Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Wisconsin State For Tourists

Traveling and visiting beautiful places in the world is the most pleasurable thing that you may experience. New sites have many items to offer, such as watching lovely native animals and colorful birds, mind-blowing natural beauty, and peaceful beaches. One of the breathtaking places of our expansive universe is Wisconsin, embraced warmly by Lake Michigan. This stunning part of America is the mother of various landmarks and landscapes. From the North to the South, you are provided with new things to explore. Wisconsin is a place to enjoy hiking, biking, nature watching, and swimming. Most of the tourist attractions in Wisconsin are situated in Milwaukee and Madison; however, other Wisconsin sections are bordered by fabulous attractions. Boating on Lake Michigan is highly recommended to lovers, especially when the sunsets. If you desire to celebrate your wedding venue in a dreamy place, do not miss Wisconsin. Keep reading in that we decided to put you in the hands of the mother of nature. Let’s explore glorious things to do in Wisconsin.

List of attractions show

1- Devil’s Lake State Park- Sauk County

This 9217 acres glorious state park is situated in Sauk County and established in 1911. Devil’s lake adds to the beauty of this area. This scenic place becomes a tourist attraction and offers hiking, rock climbing, and wildlife watching.

2- Kalahari Water Parks- Wisconsin Dells

Do you like to jump into a world of joy and happiness? Do you want to create memorable moments for your kids? If your answer is positive, Kalahari Water Parks is for you. It has many things for visitors of all ages.

3- Milwaukee Art Museum- Milwaukee

This Art Museum was founded in 1882 and attracted more than 400000 visitors a year. Milwaukee Art Museum has 25000 artworks and sits among the largest art museums in the world. It displays works from the 15th century to the present day, such as sculptures, drawings, photographs, and decorative arts.

4- Noah’s Ark Waterpark- Wisconsin Dells

This 70 acres waterpark was founded in 1979 in Wisconsin Dells. America’s biggest water park consists of 51 water slides and pools. Visiting this family-friendly waterpark is highly recommended as a birthday gift.

5- Harley-Davidson Museum -Milwaukee

Milwaukee houses a transport museum constructed in 2008. Harley-Davidson Museum houses various artifacts and motorcycles. Each year more than 300000 people come here to learn about the history of Harley Davidson motorcycles. After visiting the museum, you can eat in a nearby restaurant.

6- Apostle Islands National Lakeshore- Ashland County

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a 69372 acres national lakeshore founded in 1970 and visited by more than 150000 people a year. This stunning national lakeshore includes 21 islands and astounding shorelines. The area is famous for its historic lighthouses, fantastic sea caves, and animals’ natural realm. Camping, fishing, and hunting are among popular activities in the area.

7- The House on the Rock -Spring Green

The House on the Rock is a notable tourist attraction founded in 1959. It was constructed in a modernist architectural style by Alex Jordan Junior. The antiques of the house attract a significant number of visitors. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this strange house.

8- Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park- Wisconsin Dells

This water park opened its doors to the public in 1990. The indoor theme and waterpark are operating 360 days a year, and the outdoor section is open from May to October. Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park take advantage of Greece gods and mythology.

9- Peninsula State Park- Door County

Peninsula State Park is a 3776 acres area established in 1909. This fantastic state park attracts more than 1 million people each year. The Park includes over 400 campsites. The kingdom of water and trees makes it a unique place for photography.

10- Olbrich Botanical Gardens -Madison

This delightful botanical garden is about 16 acres area founded in 1952 and named for Michael Olbrich, the American politician, lawyer, and founder of the Park. Olbrich Botanical Gardens houses more than 750 spectacular plants, so it becomes a relaxing place for anybody who looks for peace.

11- Mitchell Horticultural Conservatory- Milwaukee

Milwaukee houses a scenic public conservatory founded in 1959 at Mitchell Park. In Mitchell Horticultural Conservatory, you can see an extensive collection of various plants. Join Mitchell Horticultural Conservatory to experience the sense of desert, jungle, and beautiful cactuses. Do not miss this peaceful place.

12- Milwaukee County Zoo- Milwaukee

Animals are an inseparable part of nature and are tied with our life. Milwaukee attempted to demonstrate a section of these creatures’ life in Milwaukee County Zoo. This 200 acres area houses 3300 animals of 377 species. It was founded in 1892.

13- Discovery World -Milwaukee

This technology and science Center is situated in Milwaukee. It was constructed in 1981 by Robert Powrie Harland Sr. Discovery World concentrates on technology and innovation through interactive exhibits and theatres. The area is open Wednesday through Sunday.

14- Bay Beach Amusement Park -Green Bay

Green Bay housed a beautiful municipal amusement park that opened its doors to the public in 1892. Bay Beach Amusement Park is open from May to September. Enter the mouth of the Fox River and enjoy this spectacular Park. The Park includes a roller coaster and rides. It offers dances and movies to its visitors.

15- Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead -Madison

Is there anything memorable like walking with a beloved in the territory of green plans? Of course not. Take the hands of your sweetheart and join Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead. Enjoy the peace offered by the legacy of the Ice Age.

16- Milwaukee Public Museum- Milwaukee

This human history and natural museum is situated in Milwaukee and established in 1882. Milwaukee Public Museum is a non-profit organization that attracts more than 500000 visitors each year. This public Museum has 4 million objects and offers many things to see. It is open every day. It is the best museum to see natural history collections.

17- Taliesin- Spring Green

Taliesin came into being between 1911 to 1959. This 600 acres area attracts 25000 visitors each year. The house of Frank Llyod Wright, a famous American architect, is open from Thursday to Tuesday. The state of the Wright family becomes a tourist attraction in Spring Green.

18- Wisconsin State Capitol- Madison

The governor and the Wisconsin supreme court’s seat was founded between 1906 to 1917 by George B Post in beaux art architectural style. Madison’s tallest building is open every day. If you come here in the summer, you can go to the observation deck.

19- Cave of the Mounds- Blue Mounds

This unexampled limestone cave came into being in 1987 and becomes a popular attraction that draws various tourists and beauty lovers a year. The mineral formation intensifies their beauty of the Cave of the Mounds. The place welcomes millions of people each year. Join the area and explore it in more detail.

20- Circus World Museum -Baraboo

Circus world museum was established in 1884 to display the history of circus and entertainment. It includes various exhibits and artifacts and offers daily performances. You can come here with your children from Monday to Friday.

21- Copper Falls State Park -Ashland

This 3068 acres magnificent skate park was founded in 1929. The Bad River passes through the Park. Copper Falls State Park offers chances for swimming, boating, fishing, canoeing, hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and kayaking.

22- Chula Vista Resort -Wisconsin Dells

This theme park came into being in the late 19th century. Chula Vista Resort features outdoor and indoor waterpark. Chula Vista Resort is an impressive waterpark worth a visit, so put its name in your must-do things in Wisconsin.

23- Henry Vilas Zoo -Madison

Henry Vilas Zoo is a 28 acres public zoo constructed in 1911. It houses various birds, fish, animals, amphibians, and reptiles. Each year 750000 visitors come here. The zoo aims to preserve the natural world and its inhabitants.

24- Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort- Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is the birthplace of a greet water resort established in 1995. It has 1163 years of rooms and is called wilderness territory. Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort has four outdoor water parks and features wild west areas, New Frontier areas, and wilderness on the lake.

25- Mirror Lake State Park- Wisconsin Dells

Mirror Lake State, US national Park, covers a 2179 acres area constructed in 1962. The Park is the house of Mirror Lake that is as clear as glass. This touristy place features campsites, hiking trails, skiing, and biking trails. You can enjoy fishing in Mirror Lake State Park.

26- Chequamegon- Nicolet National Forest- Wisconsin

This over one million acres forest is situated in Wisconsin and established in 1933. wetlands, rivers, glacial lakes, and streams in this breathtaking Forest offer unique subjects for photography. You may see white-tailed deer, fox, and elk In the national Forest.

27- Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion- Milwaukee

Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion is 1.5 acres, eye-opening situated in Milwaukee and created in 1892 by George Ferry in Flemish Renaissance revival architectural style for their founder of Pabst Brewing Company, Frederick Pabst. Visiting the mansion is highly recommended to architects and related students.

28- Big Foot Beach State Park -Walworth

Big Foot Beach State Park gorgeous 272 acres state park founded in 1949 and offers chances for camping, swimming, and enjoying fishing. it is a place for relaxation and forgetting or scenery and busy life.

29- Kettle Moraine State Forest- Wisconsin

This fantastic state forest includes a glaciated area called kettle moraine. Kettle Moraine State Forest is covering 56 acres of astounding Forest. It is a place for hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, biking, and scenic areas for watching nature.

30- American Family Field -Milwaukee

This baseball park was called Miller Park formally and was created between 1996 and 2001. Milwaukee’s major league baseball house has various attractions such as Hank the Dog, The Johnsonville Sausage Race, and Bernie Brewer.

31- MagiQuest- Wisconsin Dells

MagiQuest is a live-action area that offers exciting things to do for each member of the family. This four-story structure features magic actions such as finding treasure, solving different puzzles, and killing a dragon.

32- Boerner Botanical Gardens- Milwaukee

Milwaukee houses beautiful gardens called Boerner Botanical Gardens. The name of the greens looks after the founder of the area of Alfred Boerner. It was constructed in 1930 and had colorful plans.

33- Big Bay State Park -Ashland

This 2350 acres State Park was founded in 1963 and featured caves and a sparkling sandy beach. The settlement of a bald eagle has various picnic areas, campgrounds, and hiking trails. If you like to spend an unforgettable day in Wisconsin, do not miss it.

34- Cana Island Lighthouse- Door County

Visiting a lighthouse is always exciting, and Cana Island Lighthouse is a must-do thing. It was created in 1869 and is in charge of navigating boots and ships. You can come here every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and take part in a tour to visit the site.

35- Cave Point County Park- Sturgeon Bay

Perhaps you have had sad days in life and needed a loving peace area to relax and forget pains. Let’s introduce a unique place in the heart of Sturgeon Bay that is full of serenity and tranquility. Cave Point County Park is situated in the kingdom of water; never miss it.

36- State Street- Madison

This pedestrian zone is situated in Madison and has many shops, restaurants for romantic dinners. Halloween, a significant number of people gather here and have fun. Enjoy wandering in this street.

37- Willow River State Lake- Hudson

Willow River State Lake is about 2891 acres of the spectacular area established in 1967. The center of the Park has a deep gorge and a splendid cascade. This most visited Park houses rocks back to 600 million years ago. Camping, boating, fishing, and rock-climbing are among the popular activities in the area.

38- National Railroad Museum- Green Bay

This railroad Museum was constructed 65 years ago and is the oldest American institution that displays railroad history. The National Railroad Museum has artifact photography and related objects.

39- Madison Children’s Museum- Madison

Madison houses a Museum for your children and includes various exhibits on health history and Culture. Madison Children’s Museum has artifact photography and related objects.

40- Milwaukee Public Market- Milwaukee

This public market supports small businesses, and you can find many items such as seafood, coffee, meat, and candies, among others, On the site. The work of the Kubala Washatko architects is a history-based area and becomes a touristy place.

41- Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo- Suamico

Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo is covering 43 acres and houses 250 animals. Oak trees embrace it. The zoo includes an adventure park with a racing zip line, aerial course, and other things.

42- Holly Hill Basilica and National Shrine of Mary – Erin

This Roman Catholic shrine covers 21 acres of area and is situated in Erin. It is constructed in the Romanesque Revival architectural style by Herman J Gaul and Richard Philip. Holly Hill Basilica and National Shrine of Mary has an observation tower that allows you to see the glorious Milwaukee skyline.

43- Chazen Museum of Art- Madison

This art museum was founded in 1969 and displayed European artists such as Miro and Magritte. It is open Sunday through Saturday.

44- Milwaukee Riverwalk District- Milwaukee

Milwaukee houses a charming pedestrian walkway that attracts people from various parts of the world. Milwaukee Riverwalk District came into being in 1990 and includes water taxi landing, cafes, riverwalk park, and art displays.

45- St. Croix National Riverway -St. Croix Falls

This protective riverway system is about 92738 Acres area established in 1968 and has more than 521000 visitors. St. Croix National Riverway is a scenic recreational area that offers chances for fishing, camping, hunting, fishing, and kayaking.

46- Mars Cheese Castle- Kenosha

Kenosha houses a food store that provides a significant number of consumable items. Mars Cheese Castle is a touristy place that opened its doors to the public in 1947. This legendary area offers memorable moments.

47- Door County Maritime Museum- Sturgeon Bay

This Maritime Museum was constructed in 1969 and had 65000 visitors a year. The history of Great Lakes maritime revives in Door County Maritime Museum through various interactive exhibits.

48- EAA Aviation Museum- Oshkosh

This aviation museum was established 38 years ago and had 200 artifacts, warbirds, and antiques. EAA Aviation Museum displays and preserves aviation objects in outdoor and indoor exhibits.

49- Mid -Continent Railway Museum- Sauk County

This railroad Museum was built by Chicago and a northwestern transportation company in 1959. Mid -Continent Railway Museum demonstrates and preserves railroad cars. Visiting the museum is worth your time and money.

50- Dinosaur Discovery Museum- Kenosha

This fascinating museum focuses on theropods. It was established in 2005 in Kenosha and devoted to the ancient dinosaurs and modern birds. Dinosaur Discovery Museum includes a skeleton of dinosaurs and becomes a popular destination for children and families.

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