Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In South Dakota State For Tourists

Dakota is the most beautiful part of America that benefits from US national parks. Dakota is divided into southern and Northern Dakota, that each one offers a chance for exploring. South Dakota is the American west gate that consists of history, adventuring, and a significant number of attractions. There are various reasons to visit Dakota ranging from Mount Rushmore National Monument to Badlands National Park. The outdoor things to do in South Dakota draw a significant number of tourists. The interests of Dakota are loaded with beauty and history that are worth a visit. Dakota could be a superb destination for your honeymoon and even a memorable place to celebrate your wedding venue. If you are in love with storytelling and like to have exciting things for others, Dakota is a must-do thing. Plan your story according to your following the top tourist attractions in South Dakota. Stay with us, and let’s explore the mother of eye-opening landmarks.

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1- Mount Rushmore National Monument- Pennington

Mount Rushmore National Monument is a 1278 acres National Monument established in 1925 and visited by more than 2 million people a year. This colossal statue was created on Mount Rushmore’s hearts. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson’s statue welcome you with open arms.

2- Custer State Park- Custer

This wildlife reserve is about 71000 acres that were established in 1920. The name of the park refers to an American officer, George Armstrong Custer. Custer State Park is the house of hundreds of animals such as elk, bighorn sheep, and cougars.

3- Crazy Horse Memorial -Custer

This mountain carving monument was dedicated to Crazy Horse, a war leader, in 1948. Ziolkowski sculptured this fantastic monument. The area includes an Indians Museum of North America and is a must-visit part of Dakota.

4- Badlands National Park- Badlands

South Dakota is the birthplace of a National Park that covers 242756 acres. The park was established in 1939 and visited by more than 1 million people each year. You can see swift fox, badger, and bobcat in Badlands National Park.

5- Wall Drug Store -Wall

This tourist bus stop is situated in the City of Wall and includes a gift shop, art gallery, drug store, restaurant, and other places. You can see various advertising and billboards in the area. Wall Drug Store came into being formally in 1931 to offer a good shopping experience.

6- Black Hills National Forest- Wyoming

Black Hills National Forest is a grandeur national forest founded in 1897 and has 30 campgrounds. It is a place for fishing and hiking, exploring nature, and watching animals such as bald eagles and coyotes.

7- Wind Cave National Park – Hot Springs

Wind Cave National Park is a 33847 acres state park founded in 1903 and visited by more than 600000 people each year. President Roosevelt commands to establish this beautiful park.

8- Sylvan Lake- Custer

Sylvan Lake is a beautiful lake situated in the heart of Custer State Park. The lake was founded in 1881 and offers a chance for rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and boating in small boats. You can enjoy your journey in the picnic places.

9- Jewel Cave National Monument- Black Hills

Jewel Cave National Monument is a 1273 acres site established in 1908 and attracts more than 135000 persons. It is the world’s third long cave and sits in the heart of Black Hills. It is open 360 days a year, and you can take part in cave tours and explore it.

10- Falls Park- Minnehaha

This 123 acres public park has the Queen Bee’s ruins, a relaxing cafe, and an observatory tower. Take a sit in the overlooking falls cafe and enjoy this spectacular area.

11- Spearfish Park and Recreation -Lawrence

This deep and narrow Canyon is situated in Lawrence County and lies in the heart of Black Hills. Spearfish Park and Recreation provide opportunities to enjoy recreational activities such as nature watching and hiking.

12- The World’s Only Corn Palace- Mitchell

This multi-purpose place is the only corn palace in the world that benefits from corn design and impressive murals. The World’s Only Corn Palace is a three-story structure established in 1891. Each of your 500000 people finds their way in The World’s Only Corn Palace.

13- Black Elk Peak- Black Elk Wilderness

South Dakota houses one of the highest points in the world calls Black Elk Peak. After visiting Sylvan Lake or Mount Rushmore, you can come here and enjoy a memorable hiking experience and explore the old Stone Tower on this summit.

14- Reptile Gardens- Rapid City

Reptile Gardens is an animal park created in 1935. This grandeur reptile zoo has various exhibits such as bird programs, safari room, living wall, and snake program. If you come to Reptile Gardens on summer days, you can benefit from educational programs.

15- Bear Country USA- Rapid City

Bears are among funny and cute animals. If you like these funny creatures, Bear Country USA is for you. In the area, you can see glorious wolves, buffalos, and black bears. Bear Country USA is open from May to November.

16- The Mammoth Site- Hot Spring

The Mammoth Site is a place to see the remaining parts of the mammoth in the Black Hills. This museum was established in 1974 to illustrate the found bones of a mammoth. It is open every day.

17- Minuteman Missile Visitors Center- CottonWood

This 15 acres area was founded in 1999 and visited by more than 59000 people each year. Minuteman Missile Visitors Center demonstrates the Cold War history and offers practical information. Minuteman Missile Visitors Center is open every day from eight a.m. to 4 p.m. Do not close your eyes to this part of history.

18- Dinosaur Park- Rapid City

Let’s discover the house of giant creatures in Rapid City. Dinosaur Park was established in 1976 and became a tourist attraction. The park has seven sculptures of giant dinosaurs that welcome visitors to Dakota. Visiting the park is free and a memorable place for children who like dinosaurs.

19- Needles- Black Hills

Black Hill has some beautiful sharp rock towers called the Needles that have become a tourist attraction in Dakota. Head toward this significant part of nature and enjoy this scenic place. Do not forget to see the marvelous painting of nature.

20- Mount Moriah Cemetery- Deadwood

The wild Bill Hickok and other famous people’s resting places are some of the Dakota attractions. Mount Moriah Cemetery has various sections overlooking the city. After exploring Mount Moriah Cemetery, you can go to the gift shop and prepare a souvenir for your friend.

21- Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History -South Falls

Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History came into being in 1963 to be the house of 1000 animals of 137 species. This 45 acres museum and the zoo are visited by 300000 people and have various Asian cats, Japanese Michael Macaques, and Africa’s rare rhinos.

22- Rushmore Cave- Mount Rushmore

Discovering show caves is always exciting and full of new experiences. One of these caves is situated in South Dakota, among the most visited places in the United States of America. Please go through this beautiful cave and explore it.

23- Wildlife Loop Road -Custer

Dakota is the house of fascinating landscapes and attractions such as Wildlife Loop Road. It offers an unforgettable road drive at sunset and sunrise. The place of beautiful animals and vast blue sky calls you to see wildlife.

24- Rushmore Tramway Adventures- Keystone

Rushmore Tramway Adventures is a place for everybody who looks for adventure and exploring nature. You are invited to investigate this unique place’s natural attractions, irrespective of your age and abilities.

25- Adams Museum and House- Deadwood

This historic house museum was constructed in 1882 in Queen Anne architectural style. Adams Museum and House is the oldest History Museum that illustrates Deadwood history through various artifacts. The museum is open 360 days a year, and you can see a furnished historical house.

26- Storybook Island -Rapid City

Your travel to Dakota is not completed without visiting Storybook Island. This non-profit park devotes to your little children and offers outdoor activities. It welcomes you and your children with a carousel and train.

27- The Journey Museum and Learning Centre- rapid city

This historical museum was founded in 1997 and attracted more than 75000 visitors a year. The Journey Museum and Learning Centre benefits from 7 acres of a gorgeous garden. The museum offers the historic journey in the Black Hills and through 2.5 million years old rock records.

28- Lewis & Clark Recreation Area – South Dakota

This 928 acres state recreation area was hooked up in 1966 and named for Lewis and Clark Lake. Biking, hiking, golf playing, and nature watching are among the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area’s popular activities. The area includes a swimming pool, motel, restaurant, and cabins.

29- Cosmos Mystery Area -Rapid City

You can not imagine what kind of activities are waiting for you in the Cosmos Mystery Area. This recreation area is a place for visitors of all ages and is a must-do thing to experience.

30- Sheridan Lake- Pennington County

This reservoir and recreation area is situated in Pennington County. This 375 acres area was established in 1939, including a swimming beach, picnic area, and campground. Do not forget to see Sheridan Lake on your travel to Black Hills National Forest.

31- Palisades State Park- Minnehaha

Palisades State Park is about 157 acres of a state park that features beautiful cliffs and rocks. The park is made of a campground, tenting area, and hiking trails. Rock climbing is a popular activity in Palisades State Park. Enjoy the eye-catching surrounding attractions.

32- Butterfly House and Aquarium -Sioux Falls

The Kingdom of colorful butterflies and aquatic creatures in Sioux Falls is an attraction that tickles mind and soul. Butterfly House and Aquarium is an inspiring place for beauty lovers and little kids. The area is open every day.

33- South Dakota Air and Space Museum- Ellsworth AFB

This aviation museum was established in 1983 by Teachout. The South Dakota Air and Space Museum has more than 25 artifacts. This aerospace Museum aims to educate its visitors through aviation history.

34- Chapel in the Hills- Rapid City

This medieval wooden Christian church is situated on Rapid City’s shoulders and was founded in 1969 by Spitznagel and Partners in Stave church style. It is a copy of a church in Norway.

35- Broken Boot Gold Mine- Deadwood

Deadwood houses a place that was the historic gold mining area. Broken Boot Gold Mine is open seven days a week. Take part in an informative tour and look for gold in Broken Boot Gold Mine.

36- Wild Water West Waterpark- Sioux Falls

Human beings and water are tied together, and nobody escapes from the waterpark. In Wild Water West Waterpark, you can enjoy a water pool, mini-golf, and swim-up bar. Visiting this family-friendly waterpark is highly recommended.

37- Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary -Hot Springs

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a private wilderness area in South Dakota that attracts nature and animal lovers. The wild horses add to the beauty of Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. It is the paradise of wild horses.

38- Rush Mountain Adventure Park- Keystone

This adventure park includes a zip line, coaster, and 7D Movie. You can take part in the cave and start your adventure in this exciting park. This adventure park is a place for adventurers.

39- South Dakota State Capitol- Pierre

South Dakota State Capitol is about 20 acres and built-in 1907 by Olson in Renaissance revival architectural style. The house of the governor of South Dakota is made of terrazzo tile and marble stones. You can see four memorials outside.

40- WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort- Rapid City

Take the hands of your family and join this indoor water park in Rapid City. WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort is open every day, join, and have fun. Enjoy the peace and relaxation of WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort.

41- Black Elk Wilderness – Keystone

Keystone houses 13426 acres of a wilderness area that was established in 1980. The park’s name refers to a holy man, Black Elk. You cannot come here with a motor bicycle or any vehicles, but you may enjoy fishing and camping.

42- Horse Thief Lake- Pennington County

Green trees surround this blue lake. Horse Thief Lake sits on the chest of Keystone and next to Mount Rushmore. Do not close your eyes to this gorgeous gem and take beautiful photos.

43- D. C. Booth Historic National Fish and Hatchery- Spearfish

This 10 acres area was established in 1896 and attracted 155000 visitors a year. D. C. Booth Historic National Fish and Hatchery aim to introduce trout fish in the Black Hills. The building was constructed in a neo-colonial revival architecture style.

44- National Music Museum -Vermillion

National Music Museum is a musical instrument museum that came into being in 1973 at the University of South Dakota. The art museum has 15000 musical instruments from various historical periods. One of the fantastic items in the National Music Museum is the eighteenth-century piano. It is highly recommended to musicians.

45- Porter Sculpture Park- Montrose

This sculpture park includes more than 50 sculptures; most of them are made of old equipment in industrial art. Art lovers visit Porter Sculpture Park. Look carefully at this artistic part of Dakota.

46- Old Courthouse Museum- Sioux Falls

Old Courthouse Museum is a less than 1 acres area established in 1890 in Romanesque architectural style. This three-story structure benefits from Roman archways, clock tower, and arched windows. In the museum’s exhibits, you can learn about the culture and history of the area.

47- Museum of Geology -Rapid City

The museum provides useful information about rocks and fossils. Museum of Geology is a natural history museum that offers a chance to learn about minerals and gold. Visiting the museum is free to the public from Monday through Saturday.

48- Pettigrew Home and Museum- Sioux Falls

Pettigrew Home and Museum was born in 1889 in Queen Anne architectural style. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday with free admission. It takes you to the past; fly in time, and enjoy the beauty of the area.

49- Bramble Park Zoo- Watertown

South Dakota is the birthplace of Bramble Park Zoo that was born in 1920. This 15 acres zoo houses 500 animals of 130 species. Each year more than 50000 visitors see various animals such as grey wolves, coyotes, and golden lions. Join the realm of animals.

50- The National Presidential Wax Museum- Keystone

The National Presidential Wax Museum is Mount Rushmore’s neighbor and is an exciting place for family members. The museum includes 100 wax sculptures, including the United States of America’s presidents. It is equipped with a gift shop and provides unique gifts for your friends and family members.

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