Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Oklahoma State For Tourists

Oklahoma is a magnificent entry to the mysterious West and is among the top tourist destinations in the United States of America. The house of red dirt benefits from refined and precise air. The modern museum, art galleries, and marvelous gardens add to the beauty of Oklahoma. Tourist attractions in Oklahoma including Philbrook Museum of Art, Oklahoma City Zoo, and Marland Estate Mansion. A significant number of tourists select Oklahoma for holidays and prepare themselves to explore this iconic place. The gorgeous Oklahoma benefits from spectacular shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful Atlantic. Do not forget to eat delicious biscuits made in Oklahoma for your breakfast. Stay with us, and let’s experience this hidden gem through the stream of consciousness and simple words. Today we want to cover 50 things to do in Oklahoma.

List of attractions show

#1- National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum- Oklahoma City

This hall of fame was founded in 1955 and included over 28000 artifacts and ancient Indian masterpieces. The museum concentrates on protecting the American West’s heritage. The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum are open 7-days a week.

#2- Myriad Botanical Gardens -Oklahoma City

This over 17 acres botanical garden is situated in Oklahoma City. Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is the main characteristic of this interactive urban park. The house of waterfalls and flowers, palm trees, and beautiful tropical plants invites you to explore it. You can see various sculptures in Myriad Botanical Gardens.

#3- Oklahoma City Zoo -Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Zoo is featuring a marvelous garden and Zoo that covers 119 acres. It is the house of 1900 512 species. Each year more than 1 million people join the site, open 365 days a year except for Christmas and two other essential days.

#4- Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum -Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum covered 3.3 acres and was established in 1997-2001 to commemorate the Oklahoma City bombing victims. Each year 350000 people come here to celebrate the dead figures. It features the gates of time, reflecting pools and fields of empty chairs.

#5- Frontier City -Oklahoma City

This Western-themed park encompassed 55 acres and was established in 1958. Frontier City has three water rides and five roller coasters. Every year Frontier City hosts various concerts and becomes a popular tourist destination.

#6- Science Museum Oklahoma- Oklahoma City

The science museum is a house of several galleries and a Planetarium, which was established in 1958. Science Museum Oklahoma will not exhaust you in that it has many things to offer. The museum is very informative and Is The Paradise for science lovers.

#7- Oklahoma City Museum of Art -Oklahoma City

The museum is situated on the chest of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City Museum of Art features traveling exhibits, restaurants, and local collections. If you are interested in watching foreign films, the museum is for you in that it displays various films every day.

#8- Six Flag Hurricane Harbour Oklahoma City- Oklahoma City

Six Flag Hurricane Harbour Oklahoma City is a notable water Theme Park established in 1981 and was previously called White Bay and White Water. The park welcomes you from May through September. It features 12 water slides, a wave pool, a kids pool, and an activity pool.

#9- Museum of Osteology -Oklahoma City

This natural history museum was founded in 2010 and included 5000 skeletal specimens. The museum concentrates on studying skeletons and bones of various animals. It includes educational displays and provides chances for science lovers to enjoy the glory of science.

#10- Oklahoma History Center -Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City houses a history center established in 1835 and devotes itself to Oklahoma history, including ancient native tribes. The museum works by the territorial press association and has various exhibits such as rock and roll exhibits, Tierra de mi familia, and other ones.

#11- Martin Park Nature Center -Oklahoma City

Martin Park Nature Center is a lovely destination for visitors of all ages and offers many things to do in the heart of Oklahoma City. Your kids can join the playground and have fun. It is a place for bird watching, learning about animals such as turtles, and other things.

#12- Lake Thunderbird State Park- Norman

Lake Thunderbird State Park is a scenic destination that encompasses 1874 acres. Each year more than 600000 people join the park. It allows you to enjoy exciting and unforgettable recreational activities. The park features a seasonal restaurant, campsites, and biking and hiking trails.

#13- Arcadia Round Barn -Arcadia

This tourist destination is situated on U.S Route 66 and constructed in 1898 by William Harrison order. Most of the photographer’s select Arcadia Round Barn as a photography subject. The site benefits from admirable architectural style and great engineering details.

#14- Arcadia Lake- Oklahoma County

Arcadia Lake is situated on the shoulders of Oklahoma County and covers 1828 acres. This tourist reservoir benefits from an inspiring shoreline and attracts many people. It was constructed in 1984 to control torrents. You may enjoy fishing, camping, mountain biking, boating, and golfing. It includes lovely picnic areas, a fishing dock, and a golf course.

#15- Oklahoma State Capitol -Oklahoma City

This 5 acres area is Solomon Andrew Layton’s masterpiece and constructed in a Romanesque revival and neoclassical architectural style. The house of the executive offices has a beautiful dome which is made of plaster casts and concrete. It is well-known for oil wells.

#16- Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art -Norman

This art museum is situated on the campus of the magnificent University of Oklahoma. It was established in 1926 and called the Oklahoma University Museum of Art previously. The museum houses impressionism works of Monets, Degas, and Van Gogh, among others.

#17- 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City- Oklahoma City

This museum is not only a place to spend one night in Oklahoma City but a place to acquire relaxing moments. The City benefits from a contemporary art museum and a remarkable hotel. 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City is a place for anyone who finds himself/ herself in Oklahoma.

#18- Oklahoma Railway Museum- Oklahoma City

This non-profit organization is located on the chest of Oklahoma City. The Railway Museum houses railcars and locomotives. The Oklahoma Railway Museum welcomed annual events such as Easter Express and the Halloween Train, among others. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#19- American Banjo Museum -Oklahoma City

The musical instrument Museum was called the national 4-string Banjo Hall of Fame Museum, previously founded in 1998. It has 400 instruments and is devoted to banjo history and its rise to the present moment. American Banjo Museum displays 370 years of history and becomes a place for music lovers.

#20- Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and Waterpark- Norman

Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and Waterpark is a place to enjoy outdoor activities. The park has fun for visitors of all ages. Do you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday in an exciting location? If your answer is positive, head toward Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and Waterpark. It features a cafe, indoor games, water parks, and exciting things to do.

#21- Henry Overholser Mansion- Oklahoma City

This remarkable Mansion is more than one-acre area and was constructed in 1903 by Matthew. It benefited from the Chateauesque architectural style and was built for Henry and Anna Overholser. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

#22- Scissortail Park -Oklahoma City

Scissortail Park is the display of eye-opening Oklahoma beauty and breathtaking environment. This 70 acres urban park stretches from Oklahoma downtown to the relaxing Oklahoma shorelines. Enjoy the live music in the garden while walking with your beloved.

#23- Lake Overholser -Oklahoma City

The reserve covered 1580 areas and the names of a plumber City’s mayor Ed Overholser. Fishing, swimming, and boating are among the popular activities in the area. Teens selected the name of the site because it is a popular destination among them.

#24- Lake Stanley Draper- Oklahoma City

This municipal reservoir covers 2900 acres and was founded in 1962. The site is open for various activities, including water-skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, and picnicking.

#25- Riversport Adventure- Oklahoma City

Riversport Adventure is an adventure park on the shoulders of Oklahoma City. This family-friendly place has many things to do for each member of your family. It offers chances to jump into the world of joy and happiness.

#26- Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building- Oklahoma City

This Federal Government complex was established in 1977 but 25 years ago by a bomb. Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building is a nine-story structure that attracts many visitors in a year. Words cannot describe Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building victim’s story, and you should see the site.

#27- Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory- Oklahoma City

This marvelous botanical garden is a place to celebrate your wedding venue or other ceremonies. Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is a breathtaking area that features ponds, a children’s room, and many things to enjoy. The pretty sight Is among the top things to do in Oklahoma.

#28- 45th Infantry Division Museum- Oklahoma City

The 45th Infantry Division Museum is a military museum that includes several artifacts and well-protected collections. The museum is a historical treasure which is open 7-days a week. It is a place to display works from the colonial to the modern era.

#29- Pelican Bay Aquatic Center -Edmond

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center is situated on the chest of Oklahoma City. An area is a perfect place for younger kids and elementary children. It is open Sunday to Sunday from 12 to six p.m. and Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to six p.m.

#30- Will Rogers Park- Oklahoma City

Will Rogers Park is a remarkable place that features gorgeous trails for romantic walking. The pond and fountain add to the beauty of Will Rogers Park. Do not close your eyes to this hidden gem.

#31- Wheel Ferris Wheel at Wheeler District- Oklahoma City

The house of Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel is situated in the heart of Oklahoma City. It overlooks the downtown Oklahoma City skyline. The area offers a spectacular view of Oklahoma City. Join Wheel Ferris Wheel at Wheeler District and enjoy flying in the sky.

#32- Centennial Land Run Monument- Oklahoma City

Centennial Land Run Monument is an artwork situated on the shoulders of Oklahoma City. The masterpiece of Paul Moore celebrates the land run of 1889. Forty-five bronze sculptures and signifies one of the crucial events in Oklahoma.

#33- Yukon’s Best Railroad Museum- Yukon

The museum invites you with open arms to see exciting things. You can see several passenger cars, steam engines, and other stuff in Yukon’s Best Railroad Museum. It is open Sunday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visiting the museum is free of charge.

#34- E. C. Hafer Park- Edmond

E. C. Hafer Park is a gorgeous place in Edmond, including many trees, hiking and biking trails, and a playground. The park becomes the house of turtles, geese, and lovely ducks.

#35- Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum- Oklahoma City

The firefighters’ museum embraces over 8000 collected items. It was founded in 1965 and preserved and showed the fire apparatus. The museum includes a notable cluster that dates back to the 18th century.

#36- The American Pigeon Museum and Library- Oklahoma City

The museum is devoted to protecting domestic pigeons and their connection with human beings. The American Pigeon Museum and Library narrates the story of this lovely bird. This informational and educational museum is open Friday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to four p.m.

#37- Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition- Oklahoma City

The non-profit organization came into being in 1988. This notable arts center preserves the visual arts. It helps visitors of all ages to understand art and related matters.

#38- Devon Energy Tower -Oklahoma City

Devon Energy Tower is a magnificent 50 story skyscraper that is connected to Chicago’s park tower. It was constructed in 2009 by Pickard Chilton. The Colcord Hotel’s neighborhood is about 259 feet and benefits from modern architectural style. It is made of steel and glass.

#39- Edmond Historical Society and Museum- Edmond

Edmond Historical Society and Museum is an amusement place for children, so that you may select it as a birthday gift for your little one. It is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to five p.m. and Saturday to Saturday from one p.m. to 4 p.m. Visiting this tourist attraction is free of charge.

#40- Red Earth, Inc- Oklahoma City

Red Earth, Inc preserves the art and culture of American Indian tribes. It offers educational opportunities through a museum and festivals. If you want to learn about American Indian people, join the site.

#41- Celebration Station -Oklahoma City

Celebration Station is a must stop in Oklahoma City. This family-friendly area lets you inject extra energy into your kids. After visiting the place, head toward a restaurant and enjoy the delicious pizza.

#42- Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center- Oklahoma City

This inclusive art center is a place to learn about art. Art is tied with our nature and flourishes our minds. Head toward Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and feed your spirit.

#43- Moore Lindsay Historic House Museum- Norman

This historic House Museum came into being in 1899 in Queen Anne architectural style. It houses 5000 unexampled books, artifacts, and photographs. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to four p.m.

#44- Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral- Oklahoma City

Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral is an eye-opening Roman Catholic Church built-in 1901. It takes advantage of the Gothic revival architectural style. Do not close your eyes to this must stop in Oklahoma City.

#45- St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral- Oklahoma City

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral is an eye-opening historic church constructed in 1904 by Arthur J Williams in Norman gothic architectural style. The Tiffany and stained glass windows add to its beauty. The Cathedral is open Sunday to Sunday from eight a.m. to 12 p.m. and Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

#46- Milk Bottle Grocery- Oklahoma City

Milk Bottle Grocery is a funny historic Route 66 built-in 1931 in Commercial architectural style. The large milk bottle makes the area famous. It is called triangle grocery because of its fantastic form.

#47- North Pole Adventure- Oklahoma City

This tourist destination is an excellent place that offers photography opportunities. Take advantage of fun Christmas activities in North Pole Adventure. Your kids are encouraged to start writing some letters to Santa.

#48- Paseo Arts District -Oklahoma City

This unparalleled art district is situated in Oklahoma City and hooked up in 1929. It houses more than 20 galleries. You can see the art identity of Oklahoma City in the Paseo Arts District, which is called Spanish Village too.

#49- Earlywine Park -Oklahoma City

Earlywine Park is a municipal park that includes soccer fields, a golf course, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Enjoy walking and running in Earlywine Park. Head toward the site and jump into the water park.

#50- Oklahoma Hall of Fame -Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Hall of Fame hooked Up in 1927. it protects the history of Oklahoma and is devoted to anybody who plays a role in the state’s history. Visiting this place is highly recommended.

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