Best 50 Iowa State Things To Do And Attractions For Tourists

Traveling is the most popular activity in the world that accompanies many pleasures. Exploring attractions and landscapes separate us from ordinary and busy life. Travelling is not just an enjoyable adventure but loaded with educational and memorable moments. Every time that your head towards a place, you will acquire valuable experiences that affect your life. So you learn to live better. Going through various touristy areas removes the daily stresses and tensions. Let’s close our eyes on the dull days and be prepared to enjoy new things offered by the landmarks. Iowa is one of these popular sites in America that attract many people. Things to do in Iowa make it a decent place in the world. Investigating tourist attractions in Iowa worth your time and money, so do not hesitate to join the area. From the national Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium to National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library, Iowa welcomes you with open arms. Let’s join Iowa.

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#1- Maquoketa Caves State Park- Jackson

This 323 acres magnificent state park is situated in the northwest of Maquoketa. It was established in 1921. The birthplace of caves is connected through a trail. It is a place to enjoy memorable hiking experiences. These limestone formations are thousands of years old.

#2- Adventureland Park -Altoona

Adventureland Park is a family-friendly amusement park that opened its doors to the public in 1974. The theme of this best 180 acres in Iowa past. The slogan of the park is ‘Iowa’s largest and most complete family resort complex.’ The park is operating from April to September and has six rollercoasters and 14 water slides. It’s an inspiration from Disneyland.

#3- Iowa State Capitol- Des Moines

This 17 acres site was constructed in 1871-1886 in Renaissance revival by Cochrane and Piquenard. It is called Iowa statehouse too. The Iowa general assembly seat, the home of representatives, and the government is the only capital that features five domes. In Iowa State Capitol, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Iowa.

#4- Amana Colonies- Middle Amana

Amana Colonies in a diamond on the chest of Iowa and is made of a collection of 7 beautiful villages. This 26000 acres place was constructed in 1855. This place is famous for its craft shops and romantic restaurants. Reap the benefit of having a romantic dinner in Amana Colonies.

#5- Ledges State Park- Boone

Ledges State Park is a spectacular state park founded in 1924 and houses a sandstone gorge. Many hiking trails are designed in Ledges State Park to enjoy an unforgettable hiking experience. You may rest in rustic campsites under the shadow of oak and maple trees. Modern camps are available too.

#6- Pikes Peak State Park- Clayton

Pikes Peak State Park encompasses 690 acres of the scenic state park. It was founded in 1935 and overlooked the Mississippi River. The park features RV facilities, several hiking trails, and many campgrounds.

#7- Effigy Mounds National Monument- Clayton

Effigy Mounds National Monument is in charge of protecting many pre literary history mounds constructed through the efforts of Native Americans. The site was established in 1949 and visited by more than 70000 visitors in a year. The mounds look like animals such as birds.

#8- National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium- Dubuque

This aquarium and Natural History Museum attracts 250000 visitors year-round. It includes two centers, the National and Mississippi River Centre. The aerial was founded in 1982 and is in relationship with Smithsonian Institute. The museum welcomes you with open arms 7-days a week.

#9- Des Moines Art Center- Des Moines

This art museum houses a significant cluster of sculptures and paintings. It was founded in 1948 in international architectural style. It is a place to see the works of Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, and Grant Wood.

#10- Blank Park Zoo- Des Moines

This 49 acres notable zoological park was founded in 1966. It is the house of 1484 animals of 104 species. The zoo is close to Fort Des Moines and has many exhibits such as Myron and Jackie Blank Discovery Centre, the Cave and Meredith Alpine Exhibit, among others.

#11- West Okoboji Lake- Dickinson

This 3847 acres relaxing lake is located on the elevated shoulders of Dickinson. It is a piece of the Iowa Great Lakes chain. West Okoboji Lake is a lovely destination for swimming, water-skiing, boating, and sailing. If you are in love with fishing, the lake is for you.

#12- Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden- Des Moines

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden covers 14 acres of the gorgeous place, which was founded in 1929. It is the house of more than 1200 beautiful plants from around the world. The design and color of the Gardens are derived from history and music. it is a unique place to relax.

#13- Field of Dreams Movie Site- Dyersville

This Pop Culture tourist attraction is situated on the shoulders of Dyersville. Field of Dreams Movie Site is a baseball field established in 1989 for a film of the same name. If you head toward the hills of northeast Iowa, you will see their sight.

#14- Pappajohn Sculpture Park- Des Moines

Western gateway park houses a scenic place called Pappajohn Sculpture Park. The birthplace of 24 sculptures opened its doors in 2009. you can see the works of Jaume Plensa, among others. This urban park covers 4.4 acres.

#15- Backbone State Park -Dundee

This 2001 acres oldest state park in Iowa was founded in 1919. Backbone State Park features 125 campsites, a hiking trail, and outdoor facilities. This magical park becomes a tourist destination in Dundee.

#16- Reiman Gardens- Ames

Reiman Gardens is about 17 acres of the public garden, which offers programs, tours, and several classes. The garden is open 365 days a year, from ten a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The park includes several garden areas, a gift shop, a conservatory, and a greenhouse.

#17- Lost Island Adventure Golf and Go-Karts- Waterloo

This area is a place for anybody who looks for thrill and creating exciting moments. If you are in love with speed, do not close your eyes to Lost Island Adventure Golf and Go-Karts. Fasten your seat belt and have fun in the area.

#18- Wildcat Den State Park- Muscatine

This hidden gem is situated among the top tourist destinations in Iowa. It is famous for its fantastic rock shapes, including steamboat rock and punches bowl. This most beautiful park benefits from natural beauty and tranquility.

#19- Fenelon Place Elevator- Dubuque

This commuter rail is called the Fourth Street elevator. The world’s shortest railroad was constructed in 1882. It passes through the green heart of nature. Do not miss this scenic railway.

#20- Figge Art Museum- Davenport

The museum includes an extensive encyclopedic collection. The architect of Figge Art Museum was Michelle Hargrave. Each year more than 76000 visitors join the museum. It has more than 4000 artworks from 4 centuries ago. The museum is a place to see midwestern art, Haitian, and grant wood.

#21- Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad -Boone County

A group of volunteers established this heritage railroad in 1983. Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad is a non-profit museum located on the shoulders of Boone County. The site houses several cars and locomotives.

#22- Living History Farms- Urbandale

Living History Farms covers 500 acres of area and concentrates on displaying Iowa’s 300 years of agricultural history. This open-air museum demonstrated people’s life 300 years ago. It came into being in 1970 and becomes a place to fly in the pages of history.

#23- Lake Red Rock -Marion County

The reservoir covers 15528 area. Red Rock Dom created Lake Red Rock in the heart of Marion County. It offers a chance to enjoy fishing and hiking. Put yourself in the hands of the Lake and experience boating. It includes various campgrounds such as the Howell station recreation area, white breast recreation area, and other places.

#24- High Trestle Trail- Ankeny

The Rail Trail stretches from Ankeny to Dallas County and attracts over 3000 visitors a year. This recreational trail started working in 2011. It takes you to a piece of paradise.

#25- Lake Macbride State Park- Solon

The site offers opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and boating. Enjoy exploring the High Trestle Trail. Reap the benefit of a romantic walk in this relaxing place. This stunning park features waterfalls and lovely landscapes. Do not miss this unique place for photography.

#26- Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum -West Branch

The burial place of an American politician Herbert Hoover established in 1962. This presidential library is situated on the chest of the West branch. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum houses 300 collections and concentrates on the agricultural, political, and foreign policy fields.

#27- Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption -West Bend

West Bend houses a religious shrine that attracts more than 100000 visitors in a year. The Shrine’s construction started in 1920 in landscape architectural style by Paul Dobberstein and Father Paul Matthias. It is made of fossils and minerals.

#28- American Gothic House and Center -Eldon

This gorgeous gothic house was constructed in 1881 by Busey and Herald in carpenter gothic architectural style. The place is called Dibble House too. The site was the settlement of Charles Dibble. You may visit the house 365 days a week.

#29- Waubonsie State Park- Fremont

Fremont houses 1990 acres of the state park. It was founded in 1926 and is about 1000 feet. The park is named for chief Waubonsie. Waubonsie State Park features picnic areas, campsites, hiking and biking trails.

#30- Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens- Dubuque

These fifty-two acres scenic conservatory and botanical gardens were mounted in 1980. It is open from sunrise to dusk. This visitor vacation spot is freed from charge. If you prefer an outside wedding, Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are for you. It consists of a kid’s garden, herb gardens, hosta garden, and cactus garden.

#31- Arnold Park Amusement Park- Arnolds Park

The unique amusement park came into being in 1889 and became a tourist destination. Arnold Park Amusement Park is a place for shopping, gaming, and enjoying concerts. It is located at the west lake Okoboji seashore lines and sits the various must-do matters in Iowa.

#32- Science Centre of Iowa and Blank IMAX Dome Theatre- Des Moines

Des Moines houses a science museum called Science Centre of Iowa and Blank IMAX Dome Theatre. It was established in 1950. The museum is known as the Des Moines center of science and Industry. Take part in interactive exhibits and learn about science.

#33- Crystal Lake Cave- Dubuque

Crystal Lake Cave is more than exploring a cave. Visiting the cave lasts about 45 minutes. You can touch formations directly and enjoy a great experience. It hooked up In 1868.

#34- Brucemore- Cedar Rapids

Brucemore covered 26 acres of estate and was founded between 1884 to 1886. It benefits from Queen Anne architectural style. This park-like area narrates the history of 3 famous families. Enjoy this living landmark.

#35- George Wyth State Park -Waterloo

George Wyth State Park encompasses 1200 acres of area and is about 850 feet. It was founded in 1940. It is a place for camping, hiking, and nature watching. The dwelling of many animals becomes a popular tourist destination.

#36- EB Lyons Interpretive Center- Dubuque

This 1380 acres site was founded 163 years ago. It features hiking, biking, skiing trails, picnic areas, a butterfly garden, and archaeological sites. Do not close your eyes to the peaceful place.

#37- Old Capitol Museum- Iowa City

The government’s building came into being in 1842 by John F Rague in Greek revival architectural style. Old Capitol Museum is a tourist destination in the heart of Iowa City. The museum is situated between the hands of their University of Iowa Campus.

#38- Villisca Axe Murder House- Villisca

Villisca Axe Murder House is one of the tourist attractions in Villisca that was founded in 1867. It benefits from Queen Anne architectural style. The house is the murder site of 8 people and children.

#39- Dolliver Memorial State Park- Webster

This state park is about 600 acres of the site and 1005 feet. It was established in 1925 and benefits from the rustic architectural style. The park was named for Jonathan P. Dolliver.

#40- Yellow River State Forest- Allamakee

Yellow River State Forest came into being in 1933 and named for Yellow River. It is next to the upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and fish refuge. Enjoy exploring the forest and its beauty.

#41- John Wayne Birthplace Museum- Winterset

John Wayne Birthplace Museum displays the story of John Wayne’s life. It is a place to see his artifacts such as sculptures, letters, and movie posters. Learn about this famous American actor.

#42- Putnam Museum and Science- Center Devonport

This science and history museum came into being in 1867 and includes 160000 artworks. It has different exhibits such as a Black Earth’s Big River and other ones. It welcomes many people with open arms seven days a week.

#43- Salisbury House -Des Moines

This nine acres magnificent house was built in 1923. It benefits from Tudor Revival and Jacobethan Revival architectural style. It homes several musical instruments, weapons, and rare books.

#44- Terrace Hill- Des Moines

Iowa’s governor’s office Is about 8 acres and founded in 1866. This second empire-style site offers a panoramic view of the city. Do not miss it on your travel to Iowa.

#45- Grenville M. Dodge House- Council Bluffs

This historic house museum was established in 1869 by Boyington. It shows the glory of the Second Empire style. Visiting the house of American general and politician is recommended.

#46- University of Iowa Museum of Natural History- Iowa City

This natural history museum was founded in 1858. It is famous for its precious collections of birds and artifacts. University of Iowa Museum of Natural History displays the ecological and cultural history of Iowa of 500 million years.

#47- The Iowa Children’s Museum- Coralville

This inspiring museum is located in Coralville and encourages your children to imagine and explore. It is a place to flourish creativity through interactive exhibits.

#48- Pilot Knob State Park- Hancock

This brilliant state park covers 700 acres of the site in Hancock. It was founded in 1923. It has an artificial lake that offers a chance for fishing and ice skating during cold days of winter.

#49- Sioux City Public Museum- Sioux City

Jump into the kingdom of Sioux City’s history and art. It is a place to see artifacts, historic vehicles, and fossils. You may buy an online ticket and join the museum in Sioux City.

#50- RailsWest Railroad Museum- Council Bluffs

This railroad museum was founded in 1899 on the shoulders of Council Bluffs. It takes advantage of the Romanesque architectural style. The museum displays exciting railroad history. As children are in love with trains and locomotives, join RailsWest Railroad Museum with your kids.

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