Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In New Hampshire State For Tourists

The glorious New Hampshire offers many chances to explore new experiences from the relaxing sea coast to the elevated peaks. Across the many things to do in New Hampshire, you may enjoy the beauty of this touristy place. Most of the exciting sites and tourist attractions in New Hampshire are free. The marvelous attractions that draw people are The Flume Gorge and Franconia Notch, Strawberry Banke, Kancamagus Highway, and White Mountain National Forest. The peaceful waters of New Hampshire let lovers reap the benefits of kayaking, swimming, and sailing. It has exciting gifts for your kids in the themed and water parks. The hiking and biking trails of New Hampshire are another beautiful aspect of the area. Do you know what the New Hampshire nicknames are? This marvelous site is called the granite state, Switzerland of America, and the Mother of River. Let’s explore White Mountain state together.

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#1- Mount Washington- Coos County

The Native American tribes call Mount Washington, Agiocochook. It is situated on the east side of the Mississippi River and is geographically significant. This lofty mountain became a subject for several paintings; if you are a painter, do not lose it.

#2- Flume Gorge- Franconia

This natural gorge is a touristy place that sits on the chest of Franconia and at the heels of Mount Liberty. Flume Gorge is a magnificent place that was discovered 213 years ago by Jess Guernsey.

#3- The Mount Washington Cog Railway- Bretton Wood

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is a breathtaking way that takes you towards the peak of Mount Washington. The Mount Washington Cog Railway is the glorious mountain climbing railway that carries people to the mountain peak. It opened its doors to the public in 1868. buy an online ticket and experience the birthplace of clouds, trees, and oxygen.

#4- Conway Scenic Railroad- North Conway

The color of autumn and the beauty of mountains adds up to the glory of this heritage railroad. It was opened in 1872. Join Conway Scenic Railroad and experience this popular tourist attraction in the heart of North Conway.

#5- Franconia Notch State Park- Franconia

This public Recreation area is about 6692 acres and was established in 1928. It passes through a beautiful mountain pass. Franconia Notch State Park includes various attractions such as the old man of the mountain, profile lake, skiing, and hiking trails.

#6- Omni Mount Washington- Bretton Woods

The hotel was founded in 1900 by Charles Allen Gifford. Omni Mount Washington benefits from the Romanesque Revival architectural style. It has a skiable resort and provides memorable chances. You can select Omni Mount Washington for your honeymoon and enjoy lovely moments in New Hampshire.

#7- Loon Mountain Resort- Lincoln

This ski resort welcomes many skiers with open arms. Loon Mountain Resort was established in 1960 and lay between the hands of White Mountain National Forest. This 370 acres area is a perfect place to enjoy skiing.

#8- Attitash Mountain Resort- Bartlett

This ski area was founded in 1938. The White Mountain belongs to Attitash Mountain Resort, which has 68 ski areas. It offers summer activities such as horseback riding and mountain biking. So head toward this peaceful place.

#9- New Hampshire 112- North Conway

New Hampshire 112, which is called Kancamagus highway, connects Conway to Bath. This highway passes through the spectacular White Mountain National Forest. It is famous for its mind-blowing autumn foliage. Takes advantage of driving on a rainy day in New Hampshire 112.

#10- Mount Washington Observatory- Coos County

Coos County houses a non-profit Educational and scientific organization called Mount Washington Observatory. It was established in 1932 and concentrated on investigating natural ecosystems that affect the earth’s climate. The Mount Washington Observatory educational programs such as Weather Discovery Centre and observatory your.

#11- Cranmore Mountain Resort -North Conway

This ski area is situated on the shoulders of North Conway and came into being in 1937. Cranmore Mountain Resort place plays the role of an adventure park and offers opportunities for romantic walking. The area features climbing walls, zip lines, and a Bungee trampoline.

#12- Story Land- Glen

The themed park is positioned in Glen’s heart and opened its doors to the public in 1954. Story Land has various attractions such as Alice’s teacups, horse race games, and a shooting gallery. It is a place for children, let them jump into the happy land.

#13- Santa’s Village – Jefferson

This 60 acres family-friendly area benefits from snowy grounds, bumper cars, and children’s activities. It is a fantastic summer destination that will not disappoint you. Join Santa’s Village with your child for his/her birthday gift.

#14- Gunstock Mountain Resort- Gilford

This outside Recreation resort was established in 1937 by the works programs administration. You can do some activities such as ski jumping, hiking, snow tubing, and swimming in Gunstock Mountain Resort. The complex has night skiing features, so join and have fun.

#15- Canobie Lake Park- Salem

The amusement park was founded in 1902 with the slogan ‘just for fun.’ It includes Botanical Gardens, roller coaster, lazy river, and live entertainment. Canobie Lake Park is a place for visitors of all ages.

#16- Strawbery Banke Museum- Portsmouth

This outdoor History Museum is situated in Portsmouth. The old neighborhood dates back to 1630. The settlement of Europeans includes 37 buildings constructed between the 17 and 19 centuries. It benefits from federal, Georgian, and Colonial architectural style. The area became a museum 56 years ago.

#17- Diana’s Bath- North Conway

It is a collection of beautiful waterfalls situated in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. This family destination provides opportunities for hiking, nature watching, and exploring. Join and have fun.

#18- Clarks Bears- Lincoln

Clark’s Bears is a visitor attraction called Clark’s Trading Post formerly. The area is famous for the white mountain central railroad and funny bears. It includes various museums such as Florence Murray Museum and other sites.

#19- Monadnock- Dublin

Monadnock is a 3165 feet high mountain called Grand Monadnock too. The New Hampshire important mountain has been a signified in Henry David Thoreaus’ writings. It is a place for hiking, picnicking, camping, and snowshoeing.

#20- Castle in the Clouds- Moultonborough

This historic old 5294 acres house museum was established in 1913 by Thomas Gustave Plant. Castle in the Clouds overlooks the spectacular Ossipee Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee. The mansion has a16 rooms and features a carriage house, art galleries, and the castle.

#21- Crawford Notch State Park -Carroll County

Reap the benefit of driving on rainy and foggy days in Crawford Notch State Park. This peaceful area encompassed 5775 acres and was founded in 1913. The park is the birthplace of Willey House. The scenic trails guide you to lovely destinations. The park offers opportunities for picnicking and fishing.

#22- Waterville Valley Resort- Waterville

This ski resort is situated in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. Waterville Valley Resort covers 265 acres and provides chances to enjoy skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, and skateboarding.

#23- Squam Lake- New Hampshire

Squam Lake is a peaceful lake that sits between the hands of the Lake region. It covers 6791 acres and includes 30 Islands such as Duck Island, Great Island, and Birch Island. In Squam Lake, you can find rainbow trout and other species.

#24- Whale’s Tale Waterpark -Lincoln

Lincoln homes 17 acres of water park and opened its doors to the public with the slogan ‘New England’s Favorite Waterpark.’ Whale’s Tale Waterpark includes several rides and many things for each member of a family.

#25- Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves- Woodstock

This protected area is a collection of inspiring caves in the heart of the white mountain. You can pay the fee and put yourself in the hands of Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves. This family-friendly place provides excellent experiences, probe it.

#26- Squam Lakes Natural Science Centre- Holderness

This zoo and environmental education site were established 55 years ago. Squam Lakes Natural Science Centre concentrates on ecological understanding and New Hampshire’s nature. It was founded in 1969 and takes advantage of animal exhibits, lake cruises, outdoor classes, and educational programs.

#27- Mount Sunapee Resort- Newburg

Mount Sunapee Resort is a popular ski area founded in 1940. If you want to ski or learn how to ski, do not close your eyes to Mount Sunapee Resort. Slide on the snow and have fun.

#28- America’s Stonehenge- Salem

This historical place includes many stone structures and rocks. It becomes a public recreational area and welcomes people with open arms. This tourist attraction features an alpaca farm and eye-opening trails. It was called Mystery Hill previously.

#29- Pats Peak Ski Area- Henniker

This independent alpine ski area opened its doors to the public in 1963. The park is about 690 feet and covers 200 acres. Pick up your shoes and head toward Pats Peak Ski Area.

#30- Polar Caves Park -Rumney

The park opened its doors to the eager public in 1922 with the slogan ‘ carve out your own adventure today.’ It is operating from May through October and becomes a tourist destination. Polar Caves Park includes a zoo, gardens, and granite cliffs.

#31- Water Country Water Park- Portsmouth

Water Country Water Park is an exciting water park that opened its doors to the public in 1984. The slogan of the park was ‘have some fun. The park includes swimming pools and picnic areas. Head towards the park and eat your lunch in a peaceful place.

#32- Ice Castles – Lincoln

The kingdom of ice becomes an awe-inspiring winter phenomenon that sits upon the shoulders of Lincoln. Ice Castles is a frozen tourist attraction in New Hampshire. It is made of many icicles and includes frozen thrones, counting, and sculptures to add to its beauty.

#33- AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Centre- Gorham

This mountainous pass is located in the white mountains. The Laurentide Ice Sheet erosion created AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Centre. It was discovered 235 years ago by Belknap. Enjoy hiking, skiing, and nature while watching the area.

#34- Hampton Beach State Park -Hampton

This 50 acres park sits on the meeting place of the Hampton River and the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1933 and featured a playground, Pavilions, relaxing beach swimming, and fishing facilities.

#35- Echo Lake State Park- Conway

Conway houses a public recreation area that includes rock ledges, a cathedral, and a White horse ledge. Echo Lake State Park is a place for swimming, picnicking, and hiking. The scenic hiking trails take you to breathtaking places.

#36- Bear Brook State Park- Allenstown

This 10000 area spectacular state Park was established in 1943 and features hiking trails, campsites, camp store, rowboat rentals, and playgrounds. This magnificent park attracts many lovers.

#37- Monadnock State Park -Jeffery

Monadnock State Park covers 1017 acres area which is situated around monadnock and embraces protected highlands. This 1224 feet park offers opportunities for hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

#38- Mount Major- Alton Bay

Mount Major is a famous rocky summit that attracts climbers and hikers. You can come to Mount Major through several accessible trails. Take the pleasure of hiking and outdoor activities in the lovely autumn.

#39- Currier Museum of Art -Manchester

This art museum is a house of American and European art photographs and beautiful sculptures. It was established in 1929 and included Picasso, Monet, and Andrew Wyeth’s works, among others. You can enjoy live music and suitable activities.

#40- Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park- Cornish

This 370 acres area is visited by more than 26000 people in a year. Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park was constructed in 1917 to protect the Saint-Gaudens’ studio, dome, and the scenic gardens. You may explore the park through a hiking trail.

#41- Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park- North Conway

Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park is a unique indoor water park and a superb place to spend the whole day in the heart of North Conway. Jump into this tropical adventure and enjoy five slides, a wave pool, and other attractions. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#42- Seacoast Science Center- Rye

This science museum is a perfect stop to visit the fabulous aquarium. It is situated in the center of Odiorne point state park and connects visitors to magnificent Ocean wonders. The museum includes various exhibits to see lovely creatures.

#43- USS Albacore Museum- Portsmouth

Take a walk from Portsmouth and prepare a ticket to visit USS Albacore Museum. This research marine was a work by the US Navy. It becomes a popular tourist attraction that is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.

#44- Hood Museum of Art- Hanover

The art museum was established in 1985 and housed 65000 artworks. In the Hood Museum of Art, you can see the oldest collections in the United States of America. The museum offers chances to encounter autistic thinking and artworks. The museum displays various historical and cultural eras.

#45- Children’s Museum of New Hampshire- Dover

Dover is a place for your kids and invites them to explore the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s fantastic creative exhibits. Your children will learn many informational things through play and fun. Join the museum and let them explore dinosaurs, nature, and submarines.

#46- Woodman Museum- Dover

This history, art, and science museum was established in 1915. Captain William Palmer constructed it in federal and Garrison house architectural style. It has three houses to illustrate the natural history, antiques, and local history. It is a place for history lovers.

#47- Enfield Shaker Museum -Enfield

This outdoor history museum covers 1235 acres. It includes various exhibits, gardens, and artifacts. Please take part in an informative tour and explore it in detail.

#48- Mariposa Museum and World Culture Centre -Peterborough

Mariposa Museum and World Culture Centre is a place to visit visually eye-catching and includes various cultural exhibits. In the museum, you can see many art collections from different countries. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

#49- The Libby Museum -Wolfeboro

This natural history museum was established in 1920 by Henry Libby. It is open from June to October. The museum encompasses more than 1 acres area. You can see natural specimens, various collections, including minerals and animals.

#50- Aviation Museum of New Hampshire- Londonderry

This historical and aerospace Museum provides educational classes. You can see planes and related objects. This hidden gem is fascinating for little boys. Take the hands of your son and join the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.

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