Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Kansas State For Tourists

Can you remember that famous classic film called The Wizard of Oz? Magnificent Kansas is the birthplace of this well-known film. If you are a fan of the movie, let’s explore Kansas in detail. The Sunflower State is not confined to the wizards of us but includes breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the exciting things to do in Kansas, such as Botanica Wichita Gardens. The Midway State is the 15th great state in America that stems from agriculture and corn and wheat farms. In the Wheat State, you can learn about Native American history in the brilliant museums and historical places. The tourist attractions in Kansas immerse you into the unexampled beauties. The Jayhawk State becomes a place of music history and art lovers. The cultural and historical distinctiveness in Kansas provides unforgettable experiences. Keep reading and learn about Kansas beauty.

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#1- Sedgwick County Zoo -Wichita

This 247 acres zoo was founded in 1971 to protect 3000 animals of over 400 species. Each year more than 600000 people come here. It is famous for providing supporting and conserving programs and breeding and endangered animals. You can see a white pelican, a gorilla, a black crown, the Crane, and other zoo animals.

#2- Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens -Overland

The 300 acres botanical garden is open 7-days a week. Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is the house of limestone bluffs and majestic trees and plants such as Indian grass, oak, black walnut, and milkweed. The garden becomes a tourist destination in Overland.

#3- Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark -Oakley

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark is loaded with fossils. The rock formations are about 802 meters and 80 million years old. Do not forget to visit this tourist attraction in Oakley.

#4- Botanica The Wichita Gardens -Wichita

Botanica, the Wichita Gardens, is about 17 acres of botanical gardens founded in 1987. It features aquatic collections, an eye-opening butterfly garden, and a greenhouse. You can see lovely azaleas, elm, hackberry, and redbuds in the gardens.

#5- Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead- Overland Park

This beautiful family attraction was founded in 1987 and named after a police officer, Deanna Rose, killed on duty. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a place to see birds of prey, lovely gardens and animals, and colorful birds.

#6- Exploration Place- Wichita

This magnificent science museum was founded in 2000. Exploration Place is a non-profit institution with various exhibits, including exploring Kansas, big mouth and design, building, flying, and others. The outside features wetlands habitat, playground, and picnic areas.

#7- Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve- Chase County

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve covers 10894 acres, established in 1996. It has more than 29000 visitors in a year. The site is in charge of preserving the significant ecosystem of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. A site is a place for exploration, nature watching, and hiking. Enjoy the sunset watching in Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

#8- Old Cowtown Museum -Wichita

This antique West History Museum was based in 1952 near the Arkansas River. Old Cowtown Museum is an Old open Air Museum that has various historical structures. It concentrates on 19th-century life in Wichita and has 12000 objects and also live animals.

#9- Cosmosphere- Hutchinson

This glorious space museum was founded 59 years ago and had 150000 visitors each year. It has 15000 items. It was called Kansas cosmosphere previously, which featured four sections, including the hall of space museum. If you come here during summer days, you may enjoy camping in the area.

#10- Museum of World Treasure- Wichita

This world history museum was founded in 2001 to illustrate Egyptian mummies, the American presidents’ signatures, and some pieces of the Berlin Wall, among others. The museum displays various fields of interest and is a place for everybody. Visiting the Museum of World Treasure is highly recommended.

#11- Eisenhower Presidential Center- Abilene

The Museum and presidential center of the 34th American President constructed in 1958. Eisenhower Presidential Center features Eisenhower boyhood home. The museum is open 7-days a week and offers chances to visit it with free admission.

#12- Clinton State Park -Lawrence

Clinton State Park is a touristy public recreation area that covers 1500 acres. The park was founded in 1975 on Clinton Lake’s chest and became famous for its translucent water. The park allowed us to enjoy wild turkey, bald eagles, and white-tailed deer. Hiking, biking, nature watching, and wildlife observing are among the popular activities in the area.

#13- Kansas State Capitol -Topeka

The magnificent state capitol covered 20 acres of area. It was found between 1866 to 1903 by Townsend Mix in French Renaissance architectural style. The capitol provides the opportunity to visit the inside and go through some. Visiting Kansas State Capitol is flying through the pages of history.

#14- The Keeper of the Plains -Wichita

The creator of this beautiful sculpture is Blackbear Bosin. This 44 feet area was created in 1974 next to the mid-America all Indian Centre. The surrounding displays describe various regional tribes. The Keeper of the Plains is a beloved symbol of Wichita.

#15- World’s Largest Ball Of Twine- Cawker

World’s Largest Ball Of Twine is situated on the shoulders of Cawker. It was constructed in 1953 by Frank Stober. The largest ball of twines became a tourist destination in Kansas.

#16- Boot Hill Museum- Dodge City

This great American historical museum aimed to protect the Old West history. Boot Hill Museum is a non-profit center situated on Dodge City’s shoulders and has more advanced 20000 artifacts. The museum offers entertaining programs for visitors 7-days a week.

#17- Tanganyika Wildlife Park- Goddard

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a fabulous zoo situated on the chest of Goddard and provides chances to feed lovely animals and pet them. Visiting Tanganyika Wildlife Park reminds you of Disney parks. If you want to give your children a memorable birthday gift, do not close your eyes to the park.

#18- Great Plains Nature Center- Wichita

This magnificent nature center is located in the gentle hands of Wichita. It offers opportunities for enjoying birdwatching, hiking, wildlife watching, and exploring. Great Plains Nature Center is a beautiful and calm place that attracts many people who like to immerse themselves in nature.

#19- Wichita Art Museum -Wichita

The art museum came into being in 1915. It displays different artists’ works, including John Marin, Charles Sheeler, and Thomas Eakins. It is open from Sunday to Sunday from 12 to five p.m. and Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to five p.m.

#20- Brown V. Board Educational National Historic Site- Topeka

This 1.85 acres National Historic site was founded in 1992 to end racial separation in schools. Brown V. Board Educational National Historic Site is visited by more than 16000 people in a year. It is a place for everybody to learn about the history of America.

#21- Kanopolis Lake State Park -Ellsworth

Kanopolis Lake State Park is a spectacular tourist destination founded in 1948. It provides opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, and exciting recreational activities. The park features the Smoky Hill wildlife area, Kanopolis Lake, and faris caves.

#22- Mushroom Rock State Park- Marquette

This scenic state park covers 5 acres and includes 5 meters of mushroom rocks. It was founded in 1965. The unique mushroom rock formations are the heritage of the Cretaceous Period. The park has two mushrooms and one shoe rack. Join Mushroom Rock State Park to see the natural beauty of Marquette.

#23- Fort Larned National Historic Site- Pawnee

Fort Larned National Historic Site is about 718 acres established in 1860 by the US Army’s quartermaster department. More than 31000 visitors visit it in a year. This historic side protects Fort Larned and includes a nine-site structure, which becomes a symbol of Indian Wars Fort.

#24- Topeka Zoo and Conservation Centre – Topeka

This medium-sized place houses more than 250 animals. Topeka Zoo and Conservation Centre attracts 200000 visitors annually. Gage Park invites you to join the area and enjoy this popular tourist attraction in Topeka. River otters, black bear golden, and bald eagles are Topeka Zoo and Conservation Centre residents.

#25- Kansas Museum of History -Topeka

This state historical museum came into being in 1984 to demonstrate Kansas history. It includes a museum store, galleries, and conservation lab to offer educational programs. It is open Sunday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to five p.m. and Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to five p.m.

#26- Fort Scott National Historic Site- Fort Scott

This remarkable historical area covered 17 acres and was established in 1842 by the United States Army. Each year more than 22000 visitors join Fort Scott National Historic Site. It was named for Winfield Scott, American military commander. It is preserving historical structures and is open to the public most days.

#27- Shawnee Mission Park- Johnson County

The park includes a beautiful lake, a lovely beach, and various picnic areas. This 1600 acres park has impressive hiking and biking trails. It has many things to do for each person. Put yourself in the hands of nature and enjoy its peace.

#28- Cedar Bluff State Park- Trego County

Cedar Bluff State Park is a mind-blowing public recreation state park that covers 850 acres. It was founded in 1962 on the elevated shoulders of Trego County. You can find 19th Century carvings in Cedar Bluff State Park. It attracts adventurers to explore the unparalleled beauty of Cedar Bluff State Park.

#29- Kansas Aviation Museum- Wichita

This famous aviation museum was founded in 1991 and welcomed 24000 in a year. Kansas Aviation Museum is less than 1 Acres area created by Glen H Thomas in art deco architectural style. It was the previous Wichita Airport and then became a museum. It is a place for children who like to see beautiful airplanes.

#30- Shawnee State Fishing Lake -Topeka

Shawnee State Fishing Lake is a spectacular 135 acres human-made lake situated in the heart of Topeka. It was established in 1960 and allowed visitors to enjoy fishing, boating, camping, and hunting. Select Shawnee State Fishing Lake for your weekend holiday and have fun.

#31- Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House- Wichita

This sparkling prairie style house is so magnificent that visitors cannot believe it dates back to more than one century ago. It was planned by Frank Lloyd Wright 107 years ago. Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House is highly recommended.

#32- Gage Park- Topeka

Gage Park is about 160 acres city park founded in 1899 and includes Topeka Zoo, Helen Hacker Theatre, and the Reinisch Rose Garden. The magnificent place is a peaceful tourist destination to enjoy the glory of nature.

#33- Reinisch Rose Garden- Topeka

This 70 acres old garden is a dramatic place for your wedding venue. It was designed by Emmett Hill, a landscape architect, in 1926. The settlement of over 400 kinds of lovely roses becomes more beautiful during blooming times. Enjoy this eye-opening place in Topeka.

#34- Rolling Hills Zoo- Salina

Salina homes a medium-sized zoo founded in 1980. It is the house of more than 100 species. Rolling Hills Zoo features a wildlife museum too and offers free visiting opportunities. Join this educational place.

#35- Sternberg Museum Natural History- Hays

The house of a 91 million years old shark fossil is located at Hays. It aims to help students to interact with our mysterious nature and learn about it. Join Sternberg Museum Natural History and explore this hidden gem.

#36- Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz- Liberal

Do you like to explore exciting things to do in Liberal? If you want to travel in the Wizard of Oz story, join Dorothy’s House and the Land of Oz. The house was constructed in 1907 and soon becomes a tourist destination.

#37- Sunset Zoo- Manhattan

The dwelling of more than 330 animals of 105 species founded in 1933. Sunset Zoo aims to preserve the Natural World and offers an educational atmosphere for families and children. It has 100000 visitors in a year. In Sunset Zoo, you can see cheetahs, chimpanzees, black swans, and bobcats.

#38- Konza Prairie Biological Station- Manhattan

Konza Prairie Biological Station is in charge of protecting tallgrass prairie and was constructed in 1971. This field research station is situated on the chest of Manhattan. This public trail is a fantastic area for exploration.

#39- Milford State Park -Junction City

Junction City is the birthplace of an eye-opening state park created by Milford Dam. If you are looking for a unique subject for a painting, don’t close your eyes to Milford State Park. It houses ducks, rabbits, and raccoons.

#40- C. W. Parker Carousel Museum- Leavenworth

The museum opened its doors to the public in 2005. C. W. Parker Carousel Museum is a non-profit museum that features the 1916 Carousel, the Liberty Carousel, and the C W Parker cylinder piano. It is open every day.

#41- Flint Hills Discovery Centre – Manhattan

This fantastic science and heritage center was founded in 2011 and had different exhibits to display the local history. Flint Hills Discovery Centre features an interactive playground, Theatre, and galleries to discover the history, culture, and related fields.

#42- Oz Museum- Wamego

If you are in Wamego and desire to explore an exciting place, head toward Oz Museum. Children will love the museum in that it offers an opportunity to learn about the author of Oz.

#43- Ernie Miller Park and Nature Centre- Olathe

If you look for a breathtaking place for hiking, do not close your eyes to Ernie Miller Park and Nature Centre. This popular trail is situated on the chest of Olathe and covers 116 acres.

#44- Lee Richardson Zoo -Garden City

Lee Richardson Zoo is a 47 acres area founded in 1927 and visited by more than 200000 people in a year. The settlement of 300 native animals of 110 species includes various exhibits, including North American plains, South American pampas, and other places.

#45- Evel Knievel Museum- Topeka

Evel Knievel Museum is a non-profit History Museum founded in 2017. The house of Evel Knievel artworks is a two-story structure that includes a gift shop and a restaurant.

#46- Big Well Museum- Greensburg

Greensburg houses a historic Water Well that covers 1 acre and was founded in 1887. The architect of the museum is Wheeler J.W. you can enter the Well and explore it. It is a place loaded with knowledge.

#47- Spencer Museum of Art -Lawrence

This significant art museum was founded in 1928 at Lawrence and featured 36000 artifacts and artworks ranging from Europe to ancient periods. If you are interested in Asian art, do not miss the museum.

#48- Amelia Earhart Birthplace- Atchinson

The historical museum and house was the Amelia Earhart birthplace, the American aviation pioneer. It was constructed in 1861 and benefits from gothic revival architectural style and overlooking the Missouri River.

#49- Smoky Hill Museum -Salina

Smoky Hill Museum narrates the history of Salina. In the gift shop, you will learn more things about this part of Kansas. The museum includes various interactive things and a place to learn about history.

#50- Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art-Manhattan

This art museum was founded in 1996 on the shoulders of Manhattan. It houses permanent collections displaying original arts. You can see the museum online too and investigate it in detail.

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