Best 50 Things To Do and Attractions In West Virginia State For Tourists 🇺🇸

West Virginia is nicknamed Mountain State and is among the top-rated attractions in the United States of America. This magnificent place is loaded with all-year outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and nature watching. The wilderness sites and magnificent forests along playgrounds attract many visitors annually. If you are interested in skiing and winter adventure, chances do not close your eyes to the tourist attractions in West Virginia. The area will never disappoint you. Adventure travelers will always find many things to do in new places, and West Virginia is no exception. From the elegant landscapes to the spectacular historic structures and fantastic courses, you are welcome to open arms. Reap the benefit of exploring the best 50 things to do in West Virginia through the legendary power of work.

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#1- Appalachian Trail Conservatory- Harpers

This non-profit institution is devoted to Appalachian Trail conservation. The route stretches from Maine to glorious Georgia. It was established in 1925 and covered 250000 acres of area. It is a place to enjoy scientific matters and the environment.

#2- New River Gorge National River -Glen Jean

The touristy place is situated on the shoulders of Glen Jean and covers over 72 acres of area. It was founded in 1978 and invited you to enjoy rock climbing and nature watching. Each year more than 8 million visitors join the space. This public recreation site is loaded with history and culture.

#3- The Greenbrier – White Sulphur Springs

The Greenbrier encompassed 11000 acres of area and was established in 1858. It includes 710 rooms and nine restaurants. This luxurious resort was constructed by John H B and Latrobe et al. It benefits from classical revival and federal architectural style. The site features sport and medical facilities.

#4- Blackwater Falls State Park- Tucker County

Blackwater Falls State Park covers 2358 acres of the site and was founded in 1977. The Park was named for Blackwater falls on the Blackwater river. It is a popular place for taking breathtaking photos. The Park features a restaurant, cross-country ski rentals, a campground, and a nature center. Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and fishing in the Park.

#5- Canaan Valley Resort State Park- Tucker County

This state park is located in Canaan Valley’s heart and the eastside of the Mississippi River. It encompassed 6015 acres of area and was founded in 1971. Canaan Valley Resort State Park features snow tubing sites, ski trails, and several campsites.

#6- Cass Scenic Railroad State Park- Pocahontas County

This heritage of railroad covered 490 acres of area and was founded in 1961. It was named for the former logging railroad at Cass, West Virginia. This state park provides spectacular train rides and enjoys nature’s unexampled views in Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

#7- Snowshoe Mountain Resort -Snowshoe

The ski resort covers 244 acres of skiable area. It includes biking trails, wedding sites, and golf courses. Snowshoe Mountain Resort offers chances to enjoy outdoor activities.

#8- Dolly Sods Wilderness- Elkins

Dolly Sods Wilderness offers a breathtaking view of the mountain. The site was founded in 1975 and covered 17776 acres of area. Head toward this peaceful place for backpacking. Take advantage of hiking, hunting, fishing, and gathering blueberries in Dolly Sods Wilderness.

#9- Summersville Lake- Summersville

Summersville Dam created this Reservoir in 1960. It encompasses 2700 acres of the site. The public recreation area is a place for boating, rock climbing, and scuba diving. Reap the benefit of a romantic walking on the relaxing shoreline.

#10- Lost World Caverns -Lewisburg

The underground caverns were designated as a national landmark in 1973. It features waterfalls and flowstone. Take parking on a walking tour and explore the cave.

#11- Monongahela National Forest- Elkins

The national forest covers 921150 acres. It was founded in 1920 and named for Monongahela River. It sits upon the shoulders of the Allegheny Mountains. This tourist destination attracts 3 million people in a year. Horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, hunting, and wildlife watching are among the area’s activities.

#12- Buffalo Mountain Trailhead Hatfield McCoy Trail- Williamson

This scenic trail system is situated on the shoulders of Williamson. Buffalo Mountain Trailhead Hatfield McCoy Trail is a fantastic place for driving and watching nature while listening to a piece of relaxing music. This wonderful place welcomes you with open arms.

#13- Pipestem Resort State Park- Mercer County

This 4045 acres State Park was founded in 1963 and named for Spiraea Alba. It has two hotels, beautiful wooden cabins, various restaurants, and outdoor facilities. You can see native animals and plants in the Park. It is open 365 days a year.

#14- Babcock State Park- Clifftop

The state park is situated in the heart of New River Gorge and covers 4127 acres of area. It was founded in 1934 and named after a lumbar industrialist, Edward V, Babcock. The Park includes cabins, campsites, gift shop, hiking trails, swimming pool, picnic shelter, and scenic overlooks.

#15-Coopers Rock State Forest- Bruceton Mills

Coopers Rock State Forest is about 12747 acres. It is an eye-opening place for a day trip. The forest features picnic areas. Visiting the forest is highly recommended to nature lovers. It is a lovely place for white water rafting, hiking, rock climbing, and camping. It is open all year.

#16- Dublin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad- Elkins

This heritage railroad started its job in 2015. It allows you to explore West Virginia and enjoy adventuring. enjoy passing through the most spectacular spots in the heart of Elkins

#17- Hawks Nest State Park- Ansted

Hawks Nest State Park encompasses 370 acres of area in Ansted. The state park overlooked New River and was founded in 1935. It features swimming pools, picnic areas, gift shops, restaurants, and hiking trails. Take advantage of the scenic views offered by the Park.

#18- Smoke Hole Caverns- Grant County

This impressive display cave opened its doors to the general public in 1940. It is a place for learning about nature. Forget about time and space; jump into the world of wonder.

#19- Seneca Rocks- Pendleton County

This touristy local landmark is about 900 feet above stream level. It is accessible through rock climbing tactics. Seneca Rocks is a famous tourist attraction that provides challenging chances for rock climbers.

#20- Berkeley Springs State Park- Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs houses a 7 acres magnificent state park that was founded in 1970. The Park includes a mineral spa that draws many people for medical purposes. Join the spa and forget about your joint pains. This beautiful park has a museum which is free of charge.

#21- Beartown State Park- Marlington

The Beartown State Park covers 110 acres of the site and came into being in 1970. It was named for American black bear. This Park is open seven days a week from April to October. Enjoy hiking and nature watching in this hidden gem.

#22- Cranberry Glades Botanical Area- Pocahontas

There is an eye-opening place in the heart of Pocahontas, which is surrounded by lofty mountains. Cranberry Glades Botanical Area is a popular tourist attraction that is positioned across west Virginia’ a highland scenic highway. The house of rare plants and animals welcomes you for exploring. Enjoy walking between the generous hands of west Virginia.

#23- Clay Center -Charleston

Clay Center is situated in Charlestown and preserves and displays performing arts and science. The center was founded nine years ago. This educational institute includes the avampato Discovery Museum and The ElectricSky Theater. It is a place for science lovers.

#24- Stonewall Resort State Park -Roanoke

The Stonewall Resort State Park is located on Jackson Lakes shore. It is about 1736 acres of area and was established in 1990. The Park includes campsites, multi-use structures, restaurants, a full-service spa, and a swimming pool.

#25- Prickett’s Fort State Park- Marion

The Park is about 22 acres of area and is situated on the chest of Marion. It was founded in 1975 and named for Prickett’s Fort. Prickett’s Fort State Park features an outdoor amphitheater, visitor center, hiking trails, and boat launch. The part takes advantage of living history to display the past.

#26- Watoga State Park- Pocahontas

This state park is positioned in Pocahontas and covers over 10000 acres of area. It was named for Watoga Lake. The garden was established in 1934 and included campgrounds, a swimming pool, many hiking trails, and a museum.

#27- Chief Logan State Park- Logan

This 3988 acres state park was named after a war leader, Chief Logan. It was founded in 1969. The Park’s amphitheater is a place to enjoy outdoor drama. Chief Logan State Park includes picnic shelters, outdoor pool restaurants, and hiking trails.

#28- Huntington Museum of Art- Huntington

Park Hills homes an art museum called Huntington Museum of Art and encompasses 50 acres of Huntington. It had 50000 visitors each year. The art museum was constructed in 1969. The museum includes paintings, prints, decorative objects, European and American artworks. It has an astounding conservatory and several animals. Enjoy walking in the nature trail system.

#29- Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races- Charles Town

This Play Room and the race track was established in 1933. It had 150 rooms. Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races was called Jefferson County Races and Charles Town Race and Slots previously. Take advantage of spending an exciting day in the Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races.

#30- River Riders Family Adventure Resort- Harpers Ferry

West Virginia invites you to join River Riders Family Adventure Resort. This public Recreation activity offers chances for white water rafting, zip line, biking, and kayaking in the area. It is a unique place for family members. So, experience a wonderful day in the place.

#31- Heritage Farm Museum and Village- Huntington

This outdoor History Museum concentrates on the culture and history of Appalachian. It was founded in 1996 in the heart of Huntington. Heritage Farm Museum and Village is a place to see the works of Henriella Perry and A. Michael Mike. way back weekend festival as in even to hosted by Heritage Farm Museum and Village from May to December.

#32- Blennerhassett Island Historic State Park- Wood County

This state park covers 511 acres of area in the heart of woods County. You can join Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park by riverboat. The Park features a gift shop, picnic areas, and hiking trails.

#33- Twin Falls Resort State Park- Mullens

On a light rainy day, head toward a relaxing place in West Virginia. If you look for a perfect site to celebrate your anniversary, Twin Falls Resort State Park could be an impeccable one. Enjoy a romantic walk with your beloved in the Park.

#34- Mothman Museum- Point Pleasant

The museum was established in 2005 in Point Pleasant. It is open from Sunday to Saturday. The museum provides the necessary information about Mothman’s legend. You can prepare a unique gift in the gift shop for your beloved.

#35- Gauley River National Recreation Area- Summersville

Gauley River National Recreation Area encompassed 11507 acres of area and was founded in 1988. This public recreation area attracts more than 100000 people in a year. It is in charge of protecting Meadow River and Gauley River.

#36- John Brown’s Fort -Harpers Ferry

The fort was built in 1848 by the federal Harpers Ferry army. It is the only remaining structure that was not destroyed during the Civil War. John Brown’s Fort is a one-story building that attracts a significant number of history lovers.

#37- West Virginia Botanic Garden- Cheat Lake

This splendid local treasure is situated in the heart of Cheat Lake. It includes several institutions and benefits from beautiful plant species. The garden is open from early morning to late evening and invites you with open arms.

#38- Grand Vue Park- Moundsville

The magnificent Park includes several superb villas, golf courses, and zip lines. Jump into the heart of nature and enjoy staying in the Treehouse cabins. Grand Vue Park is an unexampled place for a family adventure.

#39- Cathedral Falls- Gauley Bridge

One of the most beautiful falls in Gauley Bridge is situated along Midland Trail. It is very accessible and becomes a popular tourist destination in West Virginia. It is tough to close your eyes to the beauty of Cathedral Falls.

#40- West Virginia State Museum- Charleston

The most populated city of West Virginia houses a museum called West Virginia State Museum. It is situated in Charleston’s cultural center and displays the history of the area through various exhibits. You will find many things in West Virginia State Museum, ranging from antique hats to other things.

#41- Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute- Front Royal

The Youth Museum of Southern WV covered 3200 acres of area and was established in 1974. It was called the conservation and research center previously. Youth Museum of Southern WV welcomes many science lovers annually who like to see endangered species. It is the house of more than 400 animals.

#42- Youth Museum of Southern WV- Beckley

This tourist destination is situated on the shoulders of Beckley. Youth Museum of Southern WV welcomes thousands of people annually. It features an underground mine, picnic areas, and a coal camp. You can explore the coal mine from Wednesday to Sunday.

#43- Mystery Hole- Ansted

Mystery Hole is nestled in Ansted and came into being in 1973 by Donald Wilson next to the Midland Trail. This tourist destination is made of a cluster of underground rooms. Mystery Hole impulses this sense that there is a problem with gravity.

#44- Harpers Ferry National Historical Park- Harpers Ferry

This fabulous site is over 3000 acres and was founded in 1944. Over 200000 visitors join the Park annually. This lovely Park is a unique place for your weekend holiday, join and have fun.

#45- Cathedral of Saint Joseph -Wheeling

The masterpiece of Edward Weber was constructed in 1926 in Wheeling. The cathedral takes advantage of the Romanesque Revival architectural style. This magnificent cathedral is among the most visited places in West Virginia.

#46- Old Main- Summersville

This two-story school building is nestled in Summersville and was constructed in 1915. H. Rus Warne; Shrake, P.Q., & Son created this Renaissance-style structure. Old Main is known as a tourist destination.

#47- Fort Ashby- Fort Ashby

This ancient citadel press is a navy creation that got here into being in 1755. It performed a function in Fort Ashby’s war befell 265 years ago. It is worth a visit.

#48- Waldomore- Clarksburg

Waldomore is a beautiful two-tale construction that sits upon the shoulders of Clarksburg. It was built-in 1839. Waldomore takes advantage of Classical Revival and Greek Revival architectural styles. West Virginia invites you to visit this marvelous mansion.

#49- Huntington Museum of Art- Huntington

Park Hills is the birthplace of an artwork museum called Huntington Museum of Art and encompasses 50 acres of land. It had 50000 visitors every year. The artwork museum changed into built-in 1969. The museum consists of paintings, prints, ornamental objects, European and American artworks. Its capabilities include a tropical plant conservatory and numerous animals. Enjoy on foot withinside the nature path system.

#50- Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races- Charles Town

This Playroom and the race track was established in 1933. It had 150 rooms. Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races was called Jefferson County Races and Charles Town Race and Slots previously. Take advantage of spending an exciting day in the Hollywood Play Room at Charles Town Races.

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