Best Things To Do And Attractions In Michigan State For Tourists

Attractions in Michigan took advantage of natural beauty and were surrounded by lakes, sea, and beaches. Michigan is the host of a significant number of tourists each year; that’s why we decided to cover this touristy part of the United States of America. The spectacular falls and artistic estates are a part of the things to do in Michigan. The place has fantastic things for visitors of all ages. If you are interested in art, Michigan is yours. Suppose you need new experiences headed toward this place. If you look for peace, Michigan beaches wait for you. Michigan reap the benefits of animal and plant diversity so you can go through an invaluable environment. The birthplace of isles, art, and pure experiences invites visitors from various countries with open arms. Do you like to spend an Unforgettable honeymoon and remember each second? If your answer is positive, do not close your eyes at Michigan. Keep reading to explore this part of America.

List of things to do show

1- Mackinac Island- Lake Huron

This resort area is situated between the lower and upper peninsulas. It was the fur trade center and nowadays is a popular tourist destination in Michigan. Mackinac Island is famous for historical sculptures, cultural events, and eye-catching beauties.

2- Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore -Alger County

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a more than 73 acres area established in 1966 and visited by over 400000 visitors a year. This national lakeshore offers a picturesque view of waterfalls, rocks, and sandstone cliffs. Backcountry camping, scuba diving, kayaking, and ice climbing are popular activities in the area.

3- Isle Royale National Park- Keweenaw County

This more than 571000 acres US national park was established in 1940 and attracted over 25000 visitors a year. Isle Royale National Park is a pristine national park made by hundreds of stunning Islands and offers the chances for camping, hiking, rock climbing, and nature watching.

4- Detroit Institute of Arts -Michigan

Detroit Institute of Arts was founded in 1885 and visited by more than 600000 visitors each year. This art museum has 65000 artwork demonstrating in over 100 galleries. The Museum was constructed by Paula Philippe Cret in Italian Renaissance and beaux art architectural style. You can see the works of American artists such as George Bellows, Alexander Calder, and Thomas Cloe.

5- The Henry Ford Museum -Dearborn

The Henry Ford Museum is an open-air history museum founded in 1929 by Robert O. Derrick and attracted more than 1 million visitors each year. In the museum, you can see Kennedy’s limousine, Edison’s laboratory, and Lincoln’s chair, among others. It is a place to explore history.

6- Belle Isle Park- Detroit

This 982 acres state park was founded in 1845 by Olmsted and consisted of various islets and belle isle. The park features the James Scott Memorial Fountain, belle isle aquarium, and the conservatory, among others. In Dossin Great Lake Museum you can see a great collection of the world’s ships.

7- Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore- Michigan

This beautiful national lakeshore is about 71 acres established in 1970 and visited by more than 1 million people each year. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore takes advantage of glacial phenomena, beaches, and lovely forests. It is a superb place for camping and hiking. Wander in the heart of nature.

8- Tahquamenon Falls State Park -Luce County

These spectacular Falls shine in brown color; that’s why it is called ‘The Root Beer Fall.’ Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a terrific place for watching and exploring nature. Visiting Tahquamenon Falls State Park is highly recommended to nature lovers.

9- Mackinac Bridge- Mackinac County

Steinman designed this suspension bridge called Mighty Mac or Big Mac in 1957. Mackinac Bridge is a spectacular bridge that passes through blue waters and becomes a tourist attraction in Michigan. If you look for a perfect subject for photography, the place is yours.

10- Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park -Michigan

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is a 158 acres glorious botanical garden alfresco art museum and sculpture park founded in 1995. The garden includes 300 artworks that attract 750000 visitors a year. It features a tropical conservatory, dreamy Japanese garden, and natural trails.

11- Motown Museum -Detroit

This place was a recording studio originally. Motown Museum demonstrates the history of recording. You may come here from Wednesday to Sunday and take beautiful photos.

12- Arch Rock- Mackinac Island

Arch Rock is a picturesque rocky arch that sits in the heart of Mackinac Island. This geologic development is a rare masterpiece of nature and attracts nature lovers. The presence of the Arch Rock paved the way to establish Mackinac National Park.

13- Detroit Zoo- Royal Oak

Detroit Zoo is about 125 acres founded in 1927 and housed 2000 animals of 245 species. This family-friendly place is visited by more than 1 million visitors a year. The home of North American river otter, African lion, grey wolf, mallard barn owl, water monitors, and the Chinese alligators is a perfect place for your little children.

14- Ludington State Park -Mason County

Ludington State Park is a 5300 acres public recreation place that sits between the hands of Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan. The park offers opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and nature watching.

15- Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive- Michigan

This spectacular road was constructed in the 1960s and lay in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The scenic curves and astounding vistas make Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive a highly visited place in Michigan. If you are a skier or driver, the area is yours.

16- Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum- Whitefish Point Light

This over 8 acres museum was founded in 1985 in Iron Pile Lighthouse. It is situated in Whitefish Point Light Station and demonstrates the remains of shipwrecks. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum features a light tower, fog signal building, and lookout tower.

17- Michigan’s Adventure- Muskegon County

This 258 amusement park was born in 1956 with the slogan ‘It’s Amazing in Here.’ Michigan’s Adventure was visited by 1 million people a year from late May through early September. It features seven roller coasters, a water park, a suspended looping coaster, and other exciting things.

18- Soo Locks- Sault Ste

Soo Locks are made of the various locks created in 1855 by the Corps of engineers. It helps the ships to move quickly between Great Lakes and Lake Superior. The area is among the famous attractions in Michigan.

19- Crystal Mountain- Thompsonville

Crystal Mountain is positioned on the shoulders of Thompsonville and is a superb destination for mountain climbing and skiing. It is the heaven of adventure lovers. Join this family-friendly place and have fun.

20- Boyne Mountain Resort -North Michigan

This ski resort is situated in Boyne Valley, Charlevoix County, and came into being in 1936. Boyne Mountain Resort is an impeccable place for alpine skiing, snowboarding, gold playing, swimming, and experiencing zip lines.

21- Renaissance Centre -Detroit

This hotel and commercial center is situated in Detroit and was established in 1973 in modern Style. It is made of 7 skyscrapers and includes an observation tower. When you step inside, you probably ask yourself who I am in the future.

22- Warren Dunes State Park -Berrien County

Warren Dunes State Park was born in 1952 on the chest of Berrien County. It is famous for dunes and Scenic beaches. More than 1 million people come here to enjoy picnicking, hiking, metal detecting, sky gazing, and hunting each year.

23- North Country Trail Association- Michigan

North Country Trail Association is a particular trail that passes through various states such as Vermont, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This breathtaking trail invites people to experience the beauty and discover natural attractions.

24- John Ball Zoo -Grand Rapids

This zoological garden was founded in 1851 and included more than 2000 animals of 238 species. John Ball Zoo is 140 acres urban park and the house of different animals from various sections of the world, such as the African lion, cougar, sloth rapid, and grey parrot, among others.

25- Fox Theatre -Detroit

Fox Theatre is a performing art Institute founded in 1928 by Crane in art deco style and takes advantage of Indian, Chinese, Persian, and Hindu motifs. This ten-story structure attracts art lovers and anybody interested in performing arts.

26- Grand Rapids Public Museum -Grand Rapids

This public museum is situated on the Grand Riverbank and was founded in 1854. It is one of the oldest history museums in America that features a cafe, various exhibits, and a gift shop. Grand Rapids Public Museum concentrates on historical, scientific, and cultural topics.

27- Belle Isle Aquarium -Detroit

Belle Isle Aquarium is a public aquarium founded in 1904 and houses 1500 animals of 146 species. Each year 130000 people come here to see colorful freshwater fish, white-spotted bamboo sharks, and rays. It is open from Friday to Sunday.

28- Lake of the Clouds -Ontonagon County

Step in the heart of nature and enjoy the most dreamy walking experiences in the territory of clouds. Plan your journey to see at least either sunset or sunrise in Lake of the Clouds. It is the paradise of hikers and fishermen.

29- Grand Haven State Park -Grand Haven

Grand Haven State Park is a famous Public Recreation area that sits on the lake Michigan skirt. This 48 acres estate park was founded in 1920 as a place for fishing, camping, and swimming. You can rent a house and relax in the heart of nature.

30- Campus Martius Park- Detroit

Campus Martius Park is a 12 acres municipal park established in 1850. This scenic park is situated between the feet of Michigan and Woodward Avenues. The former gathering place features performance stages, an ice skating rink, and various sculptures.

31- Saugatuck Dunes State Park -Holland

This thousand acres public recreation area was established in 1977 on the gentle hands of Lake Michigan. Enjoy walking in the park with your beloved and picnicking in the selected regions. Put yourself in the generous hands of the water and swim with little waves.

32- Fayette Historic State Park -Michigan

This 711 Acres State Park was established in 1959 and featured 61 campsites to offer relaxing moments. You can enjoy boating and hike through this historic state park.

33- Hiawatha National Forests -Michigan

Michigan is the birthplace of over 800000 acres of scenic forest established in 1931. You can see various lighthouses across the shores. Hiking and camping are popular activities in the area.

34- Binder Park Zoo- Battle Creek

Binder Park Zoo came into being in 1977 and housed 500 animals of 140 species. It is open every day from April to October, and you can see lovely animals such as snow leopards and snowy owls.

35- Fort Michilimackinac – Michigan

The 18th century’s heritage was the trading post and fort of France and Britain, established in 1715. Fort Michilimackinac is an outdoor history museum that includes wooden buildings.

36- Big Sable Lighthouse -Mason County

The east side of Lake Michigan is the house of a lighthouse established in 1867. Big Sable Lighthouse was responsible for ship navigation. The place is open 360 days a year.

37- Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory- Detroit

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is a striking botanical garden established in 1904. This greenhouse is the oldest American conservatory and includes various kinds of tropical trees, palm trees, and other plants.

38- Fisher Building -Detroit

This 486000 acres landmark skyscraper was created in art deco style by Kahn, associated with the French in 1928. Fisher Building is a 30 story structure that houses studios and offices. It is tied with arts so you can go to the art galleries.

39- Charles H. Wright Museum- Detroit

Charles H. Wright Museum is a human and cultural history museum founded in 1977. This non-profit museum focuses on African-American history and demonstrates artifacts to flourish Culture.

40- Headlands International Dark Sky Park- Emmet County

Headlands International Dark Sky Park is a fabulous country park that protects a specific part of Lake Michigan’s shore. It features endangered plants, fantastic hiking trails, and unique subjects for photography.

41- Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum- Michigan

This 300 acres arboretum and botanical garden features a conservatory, hiking trails, and outdoor parks. Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum offers exciting activities for families, hikers, and scientists.

42- Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum- Portage

This amusement park and aviation museum was created in 1977. The Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum aims to protect historical artifacts such as air-breathing and military artifacts.

43- Potter Park Zoo- Lansing

Potter Park Zoo is a settlement of 500 animals from 160 different species that founded in 1915. Each year more than 167000 visitors come here to learn about animal preserving. It is a house of rabbits, boas, tigers, and other creatures.

44- Michigan Science Center -Detroit

This non-profit science center was founded in 1970 by a philanthropist and businessman, Dexter Ferry. The museum and galleries concentrate on physical science and life. If you are a science lover, the museum is for you.

45- Detroit Historical Museum -Detroit

This history museum was established in 1928 and narrated Detroit’s history. Detroit Historical Museum offers educational programs for anyone who is in love with history. It is open 360 days a year and welcomes you with open arms.

46- Dow Gardens- Michigan

Dow Gardens is a 110 acres gorgeous botanical garden founded in 1899. It is the house of more than 1700 plants. The Whiting Forest and the Gardens are the main attractions of the place. The museum was designed by Herbert Dow.

47- Gilmore Car Museum- Michigan

Gilmore Car Museum is an automobile museum founded in 1966 and includes 350 cars and motorcycles. Each year 97 thousand visitors come here. It is a place for anybody who likes classic vehicles. If you are interested in classic automobiles, do not miss the Gilmore Car Museum.

48- Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum- Michigan

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a children’s museum that aims to help kids and parents to learn through education and experimentation. The museum was created in 1978 and is open every day. Visiting this museum is highly recommended to families.

49- Grand Rapids Art Museum -Grand Rapids

This art museum was established in 1910 to demonstrate modern and Renaissance artworks. Grand Rapids Art Museum concentrates on 19 and 20th-century masterpieces and includes more than 3500 photographs and drawings. Each year 225000 visitors join this art museum.

50- Kalamazoo Institute of Arts -Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is a non-profit art Institute founded in 1924 at Kalamazoo. It includes 4600 artwork, including American arts, African and oceanic works, and also works of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. It is the paradise of art lovers.

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