling. The acrobatics of these charming dolphins thrills the guests. do not lose this exciting show. The sea lions’ amusing adventures are the most fantastic exhibition of the Miami Seaquarium. The comedic and athletic capabilities of these sea animals surprise you. Join the animals and by protecting water from waste materials, support them. Flipper Dolphin Show is another entertaining part of the aquarium that benefits from music and fantastic behaviors to create happy moments. The only exciting aquarium, which is the house of Pacific white-sided dolphins, is Miami Seaquarium. These appealing creatures welcome you with their excellent performances. Lolita, the majestic killer whale, is the trusted friend of marvelous Pacific white-sided dolphins. You will see their unexampled friendship, intelligence, unparalleled beauty, natural elegance, and unique interaction with an experienced trainer.
Laughing, surprising and exciting goes hand-in-hand in the Miami Seaquarium. The inhabitants of the Indian oceans, Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, loggerhead turtles live in the Miami Seaquarium. This fantastic animal shines in yellow and reddish-brown color and is one of the aquarium’s brilliant aspects. Manatees, these gorgeous animals invite you to an excellent exhibition to learn about them and familiarize yourself with the ways to protect these animals. The manatees are a piece of the aquarium’s rescue program. Have you heard about a kind of turtle called leatherback turtle? Miami Seaquarium as of the home of this fetching animal. The adult turtles’ length is 48 ft, and their weight ranges from 500 to 2,000 pounds.
The original settlement of leatherback turtles is Indian oceans, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. The green sea turtle is among the eight largest sea turtle species, and you may see giant turtles in this amazing fish tank. The realm of this animal is exciting. The reddish-brown, yellow, and orange hawksbill turtle are the other turtles that live in the aquarium. These animals’ names are selected because of their head’s small size that makes them look like a hawk. These animals mostly live in coastal waters and rocky areas. The aquarium welcomed a significant number of birds, too, such as attractive cockatoos and macaws. You may see tropical birds in Tropical Wings. A species of turtles that is in danger of extinction is Kemp’s Ridley turtle. This little sea turtle lives there. The beautiful and stunning fish are a popular group that lives in the aquarium. These superlative creatures add to the beauty of the aquarium. Do not forget to visit other exhibits such as stingrays and pinnipeds.

Events In Miami Seaquarium

Events In Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium offers terrific events for families and children. One of these events is the Girls Scout Program that provides a chance to take part in animals’ shows and interactions, games, and experiments—attending this event afternoon adventure costs $30 for each person that starts at 4 p.m. There is also an overnight adventure program that provides an opportunity to discover animals’ behavior. This educational class includes a sleeping bag that participants should bring with them. The program consists of a science presentation, animal interactions games, art projects, breakfast, and a pizza party. It costs $60 per person and is held on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning.
Mommy and Me is a perfect program that is focusing on children’s interaction and teaching about animals. This program is suitable for 2 to 5 years old children. Taking part in the program costs $5 per child and $10 for adults, not including the park admission. Homeschool is a good program for homeschool students ranging from kindergarten to high school. The program focuses on animals in the ocean, endangered creatures, and ways to protect them. Students grade 6th to 11th can join the program on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Grades kindergarten to 5th can come on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. it costs $15 per child and includes the program only; it costs $30 per child for visiting parks too. If one parent wants to participate in the program, he/she can attend at no cost, but additional parents should pay $15.

Tickets’ Price And Discount

Join Miami Seaquarium and explore new aspects of aquatic organisms’ life. If you decide to visit the aquarium, it is better to acquire the necessary information regarding the tickets’ price and discounts. The Platinum Pass costs $104.99 per person, and the Diamond Pass and Annual Pass costs $54.99 per 3 – 9 years old child and $69.99 per adult. The General Admission per adult costs $32.49, and for 3 – 9 years old children $25.99. you may visit the aquarium in groups of 15% or more, which costs &33.75. Animal Encounter ticket for dolphin Odyssey costs $219, and dolphin encounter costs $159. The seal swim costs $139; the Penguin Encounter costs $99, Meet a Dolphin casts $69.99; the Shark and Stingray Encounter costs $69.99. The American veteran and police officers, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel have free access to Heroes Month’s aquarium. The Black Friday ticket costs $64.99 for sea life lovers. The ticket costs $29.99 on Fun Day for Florida residents.

Birthday In The Heart Of Miami Attraction

Do you like to surprise your child on his/her birthday? If your answer is yes, take his/her hand and go toward the territory of aquatic creatures. Please do your best to plan a magnificent party at this big fishbowl and let your child enjoy the best birthday of his/ her life. Just remember that birthday parties could be held on Saturdays and Sundays. The Miami Seaquarium birthday party package costs $575, and your child has the chance to enjoy animal encounters, goody bags, and sharky’s sky trail experience.

The Food Options At Miami Seaquarium

Children become tired after prolonged walking and visiting, so it is better to help them with delicious dishes in dining areas. Food and shopping centers accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, but you should have cash for food carts. If your children are a hot dog lover, you may go to Pink’s Hollywood Hot Dog and make them happy. Manatee Bay Cafe offers fresh and delicious options in a relaxing cafeteria. Enjoy its chicken finger, burger, and salad. If you need soft pretzels, delightful ice creams, cotton candy, or smoothies, go to Dolphin Lobby & Snack. Never miss the mouth-watering Pizza offered by Wales Spout Pizza.

Prepare Souvenirs At Miami Seaquarium

Do you live to take a part of the aquarium to your home? If your answer is positive, prepare something precious such as postcards, sunglasses, or stuffed animals. If you want to buy a beautiful mug for your grandmother or a T-shirt for your kid, go to the Main Gift Shop, Dolphin Lobby Shop, and Penguin Sale.

The Bottom Line

Miami Seaquarium superb is the best destination for sea life lovers. Everybody is allowed to visit 365-day a year. The aquarium could be a fantastic place for your special events such as a wedding venue. So you may benefit from the waterfront setting and lovely gardens. The pleasant atmosphere and the beautiful decoration makes your wedding venue memorable. There are fantastic opportunities to take beautiful wedding venue photos. By celebrating your wedding at Miami Seaquarium, you and your guests would never forget the memory of a special event in the realm of animals. Do not hesitate to join this fantastic and unforgettable place. Come and enjoy each second of your celebration in the heart of Magic City. Visiting the animals’ exhibit could be a breathtaking experience especially for lovely brides and grooms. Dolphins are romantic animals, so it is strongly suggested that couples benefit from its accompanying love.

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