Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Wyoming State For Tourists

Every year thousands of people head toward Wyoming to see its spectacular attractions, including Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park, and Jackson. Wyoming is a place that revives the Wild West. This populated section of America offers chances to visit wilderness sites, tribal legend, and national parks. The fantastic wildlife of Wyoming welcomes a significant number of visitors with a pleasant smile. The settlement of golden eagles and black bears invite you to explore tourist attractions in Wyoming. You can experience historical attractions, museums, and hot springs. Put on your comfortable shoes and start your adventure in Wyoming. Enjoy hiking, fishing, and kayaking in the gorgeous place. Stay with us to discover the best 50 things to do in Wyoming.

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#1- Grand Teton National Park- Teton County

This 310000 acres national park was founded in 1929 and visited by more than 3 million visitors in a year. The house of Teton range becomes a popular tourist destination in Wyoming. The history of the first settlers in Grand Teton National Park dates to 11 years ago. The park was named for the loftiest mountains in the Teton range. It is the paradise of climbers.

#2- Grand Prismatic Spring- Teton County

The most splendid hot spring in America sits on the chest of Yellowstone. It discharges 2100 liters each minute. The name of the hot spring refers to its beautiful colors. Grand Prismatic Spring shines in the blue, orange, and lovely green.

#3- Yellowstone Lake- Teton County

Yellowstone National Park houses Yellowstone Lake and encompasses 350 square kilometers. The freshwater lake is the settlement of refuge trout. It is a place to enjoy boating, canoeing, kayaking, and nature watching.

#4- Old Faithful -Teton County

This cone spring was named by Washburn. It was founded in 1870, and step-by-step attracted a significant number of visitors. The cone geyser continues to erupt every 44 minutes. Old Faithful is an attractive geothermal feature.

#5- Devil’s Tower National Monument -Crook County

This laccolith mountain type is situated on the shoulders of Crook County was established in 1906. Devil’s Tower National Monument is visited by more than 400000 people a year. It covers 1346 acres of the site. This isolated hill becomes famous in recent years, and many people come to see the masterpiece of nature. It is a place for nature watching, climbing, and wildlife watching.

#6- Jackson Hole -Wyoming

The Teton mountains and gorgeous Gros Ventre are the birthplaces of a valley called Jackson Hole. The word hole describes a considerable valley that is surrounded by lofty mountains. Jackson Hole provides opportunities for resting in the heart of nature and exploring its beauties.

#7- Jenny Lake -Teton County

Jenny Lake is a peaceful place for hiking and kayaking. The beautiful lake came into being 12000 years ago. This glacial lake covers 1191 acres of area. Take part in a scenic tour and explore this hidden gem. The lake offers chances for hiking and boating.

#8- Jackson Hole Mountain Resort- Teton Village

This challenging ski resort covers 2500 acres of skiable area. Its continuous drop draws many ski lovers. If you want to do something memorable in Jackson Hole, the resort is for you.

#9- Old faithful Inn- Park County

Yellowstone National Park houses a superb hotel founded in 1904. The designer of the hotel was Robert C. Reamer. It benefits from the National Park Service rustic architecture style. It is a unique sample of the Golden Age. This scenic log hotel could be a dramatic destination for your honeymoon.

#10- Morning Glory Pool -Teton County

This touristy hot spring was named in 1882 by Mrs. E. N McGowan. There is a special Kind of bacteria in the water that creates its unique color. Morning Glory Pool attracts beauty and nature lovers.

#11- Firehole River -Yellowstone National Park

One of the Madison River’s streams, which is about 34 km, is the Firehole River. It looks like a cloud of smoke on the fire. The river invites you to spend a perfect day in Yellowstone National Park. Do not forget to bring your water shoes.

#12- National Elk Refuge -Jackson

This wildlife refuge covered 25000 acres of area and was founded in 1912. it is in charge of preserving the glorious elks. You can see 7500 adorable elk during the cold days of winter. Join the kingdom of these animals in winter and explore these spectacular creatures.

#13- Buffalo Bill Center of the West -Cody

The museum is made of five museums, including Draper National History Museum and Plains Indians Museum. It was established in 1917. This American West Museum protects the heritage of Col. William F. Buffalo Bill Cody.

#14- Hidden Falls -Teton County

These gorgeous falls sit on Cascade Creek. It is about 30 meters. Join Hidden Falls so Jenny Lake. During the warm days of summer, many people come to Hidden Falls and escape from the town.

#15- Mount Washburn -Teton County

The lofty mountain is located in Yellowstone National Park and is about 10243 feet. It was founded in 1870. This touristy place allows you to see some parts of Yellowstone National Park from the peak. Hiking, climbing, and nature watching are among the popular activities.

#16- Jackson Lake Lodge- Teton County

Jackson Lake Lodge came into being in 1955 and includes a restaurant and 385 rooms. Jackson Lake Lodge is a place for recreational activities. Gilbert Stanley Underwood designed it in rustic and modern architectural style. It is next to Jackson Lake.

#17- Hot Springs State Park- Thermopolis

This notable public recreation area is well known for hot springs. It was founded in 1897 and is about 4363 feet. It covers 110867 acres of the site. Hot Springs State Park includes flower gardens, picnic areas, and scenic terraces. have fun in this accessible park.

#18- Schwabacher Landing- Moose

This boat landing is accessible through an unpaved road; however, it is not accessible during Winters. The house of bald eagles, moose, and other animals invites you to explore its beauties. If you look for a place to celebrate your wedding venue, Schwabacher Landing is yours.

#19- Fishing Bridge Museum- Yellowstone National Park

Enjoy a fishing trip in the heart of Wyoming. Fishing Bridge Museum is one of the tourist destinations in Wyoming that was founded in 1931. It is a collection of the trailside museum that sits on the chest of Yellowstone National Park. Fishing Bridge Museum is a work by Herbert Maier in the national park service rustic architecture style.

#20- Fort Laramie Visitor Center- Fort Laramie

If you are interested in history, add Fort Laramie Visitor Center’s name in your must-do things in Wyoming. Join and learn about this section of America’s history. This standing place offers practical information.

#21- Jackson Town Square -Jackson

Catch the beauty of the square at night under the silver light of stars. This little park has a cowboy statue, several beaches, and many beautiful plants. You can enjoy ice skating in Jackson Town Square. Enjoy a unique shopping experience in the area.

#22- Mormon Row Historic District- Teton County

This historic district was founded in 1927. Mormon Row Historic District includes a cluster of house complexes such as Andy Chambers, T. A. Moulton. Mormon Row Historic District is a popular tourist destination for photography. It is the home of beautiful bighorn sheep, Eagles, and elks.

#23- National Museum of Wildlife Art -Jackson

Jackson houses a museum in charge of protecting wildlife art. It was established in 1987. Each year 85000 visitors join the area. You can see 5000 artworks of several artists, including Picasso, John James Audubon, and Karl Bodmer.

#24- John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway- Teton County

This scenic road connects two national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It covers 24000 acres of area and is visited by more than 1 million people each year. John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway commemorates the American philanthropist, John D Rockefeller Jr.

#25- Fossil Butte National Monument- Kemmerer

The national monument is situated on the west side of Kemmerer. It is the house of fossilized plants and animals. The memorial was founded in 1972 and covered 8198 acres of area. Each year more than 16000 visitors come to Fossil Butte National Monument and see the fossils of fish, Turtles, and many insects.

#26- Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Centre- Moose

It was founded in 2007 and welcomed you from spring to Autumn with open arms. The snowy winter invites you to join the site and enjoy the silence of nature. Visiting Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Centre worth a stop.

#27- Old Trail Town- Cody

This touristy place is situated in the heart of Cody and loaded with Western history. If you are interested in western matters, Old Trail Town is for you. Head towards the gift shop and prepare a souvenir for your beloved. Enjoy walking between historic buildings.

#28- Cheyenne Depot Museum- Cheyenne

Cheyenne houses of railroad Museum constructed in the 1880s in the heart of the Union Pacific Railroad. Cheyenne Depot Museum takes advantage of the Richardsonian Romanesque revival architectural style. In July, you may enjoy the Train Excursion Exhibit.

#29- Chapel of the Transfiguration- Moose

This log Chapel was founded in 1925 by C. B. Loomis. It takes advantage of craftsmen and bungalow architectural style. The chapel is positioned in Grand Teton National Park. It is decorated with stained glass windows. You can book an online ticket then visit the chapel.

#30- Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum- Cheyenne

This non-profit Institute is devoted to protecting the culture and history of Cheyenne. Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum calls you to see wagons and carriages. It was established in 1978 and opened its doors on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to five p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

#31- Jenny Lake Trail -Teton County

This seven mikes spectacular trail is situated around Jenny Lake. It offers a chance for a romantic walk. Enjoy the beauty of this hidden gem while exploring it with your beautiful beloved.

#32- Firehole Lake Drive -Yellowstone National Park

The birthplace of Great Springs calls you to create happy moments for your family members. Do not lose the chance of visiting hot springs. Firehole Lake Drive is the heaven of wildlife lovers.

#33- National Historic Trails Interpretive Centre – Casper

This interpretive center was founded in 2002 and provided interpretive programs, special events, and many exhibits. It includes various exhibitions such as the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, and the Pony Express Trail.

#34- Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site -Laramie

The previous prison was established 149 years ago. It is among old structures in Laramie and covers more than 1 acres of area. Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site is a work by Livingstone and Schram. It benefits from Queen Anne and the high Victorian Italian architectural style.

#35- Wyoming State Capitol- Cheyenne

The house of the Wyoming government came into being in 1886. it takes advantage of Renaissance revival architectural style. The architect of the capitol was David W. Gibbs and William DuBois. Visiting this four acres site is a must-do thing in Wyoming.

#36- Fort Bridger State Historic Site- Uinta County

This fur-trading center was founded in 1842. it covered 37 acres of area and has 27 historic buildings. This historic site is open Sunday to Saturday from nine a.m. to 5 p.m.

#37- Cheyenne Botanic Gardens- Cheyenne

The botanic garden is about 9 acres and was founded in 1977. The house of tropical plants, koi fish, vegetables, and beautiful flowers is situated on Cheyenne’s chest. Visiting Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is highly recommended.

#38- Wyoming Dinosaur Centre -Thermopolis

This dinosaur center is situated on the shoulders of Thermopolis. The non-profit dinosaur museum was founded in 1995. It is open year-round. Wyoming Dinosaur Centre is a place to see fossils and learn about these giant creatures.

#39- Great Fountain Geyser -Yellowstone National Park

This fountain shaped Geyser is situated in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. The eruption height is about 75 feet and occurs every nine to fifteen hours. Great Fountain Geyser is among the popular tourist attractions in Wyoming.

#40- Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve -Jackson

Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve encompasses 1106 acres and is situated in Grand Teton National Park. It was founded in 1927 and became the settlement of various wildflowers and other animals. Escape from society and head toward Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve.

#41- Guernsey State Park Museum -Platte County

The museum was established in 1934 in national park service rustic, craftsman and bungalow architectural style. It concentrates on the culture and history of Platte County. Boating and fishing are among the popular activities in the area.

#42- Stagecoach Museum- Lusk

Stop in Lusk and visit Stagecoach Museum. You will learn about the mining history and railroad in the museum. It is a place to see historical buildings, dinosaur bones, and photos of local families. Stagecoach Museum is the most visited site in Lusk.

#43- Hoofprints of the Past Museum- Kaycee

In Hoofprints of the Past Museum, you can prepare western books and learn about rich western history. It was hooked up 21 years ago. The museum aims to protect the legacy of Kaycee.

#44- Museum of Flight & Aerial Firefighting- Greybull

Stop in Greybull and Discover this great museum, which is situated on the west side of town. It S&is a must-do thing for firefighters and history lovers. If you are a pilot, do not miss the museum.

#45- Meeteetse Museum- Meeteetse

This fantastic museum is loaded with local photographs. It offers a chance to learn about the local history. Meeteetse Museum is made of cultural and artistic works.

#46- Riverton Museum -Riverton

The museum focuses on interpreting and protecting the heritage of Riverton. It displays Riverton’s history. Riverton Museum is a place for history lovers.

#47- Nelson Museum of the West- Cheyenne

This museum concentrates on displaying Western artifacts, costumes, paintings, and historical items. It takes you to the cowboy times. Do not close your eyes to the History Museum.

#48- The Brinton Museum- Bighorn

This 611 acres Museum was founded in 1893 on the shoulders of Bighorn. Moncreiffe constructed it. The house of historical items and Native American art is a magnificent place for art lovers.

#49- Fort Casper- Casper

The military post was named after an officer who died in the 1865 battle. The fort was constructed in 1859 on the skirt of the North Platte River. It is a work by Louise Guinard.

#50- Wyoming State Museum- Cheyenne

This State Museum concentrates on the culture and history of Wyoming. It was founded in 1895. The exhibits are the wildlife, history, the American culture, and fossils of animals and plants.

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