Best Things To Do And Attractions In Texas State For Tourists

Texas is a fantastic destination for foreign tourists who want to spend memorable moments in a state larger than Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. High mountains and coastline surround this glorious place. Texas state always provides new things for exploring and learning about past and present time. Today we decide to introduce the best 50 things to do in Texas state. Keep reading.

List Of The Attractions In Texas show

#1- The Sixth Floor Museum at Plaza – Dallas County

This historical museum was built in 1989 to demonstrate the life, legacy, death, and times of John F Kennedy. The webcam of the museum provides an opportunity to visit it in detail. The museum is about 45000 items ranging from the artifact, historical films, and interpretive displays to photographs.

#2- The Sixth Flags over Texas – Arlington

This 212 acres topic park is situated on Arlington’s shoulders and opened its doors to the public in 1961. The park’s slogan is ‘The Thrill Capital of Texas’ and is open 365 days a year. The park offers exciting things for people of all ages, such as live shows. Eat park welcomes a significant number of exciting events that are worth a visit.

#3- The Alamo – San Antonio

The Alamo was constructed in 1744 by Franciscans and became well-known during the war with the Mexican army, called the Texas War of Independence. Each year over 2 million visitors join the Alamo and visit this memorial place, which reminds heroes who defend their homeland.

#4- Houston Space Centre – Houston

Houston is the birthplace of the science museum that was born in 1992. Houston Space Centre is visited by over 1 million people each year and is open always but on Christmas Day. Under NASA supervision, this space center provides astronauts training through permanent and temporary exhibits, theatres, and artifacts. Houston Space Centre offers various programs for visitors of all ages.

#5- San Antonio Riverwalk – San Antonio

San Antonio Riverwalk or Riverwalk is one of the breathtaking tourist attractions in Texas that breathe on the warm hands of San Antonio. The park indicates a network of relaxing walkways located beside the San Antonio River’s banks.
The restaurants, historic missions, and shops make the San Antonio Riverwalk a significant destination for surprising tourists. It is the tryst of lovers too.

#6- Mount Bonnell – Austin

Along with Lake Austin, there is a beautiful area called Covert Park or Mount Bonnell. This touristy area was built in 1939 and became a charming destination for walking and doing outdoor activities.

#7- Japanese Tea Garden – San Antonio

The glory of the Japanese Gardens is unexampled, and San Antonio takes advantage of this beauty. Japanese Tea Garden was built in 1942 by Rodriguez and Dionicio. The alluring atmosphere of the garden is far beyond imagination. Join it and relax.

#8- Big Bend National Park – Chihuahuan Desert

This national park was established in 1944 and visited by more than 400000 visitors each year. It is positioned in west Texas. Big Bend National Park is the house of beautiful plants, reptiles, lovely birds, and mammals.
The park provides an opportunity for dining and offers amusing programs. This rich cultural history that dates back to 10000 years ago attracts tourists searching for extraordinary things.

#9- Guadalupe Mountain National Park – El Paso

This 86.367 acres national park is located in El Paso. The travelers use this charming area for resting and refreshing. The park was established in 1972 and visited by over 173000 visitors each year. In Guadalupe Mountain National Park, you may find the most spectacular areas for taking photos. Despite the rough-looking nature of the park, it houses hot springs and various wild animals. Do not miss the chance of cycling and hiking.

#10- Cameron Park Zoo – Waco

Cameron Park is the house of Cameron Park Zoo. This 52 acres zoo was opened in 1993 and included over 1700 animals. The pristine vegetation, the spectacular surrounding waterfalls, and the eye-catching lake add to this place’s beauty.

#11- Sea Turtle Inc – South Padre Island

Ila Lortscher founded Sea Turtle Inc in 1977 to rehabilitate and rescue the injured sea turtles. Visiting this charming attraction could be an excellent learning experience. The visitors learn about their impact on the sensitive environment and the ways to protect animals’ realm.

#12- Padre Island National Seashore – Padre Island

Padre Island is the house of a fantastic place, one of the superb attractions in Texas. Padre Island National Seashore is well-known for its university students, glamorous beaches, and high-quality vacationing. Padre Island National Seashore was established in 1962 and visited by over 650000 people each year.
The visitors are allowed to camp, but the beach in most parts is accessible to good vehicles. In this 130000 acres area, visitors have the opportunity to see rare animals like birds and little turtles. The migration birds season is a fantastic time to enjoy the glory of these colorful birds.

#13- The Texas State Capitol – Austin

Downtown Austin is the birthplace of The Texas State Capitol that was built 135 years ago. This 51 acres area is visited by a significant number of tourists each year. The unique structure of the building provides a superb view of downtown Austin that is eye-catching. The ground tours take visitors to several monuments such as the Vietnam war veterans memorial and go through the pages of the building’s functions.

#14- The Fort Worth Stockyards – Fort Worth

This historic district was established in 1866 on the shoulders of Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Stockyards is 98 acres that include a livestock market operating since 1966. This widespread attraction benefits from the Spanish Revival architectural style. The Fort Worth Stockyards houses popular attractions like wild west shopping and rodeos. The visitors have access to the exhibitions to acquire information about the past and present of The Fort Worth Stockyards.

#15- Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum – Waco

This historic center was built to commemorate the Texas Rangers. The museum includes various sections such as Homer Garrison Jr gallery and the Headquarters of Texas Rangers company.

#16- Sundance Square – Fort Worth

Sundance Square is a shopping, commercial, and residential area situated in Fort Worth. It includes various offices, restaurants, and residential buildings. It is an excellent area for new experiences and eating delicious sticks and sushi.

#17- The Moody Gardens – Galveston

This educational destination, which includes a hotel and golf course, is situated in Galveston and was established in 1986. This non-profit location takes advantage of nature to teach visitors about wildlife and the importance of its conservation. This 242 acres area is the settlement of more than 9000 animals, and 2 million people visit it each year. The Moody Gardens include unique attractions such as the Aquarium Pyramid that demonstrate beautiful fish and aquatic creatures, The Rainforest Pyramid that houses plants, birds, glorious butterflies, and other animals. Discovery Pyramid concentrates on scientific activities and exhibits. Do not forget to visit the white sandy beach of Palma Beach and enjoy its pleasant climate.

#18- Waco Mammoth National Monument – Waco

Do you like to see the Columbian mammoth fossils and travel in space and time? Waco Mammoth National Monument is a place where dreams come true. The museum concentrates on the ancient giant animals and welcomes more than 65000 visitors each year. This fantastic museum was founded in 2015.

#19- Lake Texoma – Oklahoma

Lake Texoma is one of the alluring reservoirs in America that becomes an excellent destination for various tourists. Lake Texoma is a center of golfing, sailing, camping, and water skiing. This great area is a fantastic place for relaxation.

#20- Natural Bridge Caverns – Comal County

This spectacular area is located in Comal County, and its name is taken from a beautiful limestone slab bridge. Natural Bridge Caverns was established in 1964 and is close to San Antonio and the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. If you are interested in exploring a beautiful cave in the heart of Texas, do not lose Natural Bridge Caverns. If you decide to visit this fabulous attraction, it says better to go to San Antonio and reap the benefit of tours to go inside the cave and discover it. Above the ground, you may do unique activities such as open-air maze exploration.

#21- The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum – Galveston

Galveston is the birthplace of an oil and gas museum that comes into being 23 years ago. The museum is close to the Strand National Historic Landmark District and includes different exhibits such as Offshore Drilling that focuses on oil extraction. The Hall of Fame introduces actual figures who played a role in the oil industry; the Pipe Deck and Drill Floor are the other exhibits. If you want to acquire information about the process of extracting oil, head towards the museum.

#22- Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo

This public art center is located in Amarillo and was established in 1974. The 10 Cadillac are buried half in the ground and became a popular destination for car lovers. You may visit Cadillacs anytime but do not miss the opportunity to visit this area at sunrise.

#23- Zilker Park – Austin

This recreational area is located in Austin’s heart and is the center of exciting hiking and biking activities. This 350 acres park was built in 1917 and benefits from Moderne architectural style.

#24- Dallas Museum of Art – Dallas

Dallas Museum of Art is a fantastic destination for art lovers in Dallas between Hardwood and St Paul. The museum was established in 1903 and included over 24000 objects, which dates back to the third millennium BC until the present time. The museum is well known for its dynamic educational programs and more than 50000 individual books available to the public. Dallas Museum of Art demonstrates marvelous collections such as sculptures and paintings and excellent works on paper from various continents such as America, Asia, and Africa. The decorative arts and design is undoubtedly a precious treasure that includes more than 8000 crucial works.

#25- Buddy Holly Center – Lubbock

This music Museum and art gallery was established in 1999 and included documents and artifacts of Buddy Holly, the famous American musician. The music center is the host of different exhibits and events that attracts music lovers.

#26- Hamilton Pool Preserve – Austin

Do like to see a natural pool in Austin! This popular natural pool is a 232 acres area and becomes an excellent destination to escape from the hot days of summer. Swimming in this green pool is far beyond imagination. The limestone slabs guide the reviving water into the pool and create a spectacular view. Visitors are not allowed to swim always because of the weather condition. Before joining the area, do not forget to prepare your son scream, swimsuit, and towel.

#27- Bullock Texas State History Museum – Austin

Bullock Texas State History Museum or Bob Bullock Texas State History, or Ballok Museum is a fantastic museum established in 2001 in Austin to represent Texas history. This History Museum represents 14000 years of Texas history in detail and becomes a popular destination for history lovers. You have the chance to see the various exhibits and events offered each year by the museum.

#28- Fort Worth Water Garden – Fort Worth

This water garden is situated in Fort Worth and was established in 1974. The designers of this over four acres water lawn park had been John Burgee and Philip Johnson. The ear-catching sound of water relaxes visitors’ minds.

#29- Dallas Zoo – Dallas

Anybody who likes cute animals and likes to learn about them may join Dallas Zoo. This 106 acres area was founded in 1888 and is the oldest zoo in Texas. It’s the homeland of more than 450 species, and over 20000 animals live here. The zoo includes different exhibits that each one consists of a group of adorable animals. Visiting Dallas zoo could be a superb gift for your children’s birthday.

#30- Texas State Fair – Dallas

The Fair Park is the host of the annual State Fair. The fair has been held since 1886 each year and starts September’s last Friday that lasts 24 days. The visitors can taste delicious foods offered accompanying live music. the visitors may go to the fantastic close museum such as the African American Museum.

#31- San Antonio Missions Historic Park – San Antonio

This 948 acres national historical Park was established in 1983 and visited by over 948000 visitors each year. The park preserves for famous missions. San Antonio Missions Historical Park provides an opportunity to learn about the history of the past decades. Catholic religious orders founded these missions to expand Christianity in San Antonio.

#32- Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden – Dallas

Dallas is the house of a superb attraction called Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. This 66 acres magnificent garden was established in 1928 and benefits from Spanish colonial revival architectural style. This botanical garden includes glorious trees and unspoiled lawns. In the garden, you may see the beautiful azaleas too. The festivals and annual events like live music make it a popular destination for visitors.

#33- National Museum of Pacific War – Fredericksburg

This maritime museum was founded in 1969 on the chest of Fredericksburg. This 6 acres museum consists of the Admiral Nimitz Museum that represents Nimitz’s tale via his job and the process of the hotel’s progression.

#34- Waco Suspension Bridge – Waco

Are you interested in suspension bridges? one of these charming bridges is situated in Waco and includes 3 million mud bricks. The bridge architect was Thomas M Griffiths, and John A Roebling Co made it in 1860. The bridges attach the Doris D. Miller Park with Indian Spring Park. If you come here on Independence Day, you may see the fireworks.

#35- Texas State Aquarium – Corpus Christi

This non-profit aquarium is situated on the chest of Corpus Christi. This 6.3 acres aquarium opened in 1990 to protect the Gulf of Mexico wildlife. It is the largest aquarium in Texas and includes different exhibits such as Dolphin Bay, Blue Hole, and Eagle Pass, among others.

#36- Scenic Drive- Overlook -El Paso

If you like to see a scenic view of El Paso, Mexico, and Juarez, do not hesitate to join Scenic Drive. Do your best to come here when the sun decides to go down, and the shining moon conquers the sky to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city at night.

#37- Lady Bird Lake – Austin

This 468 acres recreational reservoir was built in 1960 in Austin. The name of the lake refers to Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady of America. Lady Bird Lake is a fantastic destination for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

#38- Barton Spring Pool – Austin

This outdoor pool is located in Austin and is a famous place for swimming and having fun. You may join the pool Friday to Wednesday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. If you need free admission, come here from November to March.

#39- AT & T Stadium – Arlington

This Stadium was opened in 2009 and called Cowboys Stadium formerly. The Stadium is used for other activities like soccer, concert, and Spartan races. The owner of AT & T Stadium is Jerry Jones; that’s why Stadium is called Jerry World.

#40- Port Aransas Beach – Port Aransas

This public beach is a superb destination because of its fresh air, clean water, and eye-catching skyline. This pretty beach is an excellent area for romantic walking and watching little swimming fish. If you are running away from your populated society, join Port Aransas Beach.

#41- Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West – Amarillo

Are you a horseback riding lover? Do you like to experience it like the cowboys and cowgirls you see in American films? Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West is a popular destination for anybody who looks for excitement and memorable moments. Experience it and have fun.

42- Museum of the Weird – Austin

If you have 90-minute free time, head toward the Museum of the Weird. The museum is located in Austin and includes many weird attractions such as shrunken heads and monsters. It is an attractive destination for ghost lovers.

#43- Cathedral of Junk – Austin

This weird cathedral is made of discarded items. The foundation of the cathedral started 31 years ago by Hannemann. The cathedral is open most of the time, and people can rent it for parties and even wedding venues.

#44- Jacob’s Well – Wimberley

Jacob’s Well is a spectacular place that welcomes swimmers with open arms. The blue and circular pond provides an exciting opportunity for jumping and diving. The adventurous divers may explore down sections of the pond. If you want to join Jacob’s Well, you should take care of yourself because it is a bit dangerous.

#45- Palo Duro Canyon – Canyon

In the heart of Texas, there is a mind-blowing area that shines in red and brown. A beautiful lighthouse is the main feature of the Canyon. Do not forget to reserve before coming here. Visiting Palo Duro Canyon costs $8 per person.

#46- Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern – Houston

This 91 years old drinking water reservoir is located in Houston. The 25 tall columns gorgeous view for taking photos. By joining Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, you have the chance to learn about the history of Houston in a relaxing atmosphere.

#47- Reunion Tower – Dallas

This observation tower was completed in 1978 and became a remarkable attraction in Dallas. The building is famous for defining iconic Dallas Skyline with LED lighting. Do not forget to eat your lunch in its revolving restaurant.

#48- Dinosaur Valley State Park – Somervell County

This fabulous state park was established in 1972 and became a popular destination for walking, camping, exploring, and taking glamorous photos.

#49- Kemah Boardwalk – Kemah

This 60 acres theme park opened in 1997 and welcomed its visitors with open arms every day. The theme of the park is seafood and marine life. It is the house of century wheel, boutique hotel, restaurants, and other attractions.

#50- The DoSeum – San Antonio

Take your children to The DoSeum in your travel to magnificent Texas. The museum plays a vital role in the flourishing of a kid’s mind. Your kids will learn through playing and exploring. The DoSeum could be an exciting place not only for kids but for families. Join the museum and experience happy moments. You may also buy your tickets online.

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