Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Louisiana State For Tourists

Louisiana is one of the southern states in the United States of America that sits on the Mississippi River’s skirt benefits from untouched places, eye-catching landscapes, the Mexico gulf, beautiful villages, and French architecture. The brilliant tourist attractions in Louisiana sit around New Orleans, the birthplace of new experiences. The exciting moments in Louisiana show themselves in the form of annual celebrations and fabulous entertaining programs. If you want to see the Antebellum plantations, it’s hard to close your eyes to Louisiana. The museums of this place of America take you to the past and offer a fly in space. What made Louisiana famous is the essence music festival, New Orleans jazz, and Bayou Country Superfest. Enjoy the traditional New Orleans breakfast, waffle, biscuit, and delicious pancakes in the heart of nature. Visiting Bourbon Street, Oak Alley Plantation, and New Orleans botanical garden is highly recommended. Join us to explore the best things to do in Louisiana.

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1- Bourbon Street – New Orleans

The heart of the French Quarter belongs to Bourbon Street. This historic street is situated in New Orleans and attracts more than 70 million people who like to learn about New Orleans history. Bourbon Street roots in the 1721s, and visiting this place is a flashback to the old times. It is surrounded by restaurants, bars and coffee shops, and entertainment centers.

2- Jackson Square – New Orleans

This 2.5 acres historic Park was established in 1971 and is famous for its significant role in Louisiana’s history. The Square benefits from Parisian style architecture and landscaping. The gathering place of talented artists becomes one of the attractions in Louisiana.

3- St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral is a minor cathedral basilica founded in 1720 in French neo-gothic and Spanish colonial architectural style. The Cathedral was named for the king of France. It is open Sunday to Saturday from eight a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

4- Shops of the Colonnade Market – New Orleans

French Quarter is the house of a cluster of markets founded as a trading post for Native Americans in 1971. Shops of the Colonnade Market became a shopping center and surrounded by various restaurants. You can help yourself with a plate of seafood options or head towards cafes.

5- Audubon Aquarium of the Americas – New Orleans

This US aquarium was established in 1990 in New Orleans on the Mississippi River bank and houses 10000 animals of 530 species. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas has different exhibits such as the Caribbean reef exhibit, Amazon Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi River gallery.

6- Oak Alley Plantation – Vacherie

This 25 acres historic plantation sat on the Mississippi’s bank and was established in 1837 by Joseph Pilie in Greek revival architectural style. Oak Alley Plantation invites you to discover it in detail and see the Civil War exhibit and Oak Alley exhibit, among others.

7- The National WWII Museum – New Orleans

The National WWII Museum is a Military History Museum established in 2000 and attracts more than 70000 visitors each year. The museum’s focus of attention is the role of America in World War II. This impressive museum is open from nine a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit the exhibits that offer multimedia experiences and artifacts.

8- French Street – New Orleans

The name of this street referred to 6 executed French men after Louisiana’s rebellion of 1768. French Street roots in old times and is a miniature representation of France, and it welcomes you with live music and local artists.

9- Mardi Gras World – New Orleans

This art museum is situated in New Orleans and was established in 1964 by a boat builder, Kern. Mardi Gras World hosts wedding and private parties, festivals, and different events. This tourist attraction is loaded with ghosts, vampires, and witches’ tales. Enjoy your walking tour.

10- Royal Street – New Orleans

Royal Street is a part of the French Quarter and one of the main streets of New Orleans that dates back to the 18th-century and is the mother of art galleries and antique shops. Enjoy a fantastic shopping experience at Royal Street.

11- Audubon Zoo – New Orleans

This 58 acres American zoo was established in 1914 and houses 2000 animals. The zoo is named after an American naturalist. The major exhibits are the Swamp Exhibit and Reptile Encounter. You can see the river otter, caiman, and Gila monster, among others.

12- Preservation Hall – New Orleans

French Quarter is the center of fabulous attractions, and one of them is Preservation Hall. This non-profit jazz venue was founded in 1950 as an art gallery and invited local musicians to provide live music. Join Preservation Hall and enjoy its relaxing music.

13- City Park – New Orleans

This urban park was founded in 1854 and attracted 5 million people a year. City Park has a beautiful collection of oak trees that tempting nature lovers to visit this public park. If you like to see the 600 years old oak trees, City Park is for you. The park offers opportunities for tennis and golf playing.

14- New Orleans Museum of Art – New Orleans

This fine arts museum is located inside the city park and was established in 1911. It is known as the oldest art museum in New Orleans that features collections of 5000 years of art. You can see 40000 artworks ranging from the Italian Renaissance to the contemporary arts.

15- Audubon Park- St. Charles – New Orleans

Audubon Park- St. Charles is a 350 acres urban Park established in 1871 is open all year. The park is embraced by st. Charles Avenue and the glorious Mississippi River. The park features picnic and sports facilities across Mississippi. Audubon Park- St. Charles is the house of beautiful Birds such as blue heron, cattle egrets, and night herons.

16- Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium – New Orleans

This fantastic museum was established in 2008 and had over 50 exhibits. The breathtaking creatures of Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium attracts a significant number of nature lovers. You can see hundreds of colorful butterflies in the butterfly garden and enjoy different exhibits such as Termite Gallery, Hall of Fame Gallery, and Award Night.

17- The Cabildo – New Orleans

The former Spanish Colonial City Hall was established in 1795 in Spanish baroque mansard roof and 3rd floor in French Revival by Guillemard. This elegant building is St. Louis Cathedral’s neighbor and includes unique artifacts to visualize America’s old days. You can see Napoleon’s death mask in The Cabildo.

18- St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 – New Orleans

It is one of the three Roman Catholic Cemetery built-in 1823 in Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and exotic Revival architectural style by multiple architects. St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 is the resting place of remarkable figures such as Henriette DeLille, Oscar Dunn, and Pierre Soule.

19- Houmas House and Gardens – Burnside

This 10 acres house museum and plantation structure were established in the 1700s by John Smiths Preston in federal and Greek revival architecture style. Houmas House and Gardens are made of 9 buildings that are open every day from nine a.m. to 8 p.m.

20- Laura Plantation: Louisiana’s Creole Heritage Site – Louisiana

This 37 acres reconstructed historic plantation was built in 1817 in stick, Eastlake, and French creole architectural style. Laura Plantation: Louisiana’s Creole Heritage Site sits on the Mississippi River’s hand and is famous for its significant architecture. You can come here every day and enjoy guided tours.

21- Louisiana Children’s Museum – New Orleans

The territory of children in New Orleans includes three interactive exhibits. In the Louisiana Children’s Museum, your children learn broadcasting skills and read in front of a camera. Without any doubt, your children fall in love with the Louisiana Children’s Museum.

22- Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – New Orleans

Jean Lafitte USA National Historical Park and Preserve is in charge of protecting Louisiana’s cultural and natural resources. The park includes six places and names for Jean Lafitte, a French pirate. This 22 acres park was established in 1907 and visited by more than 400000 people a year.

23- Magazine Street – New Orleans

The primary passageway that tracks the Mississippi spiral course is Magazine Street. This classic street is an unexampled place for wandering and going through bars and restaurants. Magazine Street is famous for arts and antiques.

24- Louis Armstrong Park – New Orleans

Louis Armstrong Park is a 32 acres fantastic park designed by Riley and named after Louis Armstrong, a famous American jazz figure. Louis Armstrong Park consists of different buildings, such as the New Orleans municipal auditorium. The Louis Armstrong statue decorates the home of the first jazz festival.

25- Ogden Museum of Southern Art – New Orleans

This art museum became hooked up in 2003 and had over 4000 artworks and is famous for its educational programs and various exhibits. The southern art collections that tell you about the development of art is in New Orleans.

26- Destrehan Plantation – Destrehan

This historic house was built in 1787 to 1790 by Charles Paquet in French colonial and Greek revival style. The unique characteristics of the place make it a popular destination for tourists. It offers chances for celebrating wedding venues.

27- Whiny Plantation – Wallace

The whiny plantation is a 40 acres Museum established in 1803 in federal and French Creole Style. It Focuses on slavery in America, so your travel to Louisiana will not be completed without a stop at Whiny Plantation. The museum shows slaves’ perspectives about plantation life.

28- The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville

The Myrtles Plantation is about 10 acres and created in Creole Cottage Style. This historic building takes you to the old days and offers ghost hunters night tours. Do not forget to go to the gift shop.

29- L’Auberge Resort Lake Charles – Lake Charles

This hotel was established in 2005 and welcomed 400000 visitors each month. L’Auberge Resort Lake Charles has 999 rooms and features swimming pools, a golf course, a spa, various restaurants, and shops centers.

30- Carousel Gardens Amusement Park – New Orleans

New Orleans houses a seasonal amusement park established in 1928 and has various rides, drop towers, carousels, train Ferris wheel, and bumper cars. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is open every day from 11 a.m. to six p.m.

31- Blue Bayou WaterPark – Louisiana

This amusement water Park was established in 1989 and includes 20 attractions such as lazy rivers, wave pools, and other slides. The land of the giants offers chances to enjoy racers and high water.

32- Napoleon House – New Orleans

This historical house was established in 1797 in colonial style in the heart of the French Quarter. You can see the original decorations on the upper floors. Do not close your eyes to the stunning house.

33- The Presbytery – New Orleans

The Presbytery was created in 1813 by Guillemard in colonial architecture style. This standing building is st. Louise cathedrals neighbor and its fantastic architecture bring a significant number of visitors to see this two-story building’s glory.

34- Louisiana’s Old State Capitol – Baton Rouge

This historical museum was built in 1847 by Dakin and Ferret in the gothic revival style. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol looks like a castle and calls the museum of political history by locals.

35- BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo – Baton Rouge

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo was founded in 1970 to protect 800 animals. This zoological park aims to create a connection between animals and people and teach about saving animals’ lives. In various exhibits of the park, you can see beautiful animals.

36- New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum – New Orleans

Are you interested in spiritual beliefs and African traditions? If your answer is positive, head towards New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum situated in the heart of the French Quarter. A rare number of museums in the world devoted to voodoo art.

37- New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – New Orleans

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is loaded with the make-up and medicine bottles of the 19th and 20th centuries. It Showcases the history of medical professions interestingly. This historic structure is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

38- The Historic New Orleans Collection – New Orleans

This research center and the museum was founded in 1966 and investigated New Orleans culture and history. The exhibits focus on various topics ranging from the battle of New Orleans to modern subjects. It is the house of Tennessee Williams and William Russell Jazz collections.

39- Canal Street – New Orleans

One of the main streets of New Orleans and the French Quarter’s neighbor is Canal Street. The heritage of the eighteenth-century is surrounded by shopping centers, hotels, theatres, and cinemas.

40- New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park – New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park is about 4 acres established in 1994 and visited by 130000 visitors a year. It aims to commemorate the process of jazz evolution and consists of a visitor center and concert venue that illustrate the history of jazz in Louisiana.

41- Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo – New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its ghost and vampire tales. Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo is a part of New Orleans filled with tarot cards, excellent books, and exciting voodoo dolls. Join the realm of witchers and souls.

42- Lalaurie Mansion – New Orleans

This haunted house is situated in New Orleans and has an exciting story for its visitors. Lalaurie Mansion is an impressive part of New Orleans that is worth a visit.

43- Jungle Gardens – Avery Islands

Avery Islands houses an eye-opening botanical jewel that draws adventurers and nature lovers. If you are interested in investigating the wildlife, Jungle Gardens is yours.

44- Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden – New Orleans

Sculpture Gardens are always in the center of attraction, and Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is not out. This fabulous garden offers chances to see the work of different artists.

45- New Orleans Botanical Garden – New Orleans

This classical garden was made known in 1976 and provided various kids and adults programs. The area is about 12 acres that reap the benefit of Japanese and tropical gardens.

46- Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum – Baton Rouge

Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum is a 40 acres Agricultural and research center that celebrates the attempts of various groups of Native Americans, French, and German, among others. If you like to learn about rural life, the museum is yours.

47- Confederate Memorial Hall Museum – New Orleans

This war museum demonstrates the American Civil War through its artifacts. Confederate Memorial Hall Museum was founded in 1891 in Romanesque revival style and included 50000 historical subjects related to civil wars.

48- Backstreet Cultural Museum – New Orleans

The museum was unveiled by Sylvester and includes various objects showcasing African American culture and jazz funerals.

49- San Francisco Plantation – Garyville

This 8 acres historic plantation house was founded in 1849 in gothic style. San Francisco Plantation is a remarkable structure that offers wedding venue opportunities.

50- Louisiana Art and Science Museum – Baton Rouge

This educational center offers programs for all ages. In art galleries, you can enjoy fine arts, and your children can visit the science galleries. If you are interested in ancient Egypt, the museum is yours.

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