Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions in Rhode Island State For Tourists

The birthplace of beautiful jewelry and silver objects, Rhode Island, is loaded with many landscapes and landmarks. Rhode Island is not a great state; that’s why it is called that little Roddy. Tourist attractions in Rhode Island draw a significant number of adventurers and travelers. The state has many playgrounds and provides chances for children to enjoy this part of the universe. Rhode Island describes various periods, including slave trading. The peaceful beaches of the state become a lovely destination for lovers. If you and your family members want to have fun during the holidays, head toward Rhode Island. Keep reading, and let’s explore the best 50 things to do in Rhode Island. Enjoy experiencing The Breakers, Marble House, and Cliff Walk.

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#1- The Breakers- Newport

This Vanderbilt Mansion is situated in Newport and was constructed in 1895. The Breakers is a five-story structure that Richard Morris Hunt made. The mansion benefits from neo Italian and Renaissance architectural styles. The Vanderbilt summer house has 70 rooms and is among the most visited in Newport.

#2- Roger Williams Park Zoo- Providence

This 40 acres zoo came into being in 1980 and houses more than 800 animal species. Each year 650000 visitors join the site. In Roger Williams Park Zoo, you can see rare animals. It has several exhibits, including Alex and Ani’s farmyard, Fabric of Africa, and faces of the rainforest, among others.

#3- Marble House – Newport

Marble House is a magnificent example of beaux-arts architectural style. Richard Morris Hunt constructed it between 1888 to 1892. This gilded age structure is an unexampled house that becomes a museum. Visiting this tourist attraction is highly recommended.

#4- International Tennis Hall of Fame- Newport

This professional sports hall of fame is situated on the chest of Newport. The museum was founded in 1880 to commemorate the tennis players. The International Tennis Hall of Fame has court tennis, a museum, and indoor facilities. It includes tennis types of equipment, photographs, and other things. The museum welcomes you from Thursday to Sunday with open arms.

#5- Cliff Walk- Newport

One of the top-rated tourist attractions which are located in the heart of Rhode Island is Cliff Walk. This scenic place provides chances to enjoy walking and nature watching. Reap the benefit of watching the sunset in this beautiful place.

#6- Mohegan Bluffs- Block Island

Head toward Mohegan Bluffs and enjoy an eye-opening view of the area. Put on your comfortable sneakers and explore the place with your beloved. Do not close your eyes to this must-stop destination.

#7- The Elms- Newport

This magnificent mansion takes advantage of classical revival architectural style. It is a work by Horace Trumbauer. The mansion was founded in 1901. It is open Sunday to Saturday from ten a.m. to 5 PM.

#8- Rosecliff- Newport

One of the beautiful gilded age mansions, which is located on the shoulders of Newport, is Rosecliff. This historic House Museum covers more than 6 acres of the site. It was created 123 years ago. Rosecliff benefits from the French Baroque revival architectural style. The work of Stanford White Mckim, Mead & White is open 7-days a week.

#9- Fort Adams State Park Newport, RI- Newport

Fort Adams State Park Newport, RI is a touristy public recreation area covering 200 acres of the site. It was founded in 1965 and welcomed Newport visitors warmly. It offers a panoramic view and chances for swimming, nature watching, picnicking, and exploring.

#10- Misquamicut State Beach- Westerly

This touristy recreation site covers fifty-one acres of area. It was hooked up in 1959. Misquamicut State Beach has several public facilities, a gift shop, and a bathhouse building. Enjoy walking in the kingdom of water and sand.

#11- Rough Point -Newport

Rough Point is a gorgeous example of the gilded age mansion with a museum’s role. It was founded in 1887 and benefits from the English manorial architectural style. Rough Point overlooks the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

#12- Ocean Drive Historic District- Newport

This historic District covers 1509 acres of the site. It benefits from the early 20th-century revival and late Victorian architectural style. Ocean Drive Historic District is made of several buildings overlooking Ocean. The popular picnic site of Newport welcomes people with open arms. This spectacular drive is called Ten Mile Drive, too.

#3- RISD Museum- Providence

RISD Museum is the house of 100000 artworks from different countries such as Africa, America, Greece, and Asia. This art museum was founded in 1877 and offered chances to see Monet, Chanel, and Kara Walker’s works. You can see bronze sculptures, stone sculptures, jewelry, costumes, and painting in the museum.

#14- Touro Synagogue- Newport

This .23 acres area national historic place was constructed by Peter Harrison. Touro Synagogue is a notable Synagogue built 258 years ago. It is the legacy of the colonial era. The historic site is open Sunday to Sunday from eleven a.m. to 1:30 PM.

#15- Newport Mansions Preservation Society- Newport

This non-profit organization was founded 76 years ago by a group of residents. It is a great private and most visited site in Newport that is in charge of protecting Newport’s impressive architectural legacy.

#16- Burlingame State Park- Charlestown

The public recreation area covers 3100 acres of park that was founded in 1930. water activities are swimming, and camping is enjoyable in Burlingame State Park. You can see lovely animals such as foxes, deer, and reptiles in the park. You may take advantage of hunting in the kind and generous hands of the beach.

#17- Easton’s Beach- Newport

The warm water of this site and the lovely beach attracts many people during the year. This clean beach is among popular tourist destinations in Rhode Island. Enjoy watching sunset and sunrise while listening to the melody of the Ocean.

#18- Green Animals Topiary Gardens- Portsmouth

The oldest topiary garden covers 7 acres of area. It features 35 flowerbeds, herb gardens, and a rose arbor. The beautiful plants are designed in animal shapes such as giraffes, teddy bears, and elephants.

#19- Second Beach -Middletown

This famous beach is an unparalleled place to spend a full day in the heart of Rhode Island. Immerse yourself in the gentle waves and swim with them. The area is known as Sachuest Beach too. Do not close your eyes to this family-friendly place.

#20- Lincoln Woods State Park -Lincoln

The public recreation area encompassed 627 acres and was founded in 1908. It was named for Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln Woods State Park is famous for its beautiful stunning nature and eye-catching freshwater beach. It is featuring hiking trails, fishing areas, and picnic facilities.

#21- Fort Adams Drive -Newport

The previous post of the United States of America’s army was founded in 1799. It was named after America’s second President John Adams. Fort Adams Drive is made of brick and granite. This attraction is open Sunday to Saturday from six a.m. to 9 PM.

#22- Napatree Point Conservation Area- Westerly

This waterfront conservation area is situated on the chest of Westerly. This gorgeous beach offers the most picturesque view of the city in September. Enjoy a peaceful walk on a 3-mile spectacular trail. Watching lovely birds tickles your mind and soul.

#23- Belcourt of Newport- Newport

Newport homes a summer cottage that is about 50000 feet. This 3 Story residence was constructed in 1891. The architect of Belcourt of Newport was John Russell Pope and Horace Trumbauer. It benefits from French Renaissance, gothic, and Italian architectural styles.

#24- Newport Art Museum -Newport

The art museum is located on the shoulders of Newport and was established in 1912. It was designed by Richard Morris Hunt and connected to impressionism works. In Newport Art Museum, you can see works of Gilbert Stuart and William Trost Richards.

#25- Colt State Park -Bristol

The public park covered 464 acres of the site and was established in 1965. This 33 feet park was named for a Rhode Island politician, Samuel P. Colt. It features an outdoor Chapel, picnic areas, and a spectacular observation tower. The park offers opportunities to enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, and biking.

#26- Roger W. Wheeler State Beach- Narragansett

Roger W. Wheeler State Beach is known as Sand Hill Cove. This recreation area encompassed 27 acres and was established in 1929. The place is about 13 feet and provides chances for swimming in the heart of the Ocean. Roger W. Wheeler State Beach is a more visited place in Rhode Island that offers picnicking and activity opportunities.

#27- East Bay Bike Path -Providence

This asphalt 14 miles breathtaking rail-trail was founded in 1992. More than 1 million persons use the East Bay Bike Path for hiking, cycling, and walking each year. The path has welcomed a significant number of people since 1855. enjoy exploring the sound and melody of nature.

#28- Beavertail State Park- Jamestown

Beavertail State Park is a 153 acres public Recreation area established in 1980. The working lighthouse that was constructed in 1856 is the most crucial attraction of Beavertail State Park. This spectacular site offers chances to enjoy picnicking and fishing.

#29- Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum -Bristol

This 32 acres area was founded in 1895 by Dewolf, John, Kilham, and Hopkins. It benefits from the late 1920s century revival of architectural style. The magnificent Arboretum becomes a popular subject for photography. The site is featuring a beautiful mansion and houses 300 colorful plants. Do not miss the area on your travel to Rhode Island.

#30- Château Sur- Mer- Newport

Newport houses a 17 acres Mansion constructed in 1851. It was a work by Seth C. Bradford, Richard Morris Hunt, and Ogden Codman, Jr in mid 19th century Revival. This House Museum is among the most visited places in Newport. Enjoy visiting this Italian villa.

#31- Rose Island lighthouse- Newport

This lighthouse was constructed in 1870 on the chest of Narragansett Bay. Rose Island lighthouse is an octagonal shaped tower that is 35 feet in height. This tourist destination navigates boats and ships.

#32- Beavertail Lighthouse – Jamestown

This 4 acres of the site was constructed in 1856. It guides people to Narragansett Bay. You can see other lighthouses like Ross Island light from this site. Do not miss this tourist destination on your travel to Jamestown.

#33- Bellevue Avenue Historic District -Newport

This 606 acres place is situated in Newport and constructed by multiple architects. Bellevue Avenue Historic District takes advantage of the late Victorian architectural style. It features notable gilded age mansions built during the 20th century. It includes remarkable historical landmarks such as Isaac Bell House and The Elms, among others.

#34- Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark- Pawtucket

This textile museum is situated on the Blackstone river’s bank. It is about 4 acres established in 1793. It was used for cotton spinning. Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark became a museum in 1921 to protect the mill.

#35- South East Lighthouse- New Shoreham

The lighthouse is situated on the chest of New Shoreham and is historically significant. It was constructed in 1875 from granite, brick, and concrete. This octagonal pyramidal shaped tower is 52 feet and made in gothic architectural style. It features a gift shop and a museum.

#36- Waterplace Park -Newport

Waterplace Park is an exciting Waterpark that attracts a significant number of children in a year. It is a place to play in the water and enjoy water activities. Join the park with your kids and make them happy on their birthday.

#37- Fort Wetherill State Park -Jamestown

This private park is situated in Jamestown and is considered as the end of pleasure. It features picnic areas and fantastic places to see the beauty of nature and breath in pure oxygen. Fort Wetherill State Park is a most visited place and a hidden gem that Is loaded with art and history.

#38- Block Island North Light- Block Island

This lighthouse was constructed in 1867 on the skirt of Block Island. Block Island North Light is an octagonal shaped tower that is about 17 m in height. This brown granite lighthouse becomes a tourist destination in Rhode Island.

#39- Providence Children’s Museum- Providence

Providence houses a non-profit children’s museum, which was established in 1976. Providence Children’s Museum features a playground and several exhibits. It permits your children to learn through an interactive exhibition.

#40- Kingscote- Newport

This tremendous gothic revival House Museum was constructed in 1839 and covered less than 1 acre of area. The work of Richard Upjohn is made of wood. Kingscote is loaded with history and becomes an excellent landmark for history lovers.

#41- Narragansett Town Beach- Narragansett

Narragansett homes a public recreation area that covers 19 acres of the site. It benefits from rocky shorelines and provides an opportunity to take beautiful photos. It is a place for swimming, exciting surfing, family-friendly activities, and relaxing.

#42- Goddard Memorial State Park- Warwick

Goddard Memorial State Park is a public recreation site that encompasses 490 acres of area. It was founded in 1927 and named for a state senator, Robert Goddard. The park features swimming sites, picnicking facilities, a golf course, and canoeing chances.

#43- Yawgoo Valley- Exeter

Rhode Island houses just one ski area called Yawgoo Valley. It is situated in Exeter and calls many ski lovers each year. It is about 36 acres of the site and 310 feet high. Join Yawgoo Valley and have fun.

#44- Museum of Newport History- Newport

Visiting a history museum is equal to traveling in time and investigating the past. Newport homes a history museum that was constructed in 1762 in Georgian architectural style. It is open from Sunday to Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

#45- Norman Bird Sanctuary- Middletown

Middletown houses 325 acres of Bird Sanctuary, which becomes a tourist destination. Suppose you are a nature lover; never close your eyes to Norman Bird Sanctuary. It was established in 1949 to protect wildlife. Plan your time to spend 3 hours memorable hiking.

#46- Museum of Natural History and Planetarium- Providence

This natural history museum was founded in 1896. Museum of Natural History and Planetarium is a must-do thing that is highly recommended to science lovers. Enjoy the scientific matters in the museum.

#47- Redwood Library and Athenaeum- Newport

This magnificent library was established in 1747. Redwood Library and Athenaeum is a community library constructed by Peter Harrison in Georgian-Palladian architectural style. Join and enjoy reading many books.

#48- National Museum of American Illustration- Newport

This visual art museum was established in 1998. It demonstrates the American artworks. In the National Museum of American Illustration, you can see 2000 invaluable works. It is open Friday to Friday from 4:45 PM to 5:00 PM.

#49- Benefit Street- Providence

The birthplace of a significant number of historic structures displays the 18 and 18th architectural style. It is a unique example of the federal techniques, so Head toward this landmark place.

#50- Roger Williams Park Botanical Center- Providence

This notable botanical center is the house of 150 lovely plants. This piece of paradise opened its doors to the public in 2007. It is highly recommended to join Roger Williams Park Botanical Center and see the beauty of nature.

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