Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In South Carolina State For Tourists

If you are a history lover or search for a relaxing beach and fabulous things to do in South Carolina with your family members, head toward there. This part of the world is loaded with fantastic landscapes and landmarks. Attractions in South Carolina are unique subjects for photography. If you are a photographer and decided to arrange your exhibit, do not close your eyes to the particular tourist attractions in South Carolina. Are you tired of unfinished work and busy days? If your answer is positive, South Carolina invites you to relax at its peaceful beaches. Exploring Carolina streets and botanical gardens provide pleasurable experiences. South Carolina has exciting places for your kids too. Zoos in the area are popular destinations that offer educational programs. Use the following list to plan your travel.

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#1- Magnolia Plantation and Garden – Charleston

These most visited gardens and plantations are the legacy of the 19th century and constructed in romantic architectural style. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a tourist destination that draws many visitors. The magnificent garden is a place to celebrate wedding venues.

#2- Congaree National Park- Richmond

This 26276 acres National Park was founded in 2003 and visited by more than 145000 visitors in a year. The Congaree River passes through the park and adds to its beauty. Hiking, bird watching, canoeing, and wildlife watching all popular activities in Congaree National Park.

#3- Brookgreen Gardens- Murrells

This beautiful sculpture garden covers 9100 acres of the area constructed in sculpture Gardens architectural style by Anna Hyatt Huntington. The park displays 1445 American works, such as the sculptures made by Borglum and Boulton, among others.

#4- Skywheel Myrtle Beach- Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach houses and observation wheel constructed in 2011. This 187 feet Ferris wheel is working a year except for Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. Skywheel Myrtle Beach is an iconic tourist destination in Myrtle Beach.

#5- Joe Riley Waterfront Park- Charleston

This 12 acres Waterfront Park is situated on the chest of Charleston and was founded in 1990. Joe Riley Waterfront Park is a spectacular park that overlooks the coast. It is a great place to relax in the beating heart of Charleston. This incredible ocean view and scenic park draw many people.

#6- Broadway at the Beach -Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach gave birth to an entertainment complex founded in 1995. This shopping center has more than 150 stores and 5000 parking. Broadway at the Beach covers 350 acres and includes three theaters and more than 20 restaurants. Over 14 million people come here annually.

#7- Historic Charleston City Market- Charleston

This historic market was founded in the 1790s by Edward Brickell White in Greek revival architectural style. Exploring the area is a must-do thing in Charleston. Enjoy this landmark market loaded with local items. It is a place to prepare souvenirs and Christmas gifts.

#8- Fort Sumter National Monument- Charleston

This sea fort was constructed on a human-made island to protect Charlestown. Fort Sumter National Monument is a 234 acres area visited by more than 800000 people in a year. Fort Sumter National Monument was founded in 1948 and dates back to the British on Washington. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#9- Boone Hall Plantation and Garden -Mount Pleasant

This historic district is about 738 acres and built by William Harmon Beers colonial revival architecture style in 1681. The brake slave cabins are the significant structure in Boone Hall Plantation and Garden. This oldest plantation has various landscapes.

#10- Huntington Beach State Park- Georgetown County

This state park is about 2500 acres and has two hiking trails. The sandy beach becomes the dwelling of wild birds so you can see various creatures, including great blue herons.

#11- Middleton Place- Charleston

Middleton Place is a 110 acres plantation founded in 1738 in colonial architectural style. The settlement of different Middleton family generations becomes a museum. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#12- Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum -Mount Pleasant

The Cooper River’s mouth houses a maritime museum called Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum. The home of different vessels is a must visited place in Mount Pleasant. You can see this informative Museum 7-days a week.

#13- Myrtle Beach State Park- Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach State Park is a 312 acres state park founded in 1935. The 1 Mile beach of the area is a dreamy place for romantic working. It features natural history displays, lovely animals, and an aquarium.

#14- Family Kingdom Amusement Park- Myrtle Beach

This exciting amusement park covered 13 acres and was founded in 1966. It is operating from early April through early October. It has three roller coasters and becomes a place for people of all ages. Visiting Family Kingdom Amusement Park is free of charge.

#15- Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach -Myrtle Beach

The aquarium is situated on the chest of Myrtle Beach. In Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, you can touch sharks, jellies, and stingrays. Join the park and experience the world of aquatic creatures, which is open 365 days a year.

#16- The Charleston Museum -Charleston

The Charleston Museum was founded in 1773 and sat among the oldest American Museums. It houses historical artifacts, decorative arts, and Egyptian artifacts. It is open year-round.

#17- Drayton Hall- Charleston

Charleston is the birthplace of a magnificent 18th-century plantation that came into being in 1747 in Palladian architectural style. It is situated on the Ashley River and is a place for history lovers. The area is open year-round.

#18- South Carolina Aquarium -Charleston

The house of over 10000 animals founded in 2000. jellyfish, alligator river otters, and sharks are the inhabitants of the South Carolina Aquarium. It has nine galleries to display aquatic creatures. The aquarium is trendy for families and their kids.

#19- Riverbanks Zoo and Garden- Colombia

This 170 acres botanical garden, fantastic aquarium, and lovely zoo was founded in 1974. Each year more than 1 million people visit various exhibits such as the riverbanks farm, African Plains, and the Reptile complex, among others.

#20- The Battery -Charleston

This defensive seawall sits on the shoulders of Charleston. Cooper and Ashley Rivas surround it. The Battery is a touristy place which is famous for its neoclassical architectural style.

#21- The Market Common- Myrtle Beach

This Lifestyle Centre was founded in 2008 by Antunovich associates and includes 48 stores. The Market Common features various parks, playgrounds, and shop centers. The playground of the area is designed for disabled children.

#22- Harbour Town Lighthouse -Hilton Head Island

The lighthouse was constructed in 1969 on the chest of Hilton Head Island. It is Hilton Head Island’s symbol. This wedding destination draws many couples to celebrate their wedding party. It includes gift shops, a museum, and a playground.

#23- Falls Park on the Reedy -Greenville

This 32 acres magnificent urban park was founded in 1967. It has a pedestrian bridge that holds a beautiful waterfall. Falls Park on the Reedy features public gardens and a restaurant for a romantic meeting.

#24- Alligator Adventure -North Myrtle Beach

The settlement of alligators is an exciting place for your kids. feeding these creatures is full of fun for family members. Join Alligator Adventure with your kids and enjoy the kingdom of alligators, lizards, and snakes.

#25- Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge- Mount Pleasant

This cable-stayed bridge has 13200 feet in length and was constructed in 2005. It connects Mount Pleasant to Charleston. If you come here on April 1st weekend, you can watch the U.S.A. track and field and join 50000 people who come to Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge.

#26- Nathaniel Russell House- Charleston

The historic house was constructed in 1808 in federal architectural style by Nathaniel Russell, a wealthy merchant. This unique building is a rectangular shaped structure that is decorated artistically. Visiting the house is highly recommended.

#27- Gibbes Museum of Art -Charleston

Gibbes Museum of Art is a magnificent art museum founded in 1858 by the Carolina Arts Association. It includes more than 10000 artwork, chiefly American works. The museum benefits from Doric columns, a magnificent dome, and beautiful doors and windows. You can see many pictures, bronze objects, and various miniatures in the museum.

#28- Cypress Gardens -Moncks Corner

This preserved garden covers 170 acres. This marvelous place is open 365 days a year and is the house of camellia, azalea, and redbud, among others. Cypress Gardens features picnic tables and remarkable hiking trails.

#29- Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site- Charleston

Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site covered 184 acres and was founded in 1670 to protect English people’s first settlement in South Carolina. It includes an exhibit hall, a natural zoo, and a replica cannon. The site houses wild Turkey, white ibis, and black vulture.

#30- Greenville Zoo -Greenville

The zoo was founded in 1960 and covered 14 acres of area. Each year more than 300000 people come here. Visiting Greenville Zoo lasts about 2-hours. It features hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and other amenities. The house of African lions becomes a tourist destination.

#31- Old Slave Mart- Charleston

Old Slave Mart is a less than 1 acres area founded in 1859 in gothic Revival and Romanesque architectural style. It narrates the story of African slaves brought to the U.S.A. Fly through the pages of the dark periods of America by visiting the museum. It is open from Monday through Saturday.

#32- The Pavilion Park- Myrtle Beach

This 11 acres amusement Park was founded in 1948 and operated from march through late September. It has2 roller coasters and two water rides. The Pavilion Park has more than 40 children’s attractions so that you can bring your children to the park as a birthday gift.

#33- EdVenture Children’s Museum -Columbia

The museum was founded in 2003 and is the world’s largest museum that is open 7-days a week. Your kids have enough room to run and play in the museum. This lovely place includes various interactive exhibits that won’t disappoint families and their children.

#34- Hollywood Wax Museum- Myrtle Beach

Hollywood Wax Museum was founded nine years ago in Myrtle Beach. You can see various wax sculptures of celebrities such as actors, actresses, and musicians. You can see statues of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, among others. It is open every day.

#35- South Carolina State Museum- Columbia

The museum was founded in 1894 and included temporary and permanent exhibits. It lies at the Congaree River’s mouth and devotes to art, technology, science, and history. On the second floor, you can see a Megalodon born 3.6 million years ago and add to the museum’s fame.

#36- Coastal Discovery Museum -Hilton Head

If you are in Hilton Head and exploring the beach makes you tired, you can head toward Coastal Discovery Museum. This interactive museum is a place to learn about wildlife and the history of magnificent sea islands.

#37- Fort Moultrie- Sullivan’s Island

The fort is situated on the shoulders of Sullivan’s Island. It was founded in 1776 and is open to the public. In Fort Moultrie, you can trace the history of defending America.

#38- Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge- Beaufort County

This 4053 acres national wildlife refuge was created in 1975 and visited by more than 400000 people a year. It is situated between Hilton Head Island and the mainland. The place made up for Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge was created to protect forests and nature. Enjoy walking in the area.

#39- Sesquicentennial State Park -Colombia

This magnificent state park was constructed during the Great Depression and covered 1400 acres of the site. Sesquicentennial State Park features fishing access, pedal boots, hiking trails, and a stunning lake.

#40- South Carolina State House- Columbia

The statehouse was created 166 years ago in classical revival architectural style by John R, Niernsee, Et Al. This 180 feet tall structure is the house of the governor and the 1000 Carolina general assembly.

#41- Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail -Greenville

This great multiple rail-trail is used for hiking, riding, and running. Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 19-mile place that was named after lovely swamp rabbits. It is hard to close your eyes to the area.

#42- Columbia Museum of Art -Columbia

This Art Museum was founded in 1905 next to the University of South Carolina. At Columbia Museum of Art, you can join the Van Gogh exhibit and His influence on this art center. It covers different centuries of art history ranging from ancient Greek to the present moment.

#43- Broadway Grand Prix- Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach houses a tourist attraction called Broadway Grand Prix. It is a place for all ages and has seven tracks, golf courses, and various snack bars. Join the area with your kids and have fun.

#44- T.I.G.E. R.S. Preservation Station- North Myrtle Beach

It is only living tiger preservation situated on North Myrtle Beach’s chest and provides a chance to see mighty and glorious tigers. In the gift shop, you can prepare photos and postal cards. The site helps you to learn about animal conservation. It is open from March through October.

#45- Atalaya Castle- Georgetown

Archer M Huntington’s winter dwelling and his family were founded in 1931 in Mediterranean revival and Moorish revival architectural style. The work of William Thompson and Archer Milton Huntington becomes a tourist destination in Georgetown. Take part in a tour and learn about Atalaya Castle.

#46- White Point Garden -Charleston

This 5.7 acres magnificent public park was created in the 1800s. Murray Blvd and East Battery embrace it. White Point Garden is a peaceful place for a unique picnic.

#47- Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon- Charleston

The historic structure was created in 1767 by William Rigby Naylor in Georgian architectural style. It became a prison during the American Revolutionary War. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is a two-story building that welcomes you with open arms from Sunday to Saturday.

#48- Aiken- Rhett House Museum- Charleston

Aiken- Rhett House Museum is a less than 1 acre House Museum created in 1820. It benefits from the Greek Revival, late Victorian, and federal architectural style. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#49- H. L Hunley- North Charleston

This submarine museum was established in 1864 by Hunley, Watson, and McClintock. Visiting the museum is among the must-do things in Charleston. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#50- Riverbanks Botanical Gardens- West Columbia

Riverbanks Botanical Gardens is a place that gives birth to breathtaking kinds of plants. This impressive garden sits on the shoulders of West Columbia. In this 70 acres unexampled garden, you can see over 42000 native plants.

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