Best 50 Things To Do and Attractions In Tennessee State For Tourists

Are you like one of the thousand tourists who think America is famous for its natural parks such as Grand Canyon National Park? If your answer is positive, you are wrong. America’s beauty is not confined to Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, or even Acadia. If you do not agree with us, without any doubt, you have never seen Tennessee. Tennessee invites you to explore its most visited attractions, such as the Great Smoky Mountains, the birthplace of scenic natural beauties. Tennessee is famous for its unique geographical position. It sleeps between 8 significant sections of America and is easily accessible. The tourist attractions in Tennessee along with its rich history draw many travelers to the house of breathtaking landscapes and landmarks. The starting point of many musical genres and well-known artists such as Elvis Presley welcomes you with open arms. Join us to go through particular things to do in Tennessee.

List of attractions show

#1- Hollywood Pigeon Forge

This amusement park is situated at pigeon Forge and was established in 1986. Dollywood is a 150 acres area and attracts 3 million visitors each year with this slogan ‘ Love Every Moment.’ It features 50 rides and exciting attractions that offer chances to enjoy musical events during different seasons.

#2- Graceland -Memphis

Graceland is a 13.8 acres beautiful mansion constructed 82 years ago by Ehram and Furbringer and colonial revival style. The House of Elvis Presley attracts a significant number of music lovers and anybody who is in love with Presley’s music.

#3- Cades Cove- Tennessee

This scenic Valley is situated in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Cades Cove was the house of previous settlers and became the most visited part of Tennessee. This National Park attracts over 2 million people a year to see wildlife and nature.

#4- Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum- Nashville

One of the famous research centers and music museums devoted to the fork and popular music is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It hooked up in 1964 and was visited by more than 1 million people a year. The Place features sound collections, photographs, handwritten song manuscripts, and iconic vehicles.

#5- Grand Ole Opry- Nashville

This famous country music stage was published by Hay 96 years ago in Nashville. Grand Ole Opry devotes itself to country, bluegrass, gospel music, and its history. The Place draws hundreds of thousands of art lovers from various countries.

#6- Ryman Auditorium -Nashville

This concert hall theatre was built from 1885 to 1895 and included over 2000 seats to welcome anybody interested in live performance arts. It is famous for its significant role in the fame of country music.

#7- Beale Street- Memphis

Beale Street is a 27 acres street full of joy, happiness, and music established in 1900. It benefits from the late 1920s revival and 20th-century American movement architectural style. The road plays a vital role in the history of city and blues music. The major tourist attractions are Resta and Clubs.

#8- Ruby Falls- Chattanooga

Ruby Falls is a 10 acres area of an eye-opening waterfall that was established in 1929. this underground waterfall becomes the most attractive tourist destination and attracts nature lovers and photographers.

#9- Ober Gatlinburg -Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg is a famous amusement park that features a ski area, indoor amusements, an ice skating rink, snack bars, and gift shops. The Park was founded in 1962 and, as a family-friendly ski area, offers memorable moments.

#10- The Parthenon- Nashville

This art museum is positioned in Centennial Park, constructed in 1897 by William Crawford Smith in classical architectural style. It is a duplicate of a beautiful Parthenon in Athens. If you come here in the summer, you may enjoy local art performances. Do not forget to visit this masterpiece.

#11- National Civil Rights Museum- Memphis

National Civil Rights Museum is a collection of historical buildings and significant museums that came into being in 1925. The Museum demonstrates the Civil Rights Movement’s history and takes you to the 17th century to provide tangible information. It is a place for walking in history.

#12- Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage- Nashville

This spectacular museum and plantation is about 1120 acres area that was born in 1835 by Hume and Reiff in Greek revival architectural style. The Resting Place of the Americas 7 President Andrew Jackson is open Thursday to Monday.

#13- Broadway -Nashville

The central passage of Nashville Broadway is the house of live country music and entertainment. Broadway features restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Broadway is a new experience; do not miss it.

#14- Newfound Gap -Pigeon Forge

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the mother of a scenic mountain pass called Newfound Gap. It includes a popular tourist destination, Rockefeller Memorial. This spectacular gap offers a snowy image in 19 days of a year. Enjoy The Silence of Newfound Gap

#15- Tennessee Aquarium- Chattanooga

Tennessee Aquarium houses a non-profit place founded in 1992. The aquarium includes 12000 animals over 595 species. This public aquarium attracts over 20 million visitors a year. Tennessee Aquarium has various exhibits such as river journey, the river of the world, and delta country. Join the aquarium with your kids and explore the underwater world.

#16- Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies- Gatlinburg

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is an unexampled aquarium that illustrates the sense of life and is open every day. It houses 10000 aquatic creatures of 350 species. You can see a massive number of fish in the aquarium that is more than residents of Gatlinburg.

#17- Belle Meade Historic Site- Belle Meade

Belle Meade Historic Site is a glorious historic mansion constructed in 1907 in Greek revival architectural style. This historical structure is about 30 acres and becomes a museum, open from Sunday to Saturday. If you are interested in history, the Place is for you.

#18- Sun Studio- Memphis

Memphis houses a recording studio founded in 1950, Sun Studio, famous for recording Jackie Brenton’s first rock and roll work. The Place takes you to the days of recording Elvis Presley and Ray Harris’s masterpieces. Sun Studio is a must-do for music lovers.

#19- Centennial Park- Nashville

Centennial Park is a striking urban Park that covers 132 acres of land established in 1903. After the Civil War, it became a state park. This magnificent Park takes you to the glorious days of Ancient Greece. The Park is worth your time.

#20- Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum- Memphis

This music museum narrates the story of pioneers who succeeded in overcoming racial obstacles and offer their music. Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum let your Soul fly in the relaxing world of music.

#21- Stax Museum of American Soul Museum- Memphis

Memphis is the birthplace of a soul music museum established in 2003. Stax Museum of American Soul Museum welcomes you with its musical instruments, videos, and records. Visiting the Museum for soul music lovers is highly recommended. You can come here from Tuesday to Sunday.

#22- Dollywood’s Splash Country- Pigeon Forge

Dollywood’s Splash Country is about 35 acres of Water Park founded in 2001 with the slogan ‘Love Every Moment.’ This fantastic Park features three children’s areas and various attractions such as the big bear plunge, the butterfly, and the fire tower. Join the Park with your kids and have fun.

#23- Lookout Mountain Incline Railway- Chattanooga

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway is a beautiful railway established in 1895 and passed through green areas and mountains. It takes you to the heart of nature. Let’s call it the Peaceful Railway. What a lucky person you are to experience the area on foggy days.

#24- Mud Island River Park -Memphis

Mud Island River Park is 52 acres of spectacular Park situated on the chest of Memphis. It is the birthplace of the Mississippi River Museum and River Walk. This small peninsula is embraced by the Mississippi River. A footbridge takes you to the Museum. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

#25- Chattanooga Choo Choo- Chattanooga

The former railroad station was opened in 1909 at 1400 Market St, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The architect of the Chattanooga Choo Choo is Barber and constructed it in beaux art architectural style. The area features railroad club cars, boutique shops, and iconic trains.

#26- First Art Museum- Nashville

Nashville houses an art museum called First Art Museum, founded in 2001 and visited by 200000 visitors a year. This non-collecting art center has no permanent collections and focuses on traveling exhibits. In the Museum you can go to Martin Artquest and see the drawing station, which is a shadow theatre and zoetrope station.

#27- Nashville Zoo at Grassmere -Nashville

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a 188 area founded in 1990 as a Grassmere wildlife park and attracts more than 900000 visitors a year. It houses 6230 animals of 339 species. This Zoological Garden offers conservation programs to protect historic plantation farmhouses. You can see various animals such as flamingo, hellbender, and oilbird.

#28- The Island in Pigeon Forge -Pigeon Forge

This 23 acres entertainment area offers family-friendly activities during day and night. The Island in Pigeon Forge has exciting things for people of all ages. If you look for a perfect place to create memorable moments, The Island in Pigeon Forge is for you.

#29- Memphis Zoo -Memphis

Memphis Zoo covers 76 acres of land established in 1906 and houses 3500 animals of 500 species. Each year more than 1 million people come here. It features various exhibits that look like animals’ original home. The zoo is separated into three sections, and each one belongs to a specific kind of animal such as African cranes, pandas, and flamingos.

#30- Gatlinburg Space Needle- Gatlinburg

This spectacular observation tower was established in 1968. Gatlinburg Space Needle is a three-story building in Gatlinburg that includes an alfresco observation and offers a breathtaking view of the elevated Great Smoky Mountains. In this observation tower, you will see Gatlinburg from the keen eyes of an eagle.

#31- Tennessee State Museum -Nashville

This Heritage Centre was founded in 1977 to demonstrate the United States of America’s history. Tennessee State Museum consists of an informative kid’s gallery, excellent learning center, and various collections. Visiting the Museum is highly recommended.

#32- Dolly Parton’s Stampede -Pigeon Forge

Dolly Parton’s Stampede is a family-friendly place that has interesting things for all family members. It includes musical productions, mouth-watering desserts, and special effects. The area is open every day.

#33- Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park- Nashville

This 19 acres state park was founded in 1996 and visited by more than 1 million people a year. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is an urban park that features various elements to illustrate Tennessee’s history and its gorgeous landmarks.

#34- Laurel Falls Trail -Sevier

Laurel Falls Trail is a breathtaking hiking trail situated on the chest of Sevier County. The course is decorated with phenomenal waterfalls and caves. Enjoy hiking in this peaceful part of Tennessee.

#35- The Lost Sea Adventure- Sweetwater

The birthplace of a charming underground lake attracts a significant number of nature lovers. If you like to explore the undersea and a unique cave, The Lost Sea Adventure is for you. Put on your walking shoes and prepare yourself for discoveries.

#36- Tennessee State Capitol- Nashville

This 4.9 acres area was constructed between 1845 to 1859 by William Strickland in Greek revival architecture style. The seat of government of Tennessee is the most visited Place in Nashville. You can see various monuments in the area, such as James k. Polk and Andrew Jackson.

#37- Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum- Chattanooga

This railroad museum was constructed in 1960 by Merriman and Soule. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is a heritage railroad that aims to collect and protect railroad artifacts. It tells visitors about the development of the area.

#38- Roaring Fork- Gatlinburg

Roaring Fork is an unexampled stream founded in 1880 and lives on the Great Smoky Mountains’ shoulders. This peaceful Place could be a terrific destination for a romantic meeting. Join and relax.

#39- Fall Creek Falls State Park- Spencer

This fascinating state park is about a 26000 acres area founded in 1935. Fall Creek Falls State Park is famous for its dazzling waterfalls and geological construction. It features a snack bar, cabins, campsites, and hiking trails. The Park is open year-round.

#40- Zoo Knoxville- Knoxville

This 53 acres zoo houses 800 animals and attracts 400000 people a year. Zoo Knoxville is famous for breeding African elephants. It houses a blue Monkey, red wolf, and North American river otter, among other creatures.

#41- Blues Hall of Fame Museum -Memphis

Blues Hall of Fame Museum is a famous music museum founded in 2015 and devoted to anybody who played a role in blues music. It includes ten galleries and touch screens that allow visitors to learn about famous blues figures.

#42- Creative Discovery Museum -Chattanooga

This children’s museum opened its doors to children and their parents in 1995. Creative Discovery Museum has a water-themed section and an exhibit. It is a place for 1 to 12-years old children. The Museum offers various programs like birthday parties and school tours.

#43- Sunsphere -Knoxville

This observation tower is an eye-opening hexagonal steel truss construction built-in 1981 in futurism architectural style. It is the 1982 world’s fair representation. This 81 m Tower becomes a tourist attraction in Knoxville.

#44- Parrot Mountain and Gardens -Pigeon Forge

The territory of beautiful and colorful parrots attracts a significant number of nature lovers. If you are a bird lover, never miss Parrot Mountain and Gardens. This peaceful garden is an excellent manifestation of nature and its adorable birds.

#45- Cheekwood -Nashville

This glorious Seven acres historic area was established in 1929 by Bryant Fleming in colonial revival architecture style. Cheekwood includes an art museum and botanical garden, so you can see a significant number of sculptures, photographs, and beautiful plants.

#46- Chattanooga Zoo- Chattanooga

Chattanooga Zoo was about a 13 acres area founded in 1937. It houses 860 animals of 148 species that are visited by more than 150000 people a year. This zoological Park includes various exhibits such as the Corcovado jungle, among others.

#47- Hollywood Wax Museum -Pigeon Forge

Do you like to play with celebrities? If your answer is positive, join this two-story Museum established in 2012. You can see the sculptures of your favorite artists.

#48- Adventure Science Centre- Nashville

let’s fly in the Galaxy with minor children interested in Morse moon and stars. This non-profit Museum was founded in 1945 and had 175 themed exhibits such as space and physics.

#49- Memphis Botanic Garden -Memphis

Memphis Botanic Garden is 96 acres botanical garden hooked up in 1953. It provides educational programs for families and features a children’s playground, herb garden, rose garden, and Japanese garden.

#50- Hollywood Star Cars Museum -Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is the house of a famous museum, the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. The Museum is a fantastic place to learn about cars and history. It is a place for car lovers and is open 360 days a year.

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