Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Pennsylvania State For Tourists

Most of the people in love with nature look for places that provide fantastic chances to learn more. Pennsylvania is one of these attractive places that benefit from jungles, valleys, and beautiful hiking trails. Eye-catching attractions in Pennsylvania attract nature lovers far beyond borders and limitations. Today we decided to travel to the birthplace of breathtaking beauties.

List Of The Attractions In Pennsylvania show

#1- Quehanna Wild Area – Pennsylvania

This wildlife area is positioned on the shoulders of Pennsylvania and was established in 1965. Quehanna Wild Area is the house of untouched beauties and offers a fabulous hiking Trail. This unspoiled part of Pennsylvania makes your trip memorable, so plan your time to spend one day in the heart of nature.

#2- Sight & Sound Theatre – Ronk

This entertainment company is in charge of producing Bible Stories on stage. This spectacular theatre benefits from live music and experienced actors, and lovely songs to demonstrate impressive sight and sound. Sight & Sound Theatre – Ronk is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 5 p.m.

#3- Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia

This closed prison was opened in 1829 and closed 140 years later. John Haviland constructed this gothic revival prison. Today the prison has a historical place and museum, and it is open every day. It is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Philadelphia.

#4- HersheyPark – Hershey

This theme park is situated in Hershey and was constructed 114 years ago. The park’s last name was Hershey Park and visited by over 3 million people a year. HersheyPark is a family park and includes six themed sections that each one has its attractions.

#5- Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia

This Art Museum was established in 1876 in the heart of Philadelphia to attract over 700000 tourists each year. Philadelphia Museum of Art houses artworks, photographs, paintings, decorative arts, and sculptures of Asia, Europe, and America. The museum includes various exhibits that welcome art lovers.

#6- Liberty Bell – Philadelphia

Liberty Bell is a symbolic bell designed by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and situated in Philadelphia. The crack on the bells’ body signifies its first rang. This bell becomes one of the tourist attractions in Pennsylvania and is visited by history lovers.

#7- Long wood Gardens – Kennett Square

Nothing in the world is as delightful as visiting a botanical garden. Long wood Gardens is an eye-catching garden that is visited by over 1 million people annually. In the gardens, you have the chance to see fabulous plants such as lovely bonsais, camellias, and fern families, among others. Do not forget to take beautiful photos in this area.

#8- Independence National Historical Park – Philadelphia

Philadelphia houses a historic district that benefits from federal, colonial, and Georgian architectural style. Independence National Historical Park was constructed by Stricklands, William, et al. and visited by many visitors annually. Independence National Historical Park is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

#9- Reading Terminal Market – Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market is one of the oldest markets established in 1893. You will find delicious options such as ice cream, grilled cheese, and ethnic foods in this area. There are fantastic book collections in this public market, so be patient and find your intended books.

#10- Fallingwater – Mill Run

Fallingwater is a breathtaking house arranged by a famous architect called Frank Lloyd Wright. The construction of this house started in 1936 and ended in 1939. Each year 135000 people visit this brilliant modern architecture.

#11- Rocky Steps – Philadelphia

Does the name of this attraction take you to the Rocky movies? You must know that many people come to these 72 steps to remember their old memories. Rocky Steps becomes a popular subject for taking impressive photos. The Rocky Steps always welcomes its visitors with open arms.

#12- Philadelphia City Hall – Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall is the masterpiece of John MacArthur Jr and Thomas U Walter. This nine-story structure was completed in 1901. Philadelphia City Hall benefits from the Second Empire architectural style and houses the Philadelphia City Council and mayor of Philadelphia’s offices. Do not forget to visit this 548-ft height building.

#13- Barnes Foundation – Philadelphia

Barnes Foundation is an invaluable treasure of fabulous collections such as Pierre- Auguste Renoir’s paintings, ancient Egypt’s precious artworks, decorative arts, American furniture, and Greek works. This art museum was constructed in 1930 and visited by more than 200000 visitors a year. Join the house of impressionism and post-impressionism artworks.

#14- Independence Hall – Philadelphia

Independence Hall is a cultural building constructed in 1753 by William Strickland and benefits from Georgian architectural style. Independence Hall attracts over 600000 visitors a year. Visiting Independence Hall is free, but you must pay &1.50 for a web procession. You need 20 to 45 minutes to visit this attraction. Independence Hall is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#15- Philadelphia Zoo – Philadelphia

Philadelphia zoo is one of the lovely locations in Philadelphia that attracts children of all ages. America’s first zoo was opened 146 years ago in Philadelphia and was visited by over 1 million visitors. Philadelphia zoo features zoo 360, the Rare Animal Conservation Centre, African Plains, Bird Valley, Bear Country, Small Mammal House, and Monkey Junction.

#16- Gettysburg National Military Park – Gettysburg

If you want to see the remains of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, join this park. Gettysburg National Military Park protects battle and non-battle areas and illustrates 43000 artifacts of the American Civil War. The park was established in 1863 and visited by over 1 million visitors a year. William Saunders and Emmor Bradley Cope built Gettysburg National Military Park.

#17- Camelback Mountain Resort – Tannersville

If you look for a snowboard and ski resort, head towards Camelback Mountain Resort in Tannersville. Skiing on this exciting trail and moving through the lovely white snows could be an unrepeatable experience for anybody who likes to raise her/ his blood adrenaline. In other words, Camelback Mountain Resort is the bomb of adrenaline. Even your little kids can ski and enjoy the family-friendly place.

#18- The Franklin Institute – Philadelphia

There is a science museum in the heart of Philadelphia that dates back to 1824. The Franklin Institute is a place for research and education. The name of the museum is taken after Benjamin Franklin, a famous American scientist. Coming to the oldest science museum, you have the chance to visit Benjamin Franklin National Memorial too. Seeing the museum costs $35 for adults and $31 for a child.

#19- Knoebels Amusement Resort – Elysburg

There is a playground resort in Elysburg that was established in 1926. A family, Knoebel, operates this 150 acres area. The park includes six roller coasters, carousels, and trains. You may join the park from Monday to Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

#20- Presque Isle State Park – Erie

The west side of Erie is the house of a charming state park called Presque Isle State Park. This skate park was established in 1921, and the name of the park in the French language means peninsula. Each year over 4 million nature lovers join Presque Isle State Park for fishing, water-skiing, biking, and watching colorful birds. Iceboating and ice skating is very popular in winter.

#21- Valley Forge National Historical Park – Valley Forge

Valley Forge National Historical Park is one of the most visited places in Pennsylvania that attracts over 1 million visitors each year. Tourists can see the historic structures and monuments and go to the museum, which features artifacts. Hiking and biking on the original trail is a must-do thing.

#22- Please Touch Museum – Philadelphia

Philadelphia houses a children’s museum established in 1976 and focuses on teaching through special exhibits and events. The founder of Please Touch Museum was Portia Sperr and constructed a children’s museum to welcome more than 500000 visitors each year. Join the Please Touch Museum with your children and visit unique exhibits such as Healthy Me and Happy Camper.

#23- Sesame Place – Langhorne

Sesame Place is a 14 acres theme park situated on Langhorne’s chest and opened its doors to the children in 1980. the slogan of this children’s playground is ‘Go Before They Grow.’ Sesame Place includes various attractions such as Sesame Plaza, Oscar’s Wacky Taxi, and Sesame Island.

#24- Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – Pittsburgh

One of the charming botanical gardens in the National Register of Historic Places is Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. These Botanical Gardens are situated in Pittsburgh and were built in 1893 by Lord and Burnham. This 15 acres garden benefits from Victorian greenhouse architectural style and includes charming indoor and outdoor gardens such as Palm Court, Serpentine Room, and Japanese Courtyard Garden.

#25- Rodin Museum – Philadelphia

One of the art museums made in 1929 on the chest of Philadelphia is the Rodin Museum. The museum includes 150 artworks such as sculptures of Auguste Rodin. Some of the famous works of the museum include The Kiss and The Burghers of Calais.

#26- The Andy Warhol Museum – Pittsburgh

The Andy Warhol Museum is an art museum which is situated in Pittsburgh. This fantastic museum illustrates the artwork of Andy Warhol. The museum was established in 1994 and attracted more than 100000 art lovers a year. Join the fabulous art museum and visit the enormous treasure of Warhol masterpieces. Visiting this seven-story museum is free for members.

#27- Elfreth’s Alley – Philadelphia

Elfreth’s Alley is one of the attractive aspects of Philadelphia that dates back to 1702. This invaluable treasure is among the famous landmarks of America. Visiting this place provides a remarkable view of the last generations’ life. Visiting Elfreth’s Alley is free and lasts one hour.

#28- Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom – Allentown

‘It’s AMAZING In Here’ is the slogan of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom that is located in Allentown and features wild water Kingdom, roller coasters, and a water park. Come here and let your children play in the territory of water and enjoy their repeatable childhood.

#29- Seven Springs Mountain Resort – Seven Springs

This fabulous resort is situated in Seven Springs and became a popular destination for skiing, hiking, golfing, fishing and snowboarding in winter and summer. Seven Springs Mountain Resort is open every day. After visiting Seven Springs Mountain Resort, you may go to Laurel Hill State Park or Hidden Valley Resort.

#30- Dutch Wonderland – Lancaster

Dutch Wonderland opened its doors to the public with the slogan ‘A Kingdom for Kids.’ This 48 acres park includes 32 rides and a great water play area. This park is an excellent place for toddlers aged 2 to 4. You may bring your little ones every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Remember you are not allowed to bring a beverage with food into Dutch Wonderland.

#31- Kennywood Park – West Mifflin

West Mifflin is that house of an amusement park called Kennywood Park that opened its doors to the families in 1899. This 80 acres area includes different attractions such as themed places, roller coasters, merry-go-round, and cosmic chaos. Coming to Kennywood Park can be your kid’s birthday gift.

#32- Ohiopyle State Park – Fayette

Ohiopyle State Park is a superb state park that sits on the shoulders of Fayette. The Youghiogheny River passes through Ohiopyle State Park and creates a pleasant sight for resting and holding romantic meetings. This breathtaking park welcomed its visitors with open arms in 1965. if you look for a place for hiking, biking, and snowmobiling Ohiopyle State Park is for you.

#33- Franklin Square – Philadelphia

Franklin Square is a brilliant open space park that is situated in Philadelphia and was built in 1683. The masterpiece of Thomas Holme includes a beautiful fountain. Franklin Square is available every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is suggested to visit this adorable Square in the presence of an experienced tour leader. Visiting Franklin Square costs $10 for adults and $8 for 3 to 12 age children.

#34- Betsy Ross House – Philadelphia

Betsy Ross House is the house of a famous flag maker that made the first American flag. Betsy Ross House is a historic location that is situated at 239 Arch Street Philadelphia. It is close to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. This house was built in 1970 and visited by a significant number of tourists.

#35- Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium – Pittsburgh

Animals are the most beautiful aspect of nature. No matter where they live, they are always charming on the ground or in the water, and they need to be protected. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is one of Pittsburgh’s fantastic places opened in 1898 and housed over 4000 animals. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium includes various exhibits such as Kids Kingdom, PPG Aquarium, Forest Passage, and Tropical Forest.

#36- Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an art museum situated in South Street. This non-profit gallery includes glorious galleries and an incredible Labyrinth. The artwork fanatics can go to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens from Wednesday to Monday from eleven to six p.m., but it is closed on Tuesdays. This fabulous center offers educational programs, workshops and performances, and unique tours. Taking part in these programs has no limitations.

#37- Blue Mountain Resort – Palmerton

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of ski resorts. Blue Mountain Resort is one of these attractive areas situated in Palmerton and is a world of untold stories. Join Blue Mountain Resort and enjoy skiing, snow tubing, and making creative handicrafts with snow. Jump into the heart of snow and ice.

#38- Bushkill Falls – Lehman Township

Without any doubt, falls are splendid aspects of nature that intensify the beauty of a particular area. Just close your eyes and open your ears to enjoy the melodic sound of Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains. How can you close your eyes to this relaxing part of Pennsylvania?

#39- Ricketts Glen State Park – Pennsylvania

Ricketts Glen State Park is a glorious park that shines like a diamond on the chest of Pennsylvania. The park was named for Robert Bruce Ricketts and was visited by more than 500000 visitors a year. Ricketts Glen State Park was established in 1942 and became the center of hunting, fishing, and boating.

#40- Point State Park – Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh houses an excellent park called Point State Park. This 36 acres area was established in 1974. The most beautiful view of Point State Park belongs to the adorable autumn. Point State Park includes recreational places for tired visitors. The park is open three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

#41- Carnegie Science Center – Pittsburgh

We have a piece of good news for science lovers, Pittsburgh houses a fantastic place called the Carnegie Science Center. This science and technology museum was established in 1991 and visited by 500000 visitors a year. Carnegie Science Center is open each day from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

#42- Love Park – Philadelphia

Love Park is an urban park situated in Philadelphia and created in 1965. This public park is called John F Kennedy Plaza too. It is named Love Park because of a love sculpture overlooking the garden.

#43- Jack Frost Ski Resort – Blakeslee

Jack Frost Ski Resort is a fabulous place for snowboarding and skiing. This fantastic place is situated in Blakeslee and attracts many local and foreign visitors. If you are a ski lover, do not miss this stunning area in the heart of Pocono Mountain. Join Jack Frost Ski Resort before Spring comes.

#44- South Street – Philadelphia

South Street is the name of a street in Philadelphia that houses shop centers, live music, restaurants, art galleries, and fashion boutiques. This touristy place is positioned at 33rd Street and close to Avenue of the Arts, Grays Ferry, and South Street Headhouse District.

#45- Kinzua Bridge State Park – McKeen

This 339 acres state park is situated in McKeen and was established in 1963. you will see a breathtaking view of Kinzua Creek from the Bridge. Do not miss this particular destination in spring. If you are a hunter, Kinzua Bridge State Park is for you.

#46- Boathouse Row – Philadelphia

This historic place was built in 1860 by Furness & Evans, and it takes advantage of the Victorian, gothic, and late 19 and 20th architectural styles. Boathouse Row Houses rowing clubs and both houses that each one narrates a remarkable story.

#47- Independence Seaport Museum – Philadelphia

This seaport Museum was established in 1961 and included documents that illustrate maritime culture and history. The Independence Seaport Museum has several exhibits such as World War I SSS Olympia, Patriots and Pirates, and Rescues on the River.

#48- Delaware Water Gap – New Jersey and Pennsylvania

This water gap is situated on the shoulders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Delaware Water Gap Becomes a fantastic place for fishing, swimming, rafting, and rock climbing. Visiting Delaware Water Gap is free.

#49- Brandywine River Museum of Art – Chadds Ford

Brandywine River Museum of Art is an art museum that demonstrates American and regional art. The museum was established in 1971 and houses a famous American painter Andrew Wyeth, and his father and son.

#50- Rittenhouse Square – Philadelphia

It is the masterpiece of Thomas Holme and Paul Phillipe cret. This public park was constructed in 1683 and became one of the most magnificent gardens in Philadelphia. Seize the time and take beautiful photos in Rittenhouse Square.

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