Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Oregon State For Tourists

Oregon is a wild state in the United States of America surrounded by California and Washington DC. These wonderful things to do in Oregon make it a popular tourist destination in America. This eye-catching place takes advantage of glorious beaches, stunning landscapes, and astounding resorts. Oregon’s northern border is situated in the Columbia Rivers’ mouth and is the birthplace of fantastic things to do, such as kiteboarding, hiking, and wildlife watching. Oregon’s natural beauty and its charming urban sites add to its reputation and draw many international tourists. Portland is a shining gem on Oregon’s chest that consists of hidden gems such as rose gardens and book shops. Oregon is known for Wildlife Safari, Pittock Mansions, Portland Japanese Garden, and Silver Falls State Park. Keep reading to discover this unparalleled city in detail and step into fantastic tourist attractions in Oregon.

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1- Crater Lake National Park- Oregon

This stunning USA National Park was established in 1902 and visited by more than 720000 visitors each year. Crater Lake National Park is the house of different animals such as fox, black bear, and bobcat. The park offers opportunities for hiking, swimming, and enjoying boat tours.

2- Mount Hood National Forest- Oregon

Mount Hood National Forest was positioned on the eastside of Portland and north of the Willamette River valley and was established in 1908. Each year more than 4 million visitors join the park. You can enjoy recreational activities such as hunting, mountain biking, fishing, and horseback riding.

3- Multnomah Falls- Oregon

Multnomah Falls is a breathtaking waterfall on the shoulders of Multnomah Creek. You can see this beautiful waterfall from the historic Columbia River highway. It is a fabulous destination for photography and relaxation.

4- Haystack Rock- Oregon

This glorious sea stack is situated in Cannon Beach and becomes a popular tourist destination in Oregon. Haystack Rock is next to the beach and easily accessible by foot. The house of various animals such as crabs, seabirds, and starfishes is worth a visit.

5- Pittock Mansion – Portland

Pittock Mansion is a 46 acres area established in 1909 in Italianate and Renaissance style by Foulkes. This beautiful Mansion has 46 rooms and was made to be Henry Pittock’s house that becomes a popular tourist destination.

6- Wildlife Safari – Winston

This 600 acres Safari Park opened in 1972 and included 600 animals of 100 species. Wildlife Safari offers opportunities to see various animals such as giraffes, lions, elephants, hippo, and black bears.

7- Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area- Oregon

Oregon coast is the house of more than 31000 acres national recreation area established in 1972 and attracted more than 1 million visitors a year. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers chances for hiking, camping, horseback riding, and canoeing in the kingdom of birds and plants.

8- Timberline Lodge and Ski Area- Clackamas County

This fantastic mountain lodge was created in 1966 in rustic Cascadian and neo vernacular architectural style. Timberline Lodge and Ski Area house a ski resort that is open 360 days a year for hiking, biking, skiing, and climbing.

9- Portland Japanese Garden- Portland

This private 12 acres traditional Japanese garden is situated in Portland and established in 1967. Portland Japanese Garden 356000 visitors a year and is open to the public. This non-profit has eight sections, such as the sand and stone garden, among others.

10- Silver Falls State Park -Oregon

This 9000 acres state park is a superb destination for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, The house of scenic waterfalls calls anybody who searches for relaxation. Silver Falls State Park the nature lovers and anybody who searches for peace.

11- Lana Chinese Garden -Portland

This spectacular botanical garden was established in 2000 and housed Chinese 100 years old plants. If you want to see beautiful orchids, bamboo, and water plants, Lana Chinese Garden is for you.

12- Sea Lion Caves- Florence

Florence has a fantastic cave system that houses sea lions. The area was established in 1932 and welcomed anybody who likes to visit these funny animals’ territory. You can find them in different corners of Sea Lion Caves.

13- Oregon Zoo- Portland

Oregon Zoo is about 64 acres and established in 1882 to protect 1800 animals of 232 species. Each year more than 1 million people come to visit the kingdom of animals. Oregon Zoo is situated in Washington Park and welcomes many animals such as African spoon ills, sacred ibis, and lesser flamingos. The zoo features the World Forestry Centre and the Portland children’s Museum.

14- Historic Columbia River Highway -Oregon

The Columbia River Highway was about 1193 km of historic road constructed in 1913. This spectacular spiral highway becomes a tourist attraction and offers memorable moments for its visitors.

15- Oregon Museum of Science and Industry- Oregon

This technology and Science Museum was established in 1944 as a private museum. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is visited by more than 700000 people a year. The museum consists of planetarium exhibits focused on technology and industry.

16- International Rose Test Garden -Portland

Portland houses an outstanding rose garden about 4.5 acres, established in 1917. The International Rose Test Garden draws 700000 visitors each year. The house of the 10000 beautiful roses of over 650 species is open from April to October.

17- Painted Hills -Wheeler County

This geologic site is a part of John Day Fossils Beds National Monument. The name of this 3132 acres refers to its colorful hills decorated with beautiful colors. Painted Hills is open 360 days a year, join and enjoy walking.

18- Heceta Head Lighthouse – Florence

Heceta Head Lighthouse was a touristy part of Florence constructed in 1892. The area is next to sea lion caves. Immerse yourself in history and enjoy the ocean’s scenic view from a room in the lighthouse.

19- Washington Park – Portland

Washington Park is a charming 458 acres urban Park established in 1909 and benefits from a Japanese garden, soccer field, zoo, rose garden, public art and theater, and other places. This gorgeous park is the most visited part of Portland that offers pleasant hiking experiences.

20- The Astoria Column – Astoria

Ninety-four years ago, a column-shaped tower was established in Astoria by Vincent Astor to memorialize Astoria’s role in his family’s business. It is a replica of the Trajan Column and is among the popular destinations in Oregon.

21- Smith Rock State Park – Oregon

Oregon houses 641 acres of a public park that is open year-round. While walking in this state park, you are welcomed by golden eagles, mule deer, and river otters. Enjoy rock climbing, hiking, camping, and running in this popular area.

22- Oregon Coast Aquarium – Newport

Oregon Coast Aquarium covered 23 acres and was established in 1992, attracting more than 450000 visitors a year. This public aquarium is one of the ten top-ranked aquariums in America. If you have seen the Free Willy movie, you could remember an orca, Keiko, starred in it.

23- Pioneer Courthouse Square – Portland

Portland welcomes you to visit a public space surrounded by Yambil Street, southwest Marrison, and southwest 6th Avenue and offers memorable experiences since 1984. The outside tables, classical columns, a fountain, and various shops keep Pioneer Courthouse Square live.

24- Hoyt Arboretum – Portland

There is a scenic arboretum in Portland that is about 189 acres and founded in 1922. Hoyt Arboretum is situated on the chest of Portland west hill and attracts 350000 people a year. The neighbor of Oregon Zoo has 6000 trees and gorgeous collections of magnolia.

25- Portland Art Museum – Portland

The oldest art museum in Oregon was established in 1892 and attracted over 400000 visitors a year. Portland Art Museum includes 42000 artworks that familiarize yourself with Asian Art, Native American art, and contemporary art. If you want to taste art and history, the Portland Art Museum is yours.

26- Wizard Island – Oregon

The Crater Lake National Park houses a steep volcanic conical hill among Oregon’s touristy places. Wizard Island is accessible with boots and just on summer days. You can enjoy hiking in the available trails and spend a day on Wizard Island.

27- Mount Bachelor Ski and Sports – Oregon

This ski resort is next to Bend and offers 4318 acres of skiable area. Mount Bachelor Ski and Sports have 11 lift systems to make your skiing and snowboarding experience unexampled. It welcomes you from November through May with its ice and snow.

28- John Day Fossil Beds National Monument – Oregon

This 14000 acres area lies between Grant and Wheeler Counties and is in John Day River’s heart. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument was established in 1975 and visited by over 200,000 people a year. The area is famous for its well-maintained plant fossils and living animals.

29- Trillium Lake – Oregon

This artificial lake covered 65 acres and was created by a dam at Mud Creek in 1960. Trillium Lake draws nature lovers to camping, fishing, nature watching, and photography.

30- Yaquina Headland – Oregon

Oregon, the birthplace of unexampled beauties, invites you to visit a beautiful headland established in 1980. This 95 acres site is next to Newport and is a place for hiking, whale watching, sunset watching, and bird watching.

31- Tom McCall Waterfront Park- Portland

Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a 36.59 acres waterfront park that opened its doors to the public in 1978. The park is named Oregon’s governor and becomes a basketball, hiking, jogging, and skateboarding place. Tom McCall Waterfront Park includes various landmarks such as Bill Naito Legacy Fountain and Founders’ Stone.

32- Oregon Caves National Monument – Oregon

This 4554 acres protected park was established in 1909 and visited by more than 80000 visitors a year. You can see the magnificent marble cave and its fantastic shape. The park is open 360 days a year, and you are welcome to explore it.

33- Oneonta Gorge – Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge is the birthplace of a grand gorge that takes advantage of scenic waterfalls. Thus the botanical area invites you to see its woodland plants and glorious beauty. The house of mosses and another creature is a must-visit hidden gem.

34- Mount Mazama – Oregon

Volcanoes are a beautiful aspect of nature that demonstrates a lovely view of the eruption. One of these spectacular volcanoes is Mount Mazama that sits on the shoulders of Oregon. Mount Mazama and its surrounding areas are a fantastic destination for fishing, hiking, and skiing.

35- Oaks Amusement Park – Portland

This amusement park is about 44 acres and established in 1905. Oaks Amusement Park includes a skating rink, midway games, zero gravity, and giant pink. The park is open during summer days and spring weekends. Join the paradise of children.

36- Hell Canyon National Recreation Area – Oregon

There is a national recreation area in Oregon hooked up in 1975 to protect the Hell Canyon’s historic values. The Hell Canyon Archeological district is about 12000 acres and consists of various buildings and sites. Walking and exploring are among the popular activities in Hell Canyon National Recreation Area.

37- Three Sisters – Oregon

The city of beautiful attractions houses three elated volcanic peaks called Three Sisters. The area takes advantage of various kinds of fauna and flora. Three Sisters is known as the paradise of ice climbers and hikers.

38- Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area – Oregon

There is a state in the heart of Oregon established in 1929. This bowl-shaped curve nourishes by Pacific Ocean waves and attracts surfers to discover. Do not miss this beautiful part of Oregon on your travel to the United States of America.

39- The Oregon Garden – Oregon

This tourist destination botanical garden is situated on Oregon’s chest and opened its doors to nature and beauty lovers in 1999. The Oregon Garden is open year-round and welcomes you to celebrate your private and public venues. This non-profit garden features rose gardens and a children’s garden, among others.

40- Vista House – Corbett

Vista House is a tree acres structure constructed in 1916 in art deco and nouveau architectural style by Lazarus. This fantastic museum is open every day from nine a.m. to 6 p.m. The memorial of Oregon pioneers is an attractive stop for various tourists.

41- Columbia River Maritime Museum -Astoria

Astoria houses a Maritime Museum that came into being in 1962. Columbia River Maritime Museum includes 30000 objects such as watercraft, weapons, paintings, and navigational instruments. Visiting this History Museum could be an invaluable gift for your friend’s birthday.

42- Portland Children’s Museum- Portland

This children’s museum was established in 1946 next to the Oregon zoo and is among the world’s old museums. Portland Children’s Museum is visited by more than 1 million children a year. This non-profit museum focuses on children and aims to teach them through science and Arts.

43- Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum -McMinnville

This aerospace museum was established in 1991 and includes artifacts, space crafts, and other related items. Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is a private museum that welcomes you every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

44- Bridal Veil Falls- Multnomah County

Bridal Veil Falls is a scenic waterfall situated on the elated shoulders of Multnomah County and a diamond on the chest of earth. Visiting the origin’s tallest waterfall is recommended to Oregon travelers.

45- Portland Saturday Market -Portland

Are you interested in local crafts and arts? If your answer is positive, Portland Saturday Market is for you. This outdoor market is among Portland’s popular sections formed in 1974 by Andrea Scharf and Sheri Teasdale. Visiting the market is free of charge and attracts over 700000 visitors each year.

46- High Desert Museum- Oregon

High Desert Museum is a natural history museum founded in 1982 and visited by more than 170000 people a year. It was the house of 30000 artifacts to demonstrate the local arts, cultures, and history.

47- Shore Acres State Park- Oregon

Shore Acres State Park is a magnificent public park that includes a 745 acres area and was established in 1942. This state park welcomes 250000 people a year and is open from 8 a.m. to dusk. It has a gorgeous Japanese lily pond and a beautiful beach that provides a chance to see migrating whales.

48- St. Johns Bridge -Portland

St. Johns Bridge is a suspended structure created in 1931 by Steinman in a gothic architectural style. The bridge is situated between Lincoln and cathedral park. This admirable bridge is very spectacular on foggy days.

49- Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden- Portland

This 9.49 acres botanical garden was founded in 1950 and includes 2500 lovely plants. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden features small lakes, a fountain, and various kinds of azalea and native trees.

50- Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area- Oregon

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a scenic canyon founded in 1986 and a popular recreational area in the pacific northwest. Your travel to Portland cannot be completed without a stop in this beautiful place.

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