Best 50 Things To do And Attractions in Indiana State For Tourists

Have you ever thought about visiting extraordinary places showing in films and movies? If your answer is yes, let’s take you to the most memorable parts of the United States of America, Indiana. If you are a fan of ‘Stranger Things,’ a popular film, going through Indiana’s must-do thing, the birthplace of beautiful and great lakes attracts many people each year. Tourist attractions in Indiana such as Barbie Lake and Patoka Lake are among the famous places of Indiana. The spectacular beauty of Indiana makes it a destination for nature lovers and anybody who plan to spend holidays in the home of lakes and rivers. Indiana offers chances for kayaking, boating, swimming, and nature watching. Do not close your eyes to the breathtaking things to do in Indiana.

List of attractions show

#1- Indiana Dunes National Park- Indiana

This over 15000 acres glorious National Park was constructed in 1966 and visited by more than 2 million people each year. In Indiana Dunes National Park, you can see the beautiful forest ecosystem, mind-blowing wetlands, and rivers. It’s a place for camping, swimming, kayaking, and bird watching.

#2- Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari- Santa Claus

Santa Claus houses a theme park constructed in 1964 and attracts more than 1 million people each year. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari 125 acres Waterpark. It is a place for an entertainment water ride, rollercoaster, and other attractions.

#3- Indianapolis Zoo -Indianapolis

Indianapolis Zoo is a 64-acre area founded in 1964. The house of 3800 animals of 320 species is visited by more than 1 million people a year. This non-profit zoo offers chances for Flamingo feed opportunity, feeding a giraffe, and doing other activities. It is the home of Tang fish, grey seal, and California sea lion.

#4- The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis- Indianapolis

This children’s museum was founded 96 years ago and drew more than 1 million visitors a year. It has more than 120000 works separated into various sections. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis focuses on family learning, and it is a center for children.

#5- Indianapolis Motor Speedway- Indianapolis

Are you interested in automobile racing? If your answer is positive, join Indianapolis Motor Speedway was constructed one century ago. It is a place for automobile lovers, and a significant number of people come here to experience unforgettable moments.

#6- Art Museum- Indianapolis

This art museum came into being 138 years ago and was visited by more than 400000 art lovers. The Indianapolis Art Museum has 54000 works of Asia, Africa, and America. It is a place to see neo-impressionist paintings, sculptures, and Japanese and Chinese arts.

#7- White River State Park -Indianapolis

White River State Park is a breathtaking state park founded in 1979 and draws more than 3 million people a year. It is featuring the Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Museum, and Hall of Champions, among others.

#8- Indiana State Museum- Indianapolis

White River State Park houses a museum called Indiana State Museum hooked up in 1869. This history museum has various exhibits regarding science, culture, history, and artifacts. In the Indiana State Museum, you can see Indiana art, Indiana industry, and agriculture, among other collections.

#9- Washington Park Zoo- Michigan City

The other 9 acres zoo houses 250 animals of 90 species. Michigan City has a popular place, Washington Park Zoo, that offers chances to see native insects and lovely birds.

#10- Indiana Historical Society -Indianapolis

Indiana Historical Society created 190 years ago to preserve, collect, and protect Indiana’s history. That site is visited by more than 100000 visitors a year. Visiting the place is commended for history lovers.

#11- The Barns at Nappanee- Nappanee

This tourist attraction was situated in Nappanee and opened its doors to the public in 1970. The Barns at Nappanee features a retail shop and romantic restaurant. Visiting this beautiful place is recommended.

#12- Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science -Evansville

This museum was founded in 1904 and displayed various works about art, science, and history. Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science features photographs and decorative arts. It is open every day.

#13- Howard Steamboat Museum- Jeffersonville

This 1.2 acres museum was founded in 1890 by Drach and Thomas in the late Victorian architectural style. The museum illustrates steamboat history objects. It is open Sunday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to three p.m. and Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to three p.m.

#14- Indiana Medical History Museum- Indianapolis

Indiana Medical History Museum covered 1 acres area and was founded in 1980. This museum is devoted to medical research and includes 15000 medical works. This non-profit museum is a must-do thing for doctors and related students.

#15- Snite Museum of Art- Notre-Dame

Snite Museum of Art is a fine art museum created in 1980 and has more than 25000 artworks regarding culture and media. This art museum offers precious cultural chances for visitors through programs and workshops.

#16- Richmond Art Museum – Richmond

The art museum came into being in 1898 in Richmond. Richmond Art Museum houses artworks of impressionist artists and other people. If you are interested in art, do not miss this art museum.

#17- Conner Prairie – Hamilton County

Conner Prairie was created in 1934 and is in charge of preserving the house of an American Trader and politician, William Conner. This living history museum offers various programs, such as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The museum is created in a federal architectural style.

#18- Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort- Monticello

This amusement park covered 10 acres and was founded in 1926. It is operating from May through October, and it is a place for families. Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort offers opportunities for enjoying air crow, Hoosier hurricane, and other things. It is open 360 days a year.

#19- Eiteljorg Museum -Indianapolis

The museum was founded 32 years ago and drew more than 100000 visitors a year. This art museum is the house of the American visual arts, sculptures, and beautiful paintings. The artworks of the Eiteljorg Museum makes it a place for art lovers.

#20- Spring Mill State Park -Mitchel

This 1358 acres state park attracts more than 600000 visitors year-round. The south part of Bloomington houses this gorgeous park. Spring Mill State Park features a campground, a settler’s village, and a nature center. It is a sparkling park with many things to explore.

#21- Brown County State Park -Brown County

Brown County State Park covers over 15000 acres of area and attracts more than 1 million people year-round. It was founded in 1929 and became the largest state park in the heart of Indiana. This most visited park features a gift shop, various guest rooms, and an indoor water park. The park offers chances for bird watching, hiking, and biking.

#22- Turkey Run State Park- Parke County

The park is over 2000 acres and established in 1916. Turkey Run State Park features a suspension bridge, mind-blowing trails, and various campsites. This unit park is an unexampled place for romantic walking. Do not miss this inspiring place.

#23- Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo- Fort Wayne

This 40 acres Children’s Zoo was established in 1965 and houses 1000 animals. In Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, you can see adorable creatures of 200 species. The zoo provides an opportunity to see funny giraffes, dik-diks, pelicans, and mighty lions. Come here with your children and let them interact with animals.

#24- Marengo Cave U.S National Landmark- Marengo

If you search for new experiences and learn about nature’s fantastic attractions, do not miss this section of Indiana. This 7 Acres area has attracted nature lovers since 1883 and has many things to offer.

#25- Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum- Indianapolis

This automated museum was created in Indianapolis 64 years ago. Each year 1 million people come here to visit the museum. The Brickyard 400 and Indianapolis 500 are linked to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The museum includes various vehicles such as racing cars.

#26- Soldiers and Sailors Monument- Indianapolis

Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a 1 acres area constructed in 1888 by Bruno Schmitz. This neoclassical monument is a symbol of Indianapolis and was built to commemorate American Civil War soldiers and veterans. The site features various cultures, such as Rudolph Schwarz.

#27- Perfect North Slopes- Lawrenceburg

This ski resort is situated in Lawrenceburg and becomes a popular destination for ski lovers. If you want to create memorable moments in Indianapolis, Perfect North Slopes is for you. This alpine skiing resort becomes a tourist destination in Indiana.

#28- Mounds State Park- Anderson

Anderson has a gorgeous State Park founded 160 BCE built-in earthworks architectural style. Mounds State Park covers 251 acres and features ceremonial mounds and American heritage. Visiting the park is recommended for romantic walking.

#29- McCormick’s Creek State Park- Owen County

This stunning 19 24 acres state park was founded in 1916 and named for John McCormick, the first president of America. McCormick’s Creek State Park features Creek Canyon, waterfall, and standing hiking rails.

#30- Belterra Resort and Spa- Florence

Belterra Resort and Spa is a fabulous riverboat situated in Florence and opened its doors to the public in 2000 and includes 608 rooms. It features gaming devices, various table games, and Spa. Belterra Resort and Spa could be a superb destination to spend your honeymoon in the heart of Indiana.

#31- Shades State Park -Waveland

This magnificent state park is situated in Wayland and covers 3082 acres; it was established in 1947. One hundred million years old sandstone cliff adds to the beauty of Shades State Park. The waterfalls and valleys make it a relaxing place.

#32- Eagle Creek Park -Indianapolis

This glorious municipal park features 3900 acres of land and a 1400 acre waterpark. The park was established in 1962, and more than 1 million visitors come here year-round. Eagle Creek Park features a theater, fitness course fishing areas, and Peace Learning Centre.

#33- Clifty Falls State Park -Jefferson County

Clifty Falls State Park is a 1416 acres State Park founded in 1920 and situated in Jefferson County. It has various dazzling trails next to Clifty Falls, magnificent falls, and Creek Canyon. It is a place for hiking and rock climbing.

#34- Lake Monroe- Bloomington

This Reservoir is situated in Bloomington and protects 13202 acres of splendid forest. The area has recreational sites and fishing places. Enjoy fishing, boating, and water skiing in Lake Monroe.

#35- Pokagon State Park- Steuben County

Pokagon State Park covered 1260 acres in 1925. The park was named for Leopold Pokagon, a Potawatomi chief. The site includes camping facilities, hiking and biking trails, boating, and fishing opportunities. This rustic style park houses yellow perch and spotted gar.

#36- Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden- Evansville

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden covers 50 acres and is situated in Evansville. More than 700 animals of 200 species live here. The zoo opened its doors to the public in 1928 and focuses on showing animals in a natural environment. Botanical garden houses beautiful orchids and other plants.

#37- Fair Oaks Farms- Fair Oaks

This stunning attraction has many things to do for various visitors. The area includes pig adventure, the crop, and diary adventures. You can rest in the hotel and enjoy each moment. Do not miss this exciting stop.

#38- Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial- Lincoln City

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is a 200 acres area founded in 1816 and protects the farm site of Abraham Lincoln. This national historic landmark has a visitor center. It is a limestone ashlar building and displays various stages of Lincoln’s life. In the museum, you can see different artifacts of his life.

#39- Potato Creek State Park- Joseph County

Potato Creek State Park is a 3840 acres site established in 1977 and is open 360 days a year. This most visited park offers chances to enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, and other activities. You can rent a bicycle and explore the park with your beloved.

#40- Deep River Waterpark -Crown Point

This fabulous outdoor Waterpark has 14 exciting attractions and opens its doors to visitors with open arms. It is open every day, and you can come here to visit exciting sections. Visiting Deep River Waterpark worth your time and money.

#41- Lincoln State Park -Lincoln City

Lincoln State Park is a gorgeous 1747 acres state park founded in 1932 and visited by more than 200000 visitors each year. It features a campground, cabins, lakes, and other attractions. The park offers chances to enjoy hiking, boating, hiking, and exploring.

#42- Studebaker National Museum- South Bend

Studebaker National Museum is an eye-opening automobile museum that provides the chance to see beautiful automobiles, military vehicles, and old carriages. It includes over various 70 cars and documents. The museum is open year-round.

#43- Falls of the Ohio State Park- Clark County

Falls of the Ohio State Park is an incredible 165 acres park situated in Clark County. Each year, more than 300000 visitors come here. The dwelling of 230 species of beautiful plants is among other popular tourist destinations in Indiana. Visiting the park when the sun goes down is highly recommended.

#44- Indiana World War Memorial -Indianapolis

Walker & Week and Henry Hering constructed Indiana World War Memorial in 1924 to commemorate the world war, first veterans. It was built in your classical and beaux art. The site is a perfect destination for history lovers who like to learn about World War first.

#45- Potawatomi Zoo- South Bend

This 23 acres zoological park came into being in 1902 and houses 400 animals. Potawatomi Zoo aims to offer education programs to improve animals’ life. More than 200000 visitors come here each year to see lions, African wild dogs, and giraffes, among others.

#46- Charlestown State Park- Charlestown

This magnificent state park covered 5100 acres and opened its doors to visitors in 1996. each year more than 130000 visitors join Charlestown State Park. It features different spectacular trails and becomes a relaxing place for romantic walking and watching nature.

#47- Miller House and Garden- Columbus

This breathtaking place is situated in Columbus and becomes a tourist destination. The house of J. Irwin Miller, an American philanthropist constructed in 1957. This beautiful modern house is open from Monday to Saturday.

#48- Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest- Valparaiso

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest is about 360 acres and is open 7-days a week. It was founded in 1998 to protect the various magnificent oak trees. If you are interested in native plans or look for an eye-opening area to take beautiful photos, do not forget Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest.

#49- Old Lighthouse Museum- Michigan City

This historic lighthouse was constructed in 1840. Old Lighthouse Museum is an octagonal tower that is the heritage of the 19th century. It becomes a local history museum, which is a masterpiece of John Bishop.

#50- Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory- Fort Wayne

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is a glorious botanical conservatory founded in 1983 and includes an exploration garden, outdoor terrace, and gorgeous plants. The house of 1200 kinds of plants and flowers is a fabulous destination for photography. If you like cactuses, do not close your eyes to Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory.

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