Top 20 Tourist Attractions And Things To Do In Boston

Best places to go in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the historical cities of America that was established in 1630 by puritan migrants. The biggest city of Massachusetts state is the birthplace of many events; that’s why it has a rich history. Boston is the house of the most important universities, such as Harvard University. Boston is the most visited city in America. The secrets of Boston’s popularity included greet sports teams, unique architectural style, beautiful districts, and notable restaurants. Boston benefits from fantastic weather, and you have the opportunity to travel to this marvelous city during different seasons of the year. Spring is the best time to visit Boston attractions. Boston welcomes a considerable number of tourists from April to November. In this period, Boston is so crowded that you have to book your hotel one month sooner. From January to March, you will find the most affordable hotels in Boston. Do not miss the pleasure of wandering in the city of baked beans. If you are thirsty to spend a full day in the heart of nature, do not forget to visit the Arnold Arboretum. Do you like to have a romantic wedding in the most beautiful city in America? If your answer is positive, do not lose the honor of the Boston wedding venue and celebrate your marriage in a dreamy location. Keep reading in that we want to present practical information about Boston.

#1- Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill things to do in Boston

Beacon Hill is one of the most beautiful locations in Boston. This historical place, which was built in 1795, is a masterpiece of Charles Bulfinch. There are fantastic brick houses on both sides of inclined streets that take advantage of the Federal and Victorian style. The antique lanterns add to the beauty of this place. Fabulous restaurants, excellent antique shops, and lovely long narrow streets make Beacon Hill a popular tourist destination. Beacon Hill, which looks like the historic part of Philadelphia, was once the house of John Adams and John Hancock. Beacon Hill is a must-visit place for arts and history lovers.

#2- Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail attraction in Boston

Put on your comfortable walking shoe and prepare yourself for a 4-kilometer walk on Freedom Trail. This fantastic trail guides you towards the most important historical places in Boston. This touristy location is the host of noteworthy attractions such as Boston Town Crier-Tours of Freedom Trail, Lessons of Liberty, and Boston Common. This 90 minutes of walking offers useful information about the history of America. After a long walk, it is time to eat in the best restaurants in Boston located in this area, such as the Thinking Cup, Jm Curley, or Sal’s Pizza.

#3- New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium opened 51 years ago and is visited by 1.3 million tourists each year. This fantastic public aquarium hosts 100 aquatic species, such as the killer whale, funny penguins, lovely turtles, and other amazing animals. New England Aquarium is a fantastic destination for nature lovers. Little children love sea life, and attractive animals come here and let them feel these creatures all of their hearts and learn about them. Let your children touch the amazing penguins and play with them. After visiting this beautiful aquarium, take your children to one of the best places to eat in Boston, like Legal SeaFood, Waterline, or Chart House. New England Aquarium is open Sunday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

#4- Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden

The relaxing water pools, colorful flowers, street performances, and beautiful weeping willows draw a significant number of people to this public garden. Boston Public Garden is located in Boston’s heart and is a perfect place for anybody who wants to escape from society and enjoy walking in a relaxing location. This picturesque park was built in 1837. It’s an ideal destination for art and history lovers and anyone searching for peace and relaxation. Do not miss the pure tranquility of this unrepeatable location. Visiting Boston Public Garden is free, and you have the chance to see it 365 days a year. Boston Public Garden is the masterpiece of Frederick Law Olmsted. He designed this park for lovers’ meetings and romantic walking. Put the name of this park in your most visited places in Boston.

#5- Newbury Street Attraction In Boston

Newbury Street is a first-class shopping center in Boston. This most expensive street is a fantastic destination to prepare unique gifts for your beloved. Although Newbury Street is considered a costly area, you may go to nearby restaurants such as Caffe Nero, Sweetgreen, or Shake Shack. Enjoy the most delicious options offered by these restaurants. Do not lose the pleasure of drinking a cup of hot coffee in a warm and friendly cafe. Newbury Street is a perfect place for anyone who desires to explore new experiences and taste fresh food. After your shopping excursion, you may rest in the best Boston hotels such as Modern Back Bay Apartments by Barsala or Splendid one Bedroom in Black Bay. Some of the close attractions include Betsey Johnson, Daniel Corte, and RunBoston.

#6- Prudential Center

Prudential Center is the second tallest skyscraper in Boston. The construction of this 52 story building started in 1960 and completed four years later. Luckman Partnership is the architect of this international skyscraper. Prudential Center is a must-visit location in Boston because you have the chance to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Without any doubt, you will find unusual things in this fantastic mall. If you like to help yourself in a superb restaurant, do not lose the delicious dishes offered by the tower’s restaurant. As this tower provides a 360-degree breathtaking view, do not forget to take memorable photos. Prudential Center is close to some attractions such as Russian Dolls, Skywalk Observatory, and Swan Boats.

#7- Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1870 and included 450000 masterpieces. The 17th largest most visited museum in the world is a must-visit destination in Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts welcomes more than 1 million tourists each year. Some of the Museum of Fine Arts collections included Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Dutch Golden Age Paintings, impressionist and post-impressionist era, Chinese paintings, Japanese masterpieces, and other impressive collections. The Gallery of Art of America added in 2001 to this museum and represented America’s history before Christopher Columbus arrived in America. Suppose you are an art lover and never lose this place. The Museum of Fine Arts offers a free visit on your birthday. This impressive museum is open Wednesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Some of the best restaurants in Boston are Puritan Tea Room, University House of Pizza, and New American Café.

#8- Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most brilliant universities in the world that was built in 1636. This private university is the sixth prestigious university and is a popular destination for tourists. This fabulous structure is made of red bricks and represents a beautiful demonstration of a superb university. It is better to take part in a tour and enjoy the presence of a knowledgeable tour leader. Then prepare a cup of coffee and watch people moving to Harvard University. Some of the cafes in this university are more than 50 years old and offer a relaxing atmosphere for tired tourists. Come and visit the education place of famous figures such as John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Natalie Portman. This unique factory of knowledge is close to some attractions such as Harvard Your, Public Tour of Harvard, and Cambridge Historical Tours.

#9- North End, Top Of Things To Do In Boston

North End in Boston

It seems that the North End, which is called The Little Italy of Boston, was born in the 17th century. This fantastic place, which is the house of Italian American residence, is made of narrow streets. Some of the historical sites in the North End include the River House Bridge and Old North Church. There are living streets in this place and the most amazing one is Hanover Street. If you come here, you may go to the superb Italian restaurants, cafes and also confectioneries. Do you like to experience a new View of Boston? Put the name of this place in your must-do things in Boston. The local people choose Assaggio, Panza, or Mike’s Pastry to enjoy delicious dishes in a romantic atmosphere.

#10- Boston Common

Boston Common

One of the relaxing places in Boston that separates you from the disturbing atmosphere of the society is Boston Common. The puritan established this eye-catching and historical park in 1634. If you like to rest in a peaceful place and enjoy nature’s catching melody, come with your family. This oldest park in Boston is a must-visit place and shines like a diamond on Boston’s chest. This gorgeous park is close to some attractions such as Freedom Trail, Boston Opera House, and Boston Public Garden.

#11- Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Charles River Canoe & Kayak

There is a tight relationship between human beings and nature. Water is the mother of nature, and human beings always love their mother. If you want to come to Boston, we have a unique suggestion for you. Head towards the Charles River and let the breathtaking view of the city surprise you. Rent a kayak or a canoe and explore this beautiful river. The weather is unpredictable in New England, so it is better to take suitable clothes. Kayaking in Charles river, you have the chance to visit famous places such as Harvard University and Hancock Building. Do not miss this relaxing place in Boston.

#12- Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

This meeting hall and fantastic marketplace opened its doors to the public in 1743. the architect of this fabulous place John Smibert and Charles Bulfinch. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is the fourth most visited location in the United States of America. Faneuil Hall Marketplace was the host of the Samuel Adams and James Otis speeches; that’s why it is called the cradle of freedom. When you start walking in this fantastic location, you will see the musicians representing their arts and creating a romantic atmosphere. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is very popular, and its restaurants are very crowded at night. Do not miss the opportunity of tasting delicious dishes offered in Quincy Market. If you are a history lover, come here.

#13- Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum is the oldest botanical garden in Boston, built-in 1872 by Frederick Law Olmsted. If you enjoy a fantastic experience in nature, do not close your eyes to Arnold Arboretum. Visiting this magnificent park is free, and you may enjoy the eye-catching view of sunset and sunrise in this pure location. Celebrate your presence in the heart of nature and run between beautiful flowers and elated trees, then rest under their great shadows. Let nature soothe your imagination. Arnold Arboretum is shining in every season Like a diamond, but you will see this picture park’s most breathtaking view in lovely autumn. Some of the close attractions include the Museum of Fine Arts, North End, and the Boston Common.

#14- Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument was built in 1325-43 to salute persons killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill. This obelisk architectural style building is a part of Monument Square and welcomes history lover tourists. You can closely see the 67m structure but do not miss the pleasure of watching the city’s horizon line on the last part of the building. This pyramid-shaped structure’s narrow staircase guides you to the upper part to demonstrate a fantastic view of the close attractions. Bunker Hill Monument is made of granite and includes 294 steps, so put on your comfortable shoes. The close attractions include Winthrop Park, Warren Tavern, and the Statue of General Warren. Bunker Hill Monument welcomes you each Sunday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#15- Old State House

Old State House

Old State House was built 307 years ago and took advantage of the Georgian architectural style. This old building was once the house of Massachusetts General Court. It is situated on Freedom Trail and attracts tourists who desire to visit A history museum. The Old State House is considered one of the historical symbols of Boston.
This brake building is surrounded by impressive skyscrapers and is an excellent subject for photographers and art lovers. After visiting this place, you may help yourself in the close restaurants such as The Well, SideBar Lounge, or Boston But Roasters. Old State House is open Sunday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

#16- Copley Square

Copley Square was built in 1983 and named to the remembrance of a famous painter John Singleton Copley.
This public square is located in Back Bay and surrounded by st James Avenues, Boylston Street, and Dartmouth Street. Copley Square is one of the Boston symbols and landmarks. The Trinity Church, the Boston Public Library, and other attractions are neighbors of Copley Square.
The other close attractions include John Singleton Copley Statue, Back Bay, and Haunted Boston Ghost Tours. Do not lose the pleasure of eating in the best close restaurants such as Yamoto II, Saltie Girl, and OAK Long Kitchen.

#17- Old North Church

Old North Church is situated at 193 Salem Street. This historical church took advantage of the Georgian architectural style and was built in 1723. The oldest church of Boston is the masterpiece of William Price. Old North Church, as the birthplace of the American Revolution, attracts enthusiastic tourists from different parts of the world. If you like to take impressive photos of the beautiful church, do not stand next to the building; instead, go to the closest streets and enjoy the stunning images of Old North Church. After visiting this historic church, you may go to the close attractions such as Old North Main Gift Shop, Paul Revere Statue, and Historic Chocolate Program at Old North. This spectacular church is open Sunday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

#18- Boston Waterfront

Boston Waterfront

Are you ready to visit a romantic location in the heart of Boston? Join the Boston Waterfront and enjoy the most beautiful view of the horizon in a relaxing place. Before coming here, go to the New England Aquarium and start a lovely walk in a fantastic situation. Go ahead and let the blue sky and relaxing atmosphere soothe your imagination. Allow your soul to fly between gorgeous clouds and make your mind full of pleasure. Enjoy the piece of cold water on your bare feet. Leave the ordinary life and fly with the beautiful Birds. Untie the wings of your fancy and put yourself in the kind hands of nature.

#19- Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library was built in 1848 and included more than 23595895 books. This fantastic public library is close to Copley Square. Boston Public Library is free, and you have the chance to lend its masterpieces. This modern library is a fantastic destination for eager visitors. The great books of Boston Public Library take you to the heart of history and provide outstanding information. Sit and read invaluable books in a gorgeous location. After visiting the great library, you may go to the close attractions, such as Back Bay, Old South Church, Sugar Heaven, or Lush.

#20- Paul Revere House

Paul Revere House

The house of American nationalist Paul Revere was built in 1680 by John Jeffs. This non-profit museum is a must-visit location in Boston. Paul Revere House is situated in downtown Boston and is considered the oldest structure of the city. If you like to gather useful information, it is better to take part in a tour. The rooms of this museum include documents and beautiful furniture that are worth a visit. Boston GiftShop, North Square Park, and Sacred Heart Church are the close attractions. Enjoy this piece of history, which is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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