Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In New Jersey State For Tourists

New Jersey is one of the most popular states in the United States. This state is known for its culture and its history. This region’s history and the New Jersey formation story are very detailed and full of unique events. People in this state are friendly, and it’s one of the best features you see there. There are many different tourist attractions in New Jersey that are famous, like the iconic Statue of Liberty. Also, there are lots of US national parks and USA museums that are interesting for visitors. New Jersey is an excellent destination for holiday time if you like coastal locations. Some popular places are Ellis Island, Jersey City, Statue of Liberty, Immigration Museum, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. Visiting this state is one of the memorable travels nobody can forget. The best places and things to do in New Jersey are as below:

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1- Grounds for Sculpture – Hamilton Township

This location is the house of strange sculptures. Grounds for Sculpture, at first, was the place of J. Seward Johnson II’s arts. But now, some crafts and sculptures are related to other artists. You can enjoy exploring the outdoors and visiting massive sculptures or attending exhibitions.

2- Rat’s Restaurant – Hamilton Township

Rat’s restaurant is in the middle of the Grounds for Sculpture. You can rest and enjoy your meal there. This restaurant’s scenery is fantastic, and the menu is seasonal, so the view and the kind of foods there change season by season.

3- Hamilton Station Statues – Hamilton Township

This train station includes many super-sized figures. This idea was started by Johnson, as we can see in Grounds for Sculpture, but continued by other artists. This station is unique around the world.

4- Old Barracks Museum – Trenton

Old Barracks Museum is an ancient building that survived from the British. This monument has a long history, it was a barracks or hospital over the war years, but now it’s a museum. If you like history, you will enjoy visiting this museum.

5- Paranormal Museum – Asbury Park

This mini-museum is full of strange things that may scare kids because of its amazing things. For example, you can see haunted dolls and devil skulls in this collection. If you are interested in bizarre and ancient things, so visit this place.

6- Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal – Jersey City

This place was a Central Railroad in this state, and lots of people used this way along the day, but this location left in 1967. Now you can visit this location as a historical railroad which is coated with nature.

7- The Great Auditorium – Ocean Grove

This auditorium is one of the amazing ones, which remains from the Victorian-era. Its capacity is over 6,000, and lots of theatres, performances, concerts, and big lectures occur in this place. This location is a favorite for some worshipers in the summer.

8- Sterling Hill Mine’s Fluorescent Rocks – Ogdensburg

This location is a unique place that contains lots of objects with glow in the dark. This shinny view is the result of fluorescence. If you are interested in these natural beauties, you can attend a tour to visit hundreds of fluorescent rocks in this fantastic collection.

9- Shaky Bridge – Trenton

This bridge is in Stacy Park. John A. Roebling, who built the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, created this tiny bridge. It’s a miniature bridge model and is so lovely for local people. Visiting this bridge with beautiful scenery surrounding it is enjoyable.

10- Dryptosaurus Skeletal Mount – Trenton

Dryptosaurus Skeletal Mount is a museum in which you can see the Skeleton of the dinosaur Dryptosaurus. It’s not complete, and some bones are unavailable, but it’s worth a visit if you are interested in the dinosaur area.

11- Hindenburg Crash Site – Lakehurst

Hindenburg Crash Site is a memorial place of the horrible disaster on may 6, 1937; In which 35 people lost their lives. This location is on a Naval Air Station joint with Fort Dix. History lovers prefer to visit this place.

12- Sybil’s Cave – Hoboken

Sybil’s Cave is a half natural and half human made place, with fantastic scenery and mysterious situations. You can enjoy the view and have a cool drink there. This location is from the 19th century.

13- Luna Parc – Montague Township

Luna Parc is an artistic location started by RICKY BOSCARINO. This project was so big and Time-consuming, but it changed into one of the most exciting tourist attractions of New Jersey. If you like dreamy, colorful, and artistic places, you will enjoy Luna Parc.

14- Cliff Dale Manor Ruins – Alpine

George Zabriskie built this ruined monument in 1911; he was a wealthy businessman. It was a 25-acres summer home, destroyed in the 1930s. Now it’s one of the tourist attractions of this state.

15- Women’s Federation Monument – Closter

Women’s Federation Monument is a building in Palisades Interstate Park. This monument is famous because a group of women built it medieval with a castle-looking. If you are interested in historic buildings, you enjoy visiting there.

16- The Gingerbread Castle – Hamburg

Joseph Urban, an Austrian architect, designed Gingerbread Castle. he inspired this castle by Hansel and Gretel’s performance and Brothers Grimm tales. This artistic castle opened in 1930 and turned into a famous attraction in New Jersey as soon as possible.

17- South Mountain Fairy Trail – Millburn

South Mountain Fairy Trail is a location with tiny houses. Therese Ojibway started building fairy houses with small furniture. These pieces are from natural elements. This place is one of the fantastic attractions of New Jersey that you will enjoy.

18- Van Slyke Castle Ruins – Oakland

William Porter built This mansion in the early 1900s; he was a stockbroker and the owner of this place. After abandoning this century-old castle known as Foxcroft, it started ruining; and now you can see the remains of that castle.

19- Amatol Ghost Town – Hammonton

Amatol Ghost Town is an abandoned city in the woods. It was a place of munition during World War I. Now you can see the remaining part of the houses and buildings there. Also, there is a Racetrack, known as the Speedway of Atlantic City and the east’s coastal part’s biggest one.

20- Batsto Village – Egg Harbor City

Batsto Village is a historic place that was an iron industry center once. But after years and after the village Evacuation it changed to the museum and the tourist attraction. Because of full rebuilt buildings, it seems that this village is live.

21- Clifton’s Gates of Hell – Clifton

Clifton’s Gates of Hell is a mysterious place. Local people believe that this place is the house of the devil, and getting there requires high power. There is a legend behind this place, and if you love tales, so visit this location.

22- The Feltville’s Deserted Village – Berkeley Heights

The Deserted Village of Feltville was a small village that now is a ghost village because nobody lives there. It has a historical tale, and if you are interested in history, it suits you to visit there.

23- Lucy the Elephant – Margate City

Lucy is the largest elephant worldwide, built of about one million pieces of wood and tin. It is more than 130 years old, 90-ton weight, and 65-feet high. Inside of this giant elephant was a restaurant, bar, or office. Now you can go inside and visit it as a museum.

24- Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco – Hardwick

Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is one of the most exciting camp places. This location is in the wild point of Blairstown and has a rich history. It was known more after calling Hollywood. If you like a mysterious place, don’t forget to visit this place.

25- Cape May Point’s Bunker – Cape May

It’s the bunker of World War II that remains in New Jersey state and near the beach. This concrete bunker is a massive structure that reminds the unwilling part of history. History lovers should visit this location.

26- Sunset Beach Train Tracks – Cape May

The Sunset Beach Train Tracks are two 100-years-old trains hidden in front of the beach, and they are visible several times a year when the tide is low. It’s one of the beautiful historical places that nature covered.

27- Diggerland USA – West Berlin

Diggerland USA is a theme park that each of the plays is with mechanical instruments. This place is inspiring for children and adults. There you can dig, crunch, and destroy, or you can enjoy a train ride, roller coaster, or carousel, which are construction equipment.

28- Hamburg Paper Mill Ruins – Hamburg

Hamburg Paper Mill is a historical place behind Gingerbread Castle. It was a former Hamburg paper mill ruined after several fires and floods, so now you can see the remaining parts of this place. Visiting this place is exciting for many tourists.

29- Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital – Jersey City

This abandoned hospital is the first public health center in the United States and saw more than a million immigrants worldwide. Now you can see the remaining parts of this place as a historical tourist attraction.

30- Tripod Rock – Boonton Township

Tripod Rock is a strange huge rock located on three stones, and it looks unearthly. If you like weird things, visit this enormous and mysterious Rock.

31- Jungle Habitat – West Milford

Jungle Habitat is a zoo started by the Warner brothers, including more than 1500 wild animals. If you have a vehicle or are on foot, there is a section to participate. It has the road for drivers and also the way for walkers.

32- Life and Death Masks in Laurence Hutton Collection – Princeton University – Princeton

This collection is prepared by Laurence Hutton and in an accidental start. It includes about 100 masks of live or dead literary and political peoples. These figures are related to England or America, and the documents of their history are available.

33- Silverball Museum Arcade – Asbury Park

Silverball Museum Arcade is a fun place you can enjoy, with the 1960s style restaurant. There are many kinds of plays, like baseball, mechanical bowling, Skeeball, and pinball. Also, after playing, you can rest in the cafe.

34- War of the World’s Monument – West Windsor Township

This monument is a bronze radio broadcast and located in Van Nest Park. This location is telling the story of the broadcast. It’s a historical tourist attraction.

35- Northlandz – Flemington

Northlandz includes some set of train models that is a strange kind of modeling. Bruce Zaccagnino started building this place 40 years ago and from his basement. After that, he progressed this project and made this model more extensive. It’s a unique and famous place for visitors.

36- Palace of Depression – Vineland

Palace of Depression was George Daynor’s house, stock trader. He made this palace with junk and mud after his Bankruptcy when he was 70 years old. Visiting this place is a new experience, and you will enjoy it.

37- Delaware River Tubing and The Famous River Hot Dog Man – Hunterdon County

Delaware River Tubing is a popular location not only for tourists but also for New Jersey residents. You can enjoy relaxing, Canoeing, Kayaking, and serving your meal next to the River Hot Dog Man. There are picnic tables in the water, and it’s a fantastic experience to have your meal there. This location is suited for all family members.

38- New Jersey Shark Attacks Site – Matawan

This place is one of the historical locations with a horrible story, which is Jaws’ inspiration, Peter Benchley’s novel. In this place, some people lost their lives because of the bull shark attacks in July 1916.

39- Holmdel Teleport – Holmdel

Holmdel Teleport is a service provider for T.V., radio, government agencies, the internet, some spacecraft, and the U.S. atomic-missile defense system. You can see a colossal satellite antenna there. If you like historical and scientific issues, visiting it is right for you.

40- Chef Vola’s – Atlantic City

Chef Vola’s is a unique restaurant with no number, Email, website, and modern features, and it’s working just with cash. It was the house of Joe and Pina Vola before it changed to a restaurant in 1921.

41- Christ Church Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury

Christ Church Shrewsbury is an old church from the age of Revolutionary War political conflicts. Robert Smith designed this church, and it’s famous because of the political histories of this location.

42- Brooksbrae Brick Factory – Manchester Township

Brooksbrae Brick Factory was a factory with the ability to produce 1000s bricks a day. But after the death of the factory owner, all equipment froze. The remaining pieces of this factory are the attraction of this location.

43- Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery – Jersey City

It’s an old graveyard in New Jersey. Before it became a cemetery, it was the area in which some Revolutionary War battles took place, and there are a few bunkers now in it. If you are interested in ancient sites, it’s right to visit there.

44- East Jersey Old Town Village – Piscataway

East Jersey Old Town Village is a rebuilt village with ancient 18th and 19th century Raritan Valley features. The original structures and real historical pieces transferred to Johnson Park in Piscataway.

45- Historic Walnford – Allentown

Historic Walnford was the house of the Waln family and included some historic farm buildings. In this 36-acre location, you can see life and technology progress.

46- Devil’s Tree – Bernards Township

It is an oak tree that local people believe has sinister power. They think that this tree Hurts anybody who harms this tree. Some teens test their bravery by this tree. It’s one of the most popular points in the public park that attracts tourists.

47- Glenwood Institute – Matawan

Glenwood Institute was the Boarding complex in the U.S. named for GARRET AUGUSTUS HOBART, one of its students. He had many positions and then became the United States vice president when William McKinley was president.

48- White Mana Diner – Jersey City

White Mana Diner was a restaurant with a future theme in 1939. This unique restaurant has unique foods, and if you love strange places, it’s right for you to attend this place. You can have your food there just in a cash payment.

49- Morris Frank and Buddy – Morristown

This real-size bronze statue of a blind man and his dog is named The Way to Independence. Morris Frank was the 1st vice president and co-founder of Seeing Eye. This dog is Buddy, and it’s the 1st guide dog for blind people in the U.S.

50- IVISWOLD Castle – Rutherford

This castle is an ancient historic castle that was a house from 1868. but now it’s a part of Felician University’s campus. This castle has 25 rooms and an inside pool. If you like ancient buildings, don’t forget to visit this castle.

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