Best 50 things To Do And Attractions In Arkansas State For Tourists

Arkansas is a scenic place that is loaded with natural landmarks and historical attractions. This culturally rich site offers chances to learn about the history of the area and explore its beauty. Tourist attractions in Arkansas, such as Hot Springs National Park, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Sites, and William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, are among Arkansas popular places. These magnificent attractions provide an abundance of fabulous things to do in Arkansas. Visiting the birthplace of hot springs, rivers, and lakes worth travel. Plan your time and put on your shoe, then fly to Arkansas. Do not close your eyes to spectacular Arkansas. Keep reading in that we want to fly toward this significant part of the United States of America. Let’s experience untouched beauties in this fabulous place.

List of attractions show

#1- Hot Springs National Park -Garland

This glorious American national park covered 5558 acres and came into being in 1872. Each year more than 1 million people join Hot Springs, National Park. The Native American people thought that hot spring water provides medical properties, which attracts many people little by little. Visiting the park is highly recommended.

#2- Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art- Bentonville

Bentonville houses of the Magnificent American art museum were constructed by Moshe Safdie in 2011. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art illustrates American artwork dating back to the colonial era up to now. The museum is open each day.

#3- Buffalo National River -Harrison

This wild scenic river embraces Baxter, Searcy, and Newton counties. Boston mountains are the mother of Buffalo National River. Hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, and visiting historical places are among the activities offered by the area.

#4- Crater of Diamonds State Park- Pike

Thus 911 acres spectacular State Park named for the diamond mine and founded in 1972. if you come here, you may enjoy hunting for diamonds and looking for other valuable things.

#5- Garvan Woodland Gardens -Hot Springs

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a 210 acres unexampled botanical garden. It is open every day except for significant holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day. Rock-climbing, nature watching, exploring various kinds of azalea, and camping, are the popular activities in the area.

#6- Magic Springs and Crystal Falls- Hot Springs

This waterpark and exciting amusement area was founded in 1978 and had two water rides and five roller coasters. You can come here from April to October on weekends. This family-friendly place draws many families.

#7- Blanchard Springs Carvings- Stone County

Blanchard Springs Carvings is a unique cave system next to Fifty Six City. This touristy cave has many things to explore. This magnificent section of Arkansas attracts many adventurers who like to learn about nature and its hidden gem.

#8- William J Clinton Presidential Center and Park -Little Rocks

The 42nd Americans Presidential library is situated on Little Rocks’ chest and named for William J Clinton. It was constructed by Polshek Partnership in 2001. The site includes Clinton items and becomes a must-do thing in Arkansas.

#9- Thorncrown Chapel -Eureka Springs

This 7.6 acres Chapel was created in 1980 in modern architectural style by E. Fag James. Thorncrown Chapel is a beautiful place that has 425 windows, which makes it an admirable site. This open-air structure is open from March through December with free admission.

#10- Petit Jean State Park -Conway County

Petit Jean State Park is a 3471 acres remarkable state park founded in 1923 and named Petit Jean mountain. The park is situated between Ozark Plateaus and the lovely Ouachita mountains. Petit Jean State Park consists of a present shop, condo boats, and snack bars.

#11- Pinnacle Mountain State Park- Pulaski

This 2356 acres State Park was established in 1977 and named for Pinnacle Mountain, one of Pinnacle Mountain State Park’s main attractions. The park offers chances for hiking, camping, mountain biking, and running.

#12- Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge- Eureka Springs

This 459 acres area devoted to big cats is the settlement of 100 animals. In Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, you can see different creatures, including tigers, black bears, and monkeys, among others.

#13- Lake Catherine State Park- Hot Springs

Lake Catherine State Park is a human-made lake that becomes a touristy place in Hot Springs. This 1940 acres reservoir is next to hot springs and features 18 cabins. It was established in the 1920s. There is not enough word in the world to describe this scenic place, and you must come and experience the park’s breathtaking beauty.

#14- Fossil Flats Trailhead- West Fork

The house of various fossils is a well-preserved trail that draws many bikers. This magnificent place is a unique subject for taking memorable photos of nature. Put its name in your must-do things in Arkansas.

#15- Hot Springs Mountain Tower -Hot Springs

This 65.8 meters elevated Tower was constructed in 1892 from lattice steel. This observation tower is situated on the shoulders of Hot Springs Mountain. It is Sunday to Saturday from six a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

#16- Mount Magazine State Park- Logan County

This 2234 acres fabulous state park is a place for horseback riding and hiking. The highest park in the heart of Arkansas features a hang gliding area, various cabins, mind-blowing trails, and a gift shop.

#17- Mount Magazine – Logan County

America’s highest point sits on the shoulders of Arkansas. Hard rocks and lovely trees cover this flat-topped mountain. The house of endangered animals such as shagreen snails and white-tailed deer, and rare kinds of butterflies waiting for you.

#18- Little Rock Zoo- Little Rock

Little Rock Zoo is a 33 acres area constructed in 1926 and houses 525 animals of 200 species. Arkansas’ largest zoo is separated into various themed sites, and you can see different animals such as chimpanzees, blue-eyed black lemur, koi, and siamang.

#19- Arkansas State capitol- Little Rock

The general assembly house and Arkansas government came into being in 1900 in classical revival architecture style by George R. Mann. It includes various memorials and multiple monuments, such as the Confederate war prisoners memorial. The site is open every day.

#20- Lake Ouachita State Park- Mountain Pine

One of the peaceful lakes that are situated on the chest of Arkansas is Lake Ouachita State Park. It features 40000 acres of clean water and houses various kinds of fish, including spotted bass. You have the opportunity to rest in one of the 100 campsites.

#21- The Walmart Museum- Bentonville

If you want to learn about Walmart history, The Walmart Museum is for you. The Walmart Museum is open 360 days a year. The Walmart Museum is a remarkable history museum and a place to learn about history.

#22- Christ of the Ozarks- Eureka Springs

The Jesus Christ monumental sculpture is about 20 m that was constructed by Emmet Sullivan in 1966. Christ of the Ozarks is a most visited place that welcomes you with open arms every day. Do not miss this seven-story structure in Arkansas.

#23- Ozark Folk Center State Park -Mountain View

This living history state museum protects the cultural heritage of Ozark. In Ozark Folk Center State Park, you can learn about Ozark’s music and culture. The park becomes a tourist attraction in Mountain View.

#24- Talimena Scenic Drive- Oklahoma

This spectacular national Drive sits on the shoulders of Oklahoma. It was constructed in 1969 and had 22 Vistas and various hiking trails. Talimena Scenic Drive offers memorable driving and hiking experiences.

#25- Mid-America Science Museum- Hot Springs

The Mid-America Science Museum was established in 1979 and is a place for anybody interested in science. This science museum is open 360 days a year and has over 100 exhibits. It provides scientific knowledge to its visitors.

#26- Blue Spring Heritage Centre- Eureka Springs

This 33 acres touristy site has beautiful native plants and trees. During warm months you will experience happy moments in Blue Spring Heritage Centre. The center was constructed in 1948 and is famous archaeologically. Join the peaceful place that is open every day.

#27- Museum of Discovery -Little Rock

Museum of Discovery is a science museum situated on the chest of Little Rock and constructed in 1927. It is situated in the heart of the river market district and includes many exhibits and artifacts. The museum is a place for your kids and is open year-round.

#28- Little Rock Central High School -Little Rock

Parks Almond constructed this 1795 acres comprehensive public High School in gothic revival architecture style. Each year more than 44000 people come here. The site is open Sunday to Saturday from nine a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

#29- Botanical Garden of the Ozarks- Fayetteville

The non-profit public garden covers 40 acres in 2007. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is a place for various celebrations and enjoying nature experiences. The Ozarks’ Botanical Garden includes the Japanese garden herb garden, rose garden, and the rock and water garden.

#30- Fort Smith National Historic Site- Fort Smith

This National Historic site covers 75 acres and is visited by more than 86000 people a year. It was founded in 1961 and is open from Sunday to Saturday. In Fort Smith National Historic Site, you can see the old jail.

#31- Burns Park- Little Rocks

Burns Park is a 1700 acres magnificent park with golf courses, camping sites, various sports facilities, a playground visitor center, and multi-purpose trails. The glamorous lake of the park offers opportunities for taking beautiful photos. Enjoy walking in this peaceful area.

#32- War Eagle Mail- Benton

This gristmill was constructed in 1832. It has been destroyed three times but rebuilt in 1973. War Eagle Mail is a working mill that features a restaurant and a shop.

#33- Historic Arkansas Museum -Little Rock

Historic Arkansas Museum is a notable state history museum founded in 1941 and includes various historic buildings. In the museum, you can see different types of furniture dating back to the 18th century. Other museum items include guns, painting, pieces of jewelry, knives, photographs, and pottery.

#34- Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari- Gentry

The area offers a 4-mile drive in a mind-blowing site. While driving in this magnificent park, you can see different adorable animals. Feeding lovely animals is a pleasant gift from nature, and your children will enjoy it.

#35- Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area- Benton

This 12056 acres state park is named for Roscoe C. Hobbs. It was established in 1979 and is open all year. Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area offers opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, and camping.

#36- Eureka Springs Historic Downtown- Eureka Springs

This remarkable place includes many shops and restaurants, so you may enjoy shopping and eating delicious Eureka Springs Historical Downtown options. The historic architecture and spectacular beauty of Eureka Springs Historical Downtown make it a tourist destination.

#37- Gangster Museum of America- Hot Springs

This five-room Gangster Museum provides information about gangster’s history in Hot Springs. Visiting the Gangster Museum of America lasts about 90 minutes. Join the museum and enjoy practical details.

#38- Old State House Museum -Little Rock

Old State House Museum is a magnificent surviving state capital structure used as a museum and was previously called Arkansas State House. It came into being in 1832 in Greek revival architecture style by Shryock and Weigart. The museum is open seven days a week.

#39- Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo- Hot Springs

Alligators are a piece of the universe’s beauty. You can find these creatures in Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo. The zoo was constructed in 1902 and housed 4000 animals of 60 species. It features a snack bar and gift shop. The Homeland of pigs, goats, baby alligators, and other animals are worth a visit.

#40- Little Rock River Market -Little Rock

This city park opened its doors to the public in 1996. It is situated on the kind hand of the Arkansas River. Little Rock River Market is embraced by shops, public artworks, restaurants, and various historic buildings.

#41- Fordyce Bathhouse- Hot Springs

A cluster of bathhouses, scenic gardens, and other structures sit on the shoulders of Hot Springs. This 6 acres site was created in 1892 in Renaissance revival, Italian and neoclassical architectural style. Fordyce Bathhouse is the most visited place in Arkansas.

#42- Scott Family Amazeum- Bentonville

Scott Family Amazeum attracts more than 300000 visitors a year and includes 13 exhibits such as canopy climber, cave, and outdoor playground, among others. This non-profit children’s museum was founded in 2015 and welcomed visitors with open arms 360 days a year.

#43- Wild River Country -Little Rock

This outdoor waterpark was founded in 1985 and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The slogan of the park is ‘Arkansas’ largest waterpark; everyone’s a ten!’ It’s a significant number of visitors each year and includes a lazy river, water slides, and wave pool area.

#44- Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park- Prairie Grove

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park is an excellent 707 acres site founded in 1862. It was built to immortalize the battle of Prairie Grove that happened in 1862. Visiting Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park is a fly in the pages of history.

#45- Museum of Native American History- Bentonville

This non-profit Native American History Museum was founded in 2006 and devoted to the culture, history, and artworks of Native American people. It was established to illustrate various artifacts ranging from 1400 years ago up to now. Enjoy this free admission Museum from Monday to Saturday.

#46- Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum- Little Rock

Little Rock houses the Maritime Museum founded in 2005 and has various artifacts ranging from nuclear power cruisers to other things. The museum is open year-round. Do not miss Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum if you come to Little Rock.

#47- Arkansas Arts Centre- Little Rock

Arkansas Arts Centre is a magnificent art museum founded in 1960 and called the museum of fine arts. It includes permanent art collections and various occasional exhibits, a research library, art classes, and even a gift shop. The site is open all year.

#48- Quigley’s Castle- Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs includes a historic house museum that covers more than 1 acres area. It was established in 1943. The outside of this fabulous house is decorated with rocks collected by Elise Quigley. Quigley’s Castle becomes a tourist attraction.

#49- Shiloh Museum of Ozark History- Springdale

This original history museum was founded in 1968 and offered different programs and exhibits related to Arkansas history. In the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, you can find many historical images of Arkansas. The museum provides chances to explore this part of America.

#50- Historic Washington State- Hempstead County

This 101 acres state park was founded in 1973 and had an extensive collection of Washington artifacts. Historic Washington State includes rare books, photographs, and documents. Take part in the presented tours and have fun.

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