Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Maryland State For Tourists

The birthplace of Baltimore and historic places is surrounded by West Virginia, Colombia and Delaware. Maryland conquers the heart of colonial America. This small state offers many natural attractions ranging from Fort McHenry National Monument to National Aquarium. The relaxing shore and majestic hills are among the popular destinations for walking and spending a memorable day in Maryland. Let’s discover the homeland of refugee animals and migrating birds and know about the great things to do in Maryland.

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#1- Six Flag America – Woodmore

This 523 acres theme park was established in 1976 on the chest of Woodmore. The slogan of Six Flag America is ‘D.D.’S Thrill Capital.’ It includes six themed parts, such as Main Street 1776 that provides for restaurants and stores, Chesapeake, Looney Tunes Movie Town, Mardi Gras, Gotham City, and Coyote Creek. Six Flag America has nine roller coasters and three water rides. Join this beautiful park and let your children play and learn.

#2- National Aquarium – Baltimore

This non-profit public aquarium was constructed in 1981 and welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors each year. National Aquarium is the house of over 17000 animals and becomes one of the tourist attractions in Maryland. The aquarium demonstrates more than 750 species and offers educational programs to raise public awareness about aquatic creatures and conserve aquatic treasures. The National Aquarium features different exhibits such as Upland Tropical Rainforest and Wild Extremes, among others. You have an opportunity to visit stingrays, golden frogs, yellow head parrots, Pacific sea turtles, and other creatures.

#3- Fort McHenry National Monument – Baltimore

Fort McHenry National Monument is a 43.26 acres national structure constructed in 1798 and became a national park in 1925. It is visited by over 600000 visitors each year. Fort McHenry National Monument is a historical defense and famous for its unexampled role in the war of 1813

#4- Great Falls – Montgomery

Great Falls is a cluster of waterfalls on the chest of Montgomery County. This steep retired cascade provides a spectacular review in Maryland and Virginia and overlooks Virginia in beautiful parts. Great Falls provides opportunities for kayaking, hiking, white water rafting, and climbing. Embrace the mother of nature and create unforgettable moments in this place.

#5- Baltimore Museum of Art – Baltimore

Baltimore Museum of Art is one of the attractions in Maryland constructed in 1914 and includes 95000 items. This art museum houses over 2000 artworks by Henri Matisse, Modern Art, drawing, prints, sculpture decorative arts photographs, and works of Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and other parts of the world. The Baltimore Museum of Art was built in neoclassical Style by John Russell Pope.

#6- Deep Creek Lake – Garrett County

This 3900 acres reservoir is the largest lake in Maryland and sits on the chest of Garrett County. Deep Creek Lake provides the 111 km admirable shoreline for hiking and watching a beautiful sunset. It is the home of aquatic birds and freshwater fish such as yellow perch, rainbow trout, and rock bass. This spectacular beach is a lovely place to solve in the beauty of autumn in Maryland.

#7- Antietam National Battlefield – Washington County

This 3230 acres USA national park is located on the shoulders of Washington County and was established in 1890. Antietam National Battlefield is visited by more than 300000 visitors each year. The park protects Antietam Creek in Washington County to immortalize the American civil war battle of Antietam. Antietam National Battlefield functions as a countrywide navy cemetery, traveler center, and area sanatorium museum. You can come right here each day from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

#8- The Walters Art Museum – Mount Vernon

This art museum was established in 1974 and was called the Walters’ Art Gallery formerly. The Walters Art Museum represents the mid-19th-century collections such as sculptures of William Thompson Walters, collections from ancient Egypt and Greece, America, China, Japan, Iran, India, and medium European arts. Visiting The Walters Art Museum is highly suggested to art lovers.

#9- American Visionary Art Museum – Baltimore

One of the brilliant art museums located in Baltimore and was constructed in 1995 is the American Visionary Art Museum. The museum attracts more than 10 100000 visitors each year. American Visionary Art Museum concentrates on outsider art known as art brut too and displays 4000 items of different artists such as Ho Baron, Vanessa German, and Leo Sewell. The museum hosted various exhibits such as Tree of Life, Wind in My Hair, and the Near Is Near. American Visionary Art Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from ten a.m. to five p.m.

#10- The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore – Baltimore

This 135 acres Zoo was founded 144 years ago and became the house of 2000 animals. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is positioned in Druid Hill Park and includes the five exhibits called a polar bear watch, Schaefer, plaza, Maryland wilderness, African journey, and zoo central. The plaza consists of a playground for children and a gift shop for preparing a souvenir. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is the settlement of giraffes, chimpanzees, box turtles, lemurs, bald eagles, grizzly bears, and other animals.

#11- Jolly Roger Amusement Park – Ocean City

Ocean City houses a famous amusement park that was established in 1964. This 284 acres park features a roller coaster, carousel, and number car. You are very welcome to enjoy the park from May through September. Join Jolly Roger Amusement Park and have fun.

#12- Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore

This spectacular park was founded in 1989 at 333 West Camden Street. The picnic sites feature beautiful umbrellas, so you may sit there and rest under the shadow of trees. There are6 bronze sculptures in the park that add to its beauty. The stadium became one of the touristy places in Maryland.

#13- Ocean City Beach – Ocean City

One of the most eye-opening shorelines is situated in Ocean City that is decorated with lovely white sand. This sparkling beach is a superb destination for sunbathing and watching the sunset. The charming dolphins welcome you with open arms; say yes to their invitation.

#14- Trimper’s Rides From Ocean City – Ocean City

This historic amusement park was established in 1893 and attracted a significant number of tourists360 days a year. ‘Fun is What We’re All About’ is the slogan of Trimper’s Rides From Ocean City. Take your children to the indoor area and let them play. The outdoor site features a family roller coaster, looping roller coaster, and other amazing things. Trimper’s Rides From Ocean City is open Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to twelve a.m. and Saturday through Sunday from twelve p.m. to twelve a.m.

#15- B & O Railroad Museum – Baltimore

B & O Railroad Museum was founded in 1829 by Ephraim Francis Baldwin in Georgian architecture style to demonstrate historic railroad equipment. The museum is a well-known railroad collection in the universe and provides a chance to visit the collections of the 19th and 20th centuries. If you are interested in locomotives and transportation industries, you may join the museum Sunday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to four p.m. or Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to four p.m.

#16- Swallow Falls State Park – Garrett County

This 257 acres state park was founded in the 1930s on the shoulders of Garrett County. This public Recreation site is adjacent to Oakland and is considered the highest waterfall in Maryland. Swallow Falls State Park is famous for its stunning 300 years old hemlock trees and features a playground, hiking trail, and mountain biking opportunities.

#17- Sandy Point State Park – Anne Arundel County

This 786 acres state park was established in 1948 on the shoulders of Anne Arundel County. Sandy Point State Park is famous for its excellent swimming beach and is visited by over 1 million visitors each year. This public Recreation area houses Sandy Point Farmhouse, the house of John Gibson. In Sandy Point State Park, you may enjoy fishing, hiking, picnicking, boating, wildlife, and sunset watching.

#18- Port Discovery Children’s Museum – Baltimore

This non-profit children’s museum is situated in the fish market building in the most populous city of Maryland, Baltimore. Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a tree structure established in 1998 and offers programs and exhibits to help children learn through play. The museum is suitable for children up to 10 years old. Port Discovery Children’s Museum has different displays such as wonders of water, kid works, and tot trail.

#19- Ocean City Boardwalk – Ocean City

If you look for a fantastic place for gathering, swimming, surfing, shopping, relaxing, watching people, hiking and biking, Ocean City Boardwalk summons you. The area attracts musicians and skilled artists, and you may enjoy the ear-catching melody of music, and your children take advantage of the fantastic playground. The aromas of nearby restaurants will tickle your nostrils. Join them and explore the world of tastes.

#20- Gaylord National Resort & Convention – National Harbour

This 19th story convention center was established in 2008 by Gensler. The hotel includes 1996 rooms, three restaurants, a lot of attractions for holidays like cirque shows, and many shops. Gaylord National Resort & Convention is located on the shoulders of National Harbour and offers a glorious shoreline. Join Gaylord National Resort & Convention for Christmas and enjoy the programs.

#21- Assateague State Park – Worcester

Assateague State Park is an 855 acres public Recreation area established in 1956 and surrounded by Assateague Island on the south and north sides. Go through Assateague State Park and reap the benefits of beach activities, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, and watching the sunset.

#22- Cunningham Falls State Park – Frederick County

Frederick County houses a 6080 acres state park that was established in 1954 and near to Thurmont public Recreation area. The birthplace of Cunningham Falls features fragments of a particular iron furnace and an artificial lake. you may enjoy hiking, biking, camping, swimming, hunting, and boating in this spectacular state park.

#23- Live! Dance Party & Hotel Maryland – Hanover

Hanover houses an entertainment complex that was founded in 2012 near Arundel Mills Mall. Live! Dance Party & Hotel Maryland includes nine restaurants such as Bobby’s Burger Palace, Morty’s Delicatessen, and David’s. Live! Dance Party & Hotel Maryland is full of new experiences and houses one of the country’s largest game place.

#24- Catoctin Mountain Park – Frederick County

This 6154 acres park is situated in Frederick County and was established in 1954. Each year over 2000 visitors come to Catoctin Mountain Park. The mountain offers a stunning view of the Monocacy Valley and a unique subject for photography. Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, and watching the sunset are among Catoctin Mountain Park’s available activities. The crossroads of scenic trails is a must-do thing in Maryland.

#25- Patapsco Valley State Park – Baltimore

Patapsco Valley State Park is a 14270 acres public Recreation area established in 1907 on Baltimore’s chest. The park features various places like Daniels Area for fishing, canoeing, swimming; McKeldin and Hollifield Area for horseback riding and hiking. In Patapsco Valley State Park, you have the opportunity to visit historical places such as Thomas Viaduct. Enjoy swimming in the Patapsco River.

#26- Maryland Science Center – Baltimore

This Science Centre was established in 1976 in the Inner Harbour of Baltimore. Maryland Science Center has three educational exhibits, one observatory, an unexampled planetarium, and an IMAX theatre. The house of more than 24 skeletons of giant dinosaurs provides opportunities to learn about space, our planet, physical science, and our body. Maryland Science Center attracts a significant number of science lovers each year.

#27- The Capital Wheel – National Harbour

National Harbour houses an amusement ride was established in 2014. The Capital Wheel is a 54.9 m wheel and offers some panoramic views of nearby landmarks such as the Washington Monument, National Harbour, and Georgetown University. Head toward The Capital Wheel and fly like a free bird in the sky of Maryland.

#28- Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – St. Michael

There is an 18 acres Maritime Museum in st. Michael was established in 1965. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has the largest cluster of boats and provides annual workshops and educational programs for its visitors. You will learn through social and economic stories, and you can see the glory of hundred boats in the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. You may join the museum every day from nine a.m. to 5 p.m.

#29- Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge – Dorchester County

This grandeur National Wildlife is situated in Dorchester County and was established in 1933 for migrating birds. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge includes wetlands, open fields, forests, and green lands. Blackwater River nourishes Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and makes it a suitable house for bald eagles, Delmarva fox squirrels, big brown bats, eastern box turtles, and other creatures. Do not hesitate to conquer the heart of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

#30- Brookside Gardens – Wheaton

Brookside Gardens is a botanical garden constructed in 1969 and is open every day, and you may visit without paying a penny. This wonderful park houses water-loving plants and various kinds of Azalea, Japanese Andromeda, different exhibits such as aquatic garden, butterfly garden, dry stone sphere, Japanese tea house, and other places. This incomparable garden is for you.

#31- Ladew Topiary Gardens – Monkton

This 75 acres non-profit garden was constructed in 1935 by Harvey S. Ladew in Monkton. Ladew Topiary Gardens is open April through October, and you may join this lovely garden. The 15 rooms of the garden are assigned to a plant, color, and theme. It is the most picturesque topiary garden in the United States of America. Enjoy walking in the territory of plants and colorful flowers. If you want to make your wedding venue memorable, do not close your eyes to Ladew Topiary Gardens.

#32- MGM National Harbor – Maryland

MGM National Harbor is a resort in Maryland that was established in 2016. This 23 story building includes 306 rooms, seven restaurants, a spa, theatre, and meeting space. MGM National Harbor houses the arts, sculptures, and photographs of different artists such as Sam Gilliam, Alice Aycock, and Liao Yiba.

#33- Ocean City Life Saving Museum – Ocean City

Ocean City Life Saving Museum is located in Ocean City and was constructed in 1891. The museum demonstrates the stories and history of saving people’s lives on their shores of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Ocean City Life Saving Museum celebrates the women and men who saved lives with the power of their hands and different tools. You may come here every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

#34- Point Lookout State Park – St. Mary’s County

This 1079 acres public Recreation area is situated in St. Mary’s County and was constructed in 1963. Point Lookout State Park is in charge of protecting American Civil War prisoners of war and preserving Point Lookout Light established 190 years ago. The park features public beaches, historical remains of civil war, and opportunities for fishing and camping.

#35- James Island State Park – Crisfield

This 360 acres public Recreation area was built in 1963 in Crisfield. James Island State Park has a stunning trail that guides towards spectacular beaches, a conference center and a playground, and cabins for relaxing. Enjoy relaxing, boating, fishing, and kayaking in James Island State Park.

#36- George Peabody Library – Baltimore

This Academy library was founded in 1878 by Edmund George Lind in Baltimore. George Peabody Library includes 300000 volumes in British arts, American history and literature, architecture, religion, travel and exploration, and other fields. The library offers a chance to celebrate at private events.

#37- The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum – Baltimore

There is a Wax Museum on Saratoga Street in Baltimore constructed in 1983. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum featuring 100 wax sculptures of famous African American figures. The museum demonstrates the history of 400 years of slave trading and provides practical information about the slavery industry. You have an opportunity to see sculptures of John Brown, Willard Allen, and Akhenaton, among others. The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum welcomes you Sunday to Sunday from 12 a.m. to five p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to five p.m.

#38- Baltimore Museum of Industry – Baltimore

This Industrial Museum was built in 1977 to demonstrate exhibits related to industrial and manufacturing. The library of the Baltimore Museum of Industry includes more than 5000 rare books. Take part in guided tours and let your children enjoy the intended activities. Baltimore Museum of Industry is your host Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to four p.m.

#39- Harpers Ferry National Historical Park – Maryland

This 366073 acres national historical Park is located in Maryland and was established in 1944. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park attracts over 500000 visitors each year. It is the house of a historic town, Harpers Ferry, and provides new things for exploring. The park is open every day from 9 a.m. to five p.m., and you may enjoy fishing, white water rafting, hiking, and fishing.

#40- National Museum of Health and Medicine – Silver Spring

National Museum of Health and Medicine is a military medicine museum established in 1862 and attracted 40000 to 50000 visitors a year. It is the house of 25 million items such as skeletal specimens, medical types of equipment, body organs, and medical documents. Visiting the National Museum of Health and Medicine is highly recommended for medicine students.

#41- Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Centre – Solomons

A green Treasure on the chest of Solomons is called Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Centre that houses more than three works of different artists such as Gene Arp, Cesar, and Antonio Tabiad Mendez, among others. Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Centre offers activities for families, exceptional public programs, and annual festivals. Visiting Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Centre is highly recommended to art lovers and art educators. You may join Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Centre Sunday to Thursday from nine a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday through Saturday from nine a.m. to 7 p.m.

#42- Salisbury Zoological Park – Salisbury

This 12 acres area is the settlement of over 100 animals that was founded in 1954. Salisbury Zoological Park houses American alligators, river otters, Jaguars flamingos, and macaws.

#43- Splash Mountain Water Park – Ocean City

There is a fabulous water park in Ocean City that offers unique activities, memorable moments, and new discoveries. Splash Mountain Water Park has fantastic things for visitors of all ages. Every day, you may come here from 10 a.m. to six p.m. with your family then eat in Ocean Bites or Fractured Prune.

#44- Calvert Cliffs State Park – Calvert County

Calvert Cliffs State Park is a 1311 acres public recreation place established in the 1960s next to Lusby to preserve cliffs. It is famous for the presence of middle Miocene fossils on the beach. This forested park is a superb destination for hiking, hunting deer and turkey, watching birds and animals. Do not miss this hidden gem on the chest of Calvert County.

#45- Maryland State House – Annapolis

Maryland State House is an eye-opening Park that was constructed between 1772 to 1797 by Joseph Horatio Anderson. The park takes advantage of the Georgian architectural style and the oldest U.S. capitol in legislating. It is loaded with the history of America, and you may visit this enlightening place every day from nine a.m. to 5 p.m.

#46- Elk Neck State Park – Cecil County

Elk Neck State Park is a 2369 acres public Recreation area that was established in 1936. The park is surrounded by the Elk River and the Chesapeake Bay. It is the house of Turkey Point Light and offers opportunities for enjoying water-based activities, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing.

#47- William Paca House & Garden – Annapolis

The legacy of the eighteenth-century was established in 1763 by William Paca. William Paca House & Garden benefits from Georgian architectural style and includes a walled garden and a beautiful summer house. William Paca was one of the famous figures who played a role in the sign of the Declaration of Independence. You may come here Sunday to Sunday from 12 to four p.m or Wednesday through Saturday from ten a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

#48- Rock State Park – Harford County

This 1060 acres public recreation place was founded in 1949 inside Deer Creek to protect a natural place called Queen and King’s seat. Rock State Park offers scenic views for watching the sunset and taking photos. Enjoy hunting, fishing, and picnicking in the area.

#49- Washington Monument and Mount Vernon – Baltimore

Washington Monument and Mount Vernon is a classical Doric column that was constructed between 1815 21829. it was dedicated to George Washington, the military general, the political leader, and America’s first president. Washington Monument and Mount Vernon are open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

#50- Greenbelt Park – Greenbelt

Greenbelt Park is 1176 acres of forested park that is situated inside the Capital Beltway. This picturesque park is a fabulous destination for watching nature, hiking, and picnicking.

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