Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Idaho State For Tourists

Idaho state is an excellent state with several climates. There are many different attractions and many unique things to do in Idaho. You can see various places in this state, like beautiful forests, wildflower meadows, high plains deserts, alpine peaks, deep river canyons, waterfalls, and many other tourist attractions in Idaho.
Some of the entertainment in Idaho state is water sports and snow sports. Still, there are other fantastic things, like skiing, river rafting, hiking, biking, waterskiing, boating, sailing, fishing, and golfing.
More than natural places and entertainments you can experience in this state there are many museums, National parks, and food centers, you should visit and enjoy all of them.
In each of the seasons, there are some enjoyable attractions that visitors love attending. This trip is a memorable one you should experience.
there are top attractions on blew list that visitors love:

List of attractions show

#1- The Village at Meridian – Meridian

this village is a beautiful place most visitors are interested in. there is this opportunity for you to rest and relax, explore the fantastic surrounding location, shop, and enjoy the time with family or friends you’re attending this place.

#2- Wahooz Family Fun Zone – Meridian

Wahooz Family Fun Zone is a place you can attend any time in the year, and there are many fantastic things for all ages. Visitors can choose between more than 100 games. Games are in various kinds like bumper boats, batting cages, two go-kart tracks, two miniature golf courses, laser tag, etc.

#3- Roaring Springs Waterpark – Meridian

It is the biggest waterpark in the Northwest of the state. No matter how old you are, it suits you, and you can enjoy it anyway because there are several features, you will love it. This venue’s unique points are two family raft rides, a kiddie play area, a wave pool, a floating river, a 6-story speed slide, bowl slide, tube slides, racing slide. You can have your meal there, in the restaurants and also you can shop in gift shops. You will have a fantastic time there because there are many other entertainments you can enjoy too.

#4- Settlers Park – Meridian

This location will be one of the best choices you have. There are many fantastic things that you can do so that you will have an excellent time in Settlers Park. These are baseball, tennis, playground, horseshoes, splash pad, fishing pond, picnic tables, large fields, pavilions, and other exciting things.

#5- Meridian Speedway – Meridian

Meridian Speedway is one of this state’s attractions that you can attend with your family, and it’s the right place for you if you are interested in fast car race watching or love cars and speed.

#6- Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park – Meridian

You can choose to have entertainment, like walking and jogging, attending the child’s playground, playing golf, playing basketball, and fishing. Swimming is not allowed in this location, but you can enjoy other activities.

#7- Linder Farms – Meridian

Linder Farms is one of the places that if you are young, child, or old, you will enjoy it. Serving the meal in this venue is the right choice, and all the beautiful sceneries are enjoyable. Attending this place is memorable for most visitors.

#8- Storey Bark Park – Meridian

Storey Bark Park is a place where you can enjoy attending there if you have a dog. While your dog is playing with another dog and enjoying it, you can have an excellent walking time.

#9- Bogus Creek Outfitters – Meridian

In Bogus Creek Outfitters, you experience a unique situation with lots of amazing things, like cowboy poetry, live music, steak, and prawn dinner. Having a fantastic evening in this place is one of the best memories that tourists have.

#10- Sawtooth Botanical Garden – Ketchum

Sawtooth Botanical Garden is a beautiful place where you can find lots of plant kinds. If you are a plant lover, don’t miss visiting this location. There are many unique sceneries with amazing native flowers and plants.

#11- Fisher Creek Trail – Ketchum

This location is one of the best bike trails that you can enjoy spending your time there. So many beautiful views and eye-catching sceneries are there, and it’s a lovely place.

#12- Sun Valley Visitor Center – Ketchum

Sun Valley Visitor Center is a place in the town square with excellent features. You can walk or shop and also live acoustic music in this place is so unique and memorable.

#13- Sun Valley Museum of History – Ketchum

It is a historical museum in a small size. There is a library with lots of books and many photos of Ernest Hemingway. There is also a walking tour to Ketchum that Mariel Hemingway manages.

#14- Ketchum Cemetery – Ketchum

It is a historical graveyard where you can find Hemingway’s grave among trees. Many graves are related to several family members. If you are interested in historical places, visiting this place suits you.

#15- Pettit Lake – Ketchum

Pettit Lake is a commercial location. There are private homes on the left side of Pettit Lake and a campsite on the right side. The boat launching is in the middle point of this lake.

#16- Redfish Outlet Lake – Ketchum

Redfish Outlet Lake is a gem that you should visit. This beautiful place is full of exceptional scenery. You can see the white-capped mountains there. This location is delightful, but it’s not the right place for your pet if you have a pet. Spending time there brings a calm memorable visit for you.

#17- Sawtooth Wilderness Area – Ketchum

Sawtooth Wilderness Area is a location with 217000 acres. There are many beautiful sceneries, and visitors love this place. The unique points include fir, pine, spruce forest, 300 lakes, and 40 desert trails.

#18- World Center For Birds of Prey – Boise

World Center For Birds of Prey is a location with natural features and wildlife. You can learn many things about animals and birds. Attending this place will be a unique experience.

#19- Boise River Greenbelt – Boise

This location is a calm and fantastic place for visitors. This place’s features are 25-mile paths with beautiful views, the possibility of hiking, jogging, or biking in trails.

20- Coeur d’Alene City Park and Independence Points – Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene City Park is a sandy beach with beautiful views. There are lakes and trees, and you can rest, picnic, and do outdoor plays.

#21- McEuen Park – Coeur d’Alene

This park includes a green area that is suitable for people and pets. McEuen Park provides a trail for hiking, walking, and running. And there are playgrounds and splash areas.

#22- Coeur d’Alene Lake – Coeur d’Alene

The water of 3 rivers feeds this lake, and it is about 30 miles. Several water sports are doing in this place, and if you are interested in water sports, you have many choices.

#23- Manchester Ice & Event Center – McCall

This location is a popular tourist attraction that visitors can spend in ice games, like ice skate and ice hockey. Also, you can enjoy watching this beautiful location if you are not interested in doing these games.

#24- McCall Fish Hatchery – McCall

McCall Fish Hatchery is a place that you can learn about salmon and other fishes. It is an educational place that most children like.

#25- Legacy Park – McCall

Legacy Park is a location in the middle of town, and it’s close to many restaurants, sandy and clean beaches, and boats. The fantastic view of clear water is eye-catching, and the water entertainments in this place are designed well like sailing and motor boating.

#26- Bear Basin Nordic Center – McCall

In the west of McCall, you can spend about 3 hours there and enjoy the snow sports. There are group lessons, and also you can choose private sessions to learn snow sports like skiing and skating. The trail that you can move through is about 30 kilometers.

#27- McCall’s Activity Barn – McCall

McCall’s Activity Barn is an exciting place that everybody can enjoy attending. No matter how old you are, if you are interested in exciting and interesting things, you will have a good time there.

#28- Jug Mountain Ranch – McCall

You can do many things like golfing, biking, mountain biking and having a good meal in this location. The most exciting thing popular among visitors is mountain biking, snow biking, a unique experience, and tourists enjoy it.

#29- Charlie’s Garden – McCall

Charlie’s Garden is a beautiful garden that has a variety of plants and flowers in it. You can see many unique and different flowers, and if you are interested in plants, this place is the right location for you to visit and enjoy.

#30- Brundage Mountain Resort – McCall

This place is the right choice for visitors that are interested in mountains or snow. It’s on the highest points of Idaho. This 1,920 Acres place is a good location for snow entertainment, and its snow height is about 320 inches each year.

#31- Ponderosa State Park – McCall

Ponderosa State Park is a popular location with exciting events, which is 1.5 miles to the McCall downtown. You will love many things, like a campfire, natural eye-catching, camping facilities, and ski trails during the winter.

#32- Payette Lake – McCall

This lake is about 5330 acres, and it’s close to the McCall town. The fantastic sceneries while you are biking there are unique and memorable. Don’t miss exploring all of this location.

#33- Tubbs Hill Nature Trails – Coeur d’Alene

Tubbs Hill Nature Trails is a 2 Mile way with historical locations along the way. Desert and wilderness lovers will enjoy this place. There are many beautiful sceneries, and it would be a unique place for tourists.

#34- Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch – Coeur d’Alene

Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch is a popular and beautiful place with some animals that is a good experience for many visitors. The Alpaca shop in this location is fantastic.

#35- Minnick Trail – Sandpoint

Minnick Trail is a place that is near the town, and commuting to this location is so easy. If you are interested in walking and preparing trails for jogging and hiking, it suits you.

#36- Freak Alley Gallery – Boise

Freak Alley Gallery is a 24/7 gallery. This outdoor gallery is the largest one in the Northwest and supports the local arts and local artists. It has a website, and you can get information about its indoor and outdoor events.

#37- Idaho State Capitol Building – Boise

This monument is a good attraction for history lovers. The white marble style in this building is fantastic. You can find photos from 1900s legislators.

#38- Snake River Greenbelt – Idaho Falls

It is a green place with lots of beautiful scenery. It is enjoyable for all family members, children, and also dogs. Walking through this green road with a river near the sidewalk is a unique and memorable experience.

#39- Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls

Shoshone Falls is a vast place, and there are breathtaking points in this location. The situation of this location is how you must take your food and drinks with you.

#40- Bonner County History Museum – Sandpoint

This museum is a small historical location suited for history lovers. It’s not as gorgeous as vast and great museums, but it’s good to visit it and to explore it would be enjoyable.

#41- Mountain Horse Adventures – Sandpoint

Mountain Horse Adventures is a unique place where you can ride horses through mountains and old forests and enjoy the incredible scenery. Some guides are ready to help you, so don’t worry if you are not familiar with riding or finding the ways.

#42- Mineral Point Trail 82 – Sandpoint

It is a beautiful place that you can experience enjoyable hiking there. Summertime is an excellent opportunity to dip in the lake, and also camping is possible if you prefer to spend more time in this area.

#43- Panida Theatre – Sandpoint

Panida Theatre is a fantastic historical place that you can visit there at all times a year if you are a movie lover. The old shows in each genre play in this theatre.

#44- Sandpoint City Beach – Sandpoint

Sandpoint City Beach is a peaceful place with lots of entertainment. You can spend your time there in any way that you enjoy with many existing features. Some of the brilliant features are clear water and a fantastic beach, tennis courts, picnic areas, and launching boats. It is a good location for all family members.

#45- Pend Oreille Scenic Byway – Sandpoint

Pend Oreille Scenic Byway is one of the best places for photography, especially at sunset time. The view of the lake is impressive too. You have picnic opportunities and exploring the fantastic environment.

#46- Schweitzer Mountain Resort – Sandpoint

This mountainous location is in Northern Idaho. It is a suitable place for ski and snow sports. The sceneries are amazing, and the parking access is easy.

#47- Old Idaho Penitentiary – Boise

This place is a historical location, and there are more than 100 years of history behind this place. It was a house of dangerous Idaho prisoners. History lovers may be interested in it. Some guides can help you and give you information.

#48- Perrine Bridge – Twin Falls

Perrine Bridge is a popular place with lots of beautiful views. There are several trails visitors use them walking, biking, or jogging. This place is easy to access, and there are many other impressive points there like canyon, snake river, and settlers.

#49- Museum of Idaho – Idaho Falls

This museum is a historic place that has about 100,000 visitors each year. There are some exhibitions there, and you can learn many things. This museum has a website where you can find any information about programs and events in this venue.

#50- Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum – Pocatello

Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum is a historical museum. There are many things that you can learn in this place, especially about WWII. If you are interested in historical sites, don’t miss visiting this attraction of Pocatello.

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