Best 50 Things To Do And Attractions In Delaware State For Tourists

Delaware is a small state in the U.S that is on a peninsula. It’s a Mid-Atlantic state, and there are many unique places to visit. There are ancient points and historical locations as Colonial-era towns and First State Heritage Park full of amazing things tourists are interested in from the 18th century. If you attend the journey at a particular time, you can see the annual Firefly Music Festival. Shopping with tax-free conditions is one of the strange things that you see there. Don’t forget to taste the local foods with great ingredients. Visit restaurants, boutiques, parks, waterside places, Riverfronts, and historical locations.
There are many points that maybe you can’t visit all of them in the first journey, so make a second list for your next time.
There are 50 places you can choose to enjoy visiting them:

List of attractions show

#1- New Castle Visitor Center – The Arsenal – New Castle

It is the place tourists start their visiting Historic New Castle. You can learn about some useful things you may need, like the places you should visit and their situation. You can choose some people for your free guide. You can also buy several tickets for some of the places you want to see.

#2- Immanuel Episcopal Church – New Castle

Immanuel Episcopal Church is an ancient location, and if you are interested in historical places it suits you. Exploring cobblestone streets is enjoyable, and you can feel a mystery behind this historical place.

#3- New Castle Farmers Market – New Castle

It is a market containing many lovely things. Many products are selling there, like meat, food, bread, and other goods related to farms and vegetables. There are some other things you may love too, like cowboy boots, hats, and jewelry.

#4- Cape May-Lewes Ferry – Lewes

Cape May has much different entertainment for tourists. You can spend a day there visiting Delaware Bay, lighthouses, oceangoing vessels, harbors, seabirds, and dolphins. There are other exciting things you may love about them too. Don’t lose this special place.

#5- Cape Henlopen State Park – Lewes

Cape Henlopen State Park contains 155 campsites. You can enjoy many beautiful sceneries while you are walking, biking, and riding a horse. Sometimes you can see several dolphins that make the beach and views more attractive.

#6- Lewes Beach – Lewes

Lewes Beach is known as a clean beach with a town including many shops and food centers. You can taste lots of delicious foods and enjoy them.

#7- Fort Miles Historic Area at Cape Henlopen State Park – Lewes

This historical place is suited for history lovers. There is a big gun from the USS Missouri that is popular. In this park, you can learn more about the history of WWII.

#8- Hopkins Farm Creamery – Lewes

Hopkins Farm Creamery is in the Dairy Farm Road. It is a hidden ice cream selling in the dairy farm that its staff are so kind, and the products are unique and delicious.

#9- Governor Ross Mansion – Seaford

Governor Ross Mansion is a hall related to Seaford history. It is the right location for a wedding venue or other ceremonies. But the parking capacity is not too much, so pay attention to this problem if you want to use it as an event location.

#10- Skincare By Loretta – Seaford

If you visit the Delaware area and want to have skin, health, and beauty services, don’t forget this place. It’s in Seaford’s downtown, and the benefits are in several fields like facial treatment and waxing.

#11- Weathered Treasures – Bridgeville

Weathered Treasures is one of the strange things to do in Delaware state. You can find many inspiring elements there, like country decor and rustic antiques. Many home accessories and wood furniture are there that are so interesting for many visitors.

#12- Gordons Pond – Rehoboth Beach

Gordons Pond is excellent for scenery; you can see many birds and take a photo of them. Also, there are many places to sit and relax. Walking in this location is pleasant, and you will enjoy it too.

#13- Rehoboth Beach Public Beach – Rehoboth Beach

You need about 3 hours to visit this place. This sandy beach is a public location for sport and plays in summer evenings, like fishing and surfing.

#14- Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf – Bethany Beach

Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf is the right golf center, and if you are interested in sports, especially golf, it is right for you. It is on the primary way of Bethany Beach. Many tourists spend time there as a fun and memorable entertainment.

#15- Bethany Beach Books – Bethany Beach

This place is a unique location in Bethany Beach because it is a book center for book lovers among lots of sports and fun places around the beach. The book selection in this place is excellent, and sellers are kind and professional. Everything you need about books, from the summarization of books to gifts or cards, is ready there.

#16- Delaware Seashore State Park – Rehoboth Beach

Delaware Seashore State Park is about 6 miles of coastline that contains many different things to do. You can do boating, fishing, sailboarding, surfing and other play and sports there. You will enjoy attending this park, no matter how old you are.

#17- Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk – Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is a popular location that includes shops, restaurants, and amusements. It’s over one mile, and its opening time is between 12 AM to 12 PM.

#18- Indian River Inlet Bridge – Bethany Beach

Indian River Inlet Bridge is a location that tourists love because of the bathhouse under the road going to the bridge and the topside restaurant on the Southside. There you can enjoy food and music.

#19- Bethany Beach Nature Center – Bethany Beach

This natural place is the house of some animals like Saw ospreys, bluebirds, and eagles. There is a walking trail where you can enjoy walking while watching wildlife.

#20- Funland – Rehoboth Beach

Funland is a popular location that is operated by a family. They started working there in 1962. There are some exciting things there, like 14 midway games, 19 rides, Skeeball, redemption center, and an arcade. This calm place is enjoyable, and many tourists have a fun moment there.

#21- Downtown Alley – Bridgeville

Downtown Alley is a fantastic place that you need just one hour to enjoy exploring. There are many strange things like antiques, handmade pieces, gift products, decoration elements, and a famous sauce calling Eagle Wingz. So there is an exciting thing for each of the tourists in this place.

#22- Woodland Ferry – Seaford

Woodland Ferry is a new experience for tourists that most of them love as a memorable time. You can enjoy a short but pleasant ferry ride. The ferry crew is kind, and you will be satisfied with spending time with them.

#23- Antique Alley of Bridgeville, LLC – Bridgeville

This location is suitable for people interested in shopping. There are more than 65 vendors in 125 booths. You can find anything you need, like antiques, furniture, handmade products, collectibles, wreaths, vintage, jewelry, and other things.

#24- Old Christ Church, Laurel – Laurel

Old Christ Church is an ancient church with a woody interior that looks like a wooden barrel. The ceiling is high, and the space is acoustic for singing, which is fantastic. Visiting this location is enjoyable.

#25- Battery Park – New Castle

This park is a peaceful location for walking. Every day you can see many walkers with their child or their pets. The walking side is along the river, and you can enjoy the scenery in about 3 miles walking. There are some small business owners too.

#26- Read House and Gardens – New Castle

This location is an old place from the 1800s with the federal style. It was the house of three families who lived there. One of the beautiful views is the Delaware River that is visible from reading House and Gardens.

#27- Dutch House Museum and Gardens – New Castle

It is the oldest building in New Castle and the second oldest in Delaware state, for about 1600s. It is an example of houses related to usual families in the Colonial-era.

#28- Amstel House Museum and Gardens – New Castle

It is the home of the early Governor and the first mansion in Delaware state. It’s the most crucial house in the late 1700s with the Commuting of essential people like George Washington.

#29- Bethany Bike Shop – Bethany Beach

Bethany Bike Shop is a family-owned shop that you can rent and repair your bike there. Employees are kind and honest, and it’s the best place to take your bike.

#30- Dover International Speedway – Dover

This location is the NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck series. No matter how old you are, if you are interested in races, don’t miss the experience of attending this venue.

#31- Air Mobility Command Museum – Dover

The Air Mobility Command Museum is on the Dover Air Force Base, and it’s a historical museum. There are many in military aviation. Several exhibitions and collections are there that visitors can explore.

#32- First State Heritage Park – Dover

This park is the first in the whole state that is without boundaries. You can see both historical and cultural elements in this location, and all points of this park are free. Delaware State Parks is the leader of this park.

#33- John Dickinson Plantation – Dover

John Dickinson Plantation is a museum that took its name from E.R. Johnson. E.R. Johnson was a local inventor. You can see the sound recording industry, from the 1890s when this industry started to 1929.

#34- Wilmington and Western Railroad – Wilmington

Wilmington and Western Railroad is the only operating museum of Delaware state. This historical experience takes you to the past and the Golden Era, and you can hear the steam whistles while you’re on the train and riding.

#35- Wilmington Riverwalk – Wilmington

Wilmington Riverwalk is a peaceful place with beautiful sceneries. You can take a calm and enjoyable walk there and also serve your meal there.

#36- Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix – New Castle

If you are interested in entertainment and prefer to spend your time in a fun situation, don’t miss the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix. You can do many fun things like kart races, Indoor track, and plus-ax throwing.

#37- Mozart Gallery And Studio – New Castle

This place is owned by Dennis Young. Some paintings and masterpieces are old and related to New Castle and nearby towns. They are of satisfactory quality, and you can buy them for $100 to $200.

#38- New Castle Court House – New Castle

It is a historical place that the Declaration of Independence was approved in this building in 1732 by Delaware state. There are some tour guides that you can use their information and learn about this location.

#39- Lewes Public Library – Lewes

Lewes Public Library is a media and gathering center that you can enjoy its unique programs. Designing is excellent, and the staff are so kind and professional, so visitors feel calm and convenient.

#40- Delaware Children’s Museum – Wilmington

Delaware Children’s Museum is an excellent place for children. No matter if they are younger than 8, many things suit them. The art features like coloring books and fantastic entertaining points are there, and also the prices in the shop are reasonable.

#41- Nemours Estate – Wilmington

One of the unique places that most visitors love is this location. Nemours Estate was founded by Alfred I. Dupont and developed from 1864 to 1935. This location includes a vast building with 77 rooms and a big garden. Also, there is a collection of old cars that is interesting for car lovers.

#42- Alley Oop – Dewey Beach

Alley Oop is a place with professional trainers in many water sports. The sports fields are skateboarding, skimboarding, and surfing. Training experience with encouragement in this place is memorable for visitors.

#43- Biggs Museum of American Art – Dover

Biggs Museum of American Art is a museum named by one of the local art collection providers. There are many art pieces, paintings, and crafts from local artists.

#44- Grand Opera House – Wilmington

This place is a unique tourist attraction in Delaware that provides a good sound quality in a vast area. Many guides can help you enjoy your visit more.

#45- Sand Dollar Cruises – Dewey Beach

You can spend your time in Sand Dollar Cruises and experience a unique and memorable visit. This location is around Rehoboth Bay with a beautiful sunset. You have this opportunity to reserve the entire vessel for your events.

#46- Sunset Park – Dewey Beach

Sunset Park is a peaceful location where you can relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries there. This park is a little park far from Delaware’s crowd; you will have a quiet and enjoyable time there.

#47- White Clay Creek State Park – Newark

White Clay Creek State Park is a vast location with beautiful views and lush surroundings. This local gem is a suitable place for resting and photography. You have this opportunity to take a lovely walk through this fantastic venue.

#48- Delmarva Board Sport Adventures – Dewey Beach

Delmarva Board Sport Adventures is a water sports venue on the Dewey Beach water. There are a variety of watersports you can attend and enjoy, like Paddle Boarding, Windsurfing, and Kayaking. You have this opportunity to take part in sport classes and get a certificate.

#49- Indian River Marina – Rehoboth Beach

This location includes many rare water animals, like hammerhead sharks, pilot whales, two-tone dolphins, beluga whales, and two Mola sunfish. Also, it has beautiful sceneries you can enjoy exploring this place and watching the beauties.

#50- Firefly Music Festival – Dover

It is a fantastic festival that takes place for four days in Delaware state. More than 100 music groups perform in this festival during seven stages. Visitors can have their meal in this place and also they can camp. If you are interested in any music, you will enjoy this festival.

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