Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Maine State For Tourists

Few places in the world have Scenic attractions, such as Maine. Close your eyes and imagine you are in an area where little waves kiss the rocks, the lighthouse is guiding boats and ships, lovely birds sing love songs, the glorious sun shines in the sky, and you are walking on the beach with your beloved. Can you guess where the described place is? think carefully. Yes, you are right; it is marvelous Maine. This stunning place never disappoints its visitors who come from different parts of our universe. From east to west, America has many things to offer, but Maine is far beyond imagination. This remarkable area benefits from eye-opening gardens, excellent museums, historic places, and fabulous natural attractions. The house of local animals such as owls, moose, and other creatures opened its doors to animal lovers. Maine concentrates on teaching about animal preserving and offers chances to learn about these creatures. Tourist attractions in Maine, such as Acadia National Park, the Old Port, Portland Head Lighthouse, and Cadillac Mountain, attracted many people a year. Stay with us to explore the best things to do in Maine.

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#1- Acadia National Park- Bar Harbor

One of the must-do things in Bar Harbour is visiting Acadia National Park. It was founded in 1916 and covered more than 49000 acres. Each year more than 3 million people join the park. The birthplace of the Atlantic coast of the United States of America is the house of beautiful animals and plants. This rich history area is a place for riding, climbing, swimming, fishing, and snowmobiling.

#2- Portland Head Light -Cape Elizabeth

This 10 acres area was founded in 1791 on the chest of Cape Elizabeth. Portland Head Light is a beautiful historic Lighthouse constructed by Nichols, John Bryant, and Jonathan. It is open from Sunday to Saturday.

#3- Cadillac Mountain -Hancock County

We have a surprise for climbers and anybody who likes to spend some hours in the heart of nature. Cadillac Mountain is a magnificent area in the Acadia National Park. It is the first section of America that allows you to see the sunrise. Enjoy hiking, climbing, and nature watching.

#4- Fort Williams Park -Cape Elizabeth

This 90 Acres glorious park is situated on the chest of Cape Elizabeth and includes various historical places. Portland headlight makes Fort Williams Park famous. After joining the park, you can see different sites such as Fort Williams and Fort Williams-war time.

#5- Jordan Pond -Hancock County

This oligotrophic tarn covers an area of 187 acres. The last glacial period created this Charming pond. You are not allowed to swim in the pond where you may enjoy boating. It is the house of beautiful fish such as Atlantic salmon.

#6- Baxter state park- Piscataquis County

This expensive state park was founded in 1931 and visited by 63000 visitors in a year. Baxter state park is an excellent wilderness site for various animals such as river otters, black bears, and white-tailed deer. Enjoy hiking in this stunning place.

#7- Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens- Boothbay

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens covers 300 acres of magnificent area that draws more than 200000 visitors year-round. The park was founded in 2007 and offered opportunities for taking photos and relaxation.

#8- Park Loop Road -Mount Desert Island

This stunning national park is situated on the chest of Mount Desert Island. Park Loop Road is a particular area created in 1958. you can join Park Loop Road with a motorcycle and explore this scenic place. The Road connects shoreline, glorious mountains, and relaxing Acadia’s lake. Join and have fun.

#9- Sunday River Ski Resort- Newry

This 80 acres ski area is situated in Newry. Sunday River Ski Resort is the most visited ski area with six peaks and 135 trials to provide memorable experiences. In summer you may enjoy related activities like biking and riding.

#10- Cape Neddick Light- Cape Neddick

Cape Neddick houses light constructed in 1879. This 12.5-meter tower is situated on the shoulders of Cape Neddick. It is a cylindrical shaped tower that becomes a tourist attraction.

#11- Carriage Road- Mount Desert Island

Rent a bicycle and explore this fantastic area with your family members. The natural beauty of Carriage Road makes it a magnificent place for biking and hiking. If you are an athlete, the site is for you to enjoy the pure oxygen.

#12- Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse -Mount Desert Island

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is situated inside the Acadia national park and was founded in 1858. This 10-meter cylindrical tower is made of stone and loaded with history. This old lighthouse guided many boats and ships during different periods.

#13- Funtown Splashtown USA- Saco

This fabulous amusement park was founded in 1960 and had two roller coasters, 20 water slides, and two pools. Funtown Splashtown USA is constructed to make your children happy, join and explore its exciting activities.

#14- Portland Museum of Art -Portland

Maine’s oldest art museum was founded in 1882 and included over 22000 artworks that date back to the 18th century. Portland Museum of Art features John Marin, Winslow Homer, and Louise Nevelson, among others. If you are interested in impressionism, work at the museum is for you.

#15- Camden Hills State Park- Camden

Camden Hills State Park covers 5710 acres fighting state park founded in 1947 in Camden. It has trails and spectacular places. Enjoy biking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, hunting, and other activities in the park.

#16- Peaks Island- Casco Bay

This famous island is situated in Casco Bay. The only island that driving is allowed is Peaks Island. If you are an ice cream lover, you should not miss the island because it has perfect ice creams.

#17- Pemaquid Point Lighthouse- Bristol

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse founded in 1827. This conical-shaped tower is about 11 meters. In this, you have an opportunity to enjoy picnicking, relaxing, lighthouse watching, and even painting in a peaceful area.

#18- Palace Playland -Old Orchard Beach

This seasonal amusement park was founded in the 1900s. The is the only amusement park in Maine. Millions of people join this family-friendly place. Put the name of Palace Playland in your must-do things in Maine.

#19- Ogunquit Beach- Ogunquit

Let’s escape from the ordinary and monotonous life and put ourselves in the hands of nature. Ogunquit Beach is a place for people-watching, walking, swimming, watching the sunset, and relaxing. If you look for a peaceful place, do not miss Ogunquit Beach.

#20- Victoria Mansion- Portland

Victoria Mansion is a less than 1 acres area constructed between 1858 to 1860 by Austin in Italianate architectural style. The magnificent indoor and outdoor design and beautiful furnishings make it a top tourist attraction in Maine. Victoria Mansion is a surprise in Portland.

#21- Sugarloaf Mountain- Franklin County

This famous ski mountain is one of the three highest Peaks in Maine that provides skiing chances. Sliding on the white snow is a pleasurable experience offered by Sugarloaf Mountain. Join the site, which is open year-round.

#22- York’s Wild Kingdom- York Beach

This zoo and the charming amusement park have many things for each family member, from feeding animals to playing golf. The area offers new experiences such as thrill in Haunted House.

#23- Long Sands Beach -York beach

The is a place that provides unique walking chances. The kingdom of little sand becomes the house of lovely seagulls. You can see these creatures everywhere. The calm ocean and a pleasant atmosphere draw many people.

#24- Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park- Freeport

Freeport homes a public recreation area located on Casco Bay. This 244 acres State Park was founded in 1969 and lies between Harraseeket River and Casco Bay. It features a splendid hemlock forest, impressive rocky shore, and hiking trails. Enjoy watching the river, hiking, picnicking, and bird watching.

#25- Precipice Trail- Mount Desert Island

Join us ahead toward a brilliant place in Mount Desert Island. Precipice Trail is an unexampled hiking trail at Acadia National Park that provides a superb walking experience. It is among the most visited places in Maine. Precipice Trail is an area for romantic walking.

#26- Beehive Trail- Mount Desert Island

This majestic peak overlooks Sand Beach. If you can overcome your fear of heights in highs, Beehive Trail could be a memorable area. Generous nature offers breathtaking views of a great head and stunning sandy beach.

#27- West Quoddy Head Lighthouse- Lubeck

This conical-shaped lighthouse is about 49 ft and was constructed in 1807. If you come here when the golden sun goes down, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. In West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, you will have a unique subject for photography.

#28- Seashore Trolley Museum- Kennebunkport

Seashore Trolley Museum is an electric Railway Museum that offers chances to learn about the transit history. The museum is loaded with streetcars, so it becomes a popular destination for car lovers. It includes picnic areas, fantastic gift shops, and various hiking trails.

#29- Two Lights State Park -Cape Elizabeth

This magnificent state park covers 41 acres of public recreation area at Cape Elizabeth. In Two Lights State Park, you can see the world wars first remaining. It features hiking trails, a picnic area, and a playground. Sit on a bench and enjoy the sunset.

#30- Farnsworth Art Museum- Rockland

This art museum was founded in 1948 and is devoted to American art. It features the works of various artists such as Gilbert Stuart and Frank Benson, among others. In this museum, you can help your eyes with beautiful artworks.

#31- Portland Observatory- Portland

Portland Observatory was a less than 1 acres area founded in 1807. This historic maritime Tower benefits from the telescope and bi-directional relationship between shoreline and ships. It opened its doors to the public as a magnificent museum.

#32- Bailey Island- Casco Bay

Islands are eye-catching works of nature that benefit from breathtaking beauty. One of these fantastic places is Bailey Island, situated on Casco Bay’s skirt. This brilliant place draws a significant number of visitors each year.

#33- Crescent Beach State Park- Cape Elizabeth

This public recreation place lies on the chest of the Atlantic Ocean. This crescent-shaped place offers chances for sunbathing, hiking, fishing, and exciting sea kayaking. It was founded in 1966.

#34- Fort Popham State Historic Site- Phippsburg

This Civil War protection is located at the Kennebec river’s mouth. It became based in 1861 with the aid of the United States Army Corps of engineers. Fort Popham State Historic Site named after the Maine colonist Georgian Popham. The site welcomes you with open arms.

#35- Perkins Cove Road- Ogunquit

The settlement of ships is located at Ogunquit. This exciting place is visited by many people a year. If you want to see the lobster boats, Perkins Cove Road is for you. The area features shops and restaurants so that you will experience memorable moments.

#36- Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine- Portland

The children’s museum is a place for kids up to 12 years old and their families. The museum is open 7-days a week. It features various interactive exhibits and things for visitors. The museum flourishes children’s imagination through play.

#37- Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument- Penobscot County

This national monument is located on the chest of Penobscot County and covers 87563 acres. It was founded in 2016 and provided opportunities to see wildlife and breathtaking beauties. Do not close your eyes to this beautiful section of Maine.

#38- Azalea Garden -North Coast Harbor

Azalea Garden is a picturesque garden that has become a tourist attraction in North Coast Harbor. Azalea Garden came into being by the villager’s attempt and covered more than 2 acres. It has a pond and houses of breathtaking Azalea. It could be a superb destination to celebrate your wedding venue.

#39- Bradbury Mountain State Park -Pownal

This public Recreation place turned into approximately 730 acres, place-based in 1939. It benefits from multi-purpose trails for horseback riding, walking, and biking. The park offers eye-opening panoramic views.

#40- Otter Cliff- Mount Desert Island

The mother of nature gave birth to particular places in Maine. Another notable section of Maine that attracts many visitors is Otter Cliff. This site invites nature and beauty lovers to take part in nature’s peaceful atmosphere. The sandy beach and waves add to its beauty.

#41- Saint Croix Island- Washington County

Saint Croix Island is about 4490 acres area that narrates Saint Croix history and provides chances to see historical remains. This unpopulated island is next to the Saint Croix River.

#42- Maine Historical Society- Portland

The historical society was founded 199 years ago. It concentrates on religion, culture, history, politics, and other things. Maine Historical Society is the most visited museum in Maine.

#43- Stephen King House -Bangor

This magnificent Mansion is a historic place in Bangor that attracts Stephen King’s lovers. Stephen King House is a 19th Century structure that benefits from the Victorian architectural style. Visiting the house is highly recommended.

#44- Abbe Museum -Bar Harbour

If you want to learn about native people’s culture and history, do not close your eyes to the Abbe Museum. The museum came into being in 1928. It demonstrates prehistoric artifacts of Native people.

#45- Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge- Wells

This 9125 acres area was constructed in 1966 and named after Rachel Carson, the famous American conservationist. The site preserves salt marsh, dune, and barrier beach.

#46- Hulls Cove Visitor Centre- Bar Harbor

Hulls Cove Visitor Centre is a must-stop section in the heart of Maine. When you come here, you will acquire the necessary information. Hulls Cove Visitor Centre is a tourist destination in Maine.

#47- Maine State Museum -Augusta

Maine State Museum devotes to the Maine government. The museum concentrates on natural science and maintains history. The place was founded in 1971.

#48- White Mountain National Forest- New Hampshire

White Mountain National Forest became a greater than 750000 acres location built-in 1918. This magnificent forest is a place for fishing, skiing, logging, and many activities.

#49- Bowdoin College Museum of Art- Brunswick

This art museum was founded in 1894. James Bowdoin III devoted various artists’ collections to Bowdoin College Museum of Art. It is a place for art lovers who are thirsty about artworks and world masterpieces.

#50- Zillman Art Museum -Bangor

This art museum was founded in 1946 and called the University of Maine Art Collection previously. Ann Beha architects constructed it. The museum aims to offer chances to learn about histories, arts, and cultures.

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