Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In North Dakota State For Tourists

From Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the National Buffalo Museum, North Dakota has many things to offer. This beautiful place is loaded with endless landmarks and landscapes. North Dakota provides an exciting view of its magnificent culture and history. In the gorgeous historic places and informative museums, you will be familiar with state attractions. North Dakota’s visitors spend unforgettable moments in Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site and Scandinavian Heritage Park. One of the trendy activities in North Dakota, camping and nature exploring, do not hesitate to join this fabulous place and have fun. Please keep reading, and let’s explore 50 things to do in North Dakota and invite our eyes and mind to The Party of beauties.

List of attractions show

#1- Theodore Roosevelt National Park- Medora

This American national park covers 70444 acres of area and attracts more than 700000 visitors in a year. It is made of three sections and features spectacular horse trails, drive, campgrounds, and hiking trails.

#2- Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park -Morton

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is about 1006 acres and was founded in 1907. The park features an On-A-Slant Indian village, the legacy of the 19th century, historic Fort Lincoln, Custer house, and five Nations art galleries. It is a place for exciting horseback riding, romantic hiking, and outdoor activities.

#3- North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum -Bismarck

The state museum came into being in 1981 on the chest of Bismarck. It includes temporary and permanent exhibits. In the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum, you can see fossilized skin, minerals, and other things.

#4- Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site- Stanton

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site covered 1758 acres of the site and was hooked up in 1974. Every year more than 30000 visitors join the area. It protects the historical residue of North the Plains Indians. This historic site has become a tourist destination at present.

#5- The Enchanted Highway- Regent

The Enchanted Highway is the birthplace of beautiful metal sculptures. It was established in 1989 in Regent. The spider webs. The Enchanted Highway includes geese in flight, deer crossing, the tin family, and spider webs.

#6- Maah Daah Hey Trail- Medora

This 144 miles trail is very accessible. It featured campgrounds, fire rings, and picnic areas. Remember that biking is not permitted in Maah Daah Hey Trail, but you may enjoy hiking and horseback riding. Take advantage of exploring the area.

#7- Bonanzaville USA- West Fargo

This Local History Museum is about 12 acres and sits on the shoulders of West Fargo. It consists of 40 buildings and becomes the house of medical types of equipment and vehicles. It welcomes you from May to September.

#8- Fort Mandan State Recreation Area- Washburn

The chest of the Missouri River is the house of the Fort Mandan State Recreation Area. This triangular-shaped fort is open Tuesday to Sunday from ten a.m. to 5 PM. So immerse yourself in history.

#9- National Buffalo Museum- Jamestown

National Buffalo Museum place that offers opportunities to learn about American bison history. It is open Sunday through Saturday from eight a.m. to 8 PM. The National Buffalo Museum is situated in the heart of the Frontier Village Complex. It is hard to close your eyes to the National Buffalo Museum.

#10- Fort Ransom State Park- Ransom County

This spectacular public recreation area is positioned on Ransom County’s chest and becomes a lovely tourist destination. It was established in 1976 and covered 933 acres of the site. It is a place for camping, canoeing, and hiking.

#11- Chateau de Mores- Medora

This gorgeous historic structure dates back to 1833 and was constructed by Marquis de Mores. The summer settlement of de Mores’ family is about 128 acres. This eye-opening two-story building has 26 rooms. The luxurious house of North Dakota is a popular tourist site.

#12- South Unit Visitor Center- Medora

This informative place is situated in Medora. It has hiking trails, spectacular drives, badlands, and many animals to see. You may enjoy camping in the present campgrounds and have fun.

#13- Roosevelt Park Zoo Office- Minot

The settlement of animals is among the must-do things in Minot. While entering the zoo, lovely animals welcome you with open arms. Your kids can enjoy feeding animals in the children’s exhibit. The price to visit the zoo is very fair, come and have fun.

#14- Lewis and Clark State Park- Williams County

Lewis and Clark State Park is an admirable part of Williams County that encompasses 525 acres. This notable park came into being in 1973. It offers chances for boating, camping, fishing, and nature watching. Reap the benefit of walking along with the relaxing shorelines.

#15- North Dakota State Capitol- Bismarck

This 21 story structure is situated on the chest of Bismarck and was constructed in 1883. North Dakota State Capitol takes advantage of the art deco architectural style. The legislative branches and government seat includes two parks, an arboretum trail, and several statues. It is open Monday to Friday, nine AM – 3 PM.

#16- Dakota Territory Air Museum- Minot

Minot houses an aviation museum, which was founded in 1986. The museum is in charge of commemorating many human beings and artifacts that affect North Dakota’s history. Dakota Territory Air Museum is an inspiring place that has many things for visitors of all ages. Join and learn.

#17- Cross Ranch State Park- Oliver County

This spectacular public recreation area is about 525 acres and shines on the chest of Oliver County. It was established in 1989 and attracted many visitors in a year. The house of bison is 1759 feet and offers opportunities for camping, canoeing, hiking, and boating.

#18- Scandinavian Heritage Association- Minot

This scenic park is situated in Minot and was established in 1988. It protects Scandinavian heritage. The site includes remembrances from Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The outdoor museum attracts many visitors each year.

#19- Dakota Zoo- Bismarck

This fascinating zoo was established in 1961 and had more than 600 animals of 125 species. Each year 100000 visitors join the zoo. Dakota Zoo’s settlers are goats, bison, reindeer, bobcat, fox spider, and monkey. The butterfly house and monkey barn are among the most visited exhibits of the zoo.

#20- Plains Art Museum -Fargo

This fine art museum was constructed in 1965 in Fargo. It welcomes you with open arms seven days a week. The house of 3000 works such as regional art, American Indian art, Andy Warhol, and Sol LeWitt’s works.

#21- Red River Zoo- Fargo

Red River Zoo came into being 22 years ago and covers 33 acres of sites. The house of 600 animals of 85 species is famous for breeding rare animals. It has many exhibits, such as the North American River Otter, Great Wolf exhibits, and others. This unique zoo offers inexperienced moments.

#22- World’s Largest Buffalo- Jamestown

The American Bison sculpture overlooks the James River Valley. This 20 feet sculpture is among popular tourist attractions in North Dakota that were founded in 1959. The designer of World’s Largest Buffalo was Petersen.

#23- Iceland State Park- Pembina County

Pembina County invites you to spend happy moments in a public Recreation area called Iceland State Park. This 900 acres park is next to Cavalier. It was founded in 1964 and had a magnificent beach, spectacular historic buildings, and a museum. In Iceland State Park, you may enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, and golfing.

#24- Fort Buford State Historic Site -Williams County

The fort was constructed in 1866 by the United States of America’s army. It protects the remains of a military post. Fort Buford State Historic Site includes a post cemetery site and a museum. The site welcomes you from Sunday to Saturday with open arms. Join this historical place and explore it.

#25- White Horse Hill National Game Preserve- Benson County

White Horse Hill National Game Preserve encompasses 1 acre of Benson County and becomes the settlement of wildlife refuge. It was founded in 1904 and is situated in the heart of Spirit Lake Tribe. The house of Twenty American bison, many prairie dogs, plants, insects, and birds invite you to experience nature watching and bird watching.

#26- Graham Island State Park -Devil’s Lake

This beautiful Island is situated outside of Devil’s Lake. The park is made of several Islands and covers more than 1 acre of area. This peaceful place offers chances to enjoy fishing, boating, nature watching, and camping.

#27- Fargo Air Museum- Fargo

Fargo homes a non-profit aviation museum that was established in 2001. In Fargo Air Museum, you can find flying objects and related items. It is a place to see aviation artifacts, which are interesting for your kids. You may join the museum Sunday to Sunday from ten a.m. to 1 PM and Tuesday to Saturday from ten a.m. to 5 PM.

#28- Ukrainian Cultural Institute -Dickinson

The home folk art and religious exhibits in Dickinson attract a significant number of tourists each year. If you join the Institute in July, you can see beautiful Ukrainian dancers dressed in colorful costumes. If you want to see the decorated Ukrainian eggs, don’t close your eyes to Ukrainian Cultural Institute. Enjoy visiting the Institute on your travel to Dickinson.

#29- Fort Totten State Historic Site- Fort Totten

This historic site is less than one acre of the area and was established in 1868 on Fort Totten’s shoulders. It was built to protect the Spirit Lake Tribe. You can take part in a walking tour and explore the historic site. In September, your child can take part in Fort Totten Living History Field Day. Visiting this well-protected place worth a visit. It is open Sunday to Saturday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

#30- Raging Rivers Waterpark- Mandan

What kind of pleasure in the world can compete with jumping into an eye-opening Waterpark? Nothing. Raging Rivers Waterpark is situated in Mandan and covers 4 acres of the area. It features the Aqua Play area, lazy river, and several tube slides. Waterpark? Nothing. Raging Rivers Waterpark is a perfect place to escape from the hot days of summer.

#31- Stutsman County Memorial Museum- Jamestown

If you want to experience the first settlers of the state’s lifestyle, do not miss Stutsman County Memorial Museum. The museum calls you to see the antiques and historical artifacts. Visiting the museum is free of charge. You can join it from May to September.

#32- Sheyenne National Grassland- Ransom

This National Grassland is situated in Ransom and is about 70 acres from the site. It includes private and public sections. In Sheyenne National Grassland, you can see Dakota skipper butterflies and more extraordinary prairie chickens. It lies between the hands of Richland and Ransom.

#33- Lindenwood Park- Fargo

Fargo is the birthplace of a multi-purpose park called Lindenwood Park. It is a lovely children’s destination and allows them to have fun in the playgrounds and campgrounds. Lindenwood Park shines like a diamond on the chest of the City.

#34- The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm- Fargo

Put on your shoes and prepare your children to join an informative museum in the heart of Fargo. This children-friendly museum has more than 50 exhibits, such as the children’s Railroad. It is open Sunday to Sunday from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

#35- Fort Stevenson State Park- McLean County

This spectacular public recreation area is a must-do thing that offers many outdoor activities. It is about 586 acres and hooked up in 1974. Fort Stevenson State Park offers hiking, biking, fishing, and camping opportunities.

#36- Turtle River State Park- Grand Forks County

This scenic public recreation area is about 775 acres of the site and was established in 1934. cross-country skiing, fishing, camping, nature watching, and mountain biking provides many pleasures in Turtle River State Park.

#37- North Dakota Museum of Art- Grand Forks

This art museum is a non-profit organization that was established in 1970. It has three galleries, a gift shop and a romantic cafe. In the museum, you can see the works of MarĂ­a Magdalena Campos Pons and Walter Piehl.

#38- Chahinkapa Zoo- Wahpeton

Bengal tiger, grizzly bear, and fossa were established in 1970 and covered 29 acres of area. It welcomes you from May to October. The zoo has 200 animals of 70 species.

#39- Dakota Dinosaur Museum- Dickinson

The museum was established in 1992 and concentrates on skulls, skeletons of giant dinosaurs, and minerals. It is open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM all year.

#40- The Roger Maris Museum- Fargo

It is devoted to Major League Baseball players and has the role of a shrine. The museum was founded 47 years ago. It includes several exhibits and a theater.

#41- Little Missouri National Grassland- Medora

This tremendous national grassland is located in Medora and is about 1,028,051 acres. It was founded in 1960. Enjoy exploring this public grassland.

#42- Taube Museum of Art- Minot

This art museum is positioned on the shoulders of Minot and was established in 1970. It has two galleries, a gift shop, and several artworks. Taube Museum of Art is a place for art lovers.

#43- Little Missouri State Park- Dunn County

This public recreation area attracts a significant number of nature lovers. It is about 6,492.93 acres and was established in 1971. Enjoy hiking and exploring new experiences in Little Missouri State Park.

#44- Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area- Cavalier county

The Cavalier county houses a touristy place that offers many chances for hiking and mountain biking. It was established in 2012. If you are interested in nature, you may explore 480 beautiful plant species.

#45- Jamestown Dam- Stutsman County

Jamestown Dam is in charge of flood control. This Embankment dam was constructed in 1952. Select it for a memorable day trip.

#46- Sully Creek State Park- Medora

The public recreation areas draw many people during warm days of summer. One of them is Sully Creek State Park covers 63.03 acres. It was founded in 1970 and became a place for camping and mountain biking.

#47- North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame- Medora

In 1995 this cowboy hall of fame was founded in Medora. The site is devoted to protecting the western lifestyle. Here you will learn about Native American people.

#48- Downtown Fargo District- Fargo

This 60 acres historic district was constructed by multiple architects in the Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals, Late Victorian, and Moderne. It has 88 buildings that offer an adventurous journey through the pages of history. Enjoy wandering between historic structures.

#49- Gateway to Science- Bismarck

This science center is positioned in Bismarck. Gateway to Science is an educational place that draws a significant number of science lovers. It is open Monday through Thursday from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM and Friday to Saturday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

#50- Lake Metigoshe State Park- Bottineau County

This public recreation area is about 1500 acres and is located on Bottineau County’s skirts and next to turtle mountain provincial park. The park was established 87 years ago. You can reap the benefit of sailing, swimming, camping, picnicking, and cross-country skiing.

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