The 50 Best Attractions And Things To Do In Connecticut State For Tourists

Connecticut is a small state in New England Beaches and is the 3rd smallest state in America’s states. Despite its area size, it’s full of fantastic tourist attractions. The tourist attractions in Connecticut are so diverse, and there are many different points that all tourists with a variety of interests can have many choices. There are many museums, theaters, parks, universities, shopping centers, and historical places in this state’s big cities. And the small towns contain natural beauties and traditional parts like waterfront cafes. There are other points that many tourists fall in love with such as forests, lakes, waterfalls, sandy beaches, and other places for outdoor activities.

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This location is full of attractions for all family members and all people of each age. Many visitors try to remain in this state more and enjoy plenty of different interests. You have many things to do in Connecticut that are different from other places; for instance, you can experience fantastic walking ways in many points of this state with eye-catching scenery.
The Dutch settled Connecticut state. The most common plants covering this state are maples and oaks that are refreshing the weather and environment. The most amazing places of Connecticut is as below:

#1- Northwest Park – Windsor

Northwest Park is a unique location that is full of different entertainments. All people of all ages can enjoy this place. There is a fantastic walking way in a nature center; the Tobacco Museum, the sugar shack, the dog park, and other exciting points visitors love.

#2- Ocean Beach Park – New London

Ocean Beach Park is the best beach in New England and includes various entertainment and unique things to do, and points to go. So you can choose a ride, kiddy spray park, a cafe with restaurant, water slides, health club, mini-golf course, picnic area, Olympic pool, nature walk, gift shop, banquet and catering facilities, food concessions, and arcade.

#3- Beardsley Zoo – Bridgeport

This zoo is one of the famous places where kids love this location and enjoy it the most. There are some educational summer programs for teenagers. You have some fun choices there, like visiting gift shops, having a meal there, and enjoying ice creams that are known the best there.

#4- Grace Farms – New Canaan

Grace Farms is a natural location that you can experience many eye-catching views there. It looks like you are in a private place. Hiking, running, having a meal, and kite playing are some of this location’s best attractions. You need about 3 hours to explore Grace Farms.

#5- Compo Beach – Westport

Compo Beach is a unique place with amazing sceneries. There are many things you must visit, such as clear water, birds, fireworks, and dogs. Kids like this location for playing, and it’s crowded most of the time.

#6- Mystic Aquarium – Mystic

Mystic Aquarium includes a variety of water animal species. In many educational programs, visitors can learn many things, especially about taking care of animals, because this aquarium’s mission is to protect animals.

#7- East Rock Park – New Haven

East Rock Park has multiple ways; visitors can use them to walk, run, bike, or drive. The grassy ground is fair for a picnic. Also, you have the best view of New Haven there.

#8- Hubbard Park – Meriden

Hubbard Park is a wildlife park, and there are a pond and some walkways. You can spend your time there walking, fishing, playing, or taking unique photos.

#9- Cove Island Park – Stamford

Cove Island Park is a peninsula full of entertainment. There you can visit a beautiful beach with a nice vast surrounding space around the seaside. Also, there are snack bars, walking ways, biking ways, and rollerblades.

#10- Silver Sands State Park – Milford

This park is full of unique sceneries, especially the view of the skyline when it’s near the horizon is eye-catching. The best suggestion for attending this place is to spend your time walking and enjoying the beautiful location and having a meal there.

#11- The Maritime Aquarium – Norwalk

This unique aquarium is lovely for people of all ages. It protects a different kind of water animal for the next generations. It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM, so be sure to take part in this location at the right time.

#12- Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail – Suffield

Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail is so popular among tourists. Because of its walkways, you can have a quiet walking time there, biking paths you can use, the unique sceneries, and the wildlife existing there.

#13- Tarrywile Park & Mansion – Danbury

This location is a fantastic place that tourists have to visit. There are many ponds and lakes and several trails. It’s about 700 acres, and there are different parts for picnicking.

#14- Talcott Mountain State Park – Simsbury

There is a tower in this park called the Heublein Tower, and the variety of trails that exist there lead to it. So it has good hiking ways, and you have this opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.

#15- West Hartford Reservoir – West Hartford

West Hartford Reservoir is known for its paved ways to hike and bike there as it enjoys the scenery. There are several kinds of wildlife, and it’s incredible.

#16- Harrybrooke Park – New Milford

This park is a natural location. You have this chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery in calmness. Walking and biking are the most common things you can do there.

#17- Audubon Center – Greenwich

Audubon Center is an excellent place for tourists interested in animals because there are many birds and various wildlife. There are trails you can enjoy walking while seeing natural scenery.

#18- White Memorial Conservation Center – Litchfield

This location is not too vast, but there are many excellent points you will enjoy. There are lakes, woods, swamps, lake-shore, and also heights. The scenery of this place is fantastic and lovely.

#19- Bluff Point State Park – Groton

Bluff Point State Park is a calm place with trails covered by seashells. You can watch taking off and landings in the airport. The peaceful ocean view is fantastic, and you will enjoy attending this place.

#20- Wethersfield Cove – Wethersfield

Wethersfield Cove is an excellent place for a picnic, and it has many benches. You can sit and relax. The beautiful environment is good for mediation and enjoys the silence. You have this choice to walk through the trail and enjoy the scenery of the water.

#21- Lake Waramaug State Park – New Preston

This park includes a lake where you can spend your time kayaking and canoeing in the lake. There are some fantastic places there you should see.

#22- Lake Mohegan Recreation Area – Fairfield

This location is the right place for walking and enjoying. You have this chance to take your dog there. Lake Mohegan Recreation Area is terrific for dogs. They can play, swim, and walk. It is a unique experience, so don’t lose it.

#23- Lovers Leap State Park – New Milford

There are many trails you can enjoy walking through them and visiting natural views. The famous bridge in this park built-in 1895 by the company of Berlin Iron Bridge.

#24- Kent Falls State Park – Kent

Kent Falls State Park is a suitable place for a picnic as it has many picnic tables and grills. You can take many beautiful photos there. This place includes a waterfall and a covered bridge.

#25- Hammonasset Beach State Park – Madison

Hammonasset Beach State Park is a sandy beach with seashells that suits for walking. This park is open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM, so remember to attend there at the right time.

#26- Sleeping Giant State Park – Hamden

This park is the right place for all family members and pets. It is from 8 AM to 6 PM. This location is a unique place where you can have an enjoyable lunchtime there.

#27- Harkness Memorial State Park – Waterford

Harkness Memorial State Park is a vast and clean park related to Edward Harkness’s philanthropist in 1906. The sceneries of this park are amazing, and the constructions are in the Roman Renaissance Classical style.

#28- Gillette Castle State Park – East Haddam

Gillette Castle State Park is a charming castle with beautiful surroundings. You can spend your time there picnicking, walking through trails, or enjoying sceneries.

#29- Wickham Park – Manchester

In Wickham Park, there are many things to do, and you have some choices to spend your time; like visiting gardens and walking through beautiful paths, exploring buildings, and enjoying fields. This place is a good location for group entertainment.

#30- Elizabeth Park – West Hartford

Elizabeth Park has many gardens and trails full of wildflowers, especially roses, of about 800 kinds. There is a pond and also sports facilities and even concerts.

#31- Yale University Art Gallery – New Haven

This art gallery is the oldest college of art in America. It contains more than 250000 pieces from ancient times up to now. There are several masterpieces from modern artists, and also, the buildings of this university are masterpieces too.

#32- Merritt Parkway – Connecticut

This historical location is one of the places you should visit on your trip. If you are interested in history, nature, or architecture, this place suits you. Merritt Parkway is a national treasure from the 1930s.

#33- The Mark Twain House & Museum – Hartford

This museum was the house of Mark Twain _one of American greatest authors. There you can know more about him and his family. This place is where he wrote most of his best books like The Prince and The Pauper, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. You can explore the gallery, store, and exhibition there.

#34- Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center – Mashantucket

You can visit the biggest museum of Native America in this place. It is open all day, and you need about 3 hours to explore all around this location.

#35- Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises – New London

If you are interested in historical places, Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises is a suitable choice. You can learn about Southern New England and its history there. Also, you have this opportunity to take part in the water exploration by SEA JET.

#36- Stamford Museum & Nature Center – Stamford

If you are interested in discovering, you will enjoy this 118-acre field. It was the property of Heckscher Farm. Now this place is a museum with many pieces in galleries and exhibitions. You can enjoy hiking there too.

#37- Foxwoods Resort – Mashantucket

Foxwoods Resort is a 5-star service provider. You can spend your time in many entertainments like games, shopping, electrifying plays, world-class cuisines. This location is open from 12 AM to 12 PM.

#38- Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art – Hartford

This public art museum includes about 50000 pieces from ancient to contemporary. It’s the first public art museum in the U.S.
There are many different arts collected in this place from Europe and America.

#39- Sheffield Island Lighthouse – Norwalk

Sheffield Island Lighthouse is historic and is 145 years old. It has been working since 1986, and it’s an official U.S. service provider. It has about 45 feet. If you love historical places, visit this lighthouse.

#40- Seaside Park – Bridgeport

Seaside Park is a clean park with beautiful sceneries that is a fantastic location for walking. Also, you can relax and enjoy the silence and weather. This shoreline is too exciting and eye-catching.

#41- The Palace Theatre – Stamford

The Palace Theatre is in the center of town. It includes Comedy, theatre, dance, and music. you can find this theatre at the high levels of the art world.

#42- The Submarine Force Museum – Groton

This free and historical museum is like an educational trip; you can learn many things there. There are a variety of exhibitions that are suited for any age.

#34- Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville

This location is one of the best tourist attractions around the world. It won many awards as Country Music Awards in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

#44- Tanger Outlets Foxwoods – Mashantucket

More than 70 stores in Tanger Outlets Foxwoods contain the best brands, and you can find the best products there. It’s good to know about sale offers and coupons. You can find information on their website.

#45- Tarrywile Park & Mansion – Danbury

Tarrywile Park & Mansion is the right place to enjoy hiking, running trails, picnicking, and dog walking. It’s about 700 acres with lots of lakes, ponds, and eye-catching scenery.

#46- Grand Theater at Foxwoods – Mashantucket

This theater contains 5000 seats with a comfortable situation. Most of the seats are excellent, and there is one balcony in this location. Entering Grand Theater is from inside Foxwoods, the strange place where smoking is not forbidden.

#47- Mohegan Sun – Uncasville

Mohegan Sun is a large place for entertainment, dining, gaming. Shopping and enjoying time. It’s related to Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, and it’s about 185 acres. There are three playrooms and a 1200 room luxury hotel. You can enjoy the high-class spa in this location too.

#48- Stepping Stones Museum for Children – Norwalk

Stepping Stones Museum is a unique museum for children that they can learn a lot. There are many exhibitions and programs related to children. Five galleries are existing there containing more than 100 hands-on activities.

#49- Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History – New Haven

If you love history, you should have this museum on your visit list. There are lots of pieces in this location, from Indian artificial arts to Egyptian arts. It’s suited to all family members of all ages.

#50- Main Street Park, Essex Village – Essex

Main Street Park is in Essex Village, and there are many benches in this place with a view of the water. You can spend your time there relaxing and enjoying the silence. Walking in this park and exploring a beautiful environment is very enjoyable too.

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