Best 50 things To Do And Attractions In Virginia State For Tourists

Beautiful Virginia is loaded with history and historical places. The homeland of 5 America’s presidents is a popular tourist attraction in the United States of America. Virginia is a place that experienced Civil War battlefields and where the war came to an end. Virginia preserves its 18th-century figure and shines like a diamond on the United States of America’s chest. Virginia’s history and beautiful landmarks attract a significant number of tourists to this breathtaking section of America. Some of the fantastic tourist attractions in Virginia include George Washington’s, Mount Vernon, Skyline Drive, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Luray Caverns, and Shenandoah Valley. If you are looking for a fascinating place to spend your holidays or honeymoon, think about lots of things to do in Virginia. This eye-opening section of the USA is one of the touristy parts. Plan your time to experience unforgettable moments in this glorious place. Keep reading to explore Virginia with each other.

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#1- Shenandoah National Park- Virginia

Shenandoah National Park, A fantastic USA National Park that holds some sections of the Blue Ridge Mountains came into being in 1935. more than 1 million visitors come here to enjoy Skyline drive, backcountry camping, and beautiful waterfalls. Join the house of dazzling beauty.

#2- George Washington’s Mount Vernon- Fairfax County

George Washington’s Mount Vernon is a 500 acres area founded in 1758 in Palladian architectural style. The masterpiece of Fairfax County sits on the skirt of the Potomac River. The dwelling of George Washington and his wife are among touristy places in Virginia. The area is open every day.

#3- Skyline Drive -Shenandoah National Park

This mind-blowing 105 miles road passes through Shenandoah national park and offers spectacular views of nature and the horizon. Next to Front Royal, established in 1930, provides chances for biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

#4- Monticello- Albemarle

This beautiful plantation of America’s president was created in 1772 by Thomas Jefferson in neoclassical and Palladian architectural style. Monticello is a Cultural area that is essential historically and architecturally and attracts many tourists.

#5- Arlington National Cemetery -Arlington

The resting place of various soldiers and veterans is about 639 acres and includes 400000 graves. This national Cemetery was created in 1864, and some of the buried figures in Arlington National Cemetery, including William Henry Christmas and William Howard Taft, among others.

#6- Busch Gardens Williamsburg -James City

James City houses an amusement park that covers 422 acres and was founded in 1975. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a theme park that is open year-round and includes nine roller coasters and three watersides. The site has different inhabitants, including animals and birds such as barn owls.

#7- Luray Caverns- Luray

The west section of Laurie houses a cave that attracts many people who want to discover new things. Luray Caverns is the most visited place in Virginia that was established in 1973. Enjoy visiting the area.

#8- Colonial Williamsburg Visitors Center- Williamsburg

Let us take you to a stress-free place in Virginia. The world’s most excellent living museum covers 300 acres. This private foundation is a historic part of Williamsburg, built-in 1699 in Georgian architectural style. Visit the 18th-century buildings and various colonial revival structures.

#9- Pentagon -Arlington

The US military symbol was constructed in 1941 in stripped classicism, modern movement, and classical revival architectural style. This seven-story structure is a masterpiece of George Bergstrom and David Witmer. The Pentagon covers 34 acres.

#10- US Marine Corps War Memorial -Arlington

This national memorial was designed by Felix De Weldon and Horace W. Peaslee. The US Marine Corps War Memorial was constructed for the honorable marines who died in defending the USA. Join this part of history and commemorate the old soldiers who gave life to America.

#11- Kings Dominion- Doswell

Doswell houses an amusement park that is open from spring through fall. This 400 area has 12 roller coasters and seven waterslides and opened its doors in 1972 weather with the slogan is fantastic here. Kings Dominion includes candy apple grove, safari village, and planet snoopy, among others.

#12- Old Rag mountain -Madison

Old Rag Mountain is a lofty mountain situated on Madison’s shoulders that offers opportunities to enjoy pure oxygen. Join the area and step inside the territory of snow and walking. Old Rag Mountain is a place for hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering.

#13- Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Centre -Virginia Beach

This marine Science Centre and aquarium situated in Virginia Beach houses 12000 animals of 700 species. The home of saltwater and freshwater fish came into being in 1986 and has various exhibits such as Chesapeake Bay Aquarium, Norfolk canyon aquarium, and the restless planet.

#14- Water Country USA -Williamsburg

Water Country USA was constructed in 1984 with the slogan ‘it’s not just water …it’s water CountryUSA.’ It is open from May through September and includes shops, water rides, restaurants, and fantastic live entertainment. Join Water Country USA, a family-friendly place with your kids.

#15- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts- Richmond

Richmond houses an art museum called Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, established in 1936 and includes 22000 artworks. Peebles and Ferguson founded the Museum in English Renaissance and Georgian revival architectural style. It provides opportunities to see African American ancient and art nouveau and also art deco masterpieces.

#16- Stephen F. Udvar- Hazy Center -Chantilly

Stephen F. Udvar- Hazy Center is a magnificent aviation museum visited by more than 1 million visitors a year. This national air and space museum was founded in 2003 to demonstrate historic space artifacts. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#17- Natural Bridge State Park -Rockbridge

Natural Bridge State Park is a dazzling natural Bridge situated in Rockbridge that is open every day from 8 a.m. to seven p.m. This charming state park opened in 2016. you must prepare your ticket to see this fascinating place. Enjoy walking and exploring this glorious park.

#18- Great Falls Park -Fairfax

Great Falls Park covers 800 acres and attracts more than 600000 visitors a year. This state park was born in 1966 and had a relaxing picnic area to park your vehicle easily in the parking and explore the place. Enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, and nature watching in this park.

#19- Shenandoah Valley- Virginia

The place benefits from a pleasant climate and provides an opportunity for exploration and discovery. The house of wild turkey and deer is a breathtaking sight that is significant culturally and geographically. Visiting Shenandoah Valley as recommended to nature lovers.

#20- First Landing State Park -Virginia Beach

First Landing State Park covers 2888 acres and attracts more than 1 million visitors a year. It offers recreational activities such as camping, swimming, fishing, biking, boating, and picnicking. The park was created in the 1930s

#21- Historic Jamestown -James City

This cultural heritage site’s over 20 acres area came into being in 1607. The main English settlements in the United States of America narrates the history of discovering America. The History Museum is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#22- Manassas National Battlefield Park- Manassas

Manassas National Battlefield Park is 5073 acres and created in 1940 to protect the area where the American Civil War battles happened. It includes uniforms and weapons, so visiting the park is recommended to history lovers.

#23- Nauticus- Norfolk

This Maritime Museum was established in 1994 and offered various exhibits, theatres, and educational programs. Nauticus is a contemporary museum that provides the chance to learn about aquatic life and animals.

#24- Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden- Richmond

This 50 acres marvelous botanical garden was founded in 1984 and included a cafe, conservatory, and various exhibits. On summer days, you are welcomed with live music. If you come here in the winter holidays, you can enjoy colorful tropical butterflies, and in spring, your children can enjoy children’s activities.

#25- Governors Palace -Williamsburg

The royal governor’s official residence was created in 1699 in English baroque and Colonial revival architecture style. This brilliant Governors Palace is situated in Williamsburg and benefits from the late 18th Century furniture.

#26- The Omni Homestead Resort- Hot Springs

The Omni Homestead Resort is a luxurious resort covering 2300 acres and was constructed in 1892 in Queen Anne colonial revival and Greek revival architectural style. It is famous for golf courses and alpine ski resorts. Step into the pages of history and go back to two centuries ago.

#27- Maymont -Richmond

This beautiful public park and Victorian Estate covers 100 acres and seats on the chest of Richmond. The arboretum and historic house include native wildlife exhibits, a children’s farm, and beautiful gardens. Maymont was founded in 1890 and is open year-round. Each year more than 500000 people come here.

#28- Cape Henry Lighthouse- Cape Henry

Cape Henry Lighthouse is a magnificent lighthouse constructed in 1792 by the Federal Government. It was famous for its rivers and shipping traffic and became one of Virginia’s popular tourist destinations.

#29- Norfolk Botanical Garden- Norfolk

Norfolk Botanical Garden is a gorgeous botanical garden and arboretum constructed in 1938 in the naturalistic landscape by Norfolk. The house of beautiful azaleas, rhododendrons, and other lovely planets welcomes you with open arms to enjoy the glory of nature in Norfolk.

#30- Virginia Beach Oceanfront- Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a 4 km relaxing boardwalk in Virginia Beach and draws a significant number of visitors who like to spend happy moments in Virginia’s heart. It was founded in 1988. during hot summer months, you can enjoy entertainment events such as local performances. Reap the benefit of walking in the kingdom of water, sand, and sun.

#31- Meadowlark Botanical Garden- Vienna

This gorgeous botanical garden is open every day except for significant holidays. Meadowlark Botanical Garden is a free admission place that offers a chance to see aquatic plants, Herb Gardens, and beautiful azaleas. If you look for a dreamy place for your wedding venue, Meadowlark Botanical Garden is for you.

#32- American Civil War Museum- Richmond

This History Museum was constructed in 1866 and visited by more than 5000 visitors a year. American Civil War Museum includes the Confederate documents and various battle flags, photographs, and artifacts devoted to American Civil War history.

#33- Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel- Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach houses a bridge-tunnel next to Elizabeth River to connect Virginia Beach, Northampton county, and Norfolk. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is not only a transportation bridge but a tourist destination that draws many visitors to rest in this relaxing site.

#34- Chrysler Museum of Art -Norfolk

This art museum was created in 1933 and visited by 200000 people in a year. Chrysler Museum of Art sits on the shoulders of the Hague. The museum items cover 5000 years of our universe’s history, including sculptures, paintings, and glass collections.

#35- Back Bay National Wildlife refuge – Virginia Beach

Back Bay National Wildlife refuge is a 9062 acres area founded in 1938 and becomes a tourist attraction in Virginia. It features an admirable ocean beach, dunes, charming ponds, and glorious maritime forests. The settlement of refugee animals such as snow geese is an adorable place for bird lovers.

#36- Virginia Zoological Park- Norfolk

This 53 acres zoological park and founded in 1900 and houses 350 animals of 115 species. Virginia Zoological Park has many exhibits, such as the trail of the tiger and the Okavango Delta. You have a chance to see lions, tigers, ostrich, and zebras.

#37- Ocean Breeze Waterpark -Virginia Beach

This family-friendly waterpark is situated on the south beach and features a wave pool, water-themed playground, and adventure river. Join the site in the summer and stay calm. Come here with your children and have fun.

#38- Appomattox Court House National Historical Park-_Appomattox

This glorious 1774 19th century protected village attracts more than 14 million visitors in a year. It was established in 1935 and included restored structures, cemeteries, and some remaining buildings. The place is open every day.

#39- Mill Mountain Star -Roanoke

Mill Mountain Star, known as Roanoke Star, too, is about 0.5 acres created in 1949. This human-made star becomes the East Coast Hollywood sign. Do not forget to visit this touristy place.

#40- Virginia Living Museum- Newport News

This open-air museum was founded in 1966 and had more than 254 animals. Virginia Living Museum includes Planetarium, magnificent botanical garden, aquarium, and exciting Science Centre. The museum invites you to see the glorious butterfly garden; say yes to its invitation.

#41- James Monroe’s Highland- Charlottesville

James Monroe’s Highland is a 200 acres place founded in 1799 by James Monroe. The house of fifth America’s president is open every day from 11 p.m. to four p.m. take part in a tour and enjoy visiting James Monroe’s Highland in the presence of a knowledgeable tour guide.

#42- The Poe Museum- Richmond

The Poe Museum is a biographical museum founded in 1922 and devoted to Edgar Allen Poe, a well-known American writer. The museum features original manuscripts, personal belongings, and the letters of Poe. If you are Allan Poe’s lover, the museum is yours.

#43- George Washington Masonic National Memorial- Alexandria

This observation and museum were created in 1922 by Hervey Wiley Corbett of Helmle & Corbett. George Washington Masonic National Memorial devotes to commemorate the first American President George Washington. It is a replica of the lighthouse of Alexandria located in Egypt.

#44- Virginia State Capitol- Richmond

Virginia’s government seat was created between 1785 to 1788 by Jefferson and Clerisseau in the early Republic Palladian architectural style. Visiting Virginia State Capitol is among the must-do things in Virginia. Join the place that is loaded with history.

#45- Arlington House the Robert E. Lee Memorial -Arlington

Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial, is a 2808 acres place created in 1803 by George Hadfield in Greek revival architectural style. Each year more than 500000 visitors come here to see this magnificent mansion overlooking the Potomac River.

#46- Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts- Wolf Trap

This performing arts center is situated on the shoulders of Wolf Trap and covers 130 acres. It was created in 1966 and attracted more than 400000 visitors a year. Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts is a non-profit organization with many things to offer its visitors. From May to September you may enjoy various performances.

#47- The Mariners Museum and Park -Newport News

North America has a large maritime museum called The Mariners Museum and Park that offers opportunities to see various maritime history collections. It was built in 1930 and included 32000 artifacts, ship models, paintings, and other works.

#48- Prince William Forest Park -Triangle

This National Forest Park was created in 1976 and covered 16084 acres, and attracted more than 300000 visitors in a year. This Recreation protected area takes you to the past and offers a perfect view of the east coast in the past years. Hiking, biking, camping, and wildlife watching are among the popular activities in the area.

#49- Torpedo Factory Art Center- Alexandria

Torpedo Factory Art Center is an art museum situated on the Potomac River’s bank. It includes galleries, workshops, and Art studios to display painting, photography, and printmaking.

#50- Colonial National Historical Park- Yorktown

This national historical park was founded in 1930 and attracted more than 3 million visitors a year. It is in charge of preserving various places of the colony of Virginia. Colonial National Historical Park features colonial parkway, Jamestown, and Yorktown battlefield.

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