What Are The Best Los Angeles LA Things To Do?

Los Angeles is the city of angels, art, dreams, peaceful beaches, and unique cultures, so if you love traveling, this fantastic place is a must-do in the United States. Los Angeles is a miniature pattern of the wide world because it is the city of 140 nations. Walking in this charming city’s peaceful beaches can offer you a perfect day and makes your terrible day somehow bearable. Romantic walking in Santa Monica with a person you love beyond the measure burnishes your mind. It could be a gentle walking for broken hearts too. Do not lose walking on the beach so you can enjoy tickling your feet by warm sands. With less than 40 minutes driving, you can find yourself in a mountain, coast, or desert and enjoy the glittering stars. This striking city is surrounded by hidden springs, beautiful routes, historical landmarks, San Gabriel mountains, mystical woods, and long paths for walking, cycling, camping, and exploring. If you love surfing, the Pacific Ocean is looking forward to your presence. Los Angeles attractions are full of surprising pleasure, so rise and move toward the city of delicious foods like a Taco.

1- Griffith Park Observing

Griffith Park Observing

In the capital of the world’s entertainment and amazing beaches, you can find one of the vast parks that welcome its visitors who escaped from the annoying traffic of Los Angeles. This glorious Park is the home of green spaces, sweet sound birds, and different attractions. The iconic landmarks of this location depict its divine picture in the eager eyes of tourists. Griffith Park Observing was built about 85 years ago and included several telescopes to provide a marvelous view of twilight stars and glorious sky in the heart of nature. Save your time and understand our fantastic universe in this unique place. Do not lose the Old Zoo, which takes you to the past. This Scenic Park offers you an excellent view of the broad Valley below, and you may enjoy this super beautiful scene. Pick up your hiking footwear, start your wonderful exploration, sit down in a silent place, and watch the sunset’s magical view at the end of the day. Tam O’Shanter is one of the best places to eat in Los Angeles, close to Griffith Park, and offers you the most delicious prime rib in a relaxing atmosphere. Hollywood, Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean on the one hand and Angels National Forest, Burbank, Pasadena, and Hollywood Sign, on the other hand, are the fabulous nearby places for taking gorgeous photos.

2- Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort is located in Orange County, and since 1955 is the most visited tourist destination. This popular place offers fantastic fun for children and their families. The tourist attractions in California like Adventure Park and Disneyland are suitable places for anyone who wants to create balance in their body’s energy. Each corner of this surprising place offers funny characters, charming walkways, and animatronics. Main Street divides this beautiful Park and leads you to the Disney castle. In Main Street’s cafes, you can enjoy the most delicious coffee and all their hot drinks and make your journey unforgettable. If you will explore this fantastic place, Christmas is the best time because the gorgeous decorations make here a magical place. If your first visit happened when you were 15, you would be going until you are 100 years old, and it is not an exaggeration. After an adventurous exploration and when you cannot stay on your foot, it is time to head toward Los Angeles hotels near Disneyland park-like Tropicana Inn & Suites or Courtyard by Marriott Anaheim Theme Park Entrance. However, before falling asleep, it’s better to eat something in PlazaI Inn, Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, or Refreshment center. If you are searching for imagination Disneyland Park welcomes you and your family and provides unforgettable experiences in the happiest place of the world.

3- Hollywood

Hollywood attractions

This fantastic place is located on the chest of Los Angeles, and its name refers to the US Film Industry and associated people. Hollywood is the home of a different stadium like Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures. In Tinseltown, Hollywood is surrounded by Hyperion Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, Riverside Drive, Beverly Hills, and the foothills of a spectacular mountain called Santa Monica. Do you remember the Count of Monte Cristo movie? It is one of the films produced in Hollywood. Hollywood Bowl is a natural amphitheater used for holding concerts on their glittering sky of summer nights since 1919 and offers great pleasure for music lovers. Hollywood Sign is the most important symbol of this place. Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of these fantastic district’s magnificent attractions and the home of 2500 stars dedicated to actors and actresses, musicians, producers, directors, and other important people. The first star belongs to Stanley Kramer, the director of ‘The Defiant Ones.’ the Walk Frame, the Classic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Chinese Man’s Festival Theatre, and Hollywood sign nestle in this living place. You can eat in the magical land of movies in restaurants like La Kepops, Johnny Rockets, or Disney Studio stores & Ghirardelli Soda Fountains, which are the best restaurants in Los Angeles and reminds you the taste of the most delicious foods that you can only serve at restaurants in Italy.

4- Getty Centre

Getty Centre in LA

This fabulous place opened in 1997 to the public and is famous because of its fantastic Gardens, magnificent architecture, and the gorgeous view of Los Angeles. Getty Centre is located on the shoulders of a hill and is the dwelling of European, Italian and Ancient Greece arts. This glorious place is decorated with beautiful drawings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, photos of different areas globally, and decorative arts. Art clears ordinary life’s dust and brightens our soul, and Getty Park successfully fulfills this ambition. House galleries, dramatic buildings, and their glorious sculptures of Isamu Noguchi and Henry intensify this magical place’s beauty. After visiting the masterpieces of this gorgeous museum, you may start to explore its delightful gardens. If you are Van Gogh and Renoir Cover, The Getty Centre is yours. By sitting on the balcony, you will see a mystical 360 degrees view of Los Angeles, especially the Pacific Ocean, which is eye-catching. Hotel Angeleno, Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, and The Brentwood Inn are the close hotels. After visiting nearby attractions like Museum Hack LA or Santa Monica Pier, it’s time to eat in their clean restaurants like Getty Center restaurants or The Cafe and remember the taste of their fabulous food forever.

5- Santa Monica

Santa Monica in Los Angeles

If you are searching for one of the world’s best places, which is among the ten best places selected by National Geographic, head toward Santa Monica. Most people prefer to visit this spectacular beach in summer, but the presence of a considerable number of people deprives you of shining white sand and peaceful walking. Who can deny the quiet romantic walking in the silvery beaches of Santa Monica is sunset? Of course, no one! This brilliant place provides an unforgettable moment for anybody who loves the glory of the blue Ocean. The local fisherman’s presence adds colors to this thriving place. If you like going fishing, do not hesitate. Soda Jerk Shop’s ice cream is a must and offers you a remarkable new taste, and if you are hungry, we suggest you have a delicious burger and soda at Deans then move towards the aquarium. Santa Monica is a romantic place for persons who want to celebrate their wedding venue in Los Angeles and take photos in the enchanting sunset. Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, The Surfbug Surf Lessons, and Sea Mist Rentals are the nearby attractions that complete your pleasure.

6- Petersen Automotive Museum

vintage in Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum is one of the best and well-known automobile museums in Los Angeles that hosts a significant number of visitors. This fantastic museum is the home of more than 300 classic cars. This gorgeous museum is situated on Wilshire Boulevard and welcomes automobile lovers warmly. This magnificent museum offers a new image of experience, technology and art, creativity, culture, and excellent automobiles. The unparalleled outside design and using stainless steel ribbons creatively provides a breathtaking picture. This innovative architecture symbolizes movement and speed and an Unforgettable place in the city of Los Angeles. Petersen Automotive Museum nestles unique cars, including American classics, and pulls over creativity and novelty boundaries. In the basement of this museum, ‘Vault’ contains the most fantastic cars admired by visitors. After visiting this superb museum, you can have your lunch in the Italian restaurant, which is the opposite of the admission task and provides the most delicious Italian cuisine. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Urban Light, and Wadee Spa are the attractions close to this glorious museum.

7- Huntington Library, Art, Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Huntington Library, Art, Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Huntington Library, Art, Collections, and Botanical Gardens are one of the must-see tourist destinations. It includes a gorgeous collection of manuscripts, famous artworks like the Blue Boy by Gainsborough and Breakfast In Bed by Mary Cassatt, rare books, and the Gutenberg Bible. The orchids, bonsai, and beautiful succulents are ready to say hello to beauty lovers and make them full of joy. This fantastic place includes alluring Gardens, including Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and are other brilliant gardens. The Chinese Pavilion beside the Japanese garden takes you to China and depicts the fresh air and the sweet-smelling flowers of that ancient country. This magical place is shining like a diamond on the chest of Los Angeles.

8- Venice Canals In Los Angeles

Venice Canals In Los Angeles

Venice Canals is a pristine place to stretch your legs in a relaxing area in Los Angeles and watch little birds and nearby homes. This stunning place was created in 1905 and is a fabulous mimic of Venice Channels in Italy. This Charming place is an outstanding destination for anybody who wants to find themselves peaceful and far away from industrializing the modern universe. If you had good experiences in Italy and want to visualize it again, put yourself in Venice Canals’ beautiful hands. Different houses on both sides of the canals, swimming ducks, little boats sailing in the water, and magnificent Bridges make Venice Canals picturesque. Charming tranquility, shining sun, memorable atmosphere, fabulous romantic walking, and the ear-catching melody of water are some of this unique place’s characteristics.
Some of the attractions near Venice Canals include VB Surf, Venice Bike & Skates, and Fun Surf LA. Choose the Cow’s End Cafe, Cabo Cantina, Cold Stone Creamery, or C&O Trattoria to eat the tastiest food.

9- Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Grauman's Chinese Theatre Los Angeles Things To Do

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is a famous tourist trap in Los Angeles and is known as TCL Chinese Theatre, opened in 1927. the most important feature of this popular tourist destination is its concrete blocks in front of the building, which sustains the footprints, signatures, and handprints of famous personalities and celebrities of the last century. The inside is decorated with costumes and fantastic artworks that create a breathtaking scene. After visiting this incredible place, you can go to nearby hotels like Hollywood Orchid Suites, The Hollywood Roosevelt, or Orange Drive Hotel. Close attractions to TCL Chinese Theatre include Have Fun Tours, Red Line Tours, Star City Tours, and Sweet! Hollywood. Your visit to Los Angeles will not complete without going to this charming place.

10- Rodeo Drive Eye Catch In Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive eye catch in Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive is one of the most luxurious and the most expensive tourist destinations located in the heart of Wilshire Boulevard. This superb place is the house of more than 100 famous hotels and stores, and getting lost between charming structures of Rodeo Drive is not impossible. It is the birthplace of the most luxurious and oldest hotels like A Four Seasons Hotel that was built in 1928 and includes 395 rooms. Rodeo Drive at Christmas is a popular destination for providing gifts for friends and family members. Saks Fifth Avenue is a strange place for fighting rare and unusual things. If you like to purchase luxurious products like crystal, jewel, and silver, Geary’s is waiting for you. The atmosphere and decoration of this place are exactly like the movies, and as an excellent place to buy a unique gift for your beloved. Frette, Rodeo Collection, and The Spa on Rodeo are the close attractions you may select to have fun. To have enough energy, you must eat in one of the best restaurants near Rodeo Drive like Carvel, La Pâtisserie Artistique, or Panini Kabob Grill- Beverly Hills.

The Bottom Line
The City of Angels is always a fabulous destination for local and international visitors. The extraordinary landmarks and impressive architecture made Los Angeles the top place for fun and enjoying America’s beauty. Different generations from different parts of the world would like to celebrate their wedding in a scenic location and make it memorable. If the City of Angels is your selected place for the marriage celebration, we must congratulate you on finding this fantastic place. You can spend your honeymoon beside the Pacific Ocean’s blue beaches and live in a slice of Heaven. Enjoy your days and in every sunrise, fall in love once again.

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