Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Ohio State For Tourists

One of the most popular and populated states in the U.S. is Ohio. This Midwestern state is one of the fantastic locations for travel. Visitors can find many tourist attractions in Ohio state, and it’s unique travel for them. There are several places of various interests, like museums, nature and US national parks, markets, zoos, restaurants, food services, and historical locations. So you can choose where to go based on your interests, and you’ll enjoy it anyway. The fantastic feature of Ohio state is that it’s the summation of American elements. So if you choose this state for travel, you have this chance to be familiar with the base structure of America’s whole. There are many things to do and many places to go in Ohio, some of them are day attractions, and some of them are beautiful at night, be sure that you will have no free time in this state. Visiting Ohio is one of the most memorable places you can have in your life. Here we collected some of the best things to do in Ohio state as below:

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1- Cleveland Museum of Art – Cleveland

Cleveland Museum opened in 1916, and it’s a place you should visit because it’s one of the most popular locations in Ohio that you can learn lots of information about Ohio’s art and culture. Some exhibitions are there, so it is good to visit them too. The creation of this museum is known, and you will enjoy it.

2- Cedar Point – Sandusky

Cedar Point is one of the famous places in Ohio that many visitors love. If you love fun amusement parks and waterparks or are interested in roller coasters, this place is the right choice for you to Increase your adrenaline and enjoy this memorable park.

3- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland

This music museum opened in 1986, and it’s a fantastic tourist attraction for Ohio visitors. You can see all kinds of classical music and Stars in the exhibition there. Some of the music star’s properties are in this exhibition, like Michael Jackson’s glove or Elvis’s cars.

4- Fountain Square – Cincinnati

Fountain Square is downtown, and this place and the symbolic statue and fountain get its name from Tyler Davidson. There are many restaurants around this place where you can serve your meal near this fountain and enjoy the sound of water and nature.

5- Hocking Hills State Park – Logan

This fantastic park is full of unique sceneries; you can see many eye-catching views there, like caves, hiking trails, and waterfalls. Visitors have the possibility to camp there. If you are a nature lover, don’t forget to visit this location.

6- Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens – Akron

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens has about a century of history. Walking through these gardens, perennials, daffodils, and roses is a fantastic experience for peace lovers in a historic and eye-catching place.

7- Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – Columbus

This location is a unique place you have never seen anywhere else, a garden with all kinds of plants, started in 1895. If you are a plant lover, you will enjoy this place.

8- Cincinnati Museum Center – Cincinnati

It is one of the most important museums all around Ohio state, which is in Union terminal. There you can learn lots of natural, historical, and scientific things. It is entertaining for all family members to visit there.

9- Cuyahoga Valley National Park – outside of Cleveland

This national park is one of the natural places you should visit because it has beautiful scenery. You can do many activities there, like hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, golfing, and exploring nature.
Don’t forget to visit this park; you will enjoy it.

10- U.S. Air Force National Museum – Dayton

This national museum opened in 1923 and attracted many visitors. It’s a historical museum of the U.S. air force. If you are interested in military flights, visiting this place is attractive to you.

11- Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park – Dayton

Jerry Sharkey started this historical park in 1992. Aviation history is the base reason for beginning this park. Also, you will understand the Wright brother’s importance there. You can enjoy it if you are an aviation lover.

12- Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center – Berlin

This place is a center where you can get familiar with Amish & Mennonite as a different culture. It started in 1981and it’s one of the famous attractions of Ohio state.

13- Contemporary Arts Center – Cincinnati

This art center is located downtown and started in 1939. It’s known as a cultural place with a fantastic exhibition. There is an excellent place for art and culture lovers.

14- Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden – Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a place you can find any plant and animal, so it’s a lovely attraction for people interested in animals and plants. This place is popular with many visitors, and you can enjoy it with all of your family members.

15- Pro Football Hall of Fame – Canton

This place is a collection of American football elements. In America, this sport is so popular, and visiting this location is a unique experience you can have in this place.
If you’re interested in sports, visit this place.

16- Toledo Museum of Art – Toledo

This art museum is a good experience for all ages, and you can visit many pieces and learn many things related to your point of view. There are many art pieces from famous artists like Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne.

17- National Underground Railroad Freedom Center – Cincinnati

It is a historical place that you can learn a lot about slavery. However, this problem is rare now but wasn’t eliminated. If you are interested in such issues, you can attend this location and enjoy it.

18- Center of Science and Industry – Columbus

This location is one of the famous places for children who are interested in scientific issues. They can learn about energy conservation, nature, dinosaurs, and many other things. Visiting this place is a good experience if you have a child.

19- West Side Market – Cleveland

This marketplace is a fantastic location with many vendors with the best offers. West Side Market is not just a market; it would be an exciting experience. It’s not important how much you are hungry when you get there; You get hungry with the smell of food.

20- Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield

It is a historical prison with many stories. And the attraction cause of this place is these stories as Halloween Haunted Prison Experience. If you love history, you can enjoy visiting there.

21- The Wilds – Cumberland

This 9000-acre location is on the wild side of the world with many wild and exotic animals. These animals are rare, and you can never find them in the regular zoo. So if you are an animal and nature lover, remember to visit there.

22- Kings Island – Mason

Kings Island is one of the exciting and big amusement parks in Ohio state. There is much different entertainment like Roller Coasters, Drop Tower, Xtreme Skyflyer, and Soak City. No matter how old you are, you can find your fitted play and enjoy it.

23- Spring Grove Cemetery – Cincinnati

Spring Grove Cemetery is about 700-acre for known and remarkable people. Tours tell more stories about this place and give you more information about this place. This location is a calm place, and it is an excellent choice to visit there.

24- Zoar – Cleveland

This small town is a historic place with a population of about 200 people. It is away from Stress and unwilling daily pressures. So if you seek a calm place, it’s the right choice, especially if you need a peaceful and romantic trip.

25- Jungle Jim’s International Market – Cincinnati

Jungle Jim’s International Market is not a usual place; it’s one of the biggest markets; you can find any item from each continent. It’s a unique market where you should taste many unusual and delicious things there.

26- Imagination Station – Toledo

Imagination Station is one of the lovely places for all family members. Kids can learn many scientific things. Some exhibitions with different majors like agriculture, digestive process, and flying are there. If you are interested in fairs, it’s the right place for you to visit.

27- Lake Hope State Park – McArthur

This park is a beautiful place you should have on your visiting list. There are many things to do there. If you are in the lake, you can go kayaking or fishing, and if you are on land, you can choose camping or mountain biking. It’s a unique place you’ll never forget.

28- Cincinnati Art Museum – Cincinnati

Cincinnati Art Museum is a beautiful building from 130 years ago with many rooms that contain several pieces of art. These arts are related to many notable artists like Pablo Picasso, Bernardo Strozzi, and Peter Paul Rubens. It is the right place for art lovers.

29- The German Village – Columbus

The German Village is a location where you can find German culture more than other Ohio states. German settlers create this village, which makes this feeling in visitors that they are in the past. It’s a unique place, don’t forget to make it on your list.

30- Loveland Castle – Loveland

There are some castles around Ohio state from medieval times that one of them is Loveland Castle. This fantastic castle, less than 100-year old, is related to knights’ age, and it has a fascinating history. It’s a beautiful place to visit and have a wedding.

31- Cleveland Metroparks – Cleveland

This park is about 60 miles long, and you can explore all around the gardens and enjoy the scenery. Also, you can go biking, running or hiking. It’s one of the beautiful places in Ohio state.

32- Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve – Rockbridge

This location is the right place for nature lovers. You can enjoy unforgettable views and do photography. There are caves, waterfalls, valleys, and hills, so you can have this opportunity to see many different nature views in this location.

33- Oak Openings Preserve – Toledo

Oak Openings Preserve is a beautiful park that is one of the famous places in Ohio, where you have this chance to enjoy the amazing scenery. You can use your time there, exploring birds and plants, fishing, or skiing.

34- Mohican State Park – Loudonville

Mohican State Park is one of the best places for hiking because of the marked trails that make it easy to walk and enjoy it. Moreover, you can visit the pool, camp stores, over river sites, family, and getaway cabins.

35- Fellows Riverside Gardens – Youngstown

This 12-acre location is full of beautiful views, and there are lots of different plants that make colorful scenery. This public garden is a lovely place that attracts about 400000 tourists a year.

36- Inniswood Metro Gardens – Westerville

Inniswood Metro Gardens is one of Ohio state’s free attractions; you can walk and enjoy ways through woods, plants, herb gardens, and water gardens. This garden has many eye-catching sceneries, and if you are interested in beautiful gardens, it’s right for you to visit there.

37- Hopewell Culture National Historical Park – Chillicothe

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park is a collection of mounds that are a Memorial of the Hopewell tribe. You can enjoy beautiful sceneries and fresh air there.

38- Maumee Bay State Park – Oregon

Maumee Bay is one of the best places in Ohio state. You have many choices to do and enjoy, like camping, biking, hiking, rollerblading trails. So don’t forget Maumee Bay, State Park.

39- Cincinnati Nature Center – Milford

This location is a fantastic place for all ages and has many beautiful views in all seasons. It’s about 1800-acre fields, woods, and pounds. Each year more than 200000 visitors attend this place. Nature lovers can’t omit this beautiful nature from their visit list.

40- Rocky River Reservation – Cleveland

If you are interested in much different entertainment and play, Rocky River Reservation should be one of the top choices on your visit list. You can do golfing, kayaking, biking, jogging, relaxing, walking, and picnicking.

41- Mill Creek Park – Canfield

Mill Creek Park is the first park of Ohio state. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy it. This place focused on community needs, environmental adaptability, and economic issues. So you can enjoy visiting there with no worry.

42- Victory and International Peace Memorial – Put in Bay

It is a monument that reminds one of the American victories in the war in 1812. Its height is about 352 feet, and it is above Lake Erie. If you are interested in historical monuments, it’s right for you to visit there.

43- Easton Town Center – Columbus

Easton Town Center is a modern location, unlike the German Village. It’s popular among visitors because of its architectural elements, stores, restaurants, and entertaining options.

44- Great American Ball Park – Cincinnati

This BallPark is a new place for Cincinnati Reds. If you are interested in baseball, you will enjoy this place as the oldest baseball team league house. It’s nostalgic and historic.

45- A Christmas Story House – Cleveland

It is part of A Christmas Story House Museum; you can find all related things there and also there is a gift shop that you can buy some gifts. You will enjoy this fantastic place.

46- Smale Riverfront Park – Cincinnati

Smale Riverfront Park is famous for its beautiful views. You can spend your time there just looking at the gorgeous scenery or walking through the fantastic trail. It is a quiet place, and it’s right for you if you want to be free of thinking in a beautiful place.

47- American Sign Museum – Cincinnati

American Sign Museum is a collection of American visual history from 1870 to 1970. You can learn many things about these old signs that have remained on many things.

48- Hershberger Farm & Bakery – Millersburg

Hershberger Farm & Bakery is a unique place where you can see many lovely things together like delicious foods and desserts, Amish crafts, Petting Zoo, and buggies rides.

49- Ash Cave – Logan

It is a location that you should walk a quick and easy way to this large and beautiful cave. There you can see Cedar waterfalls too. It is the right place for nature lovers.

50- South Bass Island – Put in Bay

South Bass Island is one of the Ohio attractions that you can see many exciting things: Cedar Point Amusement Park, William Perry Monument, and Marblehead Lighthouse. So if you visit there, you will see some different parts.

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