The Best Things To Do In Denver

The most exciting attractions for tourists in Denver

Denver is a populated city in Colorado state. This fantastic city sits on the shoulders of South Platte River Valley. The name of Denver takes after James W Denver, who was Kansas Territory governed. This breathtaking city, which was founded in 1858, called The Mile High City. This city is a mixture of beautiful landmarks and spectacular locations. The Rocky Mountains hold Denver like a precious treasure. That’s why Denver weather is cold and makes This city a fantastic place for winter sports. This city is famous for its superb cultural attraction, fabulous landmarks, and delicious options. Denver attractions attract a significant number of visitors to provide breathtaking adventure opportunities. Some of the remarkable attractions in The Mile High City are Union Station, Zoo, Art Museum, Botanic Garden, and Sloan Park. Do you like to memorize your wedding venue? Head towards this fantastic city and find your unforgettable wedding venue in Denver. You will benefit from unique cuisine, stunning views, and exciting options by coming to this city. Stay with us, and let’s start an excursion in the heart of Denver.

#1- Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

This station is the central station and the pole of Denver transportation. This station includes the historic terminal building, outstanding underground facilities, and the train station. The process of carrying people started in 1881, and the present station has a two-story structure. Nowadays, Union station plays a vital role in people’s transit. Some of Union Station features include retail shops, award-winning restaurants, and the superb Crawford Hotel. Union Station is close to some attractions such as Denver Local Tours, Union Station Tours, and Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours. Union Station is open from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day.

#2- Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests tourist attractions

In north-central Colorado, there is a stunning forest which is the host of refugee animals. Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests were established in 1908 and consisted of beautiful birds such as goslings, lovely ducklings, gadwall, redhead, and other species. This fabulous park provides a unique opportunity for working, hunting, camping, and playing. Visiting this national park is free. Plan your time to spend a full day in Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and enjoy the glory of sunset and sunrise. Immerse yourself in the heart of nature, and make your day. If you desire to eat something impeccable in Denver’s best restaurants, do not miss the closest restaurants such as Maza Kabob, Totally 80’s Pizza, or The Rainbow Restaurant.

#3- Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo Things To Do For Tourists

Children love animals and enjoy watching them. If you like to make your little one happy, take his/her hands and go to the zoo. This lovely zoo opened its doors to the public in 1896. The first inhabitant of the zoo was an American black bear. Many beautiful animals, such as hooked mammals, birds, fish, pachyderm, and reptiles, live together in this place.
This clean zoo offers fantastic educational opportunities for children and their families. Seize the time and join the zoo. The house of lions, tigers, and funny monkeys is close to the Museum of Nature and Science, City Park, and Botanic Garden.

#4- Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave

Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave demonstrate the life and shows of the prominent and best television presenter who represented the Wild West for more than 20-years in America and Europe. His ultimate desire was to put his body on top of the Lookout Mountain overlooking Denver. Visiting Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave is free. The nearby gift shops offer excellent opportunities to prepare something special for your family members and friends. After visiting Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave, you may rest in Denver’s best hotels, such as The Dove Inn, Table Mountain Inn, or Juniper Mountain House. You have the chance to visit this place every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#5- US Bank Tower

US Bank Tower

US Bank Tower is an elated skyscraper in The Mile High City. The 19th tallest building is made of white marble and benefits from the modernist architectural style. US Bank Tower was completed in 1975 and created by Minoru Yamasaki & Associates.
This fabulous building is situated at 950 17th Street. US Bank Tower is called the Colorado National Bank Tower. Some of the best hotels close to this place include Courtyard by Marriott Denver Downtown, Kimpton Hotel Monaco, and Residence Inn by Marriott City Center.

#6- Black American West Museum

Black American West Museum is located on the shoulders of Denver. It demonstrates the history and culture of the black American men and women who had a significant role in the development of west America. This Museum was the house of Dr. Justina Ford, the first black doctor in the Mile High City. Some of the best places to eat in Denver in the area include Hayati Mediterranean Grill, Downing Street Grill, and Curtis Park Creamery. The best nearby hotels are the Oxford Hotel, The Maren Hotel, and the Crawford Hotel. This impressive Museum was established 49 years ago and welcomed visitors Friday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

#7- Denver Botanic Garden

Denver Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden is located on Denver’s chest like a hidden gem and covers an area as far as 23 acres. Botanic Garden was built in 1951 and included plants from different parts of the world. one of the most beautiful gardens in Botanic Garden is the Japanese garden called the Garden of Wind and Pines, a breathtaking place for taking excellent wedding photos. The park inside includes an art gallery, conservatory, café, and a beautiful garden for children. This sunken amphitheater offers music concerts during different days of the year. This hidden gem is situated at 1007 York Street and close to some attractions such as Mountain Parks, Congress Park, and Escape Game Denver. This fabulous garden welcomes you every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#8- Molly Brown House Museum

1340 Pennsylvania Street is the host of a famous museum called the Molly Brown House Museum. The house of the American activist and humanitarian Margaret Brown is known as the house of lions too. The home of Unsinkable Molly Brown was built in 1887 by George W Clayton and William A.Lang. Molly Brown House Museum demonstrates the activities of Molly Brown. This Victorian house is the symbol of the twentieth century and includes unique attractions for visitors. The home of this unsinkable character is close to some attractions such as St.John’s Cathedral and Walking Tours. Do not miss the delicious options of the clothes restaurants such as Ted’s, Jelly Cafe, and Pablo’s Coffee. from Wednesday to Saturday; you may come here and visit this Museum from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.

#9- Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Between the Estes Park and Grand Lake’s generous hands and on the Rocky Mountains’ shoulders is a breathtaking Park that includes picturesque landmarks. If you are eager to see the joyful mountains, glorious forests, lovely wild creatures, and stunning alpine lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park is yours. This 265,461 acres national park benefits from the subarctic climate and welcomes more than 5 million visitors who escape from Denver’s hot days. If you drive nonstop, you may find yourself in this iconic park in 2 hours. This beautiful park was established 105 years ago. In this area, you have the opportunity to enjoy the rental options such as Wild Creek Lodge, Cozy Comfortable Cabin in Glen Haren, and other picturesque places.

#10- Big Blue Bear

Big Blue Bear

Have you ever heard about the Big Blue Bear? There is a tall sculpture of a blue bear looking inside outside of the Colorado Convention Center. The artist of this 40-foot tall blue bear is Lawrence Argent. This giant sculpture was built in 2005. This Big Blue Bear, called “I See What You Mean,” is one of Denver’s most popular attractions.

#11- Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

International Airport is the largest airport in the United States of America. International Airport is the 20th crowded airport in the world and the 5th crowded one in America. This 33,531 acres airport opened in 1995 and offers nonstop departures to 215 places such as London, Zurich, Frankfurt, and other destinations. If you want to eat something before you’re bored, you may go to the closest restaurants, such as Root Down, Elway’s DIA, or Mesa Verde. Some of the intimate hotels include Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Airport and Courtyard by Marriott Airport.

#12- Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium Denver

Downtown Aquarium is a fantastic aquarium which is the house of 5000 animals. This public aquarium was opened in 1999. Downtown Aquarium aims to demonstrate the relationship between the ocean and the domestic water ecosystem. This Museum, called Colorado’s Ocean Journey, lets you feed the stingrays and other aquatic creatures. If you want to visit this aquarium, you have to go to 700 Water St. After visiting this aquarium, you may go to the closest attractions, such as Bikalope Tours, Confluence Kayaks, Children’s Museum, or Colorado Segway Tours. You may visit the Downtown Aquarium Sunday to Tuesday and Friday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. if you want to eat in a close restaurant, it is better to go to El Five, Aquarium Restaurant.

#13- Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

The Art Museum is situated in the civic center and includes Asian art, modern arts, beautiful sculptures, and paintings. The art museum is located at 100 W 14th Avenue, PKWY. The Art Museum dates back to 1893, and its galleries opened in 1922. Anybody who is 18 and under age has the opportunity to visit this Museum free. What makes the Art Museum famous is a collection of Native American arts. The Art Museum offers art of all kinds for different persons. Seize the time and enjoy the glory of art in this Museum. Denver Brews Cruise, Denver Public Library, and Centennial Tours are the close attractions. If you want to visit this Museum, you may come Friday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or Saturday to Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#14- History Colorado Center

Are you interested in history? If your answer is positive, the History Colorado Center is yours. This history museum is located at 1200 Broadway. History Colorado Center was established in 2012 and included six exhibits to represent Denver’s history. If you want to take your children to a fantastic museum, head towards the 4th floor and enjoy the “change the world” section. This must-see Museum offers a significant number of displays for different visitors. If you like to go to the close attractions such as the Clyfford Still Museum, Art Museum, or Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, do not hesitate. You can visit this Museum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Tuesday to Sunday.

#15- Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

The house of the Colorado General Assembly, which is situated at 200 East Colfax Avenue, is called Colorado State Capitol. The designer of this building is Elijah E. Myers and built this structure in 1886-1901. The neoclassical style of Colorado State Capitol adds to the glory of this place. Colorado State Capitol is taller than the center of the city. If you want to see the glory of the sunset behind the elated Rocky Mountains, head towards Colorado State Capitol. Do you know why the Colorado State Capitol looks familiar? Because it is constructed to be parallel with the US Capitol in the capital of The United States of America. The golden dome and the white granite of Colorado State Capitol create a fantastic structure. When you step inside, you can see stained windows that take you to the pages of Denver’s history. Visiting Colorado State Capitol is free, and you may come here Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

#16- The 16th Street Mall

One of Denver’s must-do things is strolling along The 16th Street Mall, which is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shop centers. In 16th Street Mall, you may sit on a bench and enjoy people coming and going in this tree-lined street. Appreciate your good star for coming to 16th Street Mall and watching the street performance. 16th Street Mall offers a free shuttle for taking visitors to different places. This pedestrian mall opened in 1982 and was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. This long street is close to Fluid Fusion, Escape Works Denver, and Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours. You may eat in the close restaurants such as B, or Mad Greens.

#17- The US Mint

The US Mint

Do you have any information about the process of making coins? Do you like to be knowledgeable in this matter? If your answer is yes, head towards The US Mint. The birthplace of coins came into being in 1792. If you want to visit this place you can buy one of the six tour tickets. Visiting The US Mint and seeing the process of producing 50 million coins could be an exciting thing in Denver. After visiting The US Mint go to close attractions such as Denver Public Library, Walking Tours, or Art Museum. The US Mint is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Tuesday.

#18- Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Mile High City is the home of a significant number of fabulous museums. One of these museums, which welcomes 2 million visitors, is the Museum of Nature and Science. This Nature and Science Museum was established in 1900. by coming to this Museum, you can gather unique information and take part in educational programs. Some of the fantastic exhibitions in this Museum, such as dinosaurs, black holes, and gems, provide incredible family moments. Museum of Nature and Science is your host every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. some of the Close attractions include City Park, Zoo, and Gates Planetarium.

#19- Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

The central district in Denver calls Downtown Denver which is the workplace of 130000 workers. The house of Pepsi Center, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and Coors Field are Denver’s famous attractions. Downtown is a fantastic place for preparing a gift, enjoying street food and restaurants. The luxurious Brown Palace Hotel is situated in Downtown and is considered a popular destination for drinking a teacup in the evening. Some of the free things to do in Denver include The Money Museum, The Children Museum, and Colorado State Capitol. The main street in this area is The 16th Street Mall that welcomes one million visitors each month.

#20- Larimer Square

Larimer Square

Larimer Square is a historical place in the city and is considered the first local district. This commercial block was built in 1850 by William E Larimer. This fantastic location is the birthplace of galleries, restaurants, and shop centers. The lighting and painting of this street create an eye-catching view. If you are tired of walking, you have the chance to sit on the benches and rest. Larimer Square welcomes you every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. do not miss the delicious options offered by close restaurants such as Bistro Vendome, Rioja, and Green Russell.

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