Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Washington State For Tourists

Washington or Evergreen State is a great state with many choices to visit and many things to do. The nature in this State is charming, and the climate type is diverse in each part of this State. You have various places to enjoy, like sleeping volcanoes as Mount Rainier, green forests as Hoh Rain Forest, charming Islands like the San Juan Islands and Puget, that it seems you are in heaven there, and cultural cities like Seattle. In cultural towns, you can choose modern entertainment instead of nature exploring. The tourist attractions in Washington are as many as you can’t visit all of them in just your 1st trip, so you must spend more time visiting the best places there and enjoy the things to do in Washington. The other most famous sites are Mount Rainier national park and bays, also unique restaurants that we will name the best of them below.

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#1- Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching – San Juan Islands

This place is the house of Maya Whales, you can watch them. The orca whales, and also sometimes the Humpback, Minke and Gray’s whales are swimming there, and you can watch them too.

#2- Mt. St. Helens National Monument Tour – Seattle

This tour is an amazing one, which teaches you about this location. You have this chance to visit fantastic sceneries and enjoy your meal in the fresh air on top of the mountains.

#3- Pike Place Market – Seattle

This location is one of the oldest public markets. You can visit this exciting market and enjoy it, but Starbucks is the most famous attraction in this market. It is the 1st Starbucks and the original one. You can watch the market and the flow of life when you are enjoying a coffee.

#4- Kitsap Forest Theater – Bremerton

Kitsap Forest Theater is 460-acre and surrounded by many giant trees. You can enjoy many local troupes performances and plays there. Visiting there would be more pleasant in warm months.

#5- Whatcom Museum – Bellingham

Whatcom Museum is an art and historical museum. Its construction started in 1892, and the style of buildings is like late Victorian time. More than 200000 local art pieces are kept there.

#6- The Center For Wooden Boats – Seattle

If you are interested in paddling and sailing, This experience is right for you to attend this fantastic tour. In this location, you can enjoy sailing historic Wooden Boats and waterways.

#7- Archie McPhee – Seattle

Visiting Archie McPhee is a new and fantastic experience. You can see lots of classic and strange ganders and toys there. It’s an eclectic store that collectors will enjoy the most because they can find many exciting things. I bet you, at last, you exit this store with a smile because it’s too fun.

#8- Molly Moon’s homemade seasonal ice cream – Seattle

Tasting Molly Moon’s homemade ice cream is one of the most engaging experiences. Some flavors are available all of the year, but some are just for a unique season. These creative and special ice creams are made from local ingredients.

#9- Local 360 – Seattle

Loca 360 is a unique cafe. The result of naming it Local 360 is preparing all foods from local ingredients within a 360 mile Seattle’s radius. You can enjoy the taste of fresh and delicious foods there.

#10- Sol Duc Hot Springs – Port Angeles

Sol Duc Hot Springs is a quiet location that visitors can rest and enjoy a green environment. There are many cabins, rooms, and suites for visitors. The mineral pools and spas are popular there, and camping is one of the attractions you can enjoy there.

#11- Mount Rainier Railroad Dining Company – Elbe

Mount Rainier Railroad Dining Company is a fantastic place that most visitors like. You can visit there and enjoy your meals while sitting on a real train and tasting special home-cooked foods. Also, you can rest in hotels there.

#12- The Museum of Flight – Seattle

If you are interested in flight and air vehicles, it’s delightful for you to attend this museum. There are lots of boings you can learn about the history of them. You can enjoy learning technical information. You can find any plane there, and even a space shuttle crew can help you experience space travel simulating in this exhibition.

#13- Bellingham Farmers Market – Bellingham

This famous market is a farmer’s market that you can enjoy visiting there. It was started by two university students who found that there is a need for fresh foodstuffs in an urban area. After a while, this market boomed and changed to an attraction of Bellingham. It has a variety of vegetables, fruit, bread, and other foodstuffs.

#14- Whidbey Photo Adventures – Langley

Whidbey Photo Adventures is a unique experience that you can learn many things about professional photography there. In this tour, you have this chance to explore the islands and discover the principles of professional photography and color combination.

#15- Pirates Plunder – Seattle

Pirates Plunder is a strange place where you can find everything related to pirates. Pirate’s clothes, tools, fun booty, and other associated things are there, and you can enjoy attending this location and visiting these things.

#16- Seattle Seafair – Seattle

Seattle Seafair is a summer tradition for more than 60 years. In this traditional celebration, there are many meaningful symbols related to local customs. If you are interested in the theme party, you’ll enjoy attending this Seattle attraction. It takes place from Jun.15 to Aug.21.

#17- Teapot Dome Service Station – Zillah

Teapot Dome Service Station is a symbolic construction that reminds us of a specific government scandal. It’s built-in 1992. You can have a short stop there, and take your photo in front of this national historic place.

#18- River Valley Cheese – Fall City

Food and cheese lovers will enjoy visiting this attraction. River Valley Cheese is a house of any handmade cheeses; you can learn how to make them. Then you can create your cheese with your hands.

#19- Forks Timber Museum – Forks

Forks Timber Museum is a local museum of a place named “Logging Capital of the World”; you can find many ancient and historical tools and equipment. It would be pleasant for some visitors to know more about the history of places, so it’s the right location for them to enjoy and spend time.

#20- Fiamma Burger – Bellingham

Fiamma Burger is the right place for food lovers. You should taste these burgers because the best ingredients are used to make them, like fresh meat from local butchers and fresh buns delivered from the local bakery. You’ll never forget these burgers.

#21- Mount Baker Theatre – Bellingham

Mount Baker Theatre has been an attractive location for visitors since 1927. In this place you can attend lectures, concerts, and theaters; and also if you are interested in historical theatre, it would be the right choice for you to visit.

#22- Ye Olde Curiosity Shop – Seattle

It’s one of the top seven wonders of Seattle. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is fantastic because you can find every surprising thing. This eclectic shop has been working since 1899 and is one of the most popular places among visitors.

#23- Seattle Great Wheel – Seattle

Seattle Great Wheel is a fantastic experience because of the unique view you can see in about 175 feet of the upper ground. Elliott Bay, the crowded town, and the distant mountains are some of the exciting things you can see from Seattle’s Great Wheel.

#24- International Kite Festival – Long Beach

International Kite Festival is a unique tourist attraction that takes place every year during a week in Long Beach. People around the world come to this place and celebrate this colorful festival. It is so memorable and joyful for many visitors. It takes place from Aug.15 to 21.

#25- Wolf Haven International – Tenino

Wolf Haven International is the best situation for animal lovers to learn about wolves. You can have a 50 minutes guided tour about this sanctuary, wolves, their ecosystem, and wolf biology.

#26- Seattle’s Official Bad Art Museum of Art – Seattle

There are many strange arts in Seattle’s Official Bad Art Museum of Art. It is located in the lower part of Cafe Racer. You can have fun there as you view the weird and ugly artworks. At last, you can have a good time in Cafe Racer too.

#27- Snoqualmie Falls – Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie Falls is a location that you can’t omit visiting. It’s the most famous scenic attraction of Washington State, with 1.5 million visitors per year. The remarkable scenery in this place is eye-catching as a renowned waterfall and 270-foot cliff. One of the enjoyable things to do there is hiking and photography.

#28- Unicorn – Seattle

Unicorn is a novel cafe that has a mysterious theme as a unicorn animal. It’s a fun place for visitors to attend some games like pinball and enjoy fantastic drinks.

#29- Tillicum Village Cruise Tour – Seattle

Tillicum Village Cruise Tour is a popular experience, and many visitors like it. You have a short boat trip, and then on the island, you can learn about the culture and the lifestyle of the tribe that lived there. Some of the exciting parts are the arts and traditional dancing of native Americans.

#30- Sehome Hill Arboretum – Bellingham

This charming location is one of the popular tourist attractions that you have this chance to relax and enjoy the scenery. Also, you can hike and explore nature. This green location with beautiful wildlife is an ideal situation to learn about the nature of Washington.

#31- Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour – Seattle

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour is a memorable tour under the Seattle city. This location was built as Seattle decided to recreate the original version of this city under the ground. After the fire in 1889 in Seattle, 25 blocks of woody places Seattle burned, and this underground location is a sample of This town from that time.

#32- Jimi Hendrix Memorial – Renton

Jimi Hendrix was a great singer and guitarist in 60th. His music is very inspiring for all generations after him. This place is a memorial monument outside of the city for his respect.

#33- Camlann Medieval Village – Carnation

Camlann Medieval Village is a unique village that you can see the 14th-century lifestyle there throughout the year festival. Interesting enjoyments there are theater, delicious ancient foods, archery, and live music.

#34- Thornewood Castle – Lakewood

Thornewood Castle built-in 1907, and all pieces came from England. You can visit or rest there like the English royal family. This castle is a different experience, and you will enjoy it. It’s not open all the time, so make sure about it before going there.

#35- Spark Museum of Electrical Invention – Bellingham

This museum is an enjoyable place for Electric progress lovers. You can visit many interesting things related to electrical inventions there and learn many things about them. It’s a museum with historical documents. If you get there, you can see the “MegaZapper,” which is Tesla’s colossal invention.

#36- Museum of Glass – Tacoma

Museum of Glass is a particular art museum that can watch how the molten glass changes to the dishes and sculptures by glass artists. You can explore the exhibition and visit the exciting arts of the 20 and 21 century.

#37- Goldendale Observatory – Goldendale

It’s an enjoyable place for the sky and celestial bodies lovers. Related to the time and season, you come to the Goldendale Observatory, you can see the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and other heavenly bodies under the starry night. You have this chance to see these bodies from a closer view using specialized telescopes.

#38- Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens – Everett

Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens is a 3,5-acre area that contains ten theme gardens. This location is famous because of its Japanese Maple Grove. The beautiful views and the unique colorful nature in this place are eye-catching, and you will enjoy it, especially in spring or fall.

#39- Mukilteo Light Station – Mukilteo

Mukilteo Light Station is a lighthouse constructed in 1906. This lighthouse works now the time and guides around ships. Taking a tour of this fantastic place is enjoyable for visitors. You have this chance to relax and gaze at the distant mountains and outstanding coastline in this historic location.

#40- EMP Museum – Seattle

EMP Museum is a unique museum. You can have lots of fun there. You can see the Nirvana collection, view the item of science fiction movies, explore the Star Trek elements, and create your music with particular instruments in the sound lab.

#41- Fort Nisqually Living History Museum – Tacoma

Fort Nisqually Living History Museum is a historical museum. It’s a sample of the 19th century and includes the lifestyle of the first European settlers of Puget Sound. Also, you can see some volunteers dressing in those ancient people’s clothes. You can learn about those people’s crafts, fun, and games. Visiting this historic place is popular and enjoyable for many tourists.

#42- TreeHouse Point – Issaquah

TreeHouse Point is a place you should view at least one time. It is over the Raging River, and you enjoy it, mostly if you stay there for the night.

#43- Future of Flight Aviation Center – Mukilteo

Future of Flight Aviation Center includes a Boeing factory tour where you can see some of the enormous commercial jets in the construction process. Also, there is a 28,000 square foot exhibition of different flights there you can enjoy visiting.

#44- Pig Out in the Park – Spokane

This park is a popular place because of its exciting environment. Forty-five food booths prepare 200 varieties of cheap and tasty foods. Indeed, you can find the best food. Also, you can enjoy the landscape with waterfalls, sunshine, and music there. It takes place from Aug.31 to Sept.5.

#45- Soap Lake healing mineral waters – Soap Lake

Soap Lake is a unique place with more than 17 different minerals that you can rest and relax. This mysterious, slick, and soapy feeling of water heals body and mind.

#46- Rock Box – Seattle

Rock Box is a place in Japanese style; there are 11 rooms with all kinds of snacks. Visitors can rest in a public space or sleep in private rooms.

#47- Space Needle – Seattle

Space Needle is an iconic tower of Seattle; you can see all this city and surrounding area. It’s 520 feet above the ground, and the colorful city is under your feet.

#48- Stonerose Interpretive Center – Republic

This location is full of fossils, and it’s because of the volcanic situation and sediment over the years. You can spend time finding fossils and pick some of them with you.

#49- Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival – Port Angeles

This festival takes place from October 7 to 9, and You can see crab-themed everywhere. It is on the Port Angeles waterfront. You can enjoy tasty foods, arts, music, strange market, and merchandise and learn how to cook crabs as experts.

#50- Lake Chelan – Chelan

Lake Chelan is the biggest lake in Washington state. It has a length of 50.5 miles. And it’s the 3rd most expensive lake in the United States.
The best season to spend your holiday in summer, and the best thing to do is boating.

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